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Chapter 409: Parasite

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The remaining people completely collapsed.

What was going on

How could that person be so strong

It was not the immemorial era!

In the immemorial era, there were many capable people and martial arts masters.

However, even the spiritual energy between heaven and earth had become so thin, it could at most be considered the age of chaos!

The opponents aura was only at the Godslayer realm.

They believed that the Godslayer realm could easily kill them.

However, they definitely did not believe that the Godslayer realm had so many tricks up their sleeves.

In the midst of deep shock and doubt, they were sent away by Ye Xiao.

Group vote.

After everything that happened last night, Ye Xiao could feel a few auras rushing over there.

It was very obvious that the movements here had already attracted the attention of the Ning family.

Ye Xiao lightly tapped his feet, and his body instantly disappeared from where he stood.

Just as he had just walked past, several figures had already arrived.

Sensing the remnant aura in the air, everyone could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

“Someone died here just now.

Judging from the aura, he must be at least a God realm master.”

“To be able to make a God realm master die without a sound, and not even the surrounding environment was damaged in the slightest.

Looks like the other partys strength isnt straightforward!”

“although a Godslayer can also kill a God realm masterin an instant, its impossible for him to do it so cleanly and beautifully in such a short time.”

“Our Ning family is increasingly unable to see through Jianghai city.


At the same time, in the next second, a furious roar suddenly erupted from one of the many black jade coffins hidden in the depths of the Ning family.

“Ahhhh! D*mn it! Who killed all of my subordinates

“If they dont die, in another month, two months at most, theyll be able to recover to the Godslayer realm and rescue me.

“Now that theyve been killed, Ill need more time to escape this d*mn seal!”

After a long while, his mood finally calmed down.

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“Forget it, this king still has one more move.

If I can complete this move, this king can similarly break this d*mnable seal and escape.

“When this king leaves, I will definitely find that b*stard who ruined this kings plans.

I will swallow him alive and fry him in a frying pan until he is dried up!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already returned to his residence.

He was very disappointed!

Those people were indeed experts from the primordial age.

However, they did not know much about how the primordial age had been destroyed.

It could even be said that they had almost none.

That was because they were criminals!

That included their masters.

King Alfa, King Flame Dragon, King Thunder, and King Ten Directions!

Those four Godly King masters had been sealed in the Godly Kings tomb by the primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly Emperor because they had committed serious crimes.

The reason why they were buried together was only because of that Godly Emperor from the primordial Divine Kingdom.

He had given them the qualifications on account of their many years of loyalty.

In other words, they had already been sealed in the tomb before the primordial Divine Kingdom perished.

They might not even know of the existence of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

That was also why Ye Xiao had felt a trace of doubt previously.

One had to know that the Godly King masters in the primordial Divine Kingdom already had the qualifications to know about such a matter.

The Healer King knew about that matter.

The Poison King might know, or perhaps he knew in his heart, but in reality, he just did not write it out.

Therefore, when four Godly Kings tombs were excavated in one go, Ye Xiao originally suspected whether anyone would know, but in the end, no one actually knew.

It was also a blessing in disguise.

However, even so, he still could not be careless.

There were still many immemorial Godly Kings tombs in the starry sky.

No one knew how many there were.

If one or two more came, it would be inevitable that the matter would not be leaked out.

It was still better to be more prudent.

Just like that, another month or so passed calmly.

The days in Jianghai city once again returned to their previous calm.

Ye Xiaos cultivation also advanced once again, reaching the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.

Not bad, his cultivation was still at the first level a month, and his progress was very steady.

Originally, the higher his cultivation got, the slower his speed of improvement became.

At that point, he had already obtained four masterpiece techniques.

World Destruction masterpiece technique, Creation masterpiece technique, Undying masterpiece technique, and Space Warping masterpiece technique.

‘When those four masterpiece techniques were combined, the speed of his cultivation was so fast that it made peoples hair stand on end, and it increased the speed of his advancement.

Of course, there was also the flesh of those Venerable Beasts and the assistance of many medicinal pills.

In the later stages, when ones cultivation needed to increase more and more in order to advance, it was already quite difficult for Ye Xiao to still be able to stabilize his cultivation speed.

Like Emperor Jing and the others, they probably only had one more dragon.

With the white jade coffin, their speed might be slightly faster, but at most, they would only be able to increase one more dragon.

Compared to Ye Xiaos speed, it was far from being comparable.

Ye Xiao was thinking of a problem.

If his cultivation advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, what should he do

At that time, it should be impossible for him to continue staying there.

Perhaps at that time, it would be time for him to leave.

‘Tve already dug 70 percent of the tunnel under the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Im still short of the final 30 percent.

I originally thought that I would need half a year to complete it.

Now, it seems that Ill be able to complete it in about four months.

‘Tm really looking forward to the things inside!

‘Treckon that the treasures inside will allow me to raise my strength to Godly King realm.

After a pause, Ye Xiao thought,

“However, before that, it would be great if I could speed up my progress a little.

Its a pity that there arent any Godly King corpses or the like.

If I could get a few more Godly King corpses and extract tens of millions of drops of divine blood, absorb and refine them, and completely fuse them into my body,

it should be able to allow my strength to increase by another wave.

It was a pity that his thoughts were very good, but the reality was very harsh.

It was not like the heavens would give him a free lunch.

Ye Xiao continued to live a peaceful life of punching his time card at work and returning home after work.

‘That morning, Ye Xiao came to work and unexpectedly discovered that there were very few colleagues who came to work that day.

‘There were not many people on the fourth floor to begin with, and Ye Xiaos senses were extremely sharp, so he could easily sense the situation.

The fourth floor was abnormally quiet, and even the number of readers had decreased.

Ye Xiao was about to ask a colleague when suddenly, the intent stone trembled.

Someone had contacted him.

Ye Xiao took out the intent stone.

The person who had contacted him was not someone else, but Senior Beitang Ce.

“Hey! Senior Beitang, why did you suddenly think of contacting me”

Beitang Ces somewhat serious voice came from the intent stone.

“Ye Xiao, were in big trouble here.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiaos expression became slightly solemn.

Beitang Ce would usually not contact him easily.

For him to be able to let him contact him and even tell him that they were in big trouble, it must be something very important.

It might be something that even the Xuan Yuan clan could not solve.

“Dont be anxious.

Tell me slowly.”


Beitang Ce took a deep breath and said,

“Two days ago, Emperor Jing, Azure Dragon, Venerable Black Tortoise, Li Liushui, and the others fell sick one after another.

Their faces were as pale as wax, but they couldnt find any reason for it.

“These two days, they were on their last breaths.

“Today, Venerable White Tiger and Lu Qingshan fell sick one after another.”

“What about the people of the Ning family Their healing skills shouldnt be low, right Could it be that they couldnt find out the reason”

“Tm not sure about the specific situation either.

But what I know is that there are people from the Ning family who have fallen sick as well.

“This includes Ning Zhiyuans second uncle, Ning Yicheng!”

Ye Xiaos eyes narrowed slightly.

Ning Zhiyuans second uncle knew that the other partys strength was already at the ninth level of the God realm.

He was only one step away from advancing to the Godslayer realm.

For an existence at his level to actually fall sick, it seemed that the matter was really not so simple.

There were also his colleagues.

They did not come to work today, so there was a high chance that something had gone wrong.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Xiao comforted him,

“Dont be too anxious.

Ill go to the hospital to take a look first and see what the situation is.”

“Alright! But you have to be careful too.

You must protect yourself well.

Youre much more important than all of us.”

Ye Xiao let out a softmm and ended the communication with the intent stone.

He disappeared from where he was and reappeared in the hospital.

The hospital was already filled with people.

None of them had any other symptoms.

Their faces were simply pale and without any color.

Their eyes were dim and without any reaction.

He used his perception to easily find the ward where Emperor Jing and the others were.

Emperor Jing and the others were indeed as Beitang Ce had said, extremely ill.

When Ye Xiao came to their side, it was as if they had entered a state of suspended animation, and even their breathing was extremely slow.

It was very light, almost like a person on the verge of death.

Ye Xiao used his mental power to scan the other partys body, but he found nothing.

Everything was normal, and even their blood and spiritual energy were intact.

‘That was strange.

Their bodies were actually intact, but they were acting in a different way.

No matter how he looked at it, it should not look like they were sick.

Ye Xiao opened his Primordial Pupil again.

In the next second, he suddenly discovered something fishy.

“This is…”

He did not know why but the blood essence in their bodies was being devoured by a small insect.

That type of bug was very minute and had the exact same structure as the divine blood.

Moreover, it could even imitate the divine blood and swim around the human body.

That way, even if Ye Xiao used his spiritual energy to scan, he would not be able to find any problems.

That was because they were completely the same as the blood cells medium.

It was the same as the divine blood.

Moreover, as they continued to swim around the body, they also continued to multiply and continuously devour the divine blood.

If they reached a certain level, they might replace the original divine blood in the human body and achieve the goal of completely controlling the other party.

It was a type of parasite!

Moreover, it was an extremely ancient type of poisonous parasite.

Ye Xiao had previously obtained the Poison Kings inheritance manual, so he clearly knew what that poisonous parasite was..


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