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Just as Ye Xiao had left, who knew how many people had surrounded the area from behind.

“Its here.

Its in this direction.”

Everyone hurried down one after another and began to search around.

Everyone wanted to find that Treasured Artifact first.

They knew that it was definitely impossible for them to enjoy an existence of that level.

Not to mention that they were not qualified to enjoy it.

Just by saying that a man was innocent, possessing a treasure would be a crime.

They were very clear about that principle.

If they dared to take that thing for themselves, once it was discovered, they would definitely be treated as beheaded.

The reason why they wanted to find that Treasured Artifact was to offer it to the upper echelons, such as the young masters.

No matter who they offered it to, as long as they found it, it would definitely be a great achievement for them.

However, after searching for a long time, they still could not find anything.

In the end, they could only sigh and give up.

Ning Zhiyuan said helplessly,

“It seems that it has already left this place.

If I remember correctly, the Treasured Artifact should have its own spiritual sense.

Its escape is like finding a needle in a haystack.

“It doesnt want us to find it.

We wont be able to find it in our lifetime.”

Master Fu Long nodded, his face could not help but reveal a hint of regret.

It was not easy for him to encounter the legendary artifact, but he actually did not have a good grasp of it and was not able to find it at the first moment.

As a result, it had escaped that place.

From then onward, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to find it again.

Ning Zhiyuan spoke again,

“Master Fu Long, do you think that it could have been refined by someone Who has taken it away”

Before Master Fu Long could speak, the other masters had already begun to laugh.

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“Hehehe… Young Master Ning, arent you being a little too whimsical Do you think that a Treasured Artifact can be refined by just anyone”

“Thats right, Young Master Ning.

Theres no way to easily refine something like this.

At the very least, we blacksmiths of the Xuan Yuan clan dont have the ability to refine it.

“Treasured Artifacts were usually nine-star imperial weapons.

They absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and moon, and after years of accumulation, they finally relied on 99 percent of their hard work and 1 percent of their luck.

“Even if someone could create a Treasured Artifact, only the top refiners of the top few clans in the starry sky could do it.

“The Azure Billow star field is extremely remote.

“To put it bluntly, this place is like a sh*thole.

“If it werent for the discovery of a large number of divine tombs, we wouldnt have come to this place at all.

“How could there be a weaponsmith of that level in it”

He did not know why but at that moment, Ning Zhiyuan suddenly thought of a person.

That figure!

Was he not also a rare genius

Not only that, but did he not also appear in such an extremely remote place

Could it be… That he was the one who was refining the artifact

Ning Zhiyuan was shocked by his own crazy thoughts.


How could he have such a terrifying thought

He was indeed a freak, but no matter how freakish he was…

It could not be that freakish to such a heaven-defying degree, right

If he could even create a Treasured Artifact, then would he not need someone else to live

It definitely could not be him!

Those past few days, he had really been influenced and scared by him.

“But then again, this is also quite strange.

There actually wasnt a Lightning Tribulation just now.”

“Thats right! This is really a strange thing.

Such a powerful existence appeared, but there was no Lightning Tribulation.”

“Perhaps, it had already advanced long ago and reached the level of a Treasured Artifact.

And only recently had it been uncovered from the ground and was able to advance.

“Thats why it didnt trigger the Lightning Tribulation.

It only triggered the worship of these weapons.”

“So thats how it is.

I wonder if it also came from the hands of those Godly King masters in the immemorial era.

Then, after countless days and nights of evolution, it finally advanced to the level of a Treasured Artifact”

At that point, everyones mind seemed to have imagined a resolute divine weapon, a weapon alone, silently enduring loneliness and sorrow, as well as the erosion of the wind and snow.

From the primordial age, it had been buried in the ground, relying on their spirit of not abandoning and not giving up, it finally evolved to the level of a Treasured Artifact!

What an admirable spirit!

Ning Zhiyuan and the others could not help but clench their fists.

In their hearts, they had made up their minds that they would definitely learn from that Treasured Artifact and learn from its spirit of hard struggle.

Its indomitable character!

“Oh right, Young Master Ning.

This matter is no small matter.

Although the Treasured Artifact has already escaped and we cant guarantee that well be able to encounter it again, I feel that you still have to inform the Xuan Yuan clan about this matter.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“Thats for sure.

Since such a big matter has occurred, its necessary to inform the god clans internal affairs.

Moreover, I reckon that the Hundred Clans Alliance might have some movements in the future.

We also have to prevent them from making a move.

We have to open theGreat Wall Array!

“From today onwards, we will strictly investigate every person who enters the Nine Provinces.

We absolutely can not let them enter as they please.

“In addition, we must also strictly protect this news.

We absolutely can not allow anyone to spread it.

Anyone who violates this will be heavily punished!”

Everyone nodded and very much approved of his decision.

“Then lets put it this way.

Hopefully, nothing will go wrong before the masters of the family arrive.”

Ye Xiao returned home and did not do anything else.

He just quietly read the few books that were brought out from the Poison kings tomb.

Although he did not know what had just happened, he knew in his heart that something unusual had definitely happened, which was why the others had sensed his existence.

Before he figured out that matter, he had better behave himself.

The next day, he went to work as usual.

Gu Hai, who had just arrived and came to read, stared at his surroundings in a daze.

Then, he carefully moved to Ye Xiaos side.

“Ye Xiao, did you know Something big happened in our Nine Provinces last night.”

Ye Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

Could it be because of the matter of him forging the Great Dragon

He pretended to be calm and composed as he spoke again,

“Whats the matter”

Gu Hai looked left and right, and after making sure that no one noticed him, he said softly,

“Last night, a Treasured Artifact appeared in our Nine Provinces! It caused countless swords and weapons to bow down.”

Ye Xiaos heart suddenly thumped.

What was that

A Treasured Artifact

Countless swords and weapons to bow down

It turned out that he was complacent because there was no Lightning Tribulation.

In the end, he did not expect the Great Dragon to bring him an even more powerful one.

All the swords and weapons in the Nine Provinces all knelt down.

Moreover, he did not know if that had happened in other places.

If that had happened in other places, then it would be even more serious than the Lightning Tribulation!

What a scam!

He said that he had obviously forged the Great Dragon into such a powerful existence, how could there be no heaven and earth phenomenon

However, the better thing was that no one knew that the Great Dragon was his.

Otherwise, Ye Xiao was afraid that a Godly King would suddenly appear and come to kill people and snatch the treasure.

It seemed like it was a very wise choice to hide his identity for so long.

He had decided that he had to be more meticulous in the future.

That was because letting them discover that he had a Treasured Artifact was not the scary part.

If they discovered that he could directly mass-produce a Treasured Artifact, that would be the real deal.

The consequences would be unimaginable.

He reckoned that a group of Godly Emperors would run over to catch him and force him to continuously forge weapons every day.

Just thinking about it felt like a nightmare.

“Old Ye, do you know what a Treasured Artifact is”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I dont know.

Ive never heard of it.”

“Are you out of date The Treasured Artifact is an unparalleled weapon that even the Goddy Emperor would drool over if he saw it! Do you understand Its the most top-notch treasure under the starry sky!

“Let me tell you, you mustnt tell anyone about this matter.

I also spent a lot of effort and it wasnt easy for me to obtain this news.

“I heard that Young Master Ning issued a ban.

If this news is spread out, everyone who knows about it might be beheaded!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Dont worry! Im well aware of this matter.”

“Thats good.

Ill go buy some breakfast.

Do you want to eat something Ill bring you some.”

“Just eat something.”

“Alright, Ill go over.”

After Gu Hai left, Yang Xi also came to Ye Xiaos side not long after.

“Supervisor, did you know Last night, a major event happened in our Nine Provinces.

A major event that you dont even dare to think about.”


“Could it be… Something about the Treasured Artifact”

Yang Xi slapped her thigh.

“How do you know about this This is an absolutely confidential document.

It wasnt easy for me to find out from the ex-girlfriend of my second aunts husbands brother-in-law, who was working under the Ning family.”


“Forget it.

Although I dont know where you found out about this, this matter can only be known by you alone.

You absolutely can not tell anyone else.

If others find out that it came from your mouth, youll be finished.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

After Yang Xi left, Ye Xiaos intent stone began to vibrate again.

The caller ID showed that it was Beitang Ce!


Seeing the caller ID, Ye Xiao fell into deep thought.

How many people knew about that matter

At the same time, in the Ning family manor, Ning Zhiyuan also gave an order with a serious expression,

“Manager Ning, you have to personally supervise this matter.

This matter must not be spread.

It concerns the stability of the Nine Provinces.

“Once it is spread, the entire Nine Provinces will certainly set off a terrifying storm of blood.

“We must hold out until the family elders come.”

Manager Ning nodded.

“Young Master, dont worry.

As long as I am here, this news will never leave the Ning family manor!”


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