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“Our Xuan Yuan clan did not argue with you about the Godly Kings tomb last time, so you should be secretly happy.

“You actually dared to come this time! Are you tired of living”

Zhu Chunqiu smiled.

“Young Master Ning, thats not what you said.

Your Xuan Yuan clan wants to eat, and so do my brothers.

“The Godly Kings tomb is a treasure left behind from ancient times, and it doesnt belong exclusively to your Xuan Yuan clan.

“You took it, so why cant I take it

“What The Xuan Yuan clan isnt even the number one in the starry sky, yet youre so domineering and arrogant”

Ling Shaoyu swept a cold glance over.

“No one said that you cant take it.

But if you want the Godly Kings tomb, go find it yourself.

“What kind of ability is it to follow us like a mangy dog”

Zhu Chunqiu was still calm and unhurried.

“Young Master Ling, what big words.

Who said that we followed you We have long received news of this Godly Kings tomb, but we have never come to dig it up.

“This old man wants to ask, where did you get the news from Did you use spies to get the information from the Hundred Clans Alliance”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ling Shaoyu raised his hand and struck.

As the young master of the Ling family, he cultivated the seven-star god technique!

The power of his move was extraordinary.

As soon as he attacked, a cold beam of light shot out like a pillar.

Purple lightning that looked like dragons coiled around it and struck Zhu Chunqiu who was not far away.

“How dare you!”

The few first-level God realm figures beside Zhu Chunqiu immediately stepped forward to block his attack.

However, the cultivation techniques they cultivated were obviously not on the same level as Ling Shaoyus.

At most, it could only be considered a one or two-star god technique.

The few of them worked together and relied on the fact that their cultivation bases were slightly higher than Ling Shaoyus to neutralize his attack.

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The light pillar exploded in the starry sky, producing a spiritual energy fluctuation that blew to both sides, rolling up everyones clothes and hair.

Ling Shaoyu snorted coldly and said to the few people beside him,

“This group of lowly shameless dogs has absolutely no manners, justice, or shame.

No matter how much we talk to them, its a waste of time.

Lets attack directly!”

Ning Zhiyuan said,

“A portion of the people will fight to stall them while a portion will open the Godly Kings tomb.

As long as they can open the entrance to the tomb and seal it from the inside with an array, they wont be able to enter even if they want to.”

“Good Idea.


With an order, the martial arts experts from the few great families of the Xuan Yuan clan immediately charged into the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Zhu Chunqius expression changed.

While defending against the martial arts experts of the Xuan Yuan clan, he said,

“Those who know the array formation, follow them immediately and open the array first.

Dont let them succeed.”


The two sides fought fiercely.

In the entire starry sky, beams of light flashed, and all kinds of god techniques clashed and exploded.

That intense shock wave even allowed the humans on the ground to see many stars in the sky in broad daylight.

“Look, whats going on”

“I dont know! It must be a fight, right

“After all, the Godly Kings tomb had been discovered in the starry sky.

The Hundred Clans Alliance definitely wouldnt just sit there and watch.”

“F*ck! This group of Hundred Clans Alliance is really shameless.

It was clearly the Xuan Yuan clan who found it first, yet they shamelessly came over to take advantage of it.”

“Theres no other way.

After all, thats a Godly Kings tomb! If it was an ordinary divine tomb, do you think they would come They wouldnt even glance at it.”

Ye Xiao was in the library.

Through the window, he raised his head toward the starry sky, and his brows twitched slightly.

It looked like the battle that happened in the starry sky was very intense.

However, their speed of cracking the array was very slow.

They might not even be able to completely crack it at night, so he did not need to be too anxious.

Ye Xiaos luck today was quite good.

One was that he saw two imperial-level poison techniques that could synthesize together to form a god-level poison technique.

That technique itself belonged to the minority.

Generally speaking, it was not that easy to obtain.

However, if one were to find it, one would basically obtain several at once.

That was because they were basically all cooped up together.

Ye Xiao did not care too much about poison techniques.

Although there were many advantages of poison techniques, such as low consumption, strong explosive power, and high damage, it could also deal group damage.

It could even have a certain influence on a few martial arts experts whose cultivation exceeded his own realm, it also had a certain amount of influence.

However, it did not seem to match his handsome appearance.

Forget it.

If they were to really fight, the movement techniques, defense, and attacks of both sides would all be raised to the peak level.

It was very difficult to use the poison technique, which was the biggest problem.

As for martial arts experts, it was not very practical.

However, it was better to have it than not to have it, so it was better to keep it.

It was not known whether it was because its strength had become stronger, so it was very fast in cultivating to an existence at the level of an imperial technique.

It was as fast as cultivating those basic techniques in the past, so in less than half an hour, the two imperial-level poison techniques were cultivated to completion.

After cultivating those two techniques, Ye Xiao immediately began to click on the synthesis button.

Very quickly, a brand new nine-star poison technique was synthesized.

Superb Divine Poison!

It was an extremely powerful poison technique.

Not only could it form a kind of defense in Ye Xiaos body, but if any poison entered his body, it would completely devour it at the first moment and convert it into spiritual energy, it would continuously supply Ye Xiaos body.

At the same time, it would form a layer of powerful poison on the surface of his body, which could be used to defend against the corrosion of the poison.

Other than those two points of defense, it also had a very strong offensive ability.

Once it was used, a certain amount of poison would form around Ye Xiaos body.

In other words, a fixed poison field would form around him and move along with his movements.

That way, if he was dealing with a group of small characters, he would not even need to make a move.

As long as he stood there, the enemies would die one after another.

That was awesome!

By the time the Golden Book divine soul finished doing all that, it was already time to get off work in the afternoon.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and looked at the sky.

It was time to work.

He refined a cape, a bamboo hat, and a mask for himself.

Even if he used golden light, it would not be able to completely cover his figure.

He should still get himself a set of clothes.

In any case, he now had a few star beasts in his hands.

Tigerskin, crab shells, and the like.

He could just randomly pick them out.

They were all top-grade refining materials.

His nine-star artifact refinement technique could complete all of that in ten minutes.

After the refinement was done, Ye Xiao finished putting on his clothes.

With a thought, his body had already disappeared from the spot.

At that moment, the battle in the starry sky had already reached its extreme intensity.

The Xuan Yuan clan had always had the advantage of martial arts experts.

Although they had fewer people, they were all elite soldiers.

Although the Hundred Clans Alliance had a lot of people, in reality, most of them were just making up numbers.

Therefore, the difference in strength between the two sides was not very big.

After canceling out each others advantages, they were almost evenly matched.

Strictly speaking, the losses of the Hundred Clans Alliances people were relatively more severe.

Both sides were already red-eyed from killing, and they were madly exchanging blows with each other.

When the battle reached its limit, there were even a few extremely fierce existences in the Hundred Clans Alliance that actually brought large amounts of divine crystals and charged into the Xuan Yuan clan to self-destruct.

They used their weak bodies in exchange for the advantage of injuring some martial arts experts.

The competition in front of the Godly Kings tomb was also extremely fierce.

Everyone began to crack the array formation as quickly as possible.

Both sides took one side, and both sides had people protecting them.

That group of people did not dare to casually make a move because they were worried that it would affect the array formation masters that were cracking the array formation.

They could only use each others auras to resist each other, and then firmly protect each others array masters behind them.

“Shaoyu, faster.

We must get ahead of them and open a gap in the array before we enter.”

Ling Shaoyu frowned.

“I know.

Cant you see that Im already working very hard”

In fact, his speed was not slow.

Under his unremitting efforts, the array had already begun to emit a ray of light.

This meant that he had already infiltrated the array.

Next, as long as they could analyze the structure inside, he would be able to crack the array.

The array formation masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance were clearly not as skilled as Ling Shaoyu.

After all, Ling Shaoyu was a direct descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The young master of the Ling family had come into contact with array formation knowledge since he was young, which far exceeded their standards.

It was equivalent to being born in a famous temple.

It was the difference between being a bumpkin halfway through his cultivation, shaving his head, and learning Buddhist scriptures for two years.

However, when the other party saw how fast Ling Shaoyu was cracking the array, a crazed look flashed across his eyes.

“Remember our clans contribution!”

With a furious roar, one of them actually self-destructed.


Ling Shaoyu could not help but curse inwardly.

By detonating ones own blood and spiritual energy, using them as a primer, one could forcefully speed up the breaking of the array.

Of course, the price was very high.

That was to sacrifice the life of an array formation master.

That method was actually considered cheating.

Unfortunately, he was different from the other party.

He was the Ling familys eldest young master.

It was clearly not worth it to self-destruct for the sake of a Godly Kings tomb.

Hence, he could only watch helplessly as the other party took the initiative to open the array.

The people from the Hundred Clans Alliance immediately laughed out loud.

“Young Master Ling, it looks like our array formation master is still better! We will enter first.

You guys can enjoy yourselves outside.

“But after we go in, well definitely continue to increase the difficulty of the array.

I hope you can crack it soon.

“Dont wait until weve taken all the precious resources from the Godly Kings tomb before you guys go in!”


Ning Zhiyuan said coldly,

“Attack them, dont let them in.

Even if we go in, we cant let too many people in.”


The god-level masters of the Ning family immediately attacked

Unfortunately, the god-level masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance also blocked the attack.

“You want to attack our people Have you asked us”

The two sides were in a stalemate again, and the martial arts experts of the Hundred Clans Alliance stepped in with smug smiles.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.


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