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Chapter 415: News of the Primordial Divine Kingdom Being Exposed and the Godly Emperors Tomb

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“There have been quite a lot of strange things recently.

You often carry out missions outside, so you should try to be more careful.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.

Right, pay attention to help us keep an eye out.

If someone is dragging a big black coffin, you must inform us in time and there are rewards too.”

Ye Xiao nodded without batting an eyelid.

The large black coffin was currently lying quietly in his cellar.

It was likely that they would not be able to find it in this lifetime.

“Eh, Ye Xiao, youre still brewing wine Eh, this wine of yours is a good thing!”

“I just made it recently, but youd better not have any thoughts about it.

To you, the effects of this thing are too fierce.

You wont be able to withstand it.”

“Cant take it Its that powerful Then Ill have to see it even more.

Ive been working overtime every day recently, and its caused some kidney damage.

Im preparing to replenish it.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

“Alright, if you really want to drink it, Tll give you three drops.

You can dilute it when you go back.

You must remember that you must dilute it before you can drink it.

If you dont dilute it, you absolutely cant touch it.

Otherwise, you might explode and die.”

“What! So powerful Then Ill go back and find a large jar of wine and try to dilute it.”

Ye Xiao nodded and gave him three drops.

Gu Hai knew his own strength, so he would not be messing around.

After that, Gu Hai and the others drank two cups of spiritual energy tea.

After a few simple words, they hurriedly went out to continue searching.

Ye Xiao closed the door then continued to meditate and cultivate.

In the Ning family manor, Ning Zhiyuan and a few uncles of the Ning family were sitting in the main hall of the Ning family—their expressions were incomparably grave.

“Who would have thought that the Godly Kings corpse that we had gone through so much trouble to obtain would actually be stolen by someone in the blink of an eye What a huge loss.

“We really dont know how much divine blood they would have had.

If we can refine it, it will greatly increase our cultivation.

“Its such a pity

“Forget it.

Since things have come to this, theres nothing we can do.

The next step was to focus on excavating the divine tombs.

We need to analyze the information in the Godly Kings tomb as much as possible.

Maybe we can find other Godly Kings tombs, and then we can earn more resources.”

“Dont worry.

Ive already sent people to analyze it.

I think the results will be out soon.”

Ning Zhiyuan had just finished speaking when suddenly, a few figures ran over in a panic.

“Young Master, Young Master, something big has happened.

Something big has happened.”

Ning Zhiyuans brows raised slightly.

“Why are you so flustered Cant we talk things out properly”

Although he said so, those few people were unable to calm their emotions.

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“Young Master, something big has happened.

Something really big has happened this time.”

“What big matter has happened”

“From the information left behind by the Godly King, we can analyze that the Azure Billow star field originally housed an extremely powerful primordial Divine Kingdom.

“No, to be precise, the primordial Divine Kingdom controls many star areas, and the Azure Billow star field is just one of them.”

“Right! The primordial Divine Kingdom also has a Godly Emperor!”

“Godly Emperor You mean the Godly Emperor Can you repeat it for me Is this true”

At that moment, even Ning Zhiyuan and his uncles could not help but feel their hearts beating faster.

Everyone even stood up from their chairs at the same time.

“Its true! Its absolutely true.

This place really was a primordial Divine Kingdom in ancient times.”

Ning Zhiyuan paced back and forth.

“The primordial Divine Kingdom! Wouldnt that be an existence even stronger than our Xuan Yuan clan Then how many resources would there be here”

“Zhiyuan, make a decision quickly.

We must inform the family clan immediately.

No, inform the entire Xuan Yuan clan! If this matter is as expected, the Hundred Clans Alliance in the starry skies should also know about it.

“They also have a portion of the resources in the Godly Kings tomb.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“This is no trifling matter.

If they knew about this matter, they would definitely summon stronger existences from the various clans immediately.

This time, our Xuan Yuan clan will probably need Godly King realm masters to stabilize the situation.

“If not, the Xuan Yuan clan here will probably encounter great trouble.

“Immediately notify the other families.

We must make them summon their own Godly King masters as well!”

“Youre right.

This time, if the archaic Divine Kingdom is real, our Xuan Yuan clan might not be able to obtain all the resources, but we must do our best to obtain as many resources as possible.”

In the next few days, Jianghai city did not have much of a disturbance.

Ye Xiao went to work and got off work as usual.

However, when it reached the fifth day, he vaguely felt that there was a slight difference.

‘The Ning family sent even more people to the starry sky.

Not only that, but the Ning family also expanded the entrance threshold of the Martial Arts Academy, the admission classes, and even further distributed the basic resources.

Through the basic resources, the strength of the Nine Provinces martial artists would be greatly increased!

That was very obvious.

Something was not right.

Was there going to be a war or was there some other reason

According to normal circumstances, the Godly Kings tomb had just been looted, and there was no new tomb.

So, it was unlikely that the two sides would fight for a while.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, Beitang Ce came to the library.

‘When he appeared in front of him, his expression was extremely serious.

Those who did not know might even think that they owed him a few million.

“Senior Beitang, Whats going on Why is your expression becoming so ugly”

Beitang Ce looked left and right.

When he saw that there was no one around, he said,

“Something big has happened.”

“What happened”

“So this Azure Billow star field that were in was the center of a Divine Kingdom during the immemorial era! In other words, there are Godly Emperors buried here!”

Ye Xiao was a little stunned.

He definitely knew that there were Godly Emperors in the star field.

He originally thought that the others would only find out about that matter later.

In the end, he did not expect that they would find out about it so quickly.

By the time the Godly Emperors tomb was excavated, the secret of the Divine Kingdoms treasury should not be able to be hidden anymore.

However, at the moment, they should not have found the Godly Emperors tomb yet.

He should still have a certain amount of time.

He had already excavated 80 percent of the pathway in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, and there was still 20 percent of progress left.

In at most two months, he would be able to open the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Give him another two months!

‘When Beitang Ce saw that Ye Xiao did not speak, he thought that he was shocked by that matter.

After all, for something like the primordial Divine Kingdom, no matter how monstrous Ye Xiao was, it was impossible for him not to be shocked, right

That made Beitang Ce inexplicably feel a trace of joy.

That little brat had been so arrogant all day.

Finally, there was something that could truly scare him.

“Ye Xiao, that primordial Divine Kingdom is very likely the opportunity that our ancestors left for us to change our bloodline.

“However, now it seems that we might not have the chance to find it in time.

“This is because this news will be spread out as soon as possible, and it will attract countless members of the celestial god race.

“This time, Emperor Jing and I are preparing to venture into the starry sky.

“Firstly, we can increase our own strength.

“Secondly, we also want to see if we can take the opportunity to find any clues.

If we can find the clues related to the primordial Divine Kingdom ahead of time, we can also inform you in time, allowing you to seize the initiative and obtain a trace of benefit.”

Ye Xiao nodded, his heart warm.

That group of cute little old men was clearly already so much weaker than him, yet they still wanted to do something for him.

Although they were not his real family, they were already similar to a family.

It was inevitable that there would be many dangers during that trip to the starry sky.

If he did not care, it would be too much.

Thinking of that, he nodded and immediately said,

“How about this, I have some weapons and armor here.

You can take them to the seniors.

Maybe in the future, when you encounter danger, you can save lives.”

“Weapons and armor We have all of these things.

Moreover, they are all at the imperial level.

Theres no need for you to give them to us.”

“Its always safer to bring more things.

Wait for me here for a moment.

Ill be right there.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao immediately got up and went to the bathroom.

He locked the door and took out a pile of materials from his storage ring.

‘The materials in his hands could be said to be countless.

They were all obtained from those Godly Kings tombs.

To him, they were all inexhaustible and were not worth a single cent in his hands.

He might as well help the seniors forge a batch of armor and weapons to increase their combat strength.

If they were to encounter danger, there was still a way to avoid a calamity.

With the use of the Creation masterpiece technique, Ye Xiao quickly created a bunch of divine-grade weapons.

Of course, they were far from being comparable to the Great Dragon, but when compared to the imperial weapon, they were definitely more than ten times stronger.

He also carved a divine array on the armor, increasing the spirit-gathering ability, defense ability, combat ability, and speed ability.

With the spirit-gathering ability, even if their mental cultivation technique was not good, with the help of the spirit-gathering array, they would be able to continuously absorb spiritual energy without weakening their combat ability.

Their defensive ability could already allow them to defend against damage above the God realm.

Increasing their combat ability would also allow them to increase their attacks by a large margin.

Increasing their speed ability would be useful in battle, but it would be even more useful when they were fleeing.

The entire process only took a few minutes.

To Ye Xiao, who possessed the Creation masterpiece technique, it was all too simple.

It was easy to make weapons, but it was rare to see armor.

Beitang Ce and the others were all men, and the style of their armor was basically the same.

Senior Vermillion Bird and Senior White Tiger were in trouble.

One of them seemed to have a D The other seemed to have surpassed E or F

Soon, he placed these items into his storage ring and handed them over to Beitang Ce.

“Hey, Senior Beitang, take these things.

Everyone will have a set of them, but no more or less.

If they break, just replace them.”

Beitang Ce smiled.

“Td like to see what good things youve brought.

Youre making it so mysterious..”


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