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Hearing the Netherworld Wolfs words, the big fish could not help but snort.

If he could escape, he would have thought of a way to escape long ago.

It was because he had seen through it that he did not continue cultivating and chose to lie flat.

In the past, he was determined to escape within 30 years.

That was the world.

If you were caught by lifes legs, rather than struggling in anger, it was better to lie flat and enjoy it.

In any case, ones flesh would only be cut off once a day.

It would not kill anyone.

Moreover, even if one wanted to die, they would not die! The other party had a healing spell.

If you died, he would revive.

The standards of both parties were not on the same level.

Seeing that the big fish did not seem to believe his words, the Netherworld Wolf did not explain too much.

He firmly believed in the future he would definitely succeed.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao dragged a woman into the cellar.

The Netherworld Wolf and the big fish glanced at him and could not help but snort in disdain.

Humans were indeed superficial, especially men.

Sometimes, their brains did not grow on top, but on the bottom.

However, the two of them had just thought of that when in the next second, Ye Xiaos hand knife pierced through the other partys chest.


Fortunately, the two of them were not human.

Otherwise, they would really not be able to endure it.

However, Ye Xiao doing such a thing in front of the two of them, was probably not too good, right

Was it not said that the human race or the god race paid special attention to morality and privacy

Why did he set up a live broadcast for the two of them

Forget it, who cares.

In any case, it was a waste not to watch.

It was a good time to pass the time and understand their heritage culture.

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Big Fish and Netherworld Wolf sat in their seats, their eyes staring straight at Ye Xiao and Orchid-hearted Daffodil.

Killing the other party in one move, the originally unconscious Orchid-hearted Daffodil suddenly let out a miserable cry.

Its pupils dilated and gradually turned into the original form of a daffodil plant.


After Ye Xiao killed the daffodil, the daffodil could no longer suppress the spiritual energy in its body.

A majestic and pure power burst out, making Ye Xiao overjoyed.

As expected of a heavenly treasure whose strength was comparable to the eighth level of the God realm.

Its standard was extraordinary.

It seemed that he could finally eat some vegetarian dishes in the future.

He could use her to make some cold dishes or hot dishes.

Every time he finished eating meat, he could pull oil from his stomach.


Ye Xiao instantly broke off a root from the bottom of the daffodil flower.

He plucked off the black roots on it one by one and put them into his mouth to chew.

It was very fresh and tender.

The juice was ample and slightly sweet.

Moreover, the spiritual energy was majestic.

Once it entered his mouth, he instantly felt refreshed and refreshed.

All the fatigue from the day had disappeared without a trace.

It seemed that he had to nourish that pot of daffodil in the future.

He could not waste the precious natural treasures that he had obtained with great difficulty.

On the Yun familys spiritual martial vessel, Yun Shui suddenly opened her eyes.

Two streaks of coldness shot out from his eyes.

“Whats going on Why did I lose contact with Orchid-hearted Daffodil Could it be that she has also been discovered by others

“But it shouldnt be! Her ability to conceal her aura was definitely top-notch.

No one should discover her identity except for me.

“Moreover, the elders of other families didnt come here either.

Who did it”

After a pause, he shouted towards the door.


Yun Zhenwu quickly came in.

“Elder, Im here.”

“Go to my treasure room again and take out the cage in the upper right corner!”

Yun Zhenwus pupils suddenly constricted, and his body could not help but shiver.

“Elder! You cant be joking with me, right Whats in that cage is an existence whose strength is comparable to the ninth level of the God realm.”

“Of course I know.

The daffodil has also met with misfortune, so I have to send out a truly powerful existence to look for it.”

All the hair on Yun Zhenwus body could not help but stand up.

The daffodil flower was also gone

Good heavens, that small human world was a little too terrifying.

After pausing for a moment, he nodded in agreement and quickly brought the cage back.

Yun Shui opened the black cloth covering it, and inside the cage was a fierce tiger that only had one eye left.

The aura that he emitted, even though it was separated by the cage, made Yun Zhenwu, a fifth-level God realm cultivator, involuntarily tremble.

That was an existence that was ranked in the top five among the star beasts that Yun Shui raised.

It was comparable to a Venerable Beast at the ninth level of the God realm, the Dragon-blooded Tiger.

The tiger species that was mixed with dragon blood was so powerful that it made peoples hair stand on end.

Its body was full of dense blood essence.

It was so violent that even a Godslayer realm existence did not dare to casually drink its blood.

It was said that one of his eyeballs was injured by a young dragons burning blood.

Even the nine-star healing technique could not heal it.

Looking at Yun Shui, the Dragon-blooded Tiger did not even raise its eyelids.

With the dragon and tiger bloodlines, it was extremely proud.

Ordinary people would not fall into his eyes.

Yun Shui was not angry.

He knew the temper of every star beast he raised.

He also knew that the stronger the star beast, the more temperamental it was.

That was very normal.

If they did not have a temper, they would not have gotten to where they were today.

“Although this Dragon-blood Tigers strength is only at the ninth level of the God realm, with his super-powerful bloodline power, he is not afraid even if he meets a lesser Godslayer master.

“He even has a certain degree of confidence to escape if he meets a true Godslayer master.

“I dont believe that he will go missing again this time!

“Go, Dragon-blood Tiger.

Go out and bring that extremely talented kid back to me.

You have two top-tier bloodlines, the dragon blood and the tiger blood.

You should be able to sense his existence.”

After saying that, he immediately chose to open the cage.


Dragon-blood Tiger let out an earth-shaking roar.

In the next second, it had already turned into pure yellow light and disappeared into the horizon.

Looking in the direction where he disappeared, Yun Zhenwu sighed with emotion,

“It should be much better this time.

Even Dragon-blood Tiger has made a move.

There shouldnt be any mistakes, right”

Yun Shui also smiled slightly.

“Of course.

That top-tier genius is destined to be mine.”

The next morning, Orchid-hearted Daffodil woke up again.

Ye Xiao used the Undying masterpiece technique to heal her.

When Ye Xiao went to work, she saw the Netherworld Wolf and could not help but say in astonishment,

“Netherworld Wolf, why are you here”

“You know me”

The Netherworld Wolf was somewhat puzzled.

Orchid-heart Daffodil immediately said,

“You and I are from the same master, but your memory should have been erased because the master was worried that you would not be able to complete the mission.

If you were discovered by others, he would use the soul search.”

Immediately, she inserted a portion of her memories into the Netherworld Wolfs mind.

The Netherworld Wolfs gaze was unfocused for a moment, but very quickly, it was restored successfully.

“I knew it.

Why do I feel like theres something missing in my mind So its because Im missing this portion of my memories.

“Oh right, why were you also captured and brought here”

Orchid-heart Daffodil smiled bitterly.

“Dont mention it.

I was walking on the street when I suddenly felt that my head was smashed from behind.

“That attack was too powerful.

My soul was even seriously injured, so I directly fainted.

“When I woke up again, I was already here.”

The Netherworld Wolf clenched its claws.

“We all underestimated this kid.

We didnt expect him to be so powerful, so we suffered a loss.

“Now that weve become his prisoner, we really let Master down.”

Orchid-hearted Daffodil consoled,

“You dont have to blame yourself too much.

The two of us are too weak.

Its normal that we cant beat him.

“But dont worry, Master will definitely not give up on us.

“In his hands, there are many star beasts that are even more powerful than us.

“When Master sees that we havent returned, he will definitely send them out to look for us.

“When that time comes, itll be easy for us to leave.”

Hearing this, the Netherworld Wolf nodded.

“Thats right.

Lets not talk about anything else.

Just Brother Dragon-blooded Tiger alone is far from what this kid can handle.

“Not to mention that Brother Dragon-blooded Tiger is only ranked fifth among the star beasts raised by Master.

“In front of him, there are even more powerful star beasts.

This human cant keep us here forever.”

When the big fish heard that, it rubbed its fins and walked over with a fawning expression.

“Big Brother, Big Sister, is what you said true”

The two star beasts looked at him warily.

“What do you want”


Dont misunderstand.

I just want to ask, when someone comes to save the two of you, can you bring me along”


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