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Chapter 403: Just Sit Tight and Wait Your Turn

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation | Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiaos speed was really too fast.

He arrived in front of Yun Shui in almost an


A punch smashed down, and the Star-splitting Fist with the World Destruction

masterpiece technique struck Yun Shuïs chest, piercing through it on the spot.

The extremely powerful force instantly killed him.

However, in the next second, a streak of golden light instantly escaped from

Yun Shuis feet.

It was Yun Shus soul.

Beastmasters also had many unique techniques.

When faced with death, they

could escape with their souls.

They would find their star pets, attach to them, and resurrect.

The speed at which their souls escaped was so fast that it made ones hair stand

on end.

In the blink of an eye, they broke through the spatial seal and arrived

on the Yun familys spiritual airship, merging into a star beast.

Quick! Activate the spiritual airship! Lets go!”

As soon as it merged into the star beast, Yun Shui rushed into the spiritual

airship in panic and controlled the airship to escape.

The spiritual airship was fully activated.

Its huge body, which was more than

100 miles long, was surprisingly agile.

It rose into the sky in an instant.

The members of the Ning family could not help but fly out of the manor.

“Whats going on Why did the Yun familys spiritual airship suddenly leave”

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“And its so fast!”

However, before they could react, a golden light shot into the spiritual airship

from outside Jianghai city like a high-pressure laser beam.


It came to the spiritual airship and mercilessly pierced through it.


shocking explosion, the 100-mile-long powerful spiritual airship was instantly

split into two.

That extremely terrifying scene gave everyone a big fright.

Oh my God! What happened

“Quickly go up and take a look:”

One after another, experts flew into the high sky.

In the high sky, seeing the spiritual martial ship blasted apart by Ye Xiaos

punch, Yun Shui was already extremely frightened and wet his leg in fright.

He did not stop at all and immediately pressed the distress signal.

That was the special distress signal on the spiritual airship.

Once it was

pressed, it would activate the array in the next second and allow the soul clone

of a martial arts expert from the Yun family to pass through at random.

Although it was only a soul clone, it could still display about one-tenth of the

original bodys strength

The next second after he pressed it, an explosion came from the sky.


it was not very strong, it was an extremely sharp and extremely oppressive


It suddenly descended from the sky.

Those members of the Ning family who had just prepared to fly up felt this

fierce aura and could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

This aura, irs him! Its Yun Xuanyuan! The young master of the Yun family,

that unparalleled genius!

Everyone could not help but cry out in surprise.

Ye Xiaos fist once again

arived in front of Yun Shui.


There was another violent explosion.

Suddenly, a dazzling light that was like

the sun exploded in the sky.

Under that attack, the entire 100-mile-long spiritual airship was completely

turned into ashes.

When the light receded, everyone hurriedly looked toward the sky.

In their

eyes, besides the countless fragments of the spiritual airship, there was also a

figure wearing a bamboo hat and a cloak, holding the star beast that had

invaded with the Cloud Water divine soul in one hand.

“Xuanyuan, save me!”

Under the starry sky, Yun Xuanyuans soul clone said,

“Do not harm your owm kind!”

However, Ye Xiao did not even raise his head to look at him as he activated the

World Destruction masterpiece technique.


Following a violent explosion, the star beast that Yun Shui had invaded, along

with his divine soul, were all blasted into powder, not leaving a single trace.

When the Ning family members saw that scene, their hearts were all shaken.

That fellow, was he not too arrogant

He actually killed an elder of the Yun family in front of Yun Xuanyuan!

Madman, that was a madman!

Yun Xuanyuans soul clone stared fixedly at Ye Xiao, then raised his hand and


What you did was a little too much.”

His soul clones strength was only at the second level of the Godslayer realm

and was on par with Ye Xiaos current strength.

However, the power of the punch he executed was heaven-piercing and


The stars in the entire sky flickered for a moment under that move.

The terrifying aura caused everyone in the Ning family to be unable to help but

feel their hearts race.

That move was a masterpiece technique!

One of the Xuan Yuan clans two great clan-guarding masterpiece techniques,

Morality masterpiece technique.

The Xuan Yuan clans ancestors had relied on that masterpiece technique to

command the winds and clouds tens of thousands of years ago, galloping

through the starry skies, and finally establishing a foundation for the

Yuan clan.

Seeing him make a move, Ye Xiao did not show any signs of backing down and

also threw a punch.

Star-splitting Fist which was augmented with the World Destruction

masterpiece technique.

However, that time, he unleashed the World Destruction masterpiece

technique to the maximum.

The stars in the sky seemed to be shaken and flickered once more.

The powers of the two masterpiece techniques collided, and in an instant,a

small sun was born in the sky.

That extremely powerful force even caused cracks to appear on the Great Wall

Array that had been protecting the Nine Provinces.

Crack, Crack, Crack..


Finally, with a violent explosion, a large hole was completely torn open.

Everyones hair stood on end.

The Great Wall Array could at least defend

against the attacks of the Godslayer realm.

In the end, it was blasted apart by two second-level Godslayer realm masters!

Was that the power of an archaic masterpiece technique

It was too terrifying!

The power of the attack unleashed by the two of them had far exceeded the

range that a Godslayer realm master could withstand.

At that level, even a sixth-level Godslayer realm master would not be able to

withstand it.

Cross-ranking battle! That was a true cross-ranking battle!

The intense shock wave transformed into a vast wind force that blew the

members of the Ning family backward.

They were unable to control their


At the same time, in the sky, Yun Xuanyuans soul clone actually swayed a little

at that moment

On the other hand, Ye Xiaos body stood tall and unmoving.

Only the cloak on

his body fluttered in the wind.

Everyone present could not help but go crazy.

Yun Xuanyuan had actually fallen to a disadvantage with that attack.

That had simply caused a huge impact on their worldview.

One had to know that although the person who had come over at that moment

was only a thought clone of Yun Xuanyuan, the strength that he could display

was that ofa true second-level Godslayer.

That level of cultivation was exactly the same as Ye Xiaos.

However, they were both at the second level of the Godslayer realm, and they

both used archaic masterpiece techniques.

Yun Xuanyuan was still suppressed by a level, so he had no choice but to think

about it.

Yun Xuanyuans soul clone in the sky swayed twice and did not continue to


That move just now was very powerful, and it had already exhausted all

the strength of the clone.

If he were to carry out another attack, his clone would completely disappear.

Before disappearing, he slowly said,

“Half a year later, I will personally come to the Azure Billow star field to fight

with you! Do you… Dare to receive it

Ye Xiao glanced at him, turned around, and left.

“Just sit tight and wait your turn.”

The corners of everyones mouths could not help but twitch fiercely.

Sit tight and wait

Was he going to kill Yun Xuanyuan

That kid was really too crazy!

Even if he defeated Yun Xuanyuan once at that moment, it did not mean that

he could defeat Yun Xuanyuan the next time.

That was because Yun Xuanyuan had only sent a soul clone over.

His actual strength was much stronger than that.

He had already reached the

ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

While Ye Xiao was only at the second level of the Godslayer realm then.

There wasa full seven levels of difference in strength between the two of them.

How could he possibly make up for that gap in half a years time

It was over!

He was done for!

He was so arrogant in front of Yun Xuanyuan that day.

At that time, he would definitely die.

At that time, everyone wanted to go up and persuade him, hoping that he

would not be so rash.

After all, his aptitude was right there.

With such monstrous talent in the

martial path, everyone really did not wish for him to fall at Yun Xuanyuans


Properly grooming him.

His future was limitless!

Ifhe died at Yun Xuanyuans hands just like that, it would be too much of a


However, it was a pity that before everyone could go forward, Ye Xiaos figure

had completely transformed into a stream of light and disappeared between

the heavens and earth.

His speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on


The members of the Ning family did not even have the time to clearly see his

direction when he was already gone

The corners of everyones mouths could not help but twitch violently.

“This brat doesnt even put us in his eyes”

Yun Xuanyuan, who was in the sky, looked meaningfully in the direction

Ye Xiao had disappeared.

Immediately after, his body flickered and

disappeared as well.

In the blink of an eye, only the Ning familys group remained in the sky to

watch the show.

On the other hand, both sides of the true battle had run away.

Alright, it was not just Ye Xiao who did not put them in his eyes.

Even Yun

Xuanyuan did not put them in his eyes either.

Being looked down upon by the two juniors, oh no, they were completely


A gust of night wind blew past and Uncle Ning said faintly,

“Shouldnt we go down now

Everyone was silent, but their bodies were still very honest.

Each and every one

of them had already begun to descend.

The impact of that event on them was really too great.

Whether it was Ye Xiaos talent, Yun Xuanyuans clone, or the battle between

the two of them, all of them had far exceeded their imaginations.

What made them even more helpless was that in the face of these two geniuses

from the Xuan Yuan clan, they actually did not even interject a single word

throughout the entire process, watching the two of them leave helplessly.

It was as if they could only be spectators.

They were completely unqualified to

participate in it.

Other than shock, there was also a deep sense of disappointment on everyones


Facing the prodigies, everyone felt as if they had been abandoned by the era.

They were too ahead of the times as if they were walking at the forefront of the

entire era.

It could be predicted that the two of them would be fine after half a year

In the future, they would definitely leave a heavy mark under the starry sky.

Their future would definitely be able to become the legendary Godly Emperor!

Moreover, they were the witnesses.

Thinking of that, everyones mood seemed to be a little better..


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