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Ye Xiaos meridians had increased by more than ten times compared to before.

One had to know that at the peak of the ninth level of the God realm when he was at the lesser Godslayer realm, Ye Xiao felt that his divine body could only reach ten times that of the first level of the God realm.

At that point, he had truly stepped into the Godslayer realm, and the strength of his divine body had already increased by dozens of times!

The difference between the two could be said to be heaven and earth.

It was not just the changes in his divine body.

His perception, spiritual power, and divine soul… Ye Xiao felt that all of his strength had obtained an all-around increase.

That feeling was as if he had put down the heavy burden on his body.

Originally, he could only jump to two to three inches in one go, but in the end, he had jumped to dozens of inches in one go.

The increase in strength not only represented ones own strength but also represented the suppression of the real world.

If one had to use an adjective, it was probably equivalent to a change in the gravitational force.

A normal person would definitely not be able to jump high on Earth, but on the moon, it was very different.

‘Ive finally succeeded.

Ive stepped into the Godslayer realm!

Ye Xiao clenched his fists, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and his eyes were filled with confidence.

It was as if he could do anything.

That feeling of becoming stronger was really too great.

The lightning in the sky was still falling down unceasingly, but because of Ye Xiaos strength, it had already increased.

When they struck Ye Xiaos body, although he could still feel a trace of pain, it was already completely safe for his life, it was already completely unharmed.

Ye Xiao looked at the Lightning Tribulation in the sky.

With a wave of his right hand, a Great Dragon appeared in his hand.

With the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword.

Just that one sword!

In the next instant, the entire group of meteorites was split open.

The purple Lightning Tribulation clouds in the sky also completely turned into two.

It was as if Ye Xiao had split them into two, spreading out a distance of a hundred thousand feet!

The lightning instantly stopped.

After it was split apart, it was already powerless to use any more attacks on Ye Xiao.

At that moment, the entire starry sky fell silent, and everything returned to silence once again.

Looking at the sky, the Lightning Tribulation was split apart by his sword.

Ye Xiaos eyes revealed a look of agreement.

It was still alright.

The power of the Godslayer realm had already reached his expectations.

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According to his current strength, he already had the chance to face Yun Shui head-on.

Yun Shuis cultivation was currently at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm, so there was some difference between the two of them.

However, Ye Xiao had an archaic masterpiece technique, and he did not.

There was also a very important comparison.

He mainly cultivated the beast taming technique.

He did not really cultivate that type of occupation.

It was considered a behind-the-scenes occupation.

They would use training and secret techniques to increase the strength of their star beasts.

At the same time, they would also rely on the star beasts feedback to increase their own strength.

In other words, a beastmasters own combat strength was not high.

They only relied purely on the star beasts, and all the powerful star beasts in his hands had fallen into Ye Xiaos hands.

Ye Xiao did not need to be afraid of him at all.

However, Ye Xiao would not take the initiative to look for him.

It was one thing not to be afraid of him, but he still had to be cautious.

Who knew if the Yun family would have any backup plans.

What if there was still a fifth-level Godslayer realm battle-type martial artist hiding

The Yun familys standards were extremely high, so that possibility could not be ruled out.

He had just advanced, and the power in his body could not be perfectly controlled yet.

He originally wanted to use alchemy to improve his cultivation after advancing.

He wanted to see if the poison from the Godly Kings tomb could raise him to the second level of the Godslayer realm.

At the moment, it seemed like he should wait a few more days until he was completely used to the cultivation.

In addition, there was still a small problem to be solved.

Ye Xiao slowly picked up the Great Dragon in his hand.

Looking at the weak cracks on the Great Dragons body, he raised his eyebrows and was somewhat displeased.

It seemed that along with the increase in his strength, the spiritual energy output that the Great Dragon could withstand had also reached a critical point.

However, if one were to carefully calculate, it was already considered pretty good for it to be able to reach its current level and be able to withstand Ye Xiaos World Destruction masterpiece technique without exploding at once.

After all, many of the materials used to forge it back then could not keep up with Ye Xiaos pace now.

It looked like he should forge it again after returning.

Coincidentally, he had obtained quite a number of materials from those two Godly Kings tombs that could be used to level up the Great Dragon.

At that moment, he could faintly sense some auras rapidly gathering in his direction.

It was very obvious that there were still people who noticed the heaven and earth phenomenon that occurred in that remote place.

With a thought, Ye Xiao disappeared from where he was in the blink of an eye.

Back on the ground, he had just started work.

Ye Xiao came to the library to read.

He did not directly level up the Great Dragon.

Currently, he only had the Divine Creation technique and The Great Heavens Striving Spirit, those two divine forging techniques.

In reality, according to the Golden Book divine soul, Ye Xiao could use the alchemy technique, the artifact forging technique, and the mental cultivation technique to synthesize a brand new archaic masterpiece technique.

Moreover, Ye Xiao only needed the last mental cultivation technique to synthesize that archaic masterpiece technique.

He wanted to wait until he synthesized an archaic masterpiece technique before he wanted to forge for the Great Dragon.

He wanted to increase the Great Dragons strength!

Two days later, in the starry sky, Ning Zhiyuan and the others gathered once again.

Their expressions were solemn as if they were waiting for something.

Soon, a few large black dots appeared in the distant starry sky, and everyones eyes lit up.

“Theyre here.”

Very quickly, a few spiritual airships quickly arrived in front of everyone.

Ning Zhiyuan and the others immediately went forward and cupped their hands to welcome them.

“Master Fu Long, Master Ye, Master Qin… Welcome to this place!”

Those were all alchemists, blacksmiths, healers who ranked extremely high in the Xuan Yuan clan…

They were not combat professions, and their cultivation was not high.

Take Master Fu Long for example, he had cultivated for thousands of years, and up until then, he was only at the Godslayer realm.

However, their status in the Xuan Yuan clan was extraordinary.

It was because they had reached the peak of their attainments in their respective supporting professions!

They could refine extremely powerful treasures and divine pills to heal extremely serious injuries.

A few masters walked up and cupped their hands towards Ning Zhiyuan and the others.

“Young Masters, you are too polite.”

Ning Zhiyuan and the others were the future pillars of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Although they were still young, their achievements in the future would be limitless.

Thus, those respected elders knew what was good for them.

They would not arrogantly accept Ning Zhiyuan and the others salute.

“This time, weve excavated a lot of materials from the immemorial divine tomb.

Moreover, they are still increasing.

“If we send all of them back to the Xuan Yuan clans star field, it will consume a lot of resources.

Therefore, in the future, we will need the masters to refine them on the spot and refine them into something that we can use to transport them.”

Everyone nodded.

“We are also very interested in these archaic materials.

During the archaic era, martial civilization flourished.

Many pill formulas and refining methods had been lost for tens of thousands of years.

“Now that we are here, we are working for the Xuan Yuan clan.

At the same time, we are here to learn and raise our own standards.”

“We have already set up a welcoming banquet for the masters below to reward them for the many days of travel.”

“Young Masters, you are too polite.”

“The masters are all treasures of our Xuan Yuan clan.

Of course, we have to treat them well.


“All the young masters, please.”

Everyone humbly gave way and entered the human world.

On Ye Xiaos side, after a few days of searching, he had finally gathered the final god-level mental cultivation technique.

Originally, there was a god-level mental cultivation technique in the Poison Kings book collection, but that god-level mental cultivation technique had the same origin as the Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique, so there was no way to record it into Ye Xiaos Golden Book divine soul.

After he had found that god-level mental cultivation technique, he had completed the final requirements for the synthesis and could synthesize it.

As Ye Xiaos cultivation continued to increase, his divine soul also obtained a great increase.

The benefit of the increase in the divine soul was that the speed of cultivating the cultivation technique to the great circle had increased, and the speed of the synthesis had also greatly increased.

Originally, it would take a few days to complete, but at that point, Ye Xiao only needed around ten hours to complete it.

From noon to around ten oclock at night, Ye Xiao cultivated the cultivation technique to the great circle and then synthesized the masterpiece technique.

At around ten oclock at night, under the flickering of golden light, a brand new masterpiece technique appeared on the page of the Golden Book.

It was also Ye Xiaos third masterpiece technique, the Creation masterpiece technique!

The Creation masterpiece technique sounds very powerful.

Alchemy, forging, and mental cultivation actually combined to form such a masterpiece technique.

It can refine all things in the world and create the things one wants according to ones own will.

According to ones cultivation, the things created are also flexible and changeable.

When his cultivation reached a certain level, he could even change from nothing into something, changing one kind of existence into another kind of existence.

The limit of creation was lower than what his current cultivation could bear.

‘So powerful!

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

That meant that when his cultivation reached a certain level, he could even change the existence of a certain kind of substance, and even create a certain kind of substance out of thin air.

As expected of an archaic masterpiece technique.

It was too monstrous.

Ye Xiao thought for a moment and pulled out a blade of grass from the courtyard.

It was only an ordinary blade of grass and not a spirit grass.

Following that, he used the Creation masterpiece technique.

That blade of grass actually slowly turned into a withered leaf.

Then, in Ye Xiaos hands, it turned back into a fresh blade of grass.

Ye Xiao could also use other methods to accomplish that step.

For example, he could use spiritual energy to drain the other partys vitality, dry the chlorophyll, and then use the Undying masterpiece technique to heal it.

However, that process was the process of attack and recovery.

Using the Creation masterpiece technique, that process could be considered as creation, directly changing the essence of the matter in one go.

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment, then immediately increased his spiritual energy output and once again used the Creation masterpiece technique on little grass.

That time, he wanted to grass into a completely new thing.


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