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Chapter 400: A Challenge.

Who Is the Number One Person in Xuan Yuan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: Endless Fantasy Translation

“Yin and yang are distinct.

Dragon soaring through the mist… Open!”

Under Senior Lis control, an opening was quickly created in the array

An extremely dense spiritual energy rushed out and spread out crazily from within.

The two were delighted.

“What powerful spiritual energy.

Can you feel it With such powerful spiritual energy, theres definitely something good inside.

Quick, charge in!”

The two immediately turned into two rays of light and rushed into the array.

Then, the array was instantly closed.

Senior, its so dark in here! Im a little scared.”

“Idiot! Youre a man.

Dont act like a wuss.

Dont be scared in such a small place.”

“Lets light it up first.

The spiritual energy here is rich, but the surroundings are pitch black and nothing can be seen.”


The two of them used a secret technique to ignite the spiritual energy, creating a flame.

In the next second, the light shone in all directions.

The two of them looked at the group of figures around them and fell into silence

“It should be an illusion.

Lets do it again.”

Senior Li put out the fire and lit it up again.




Ye Xiao, who had just gotten off work at the library, seemed to have sensed something and could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

Whats going on I think I heard a scream just now.

He sent out a feeling and sensed for a while.

His cellar was intact.

A few star beasts were chatting and nothing special happened.

There was not even a strand of hair in the cellar.

He could not help but shake his head,

Perhaps I have been too tired recently.

I am beginning to have hallucinations.”

Then, he started to walk toward home.

At that moment, on the spiritual airship of the Yun family, Yun Shui, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

Two sharp and cold lights shot out from his eyes.

“I can sense this aura.

Its them! Its my star pets! They are not dead yet.

They are still alive.

Yun Shuis breathing could not help but become hurried.

Those days, the ones who had been the most sad and miserable were his star pets.

He had thought that they had been captured and cooked.

Unexpectedly, they were still alive!

Since that was the case, he had to find a way to bring them back.


Yun Zhenwu immediately walked out of his room.

He cupped his hands toward Yun Shui and said,

“What orders do you have for me, Elder Yun”

Yun Shui said with a serious expression,

“My star pets are not dead yet.

I have already sensed their aura!”

Yun Zhenwu could not help but he startled.


“Of course its true.

I trained them all by myself.

No one knows their aura better than 1.

“They are in the direction of the Ning family.” “Then it seems that the Ning family is behind this.

Yun Shui shook his head.

“I dont think so.

The Ning family doesnt have that much courage.

Moreover, the strongest person in the Ning family is only the fourth uncle of Ning Zhiyuan.

His strength is only at the second level of the Godslayer realm.”

“In that case, lets go and find him quickly, in case something bad happens.”

Yun Shui nodded and was about to make a move, but in the next second, he suddenly felt a wave of information flooding into his mind.

“This… This is… My God!

Yun Shuis eyes were wide open, and his face was full of disbelief.

Yun Zhenwu could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Elder Yun, whats wrong”

Yun Shuis face turned solemn.

“The Young Master wants to challenge the genius of the human world, the Saber-sword Immortal!

Hearing that, Yun Zhenwus pupils instantly constricted.

The young master of the Yun family actually wanted to challenge that genius of the human world.

Had that genius already reached the stage where he would be noticed by the young master

After all, the young master of the Yun family was the most outstanding genius of the Yun family in the past decades.

His talent had long surpassed the young masters of the previous generations of the Yun family.

At the moment, he was already at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

He was just one step away from advancing to the Godly Kings realm.

From a certain perspective, he could already be internally decided as the next Xuan Yuan holy child.

Among the current young masters of the various aristocratic families in the direct line of descent of the Xuan Yuan clan, there was no one who could match him.

He had already surpassed the strength of all the aristocratie families by a generation.

He could fight against the previous generation of the various aristocratic families, which was also the generation of Ning Zhiyuans father! According to the elders of the Yun family, he had a high chance of becoming a Godly Emperor in the future.

For heavens favorite in the human world to be chosen by him to be his enemy, one could imagine that his talent had already made the young master of the Yun family feel threatened.

That Saber-sword Immortal actually had the chance to become a holy child.

“I didnt expect that fellow to have such strength.

This is also perfect.

I heard that hes in Jianghai city.

The aura of the star beast that I sensed just now is also in Jianghai city.”

Hearing that, Yun Zhenwu could not help but feel a little strange.

“Elder, could it be that Saber-sword Immortal did this”

Yun Shui chuckled.

“You think too highly of him.

He doesnt have that strength yet.

Although his talent is very strong, he hasnt matured yet.

“A genius who hasnt matured is no different from trash.

“The Young Master only wanted to challenge him because of his talent.

“Do you really think that he is qualified to fight with the Young Master

Yun Zhenwu nodded.

“Elder is right.”

In Jianghai city, Ye Xiao was devouring a large number of elixirs and continuously improving the spiritual energy and blood essence in his body.

He was pushing his limits again and again.

Finally, after two days, he completely advanced to the second level of the Godslayer realm.

It seemed that if one wanted to talk about cultivation, one had to focus on refining and eating as a supplement.

Without those medicinal pills, if Ye Xiao wanted to advance to the second level of the Godslayer realm, he estimated that two months would not be enough.

He would need at least three months.

Three months might not seem like a long time, but in reality, it was quite stressful for him.

As the divine tombs opened one after another in the starry sky, more and more martial arts experts would be attracted over.

The danger was increasing

Ye Xiao had to increase his strength as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the Golden Book divine soul was still very powerful.

He had already synthesized three masterpiece techniques and several nine-star god techniques.

With the accumulation of so many cultivation techniques, he was able to continuously refine so many medicinal pills and star beast flesh.

Under normal circumstances, a person could only cultivate one to two top-tier cultivation techniques, and there would not be many of them.

Otherwise, their bodies would not be able to withstand it.

Even for the gods, their talent was limited.

If they exceeded this limit, it would involve mental state problems.

If their mental state was unstable, or if their mental state was sufficient, they would not be able to cultivate every cultivation technique to the limit.

Due to that reason, the circulation routes and speed of the spiritual energy in their bodies were far inferior to Ye Xiaos.

The Golden Book divine soul allowed Ye Xiao to remove that restriction, allowing him to cultivate many cultivation techniques at the same time.

He did not have to worry about conflicts, state of mind problems, or anything else.

Therefore, he was able to digest a large number of pills and star beast flesh in a short period of time.

The others were unable to do that.

Just like the same piece of soil, a small stream might take a long time to clear


While a large river only needed an instant to clear up.

That was the advantage between Ye Xiao and the others.

Unfortunately, theres no other way.

Tll find a few more Godly Kings tombs.

If I can find a few more and absorb more divine blood, the effect should be even stronger for me.

Of course, if I can find some high-level Venerable Beasts and send them to my doorstep, it would also be a good thing.

Early in the morning, Ye Xiao went out to work and continued to search for the synthesis of the cultivation technique in the library.

Just as he went out, he saw a few huge spiritual airships in the sky, which were

even bigger than the Ning familys spiritual airships.

With his super strong eyesight, he could see at a glance that the side of the spiritual airships was engraved with a huge word,Yun.

“The Yun family

He withdrew his gaze and said thoughtfully,

“If I remember correctly, the Yun family seems to be the most powerful family among the direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Why would they suddenly appear here

“This should be the Ning familys territory.”

However, he could not think of a reason.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about this matter.

What did it have to do with him

He was just a librarian who did not care about worldly affairs.

No one would notice him.

That huge spiritual airship headed straight for the Ning family manor and soon arrived at the side of the building

Yun Shui and the others walked down from the spiritual airship.

Ning Zhiyuan and the other direct descendants of the Ning family were already waiting below to welcome them.

“Senior Yun, long time no see.”

Ning Zhiyuans second uncle stood at the front and greeted him.

His strength was not the strongest in the Ning family manor, but he had the highest status among the members of the Ning family there.

Even though Ning Zhiyuan was the young master, his seniority was too low, so he had to rank behind his second uncle when an old senior like Yun Shui came over.

Yun Shui chuckled.

“Nephew Yi Cheng, Its been a long time since we last met.

You wouldnt mind coming here without notice, would you”

Uncle Ning cupped his hands once again,

“Senior Yun, you must be joking.

The Xuan Yuan clans aristocratic families are all from the same lineage and are all from the same family.

When you came to Jianghai city, our Ning family wouldnt even have the time to welcome you, so why would we mind”

“Thats good.

Yi Cheng, this old man didnt just come here casually.

I also came with some missions.”

Uncle Ning was slightly puzzled.

“Senior Yun, what mission do you have”

“The young master of my Yun family has issued an order to challenge the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city.

This old man is here to deliver this



When those words were said, it was as if a huge bomb had been dropped in everyones mind.

“What Young Master Ning actually wants to challenge the Saber-sword Immortal

“Did I hear wrong”

Everyones hearts could not help but begin to race.

Who was the young master of the Yun family

He was the strongest existence in the entire younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan!


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