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Lobster, crab, wolf, daffodil, tiger, dragon…

All kinds of food ingredients were available.

That made Ye Xiao feel as if he had returned to the past when he had just started to build the star beast farm.

Every day, the star Beast ate meat, drank wine, and held honey and milk in his arms.

On that day, even if it was in the primordial era, he would still be a small landlord!

It was precisely because of it that he did not need to be in such a hurry to cultivate.

Eating a piece of star beast meat was even more powerful than cultivating for an entire night.

What was the point of cultivating

It was a waste of time.

Therefore, as long as he got off work, he would stroll on the streets.

That was because if he strolled around, he might be able to meet an extremely powerful star beast and use it to replenish his star beast farm.

However, tonight, it seemed that there was no hope.

In the past, as long as he just got off work, he would be able to immediately find one on the streets.

Even so, that day, he had already searched for an hour and still had not found it.

It seemed that there was not any appearing.

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

After all, those were not ordinary star beasts, but a group of extremely powerful Venerable Beast.

Star beasts of their level were extremely rare existences in themselves.

To be able to find one could be said to be three lifetimes of luck.

However, he had found so many in a row recently.

It was simply an explosion of luck.

Therefore, he should not be asking for too much.

However, speaking of which, the appearance of these super-powerful star beasts recently was a little too many.

There seemed to be a feeling that something was not quite right.

Although Ye Xiao was a little confused previously, he had searched through the Netherworld Wolfs memories from the very beginning.

In the end, he discovered that there was nothing at all.

The other party had simply fled here.

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Later on, he did not continue searching for Orchid-hearted Daffodil and the others.

After he thought about it, he should really take a look.

After all, that matter was really too strange.

Ye Xiao did not dare to believe that the heavens saw that his cultivation had slowed down, so they specially sent him a batch of nutrients.

‘Forget it, Ill go back and take a look first.

However, at that moment, his spiritual energy suddenly sensed something.

There were quite a number of martial arts experts in Jianghai city then, and there were even Godslayer realm masters.

However, not everyone was like him, possessing a nine-star spiritual god technique, The Great Divine Mind.

Not everyone was like him, possessing an extremely heaven-defying existence like the Primordial Pupil.

Therefore, what Ye Xiao could sense, others might not be able to sense.

“Wait a moment, This is… A Godslayer realm Venerable Beast.”

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that his breathing had become a little heavy.

A Godslayer realm Venerable Beast!

The blood essence in his body was definitely much stronger than all the star beasts he had recently obtained.

If he could capture him, it would definitely be of great benefit to his increase in strength.

Of course, his strength was definitely much stronger as well.

Although with Ye Xiaos level, he could cross realms to kill enemies.

With his current lesser Godslayer cultivation, he could easily destroy him.

However… It was absolutely impossible to deal with him like how he dealt with those Venerable Beasts from before.

Previously, he had encountered existences of the same realm, or those below the same realm.

All of them could easily be killed in one hit and then brought back to his own cellar without being discovered.

He also did not know if that star beast had any more superior methods.

If that was the case, it might be a little more troublesome.

Of course, the troublesome matter that Ye Xiao mentioned might only take one more second.

However, there were too many martial arts experts in Jianghai city then.

This one second might attract countless people to come to his side and discover his identity.

However, it would be a pity to give up such a good piece of meat just like that.

Should I make a move

Ye Xiao cupped his chin and pondered for a moment.

His gaze became deep.

‘I still cant let him go.

‘After all, a true gourmet would definitely not give up on any of the top-grade ingredients.

‘Especially when this ingredient flew over your head!

‘Then I cant let him go even more.

Even so, Ye Xiao wanted to kill the other party in one strike.

First, he had to use his mental energy to predict the direction he would advance in.

Then, he would use his Primordial Pupil to lock onto his movements.

Finally, he would use the World Destruction masterpiece technique to stack the power of a god-slaying technique to forcefully destroy him!

That attack, Ye Xiao would use 200 percent of his strength.

At the same time, he would also want to perfectly hit the other partys vital points.

In an instant, he would make the other party lose the ability to resist and then take him away.

That way, he would be able to avoid being seen by others and still be able to seize the opportunity to catch him.


It was decided!

He would use that move, the Ultimate Star Crusher!

It was the pinnacle god-slaying technique of the leg technique.

The leg technique was the most powerful attack on the human body.

With the World Destruction masterpiece technique, it was enough for him to kill him instantly.

Even if he was injured due to the intense battle, he could still use the Undying masterpiece technique to heal his injuries.

Thinking of that, he immediately used The Great Divine Mind to calculate the opponents path.

Then, he took a deep breath and started to attack.

In the starry sky, a Dragon Bird with wings on its back was flying high in the sky.

He was the most powerful existence in Yun Shuis hands.

He was a Venerable Beast who had completely reached the Godslayer realm.

In his body, he had condensed the most powerful bloodline of the dragon and phoenix at the same time.

That made his attack, speed, and battle endurance abilities among the best of the same level.

Even if the other party was also a first-level Godslayer realm master, they might not be qualified to fight him head-on.

At that moment, he raised his proud head high and spread his wings to fly above Jianghai city.

“Dragon-blooded Tiger, that group of trash, what a bunch of trash.

They cant even handle a small matter well, and they want me to personally take action.

“When I find them, Ill definitely punish them ruthlessly, making them pay for their stupidity and trash.”

Pausing for a moment, he glanced down again.

“Their auras seem to have disappeared from here.

There should be something down here, right It seems that we can start searching for clues from here.”

As he spoke, he was already prepared to lower his altitude and return to his human form to enter Jianghai city.

However, at that critical moment, he suddenly felt an extremely terrifying killing intent enveloping him.

At the same time, he also saw that there was a bolt of lightning below.

It was charging straight at him at an unstoppable speed!

“Oh I was actually discovered.

This fellow is so powerful.

He can actually reach such a fast speed.

He can cover a distance of 1,000 miles in an instant.

He doesnt even need the time to blink.”

After exclaiming, Ye Xiao had already arrived in front of him.

Seeing Ye Xiaos kick, his pupils suddenly trembled.

“So powerful!”

He had a faint feeling that if this move hit his head, he would definitely die without a burial ground.

Even if his cultivation had already reached the Godslayer realm, he was absolutely not his match.

He did not dare to be the slightest bit careless and immediately used his arms to block his forehead.

As long as he protected his vital gate, there would be no problem.

The speed of this move was too fast.

There was no way for him to dodge it, and he had no intention of dodging it.

All he wanted was to block this move.

He knew that his arm would definitely be broken, but it did not matter.

That was because if his arm was broken, his head would not die.

Moreover, the other partys attack was so powerful that it would definitely push him away for a distance.

At that time, he would turn around and run, quickly returning to find his master.

With his speed, from here to his master, it would only be a matter of a few breaths.

It could not be any simpler.

He had thought of all the follow-up moves and was just waiting for Ye Xiaos leg to land on his head.

However, he never expected that Ye Xiao had never thought of attacking his head at all.

When his arms were blocking in front of his forehead, Ye Xiaos god-slaying-level Star Crusher leg technique, coupled with the World Destruction masterpiece technique, ruthlessly bombarded between his legs.


A huge tearing sensation came from between his legs.

That unimaginable pain caused all the organs in his body to fall into a temporary state of fainting.

It hurts!

It hurts too much!

It hurts to the core!

That d*mned human actually does not care about martial virtue.

Not only did he launch a sneak attack, he even hit that place of his.

‘Can that place be hit

‘Are you still a human

‘You dont deserve to be a human!

‘Youre a beast!


‘Calling you a beast is an insult to beasts.

‘Beasts are much better than you.

The Dragon Bird that had lost all its fighting strength was pierced through the chest by Ye Xiaos next move.

Instant kill!

Following that, Ye Xiao used the Yin-yang Escape technique and instantly brought him out of that place.

At the same time, several figures rose up from the ground one after another and quickly arrived in midair.

Previously, when Ye Xiao dealt with the other star beasts, because he did not need to use his full strength, he did not need to unleash his true strength, so his aura naturally would not spread out.

Before his aura could spread out, he had already suppressed it once again.

However, at that time, in order to fight against the Dragon Bird and to kill enemies of a higher realm, he had to use his full strength in an instant, so he could not hold back.

His aura was subsequently discovered by the experts of Jianghai city.

“What happened just now”

“I dont know.

I just felt an extremely powerful aura.

I felt as if I had already reached the peak of the ninth level of the God realm, half a step away from the Godslayer realm.

“But I dont know why but there seems to be a real Godslayer aura left in the air.”

“Did a big battle just happen here”

“But, who is fighting here Even if someone is fighting here, its impossible for such two powerful masters to make a move and disappear in an instant, right”

“I dont know either, but Im sure that the other party doesnt want us to know, and hes really strong.

Moreover, theres another problem.

Weve never felt his aura before.”

At this moment, a weak voice said,

“Do you think….

Hes the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city”


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