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Chapter 416: Instead of the Golden Book, Could This Be My Hidden Talent

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Beitang Ce smiled as he sent his spiritual sense into the spatial ring.

“How strange.

Have I become a little muddle-headed from practicing my eyes recently I feel like Ive seen a bunch of divine weapons.


Beitang Ce smiled as he looked at Ye Xiao.

However, he realized that Ye Xiaos expression was very calm and did not change in the slightest.

The smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Then, he once again immersed his spiritual sense into the spatial ring.

In the next second, his body began to tremble.

“Ye Xiao… This… This… This… I didnt see it wrongly, right I feel that my brain shouldnt be so muddled to this extent You actually gave me a pile of divine weapons.”

After saying that, he suddenly seemed to have remembered something and immediately covered his mouth.

‘Then, he carefully looked to his left and right, then took a deep breath, trying to calm his excited mood, and then whispered,

“Ye Xiao, are you joking with me Why did you give me a bunch of such important things

“We went to dig the divine tomb in order to earn some resources.

You gave us so many things.

Do you feel like were going out to give resources to others”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Its not that exaggerated.

I mainly wanted to protect you guys well so that you dont run into any trouble and lose your lives.

Thats the true meaning of losing more than gaining.”

“But isnt this too precious I cant take these things.

You should take them back.”

As he spoke, Beitang Ce wanted to stuff the things back into his hands.

However, Ye Xiao pushed them back and shook his head with a smile.

“These things are for you guys to use to protect your lives.

Now that the news of the archaic Divine Kingdom has appeared, it will definitely attract many martial arts experts to the Azure Billow star field.

I cant guarantee that you wont encounter them.

“Moreover, if you bring these things, you can protect yourself at critical moments.

If you dont bring these things and go directly to the starry sky, Ill be more worried.

How can you cultivate better”

Beitang CE was still unwilling to accept it.

“But, if you give us such good things, what will you do What weapon will you use”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“My strength is stronger, and I have more moves.

I can use whatever I want.

Ill give you the good stuff first.”

“Ye Xiao!”

At that moment, Beitang Ce felt that his eyes could not help but feel a little sour.

What a touching scene!

‘Those were refined by Ye Xiao himself with great difficulty.

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However, he did not use any of them.

Instead, he gave all of them away.

What a kind character.

‘What a good child.

At that moment, Beitang Ce suddenly felt that the care and effort they had put in for Ye Xiao all that while was worth it.

“Dont say anything else.

Dont worry! We will work hard to find more resources and also work hard to find the secrets left behind by our ancestors!

“Otherwise, I feel that we have let you down.”

“Uh… Its not that exaggerated.”

“alright, Ye Xiao, I wont say anything else.

If I say too much, it will only make us appear pretentious.

Just wait for our good news!”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately said,

“After you go back, remember to collect all of your divine blood and a wisp of a divine soul.

“That way, if you are killed, I can help you revive.”

“Alright! After I go back, Ill immediately start preparing this matter.”

Beitang excused himself and left.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao was thinking by himself.

‘Currently, more and more information has been unearthed.

Based on the current situation, my time is becoming tighter and tighter.

Looks like I should increase my strength even faster.

However, what method should I use To quickly increase my strength

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and immediately thought,

‘It would be great if I could have a little more from the Godly King.

Of course, it would be best if it was a Godly King whose cultivation has not completely recovered.

It would be convenient for me to kill him.

His blood would be thick and perfect!”

Unfortunately, he also knew that it was just his own wild imagination.

Godly Kings were already very difficult to find.

It was even more difficult to find Godly Kings who did not surpass him.

After all, a real Godly King would not come there.

Even if they did, he would not be able to defeat them.

Those injured Godly Kings who were about to die would not be able to come there.

It was better to seize the time to read.

In the starry sky, on a desolate star island, two corpses lay quietly on the ground.

In front of them was an extremely young figure with an emerald ring.

It was Su Chen!


Su Chen shouted softly, and soon, the two corpses floated up.

Then, he poured two bottles of divine blood that he had already collected and prepared into their skulls.

Blood essence filled the air, and fresh blood actually flowed into their nostrils.

A moment later, the two of them actually opened their eyes, and blood-colored demonic light shot out in all directions.

Their auras gradually rose, and soon, they reached the aura of the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

“We welcome the King Tenfold and the King Thunder to the world!”

After the two of them revived, they looked at Su Chen in front of them.

They raised their eyebrows, and their eyes revealed a confused look.

“Who are you How dare you revive us”

Su Chen smiled.

“Im here to help the two seniors.

Right now, the news that the Azure Billow star field used to be the archaic Divine Kingdom will soon spread out.

“Many God clans will come here, including Godly King realm masters!

“For this reason, I took the risk to steal the corpses of the two seniors from the Hundred Clans Alliance and resurrect them.

“Lhope that I can work with you two seniors to achieve great things!”

The two of them looked at each other and then sneered.

“Who do you think you are You want to work with us to achieve great things”

Su Chen was not angry.

He continued to laugh,

“Seniors, please dont be angry.

Its true that with my status, I naturally dont have the ability to work together with you two seniors.

“But dont forget, seniors, this place is no longer the primordial Divine Kingdom from the immemorial age.

“Here, I know more than the two seniors about everything in the surroundings and who the martial arts experts are.

“although the two seniors are very strong and are both Godly King realm masters, the two of you have just been resurrected, and your cultivation has yet to rise to the realm you should be at.

“L personally think that you still need a guide.”

King Tenfold and the King Thunder snorted coldly.

“It seems that since you resurrected the two of us, Ill give you the right to cooperate with us.

“However, you must pay attention to your identity and not overstep your boundaries.

Otherwise, the two of us will kill you as well.”

Su Chen nodded and immediately said,

“Seniors, at this moment, youve successfully resurrected! However, King Alfa and King Flame Dragon havent been resurrected yet.

“I dont know if the two seniors can go and look for those two but if we can get the help of those two, our future will be more advantageous.”

“Thats right, youre right.

We should go and save them.

“Where are Alfa and Flame Dragon”

“Replying to the two seniors, theyre in a nearby human world.

Do you want me to use secret agents to find their location”

“No need.

Our coffins are all connected to each other.

We can find them ourselves.”

“Then Ill have to trouble the two seniors.”

‘As soon as Su Chen finished speaking, the two of them disappeared from where they were.

Su Chen looked in the direction of the human world and clenched his fists tightly.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

In his entire life, he hated that others did not respect him the most.

Back then, when he was in the Su family, he was supposed to be a proud son of heaven.

However, he had acted for his family.

Due to an accident, his entire body was crippled.

From now on, he would be looked down upon and bullied by the entire Su family.

‘The attitude of King Tenfold and the King Thunder just then had caused his killing intent to surge, and he wanted nothing more than to immediately kill the two of them.

However, he knew that he could not.

If he wanted to take down the Su family, he needed to have sufficient strength and influence.

It was too difficult for him to do it alone.

‘The jade ring on his hand released a faint green light, and with a flash, it circulated through Su Chens meridians.

Very quickly, Su Chens anger calmed down.

“Chener! Dont let your anger control your will.

You have to learn to control your emotions.

“If they scold you, just scold me.

When you become a Godly Emperor in the future, the two of them will be nothing more than ants to you.”

Su Chen took a deep breath to calm down the anger in his heart.

“Master has taught me well.

Dont worry, Chener is just saying it, but in his heart, he still knows what to do and what not to do.”

“Thats good.

Remember, as long as you can increase your strength, even a piece of sh*t is still a piece of cake.

“Being brave for a moment is destined to not achieve great things.”

King Tenfold and King Thunder were very fast.

In the blink of an eye, they had arrived in the human world and arrived above Jianghai city.

“It should be in this city.

This king can sense Alfaas coffin.

“However… It seemed a little strange.

Why couldnt this king sense the Flame Dragons coffin

“Also, why isnt there any trace of Alfa and Flame Dragons aura”

“There might have been an accident.

But dont worry too much.

Both of them are smart people.

Its impossible to deal with them with just the trash below.”

“Go down and find a few people.

Search their mental strength and see if you can find any clues.”

With that, the two of them quickly landed on the ground.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had just gotten off work from the library and walked out.

He had just walked out of the door when two figures appeared in the square in front of him.


Good heavens, he really got what he wanted!

‘Instead of the Golden Book, could that be my hidden talent”


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