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When the martial arts experts of the Hundred Clans Alliance attempted to charge into the array and enter the Godly Kings tomb, a black-purple fog suddenly spewed out.


The person at the very front was instantly corroded into a pile of white bones, his flesh and soul shattered.

However, the fog was not just a little mist.

There was too much of it.

It was too large.

It had already been sealed in that tomb for countless days and months.

It had also been held back for countless days and months.

At that point, it had finally been liberated and it was going to be like the water of a river that had burst its banks.

It was going to flow endlessly and invade the entire world!

When Ning Zhiyuan, who was not far away, saw that scene, his pupils suddenly constricted.

One had to know that the existence that had just attempted to charge into the Godly Kings tomb was a few God realm martial arts masters from the Hundred Clans Alliance!

The God realm masters could not even withstand a second under that poisonous fog.

One could imagine how terrifying that poisonous fog was.

“Shaoyu, retreat quickly! This poisonous fog is deadly!”

Unfortunately, the speed of that poisonous fog was too fast.

He had just shouted when in the next second, the poisonous fog had already swallowed him, Ling Shaoyu, and several martial arts experts from the Xuan Yuan clan and the Hundred Clans Alliance.

“D*mn it!”

The poisonous fog invaded and miserable screams sounded.

However, in the blink of an eye, in less than two seconds, all the sounds disappeared.

That was because the poisonous gas had already spread and was slightly diluted.

One could imagine how powerful the poisonous gas would be if it gathered together.

“Young Master!”

When the martial arts experts from the two families saw that scene, they wanted to go up and save them.

However, Song Qingxue immediately stopped them.

“Dont go over.

The poisonous gas is very dangerous.

Even those at the Godslayers might die.

The two of them shouldnt be able to make it.

Even if you go in and save them, its useless.”

“D*mn it!”

The martial arts experts of the two families clenched their teeth in anger.

Although Ning Zhiyuan and Ling Shaoyu were in the Ning family and could be resurrected with the healing technique, the problem was that their main bodies had fallen which could not be resurrected again一it was impossible for them to reach their current heights so easily.

Even their own talent might have fallen by a lot.

The loss of the direct descendant young masters that the clan had nurtured with all their strength was a great loss for a top-tier clan like theirs.

Seeing that the poisonous fog was still spreading, Song Qingxue and the remaining young masters looked at each other and loudly said,

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“Its no longer safe here.

Well retreat for now and wait to see what happens next.

Quickly retreat!”

With that order, everyone could only retreat, even if they were unwilling to do so.

The Hundred Clans Alliance did not dare to linger any longer and immediately retreated.

After all, their lives were more important.

Within the black-purple poisonous fog, there were two faint golden rays of light that were struggling to hold on.

They were faintly discernible, like two weak stars in the deep sea.

They could use up all their light at any moment and completely dim down.

They were Ling Shaoyu and Ning Zhiyuan.

Their cultivation bases had definitely not reached the God realm yet.

However, due to their special identities, both of them carried special protective treasures that could maintain and isolate them from the poisonous fog for a short period of time.

However, that did not last for long.

Their defensive barriers were being eroded by the poisonous fog, and they were already making sizzling sounds.

Some weak poisonous gas had already passed through the defensive shields and entered their bodies, causing them to start trembling.

Their faces were pale, and their bodies were covered in sweat.

“Shaoyu, how do you feel”

“Stop talking nonsense! Cant you feel it yourself Its so cold that its painful.”

“I didnt think that the two of us would be finished just like that.

As expected, the clan elders taught us a good lesson.

Outside, there is always the possibility of things taking our lives.”

“Its fine.

We can still be resurrected.”

“After were resurrected, the two of us wont be able to have the strength we have now.

Our cultivation levels will definitely drop.

By then, who knows how much well lag behind the others.

“Moreover, our aptitude will also drop drastically.

I reckon that the number of peaks we can reach in this lifetime will be much less than before.”

Ning Zhiyuan smiled bitterly.

Even so, what could he do

The starry sky was vast, and there were countless martial arts experts.

Existences like them could be said to be of noble status, but without the family, they were nothing.

As time passed, the poison fogs corrosion became more and more serious.

Both of their consciousness had begun to gradually fall into a coma, and they were not very clear-headed.

“Brother Ning, I… Im afraid I cant make it.

Ill leave first.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded slightly.

“You go first.

Ill be right behind you.”

After saying that, he used his last strength and looked towards the direction of the human world.

It would probably take a lot of time for his family to revive him.

During that period of time, it would be impossible for him to come to that place again.

He really did not know if the Saber-sword Immortal would still be here when the time came.

What a pity!

He did not get to meet such a monstrous figure!

However, at that moment, his eyes, which had begun to lose focus, suddenly saw a bright light flying rapidly from the human world.

It came to his side in a professional manner.

“So fast!”

Ning Zhiyuan suddenly woke up.

Although he did not have much consciousness and his vision was very blurry, he still continued to look at the other party desperately.

He wanted to see what exactly that figure was.

“You… Who are you”

His somewhat hoarse voice, which had been corroded by the poisonous fog, let out a weak murmur.

The light that came was actually none other than Ye Xiao.

That was because he had just learned the nine-star god-level poison technique, Superb Divine Poison, he was currently in that poisonous fog and was not affected in the slightest.

Hearing the other partys voice, he could not help but be slightly stunned and looked at the other party.

‘Its actually him.

Ye Xiao had seen Ning Zhiyuan more than once.

Ye Xiao had a pretty good impression of that person.

He had never put on any airs.

He had heard that he had taken care of Emperor Jing, the four venerable ones, Beitang Ce, and the rest of his seniors, giving them many excellent resources.

Beitang Ce had always advised him to expose his identity because of him.

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Xiao flicked his fingers and shot out two rays of golden light, which entered the bodies of the two of them.

Then, he walked straight toward the array.

Undying masterpiece technique activated!

The bodies of the two of them, which had been corroded by the poisonous fog, were instantly repaired.


“Whats going on My consciousness has recovered.

Didnt I die Isnt this poisonous fog supposed to be able to corrode even souls”

Ning Zhiyuan widened his eyes and pointed at Ye Xiaos back while trembling.

“He saved us!”

Only then did Ling Shaoyu notice Ye Xiaos figure.

Seeing that he was walking unscathed in the poisonous fog, he could not help but narrow his eyes.

“Oh my God, who is he How is he so powerful This poisonous fog actually cant harm him in the slightest”

Ning Zhiyuan pondered for a moment, gritted his teeth, and then cupped his hands toward Ye Xiaos back,

“Thank you for saving my life, sir.

May I ask if you are the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city”

Ling Shaoyu was once again shocked.

His hair stood on end, and he could not help but exclaim,

“He is the Saber-sword Immortal The one you mentioned, the unrivaled genius of our Xuan Yuan clan”

Ye Xiaos voice, which had been altered by the spiritual energy, was transmitted back faintly,

“The two of you can leave now.

My healing technique can only be maintained for a limited time.

The two of you can last for another minute.”

As he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and fiddled with the array.

The array that Ling Shaoyu and the array formation masters from the Hundred Clans Alliance had spent half a day to crack was actually broken open.

“Holy sh*t!”

Ling Shaoyu was so shocked that his jaw almost fell off.

He swore that he had never seen such a formidable fellow in his entire life.

Ye Xiaos attainments in arrays had simply exceeded what he could imagine.

It was as if it was as far away as an era.

As an array formation master, no one knew better than him how difficult it was to crack that array.

However, Ye Xiao still managed to crack it.

Moreover, it was just one person, yet he was able to crack it so easily!

Was that strength not too monstrous

However, at the instant the array was shattered, more poisonous fog began to spread out.

The thick poisonous fog swallowed Ye Xiao completely.

The black-purple fog churned.

Its power was many times stronger than the batch that had appeared previously, it was even stronger by an unknown number of times.

The few remaining god race bones that had been corroded by the poisonous fog had turned into powder on the spot when they came into contact with this even denser poisonous fog.

They were all shattered.

“Be careful!”

Ning Zhiyuan could not help but exclaim.

However, he quickly realized that he was wrong.

That was because Ye Xiaos figure was completely unaffected in that even denser poisonous fog.

He was as steady as Mount Tai.

Moreover, he was officially stepping into the Godly Kings tomb.

The corner of Ning Zhiyuans mouth could not help but twitch violently.

Was he that ridiculous

Did that fellow have to be that overpowered

He was so overpowered that he was already heaven-defying.

Ling Shaoyu and Ning Zhiyuan were now like silly geese.

Their mouths were wide open as they stared straight into the tomb.

He just walked in like that

The poisonous fog could not stop him!

The array could not stop him either!

One had to know that this was the dignified Godly Kings tomb!

That was not the home of some street-dwelling little scoundrel.

With so many people from the Xuan Yuan clan and the Hundred Clans Alliance added together, they were forced to retreat.

It was extremely troublesome.

Even so, Ye Xiao just followed him into his own backyard like that.

Everything seemed as simple as acting.

That was simply unbelievable.

“Zhiyuan, is he really that Saber-sword Immortal you mentioned A martial arts master from the Xuan Yuan clan Younger than us”

Ning Zhiyuan said with a wry smile,

“I dont quite dare to believe it either.

But if its not him, why did he save the two of us

“Furthermore, when I asked him just now, although he didnt directly answer my question, you should have seen that he didnt reject my question either.

“So, if my guess is correct, its most likely him.”

“Are you really sure that hes a member of our Xuan Yuan clan Why do I feel that our Xuan Yuan clan doesnt deserve such a monstrous genius”

Ning Zhiyuan smiled bitterly again.

“How would I know if you ask me”

At that moment, Ling Shaoyu suddenly could not help but say faintly,

“I feel that my body is starting to feel uncomfortable again, the two of us, wed better run quickly.”


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