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As soon as those words were said, the entire place fell into a dead silence.

After a long while, Song Qingxue finally asked with an uncertain tone,

“You said that the two of you just… Saw that legendary genius”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded, and once again received his confirmation, everyone instantly exploded into a commotion.

“What does he look like”

“Who is he Is he really a very young man”

“Uh… This…”

Ning Zhiyuans expression could not help but be a little awkward.

“Actually, the two of us didnt see his face clearly.

After he saved us, he stepped into the Godly Kings tomb.”

Everyone could not help but be a little speechless.

“It seems like you saw something, but in the end, you didnt see anything.”

Ning Zhiyuan felt rather helpless.

After he explained everything, the cause and effect then everyone finally understood.

It was probably the Saber-sword Immortal who did not want to expose his identity, so he did not take the initiative to show his face.

“Ning Zhiyuan, is that Saber-sword Immortal strong”

At that moment, Zheng Fenghua, the young master of the Zheng family, could not help but ask.

His strength was enough to rank in the top three of the Xuan Yuan prodigy roll, and he was already an existence above the sixth level of the God realm.

Compared to Ning Zhiyuan, who was ranked 17th, he was much, much stronger.

Therefore, his focus was on Ye Xiaos cultivation.

Ning Zhiyuan nodded, his expression extremely solemn.

“Very strong, to the point that it makes ones hair stand on end.”

Ling Shaoyu also echoed from the side,

“Not only is he proficient in healing techniques, but he also knows poison techniques and is impervious to all poisons.

The poisonous fog that even God realm martial arts masters are unable to resist was like nothing in front of him.

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“He also knows how to undo the array formation.

The array formation that we took half a day to undo, he can undo it in an instant.”

Ning Zhiyuan spoke again,

“This is only the tip of the iceberg that he revealed in front of us.

His movement speed is also unparalleled.

I feel that within the same level, there shouldnt be many who can catch up to him in the entire starry sky.

“That healing technique, I faintly feel that it has already surpassed the scope of the nine-star god-healing technique.

Its very likely to be an archaic masterpiece technique.”

“Hiss! An archaic masterpiece technique!”

When everyone heard those words, they could not help but feel their scalps go numb.

That fellow, where did he learn that ability It was simply unbelievable!

He even had an archaic masterpiece technique!

One had to know that even the Xuan Yuan clan only had two or three archaic masterpiece techniques as their clans most important treasures.

While the Saber-sword Immortal had yet to return to the Xuan Yuan clan.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for him to have an archaic masterpiece technique.

At that moment, everyone there could not help but form a thought in their hearts.

No matter what, they had to find Saber-sword Immortal.

Ning Zhiyuan said, “Lets go back.

“Lets go back.

If nothing unexpected happens, that Godly Kings tomb should be as empty as the previous one.

“Theres no need for us to wait here any longer.”

Everyone nodded.

Ning Zhiyuan was right.

Not to mention that fellow, with his poison resistance and array formations that could be easily broken, it would be problematic if that Godly Kings tomb could withstand him.

On the other side, the Hundred Clans Alliance had been waiting anxiously outside the Godly Kings tomb for several hours.

Only then did the poison gas in the void begin to gradually fade away.

Zhu Chunqiu said,

“A lot of the poison has already dissipated.

We cant wait any longer.

Lets just go in now.

Only by being one step ahead can we obtain the precious resources in the Godly Kings tomb.

“If not, when the poison fog completely dissipates, the Xuan Yuan clan will also come to snatch it.

At the very least, we will lose half of our resources.”

Everyone nodded.

“But right now, there are still traces of poison gas in the air.

We still need to be on guard.”

“Although using a special poison-resistant treasure will consume a lot of resources, the resources in the Godly Kings tomb will be many times more than ours

“Its definitely a win-win situation!”

“Alright! Lets go in.”

The Hundred Clans Alliance was extremely excited as their eyes lit up.

One had to know that it was a true Godly Kings tomb.

It was different from the previous Godly Kings tomb.

The previous Godly Kings tomb might have been tampered with, which was why it was empty.

However, that Godly Kings tomb was filled with so much poisonous fog.

With just a glance, one could tell that no one had touched it.

Just thinking about the resources inside made them salivate.

Soon, the Hundred Clans Alliance formed a team of extremely powerful existences.

They brought along their poison-proof equipment and entered the Godly Kings tomb like hungry wolves.

However… Those who had just run in were instantly dumbfounded.

It was as if a basin of cold water had been poured on their heads.

What was going on

Why was that place empty There was nothing there

Where were the resources

Where were the burial items left behind by the Godly King

“Quickly go in and search around.

See if those treasures are hidden in a corner.”


Everyone shouted in unison.

Then, they turned into rat shadows and scattered in all directions.

However, a moment later, everyone ran back in despair.

“Theres nothing in the east.”

“Theres nothing in the west either!”

“Theres nothing in the south.”

“Theres nothing in the north either!”

Zhu Chunqiu was so angry that he was trembling.

“It must be the Xuan Yyuan clan! D*mn the Xuan Yuan clan! Im 100 percent sure that they snatched all the resources here! Ahhhh… The Xuan Yuan clan, my hundred clans, are irreconcilable enemies with you!”

On the other side, on Ye Xiaos side, after returning home, he immediately took out a few martial arts experience notes that he had obtained from the Godly Kings tomb.

Those martial arts experience notes actually did not belong to the Poison King, but to him killing other enemies.

Then, he snatched them from their hands.

However, it did not matter who they belonged to.

In any case, to Ye Xiao, as long as they could be used, it was fine.

“God realm, transcendence of the mortal body, affinity with spiritual energy, walking in a way that ordinary people can not reach… Godslayer realm, viewing God as if it were grass, killing all enemies in the world…”

After Ye Xiao roughly took a glance, he obtained a part of the explanation and gained a lot of insights from it.

In one night, he felt that his divine soul seemed to have improved quite a bit, and the speed of his cultivation increased by a lot.

In the early morning, when Ye Xiao opened his eyes, two extremely sharp rays of light burst out from his eyes.

‘My mental state has already improved.

Next, as long as I raise my blood essence strength to the Godslayer realm, Ill be able to perfectly fuse my divine soul and divine body, and completely become a Godslayer realm master!

Ye Xiao clenched his fists.

He came to the starry sky once again.

Above the God realm, just advancing a minor realm would not cause any problems.

However, if it was a major realm advancement, there would definitely be a heaven and earth phenomenon.

Moreover, there would also be that kind of divine Lightning Tribulation.

If the commotion was too big, it would definitely be discovered by others if it was done in the human world.

That was because the human world was too small.

Only the vast starry sky could find a perfect place to shield him from the tribulation.

Originally, Ye Xiao needed to refine pills to advance to the Godslayer realm.

He had to rely on the impact of the pills to obtain sufficient spiritual energy to allow his divine blood to be sufficiently calcined.

However, Ye Xiao had just obtained over two million drops of divine blood from that Poison Kings body.

Ye Xiao was prepared to use those two million drops of divine blood as a backup source of energy for his advancement.

After his advancement was successful, he would use those poisons to refine a powerful medicinal pill and see if he could advance another level in the future!

Just like the last time, Ye Xiao came to that group of meteorites again.

After setting up the array, he took a deep breath, and in the next second, he unleashed the aura all over his body.


Following a heaven-shaking thunderous explosion, in the next second, countless purple divine lightning suddenly condensed in the sky above the meteorites.

The pressure of the Heavenly Tribulation that time was more than ten times stronger than the previous time.

However, Ye Xiao did not have the slightest intention of retreating, because at that time, he was more than ten times stronger.


The first bolt of divine lightning ruthlessly struck onto Ye Xiaos body.

Ye Xiao did not dodge, nor did he use his defensive ability to block it.

The power of the lightning in the early stages of the Lightning Tribulation was not strong.

It could only be said to be a test version.

He wanted to use that Lightning Tribulation to help him refine the divine blood in his body.

That way, it would be many times faster than his cultivation.

Otherwise, he would need to spend at least a week to refine those two million or so drops of divine blood.

That speed was too slow.

If he really waited until then, his little life would be lost to this lightning tribulation.

The lightning entered his body, and a powerful force refined his body.

His internal organs, limbs, and brain felt as if they were being pricked by electric currents.

The pain was as if needles were being pricked.

However, Ye Xiao did not cry out in pain.

Only through suffering could one rise above others.

If he could not even endure that little bit of pain, how could he talk about increasing his strength

Would that not be lying

Very soon, the second bolt of lightning, the third bolt of lightning, the fourth bolt of lightning…

Bolt after bolt of lightning rapidly fell on his body.

Ye Xiao absorbed all of this energy into his body and merged it into his meridians, forcefully refining the two million-plus drops of divine blood in his body.

Under the forceful refinement of the divine blood by the lightning, he had to lower his arrogant head.

Drop after drop of bright red blood gradually shattered his consciousness and replaced it into Ye Xiaos body, becoming his divine blood.

After obtaining the power of this divine blood, Ye Xiaos cultivation and aura also rose crazily.


At that moment, he did not know why he suddenly felt as if he had heard a dragons roar.

That was the power that came from the depths of his bloodline, shocking his soul.

The lightning shattered Ye Xiaos skin, and all the cultivation techniques in his body began to circulate on their own.

Especially the Undying masterpiece technique, which continuously repaired Ye Xiaos body.

Every time he was injured, Ye Xiaos strength would become stronger.

Finally, when Ye Xiaos strength reached a limit, his divine body once again underwent an earth-shaking change!


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