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Chapter 402: The Devil

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In Jianghai city, Yun Shui searched for a few days, but he still could not find his

star pets.

The anger in his heart had reached a limit.

“D*mn beast! If I find out who did it, I will kill him!”

Yun Zhenwu could not help but say,

“Elder Yun, what should we do next This is the Ning familys territory after al.

If we stay here without any reason, we will definitely arouse suspicion.

“When the time comes, if the Ning family has any objections, we will report it

to the Xuan Yuan clan.

We will inevitably have the intention of provoking them.

Not to mention the Xuan Yuan Mountain, even the Yun family will probably

not let us off.”

Yun Shui clenched his fists.

He absolutely could not give up on his precious star pets!

They were all his flesh and blood.

Furthermore, they were the battle prowess

that he had painstakingly obtained with great difficulty.

If he gave up on them, not only would he be reluctant to part with them

emotionally, his overall combat power would also drop drastically.

As a beastmaster, he was not good at martial arts.

Even though he was a

fifth-level Godslayer, he was trash without a star pet!

“Give me one more day.

Il definitely be able to find them in one day.”

Elder, what method do you want to use

“I have a special method I will use the souls of the Xuan Yuan clan as a primer

to burn them.

The soul incense that will be produced will be able to lure my

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star pets into madness.

At that time, they will reveal their aura.

I will have a

way to find them.”

Yun Zhenwus expression changed.

“Elder, you are crazy! You want to kill the descendants of our Xuan Yuan clan

This is a serious violation of the clan rules.

“Once you are discovered, you will die without a burial place.

Yun Shui laughed coldly.

“Who said that I want to kill the Xuan Yuan clans descendant Doesnt the

human race in this hunman world have the same divine blood as us Their souls

also have some characteristics of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The soul fragrance they

produce can have the same effect.”

Even so, isnt this a bit too much No matter what, those people are still the

Xuan Yuan clans descendants.

What difference is there between us doing this

and killing our own descendants

Our descendants Hehehe… Zhenwu, arent you too naive

“They are just a bunch of trash from the Xuan Yuan clan, the bloodline left


They are just ants, and we are gods!

To be able to contribute to us is the honor of eight lifetimes for them.”

“Forgive me for being blunt, Elder Yun, but you have already lost your mind.


cant agree to this kind of thing”

After saying that, Yun Zhenwu turmed around and prepared to leave.

He could

not stand Elder Yuns insane thoughts.

Previously, when Elder Yun wanted to deal with Saber-sword Immortal, he

could not accept it.

However, at that time, he thought that he might not be able

to find the other party.

It was just a spur of the moment.

When he could not

find the other party, he might forget about that matter.

That was why he did

not insist on stopping it.

However, at that point, Elder Yun had begun to openly use the lives of his

fellow members of the Xuan Yuan clan to search for his star pets.

He truly

could not accept that he was going to kill his fellow members.

The world of martial artists was indeed the law of the jungle.

Furthermore, it

was extremely cruel.

Massacres happened from time to time.

However, not touching ones fellow members was the bottom line that the

entire starry sky had to abide by.

Only those who had done something extremely evil and violated the rules of

their race could be killed.

At other times, they could not attack their own race.

Otherwise, a race would easily fall apart from the inside.

In the starry sky where there were tens of thousands of races and dangers, it

was taboo for every god clan.

However, just as he turned around, a sharp pain suddenly came from his chest.


He widened his eyes and slowly lowered his head to look at his chest.

He could not believe that Elder Yun, whom he had always been loyal to and had

done many things for, would actually attack him.

“Elder Yun..



Elder Yun smiled coldly.

“Although Im only a beastmaster and my combat strength isnt strong, and I

might not even be able to deal with a second or third level battle-oriented

Godslayer, but… How can I not be able to deal with a mere fifth-level God

realm brat like you

“This is what you get for daring to go against me.”


After Yun Zhenwu finished his last sentence, Elder Yun shattered his internal


At the same time, he took out Yun Zhenwus soul and began to burm it.


Yun Shui, youl die a horible death!”

Yun Zhenwus soul body turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared into the

air as he roared furiously.

That aura soon spread out in the air.

Ye Xiao returned home.

All of a sudden, he sensed some restlessness in his cellar.

He used his soul consciousness to scan it and could not help but feel surprised.

The star beasts in the cellar started to go berserk.

Their eyes turned bright red, and the aura on their bodies started to go out of

control Even their hair started to stand on end.

This is…

Ye Xiao was a little curious.

He immediately slapped his palm on the ground

and reinforced another layer of array formation, once again thickening the

connection between the cellar and the real world.

In the next second, the star beasts that were originally restless began to slowly

quiet down again.

Ye Xiao shook his head and stepped into the courtyard.

On the Yun familys spiritual airship, Yun Shui suddenly opened his eyes.

Thats strange.

I clearly felt some movement just now.

Why did it disappear in

the blink of an eye

Could it be that Yun Zhenwus soul is not enough

He glanced outside.

The other martial arts masters of the Yun family were all


If he looked for more martial arts masters of the Yun family, he would

eventually be exposed.

The Xuan Yuan clan would not sit idly by and do nothing about that matter.

It seemed that he could not look for all the Yun family disciples.

It was better to

go out and look for the humans in Jianghai city who had the bloodline of the

Xuan Yuan clan.

In just a short night, Ye Xiaos cellar had been rummaged through countless


However, every time, he was shaken down by Ye Xiao.

It was not until the next morning that things calmed down quite a bit.

It was Saturday.

Ye Xiao did not go to work.

He only went out for a walk in the


However, he clearly noticed that there were more people in the garrison team

on the street.

There were even some martial arts experts of the Ning family among them.

Ye Xiao met Gu Hai at one of the intersections.

He was on guard duty.

“Fatty, whats going on today Why are there so many members of the garrison

team on the street

Gu Hai turned his head to look at him and said,

“Dont mention it.

I dont know why, but quite a few people went missing last


The Ning family suspects that someone from the Hundred Clans Alliance

sneaked in, so they asked us to investigate.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Was that why so many strange things happen in his cellar last night

He had asked those star beasts, but they did not know what was going on


They only felt that their bodies were inexplicably restless, and their

blood started to flow faster uncontrollably.

Could it be that those two things were related

If that was the case, then it should be related to the Yun family.

That was because those star pets had been sent out from the Yun family and

had been captured by him.

If that was really the case, then he would have to give it a try tonight.

After all, Jianghai city was where he ived.

He could not let the Yun family act

presumptuously under his nose.

Time passed very quickly.

A days work had already turned into night.

Ye Xiao took out a Venerable Beast from below, the Dragon-blooded Tiger.


wanted to use the Dragon-blooded Tiger as a primer to help him find the other


When the Dragon-blooded Tiger was placed, Ye Xiao deliberately sealed its


That way, he could prevent alerting the enemy.

If he let the other party find him, it would be better for him to find the other

party and catch him by surprise.

As expected, the moon had just risen to its peak.

Not long after, the eyes of the

Dragon-blooded Tiger began to tum blood-red, and all the hair on its body

began to stand on end.

It was the same for the star beasts below, but they were

separated by an array formation which was why they were not as strong as the

Dragon-blooded Tiger.

After the Dragon-blooded Tiger lost its temper, it immediately ran in a certain


Ye Xiao put on his cloak, bamboo hat, and mask and followed closely behind.

The tiger and the man soon arrived at a small alley.

At that moment, dark clouds slipped away from the side of the moon.


white moonlight poured into the small alley.

Ye Xiaos eyes saw a figure that he had long recognized.

Tt was Yun Shui!

“Its really you!”

Beside Yun Shui, there was a young woman lying on the ground.

Her body was

dripping with blood and there was no movement at all.

It was obvious that she

had already disappeared.

Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil could clearly see that a soul had just been burnt to

ashes on Yun Shuis hand.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos gaze was extremely cold.

When Yun Shui saw the Dragon-blooded Tiger, a smug smile appeared on the

corner of his mouth.

He took out a piece of tissue and elegantly wiped the bloods tains on his hand.

“Tve finally found you! I thought that you could continue to hold on.

To be able

to take down so many star beasts of this old man, this old man thought that

you were very strong.

Looking at this aura, youre only at the second level of

the Godslayer realm!”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao held the Dragon-blooded Tiger with one

hand and threw it into his spatial storage ring.

He looked at Yun Shui coldly.

“Beating you is enough!

Yun Shui smiled coldly.

“A mere second level of the Godslayer realm.

With your cultivation, youre not

even worthy to carry my shoes.


That time, Ye Xiao did not let him finish speaking when the Star-splitting Fist

was already thrown out

The fists force that was enough to shatter mountains and rivers ruthlessly

struck Yun Shuis lower abdomen.


Accompanied by an earth-shattering explosion, Yun Shui turned into a light

shadow like a cannonball, shattering countless walls.

He was blasted out of

Jianghai city alive.

That punch was too powerful, and its speed was so fast that it made ones hair

stand on end.

Yun Shui did not even have time to react before he was sent flying on the spot.

Although he was already at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm, he felt that

his internal organs seemed to have been completely shattered by that attack.

If it was not because his cultivation was stronger than his opponents, that

punch might have directly taken his life!

However, he did not have time to think too much because Ye Xiao had already

come to his side once again.


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