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Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“Missed Looks like I didnt adjust it well enough just now.

Lets do it again.”

With a thought, in the blink of an eye, dozens of sword beams formed around his body.

After injecting his spiritual energy into them, he immediately used the momentum of lightning to quickly catch up to Huan Liuli.

Very soon, the sounds of thunder came from in front of him.

Huan Liulis miserable cries were also heard continuously.

“Master, I dont want to play anymore!”

“Stop it quickly, I will die! I will really die!”


An hour later, Ye Xiao placed Huan Liuli, who was covered in bandages, on the sofa and began to summarize the attacks that he had just tested.


Including the spiritual energy that was added to each attack, the spiritual energy that was needed for each attack, the speed and location of each attack as well as the detonation speed, and location一he had done a detailed comparison and test of all those variables.

He had the Big Dippers Grand Mystery so he did not even need to use paper to record and calculate them one by one.

He only needed to scan his memory with his spiritual energy and he would be able to take out the best test results from earlier.


In the future, every time he used it, he would just apply it according to the proportion that he had calculated.

After calculating the formula, the corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly, and he was in a very happy mood.

That result was completely based on his own research and not the synthesis of the divine souls Golden Book.

Therefore, he more or less felt a sense of accomplishment.

However, when he saw Huan Liuli, Ye Xiao became silent again.

Her injury made him think of one thing.


That was the problem of survival.

Although his cultivation was relatively strong, he was not invincible.

If he was injured, that would be quite troublesome.

Once he was injured, his attack and defense would plummet, and it would be very easy to die.

No, he had to think of a way.

He had thought of several solutions before.


One was to learn the art of refining weapons as well as forging weapons and armor一he could improve his defense and increase his attack power.


Second, it was to learn the art of alchemy.

Through pills, one could quickly recover from injuries.

At the same time, it could also speed up the progress of ones cultivation and increase ones temporary combat power.


Third, it was to learn the art of healing.

Through the art of healing, one could recover from injuries.


Those three methods each had their own advantages.


The art of refining weapons was convenient.

That was because after refining a set of defenses, one could defend anytime and anywhere.

Even if it was an attack that one did not expect, one could defend instantly.

After all, one only needed to wear the armor.

However, it also had a weakness.

Once it was damaged in battle, it could not be used anymore.

It needed to be repaired afterward.

The art of alchemy could help him recover the fastest.

After producing a pill, he would put it in his pocket.

When he was injured, he would take one out and eat it.

It would be able to heal his injuries very quickly, and he could even use it multiple times.

The weakness was that the medicine was 30 percent poisonous.

If he ate too much of it, it would accumulate in his meridians, and he would have to cleanse them in the future.

Healing cultivation techniques had the slowest effect, and they also consumed a large amount of spiritual energy.

Ye Xiao already had four basic armament-refining techniques, six basic alchemy techniques, and two basic healing cultivation techniques.

Although he did not know how many basic cultivation techniques of each type were required for synthesis, armament-refining techniques and alchemy techniques were definitely the ones that could be synthesized the fastest.

That was because if there were more cultivation techniques of a certain type, it meant that there were many people who wrote cultivation techniques of that type, and their development was very prosperous.

It was also easier to find those basic cultivation techniques.

In fact, those martial artists who went out to hunt star beasts would rather have armor, weapons, and pills rather than bring a healer, right

If the armor was broken, they could repair it again.

If the pills were gone, they could buy more.

However, if the healer was dead, it would be very difficult to find another one.

After thinking through all that, Ye Xiaos gaze gradually became firm as he came to a decision.

“Alright! Ive decided.

From today onward, I want to cultivate a healing cultivation technique!”

There was no other way.

Armament-refinement techniques and alchemy techniques were things that rich people played with.

They needed to spend money!

His financial circumstances did not allow it.

If his identity was exposed, he might receive a large sum of money.

However, if that was the case, he would also be in more danger.

He might be sent to the frontlines to fight star beasts, or he might be sent to be studied to see what his divine soul was, or to see if there was any difference in his body structure.

Ye Xiao absolutely could not accept the latter.

As for the former, Ye Xiaos cultivation was to read books and become stronger.

He was not like other people who increased their strength by hunting star beasts and fighting.

Hence, it was even more inconvenient for him to leave the library.

Therefore, no matter what, he could not reveal his identity.

At the very least, before he became a peak divine grandmaster, his identity had to be kept a secret.

All in all, he could only cultivate a healing technique for now.


On the bright side, that was also quite good.

On one hand, the healing technique consumed zero energy.

No matter how severe the injury, it would only consume two big bowls of white rice.

On the other hand, he cultivated the Violet Sea of Stars that was synthesized from several basic mental cultivation techniques.

The speed at which the Violet Sea of Stars absorbed spiritual energy was so fast that it was enough to make up for the energy consumption of the cultivation technique.

It could be said that it was one of a kind.

After thinking through that matter, Ye Xiao happily entered his dream.

After the lights in the entire house were turned off, Huan Liuli finally crawled up from the sofa and transformed into her human form.

She gritted her teeth and said,

‘D*mn Ye Xiao! Stinky Ye Xiao! You actually beat me up so badly.

Just you wait, Ill take my revenge!

She took off her small leather shoes and stepped forward with her white stockings on.

She carefully climbed to the second floor where Ye Xiaos room was.

That was originally her room.

Ever since Ye Xiao arrived, he had instantly and mercilessly occupied it.

Looking at Ye Xiao who was already sleeping on the bed, Huan Liuli took a deep breath and gave a sinister smile.

Following that, her little tender hands touched the clothes beside Ye Xiaos bed.

‘Lets see what happens when I poke holes in all your clothes! Lets see how youre going to go to work tomorrow butt naked!

Just as that thought appeared in her mind, with a bang, the lights in the room were switched on.

Ye Xiao who was lying on the bed stared straight at Huan Liuli.

“What were you going to do”

Huan Liuli broke out in cold sweat.

Ye Xiaos gaze was so sharp that it seemed to be able to pierce through her heart.

Huan Liuli could be considered lucky.

At that moment, a mosquito flew past the two of them with a buzz.


Huan Liu Li directly swatted it to death.

Then, with a serious expression, she said,

“Master, I felt that there were mosquitoes wanting to disturb your rest, so I personally came over to kill them for you.”

“Its rare for you to be so thoughtful.

Since youve already recovered, have my clothes washed.

However, if a single thread falls off my clothes, or if its stained with a strange smell, Ill pluck all your fur and make new clothes.”

“Ahahaha… How can that be Im the best at washing clothes! Master, dont worry, I guarantee that youll be able to wear it by tomorrow morning.”


Go on then.

And lower your voice, Im going to sleep.”



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