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After dinner, Ye Xiao began to prepare to go out and head to the starry sky to search for the Godly Kings tomb.

Before setting off, he even specially dressed up.

That way, he could prevent others from discovering his identity.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao immediately flew towards the starry sky.

However, he had just flown into the sky when his body suddenly stopped.

Something was not right.

There was a very strong energy that was rapidly approaching him.

There was killing intent!

Ye Xiaos current perception ability was very strong.

Although he himself had not reached the Godslayer realm, the killing intent above the Godslayer realm could not escape his perception ability.

As for those below the Godslayer realm, there was no need to say anything more.

He did not leave because he really wanted to know who was watching him from behind.

In the next second, he discovered the other party.

It was a wolf!

A Venerable Beast Netherworld Wolf whose cultivation was comparable to the eighth level of the God realm.

Ye Xiaos eyes lit up.

‘Why is my luck so good today I was wondering why I kept twitching my left eyelid today.

It turns out that theres something good.

As he spoke, the Netherworld Wolf had already rushed to Ye Xiaos side and opened its bloody mouth.


Accompanied by a shocking roar, the Netherworld Wolf… Walked very peacefully.

Even when he was on the verge of death, he still did not understand how he died.

He only sensed that he was running when suddenly, his head flew up and spun in the air.

He also personally saw his body rush towards Ye Xiaos storage ring.

In the next second, his consciousness fell into darkness.

Ye Xiao ran back happily.

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Since he had obtained a Venerable Beast, there was no need to look for the Godly Kings tomb.

Eating a Venerable Beast would definitely allow him to gain a lot of vitality.

The meat of that wolf would definitely be very delicious.

He could make wolf meat soup, wolf meat hotpot, wolf meat fire, wolf meat, braised wolf meat, braised wolf meat…

Ye Xiao had already thought of a lot of dishes.

At the same time, Yun Shui, who was cultivating in seclusion on the Yun familys spiritual airship in the distance, suddenly opened his eyes.

He frowned and revealed a bit of coldness.

“Yun Zhenwu.”

“Elder, Im here.”

A figure quickly ran in from outside and cupped his hands toward Yun Shui.

“The Netherworld Wolf has been killed.”


Yun Zhenwus pupils suddenly constricted.

If the Netherworld Wolf was an ordinary small character, then it would be fine.

However, he was a Venerable Beast at the eighth level of the God realm.

Moreover, he had only been out for a short period of time.

For the other party to be able to kill such an existence in such a short period of time, his cultivation must be at least at the Godslayer realm.

“How is this possible How can there be so many terrifying existences in this small human world Could it be that they are at the Godslayer realm of other clans Have we been discovered by the Godslayers of other clans”

“Thats not the case.

Its also possible that the Netherworld Wolf intruded into the other partys territory and was killed by the other party.

“I was too careless.

I only thought of using him to find that kid so that our identities wouldnt be exposed.

However, I didnt expect that the Netherworld Wolf might be killed by martial arts masters of other clans.

“After all, the god clan and the star beasts are not enemies.”

“Do you want me to personally investigate who is behind this”

“No need.

If you dont investigate, they wont know who did it.

If you do, they will become suspicious.”

“Then what should we do next”


Yun Shui waved his hand.

“Go and bring that Orchid-hearted Daffodil that I raised over here.”


Yun Zhenwu quickly brought over a flowerpot.

Inside the flowerpot was a very beautiful and fragrant daffodil flower.

Although she was only a flower, the powerful aura that she faintly emitted made it difficult for Yun Zhenwu to even breathe.

Yun Zhenwu was a martial arts master above the fifth level of the God realm.

Yun Shui waved his hand, and the Orchid-hearted Daffodil instantly turned into a bolt of purple lightning and fell into his palm.

“A thousand days of raising soldiers, a time of using soldiers!

“For so many years, Ive killed countless supreme divine beasts in order to raise you.

Ive even killed more than ten Venerable Beasts for you.

Thats why you have the strength of the eighth level of the God realm today.

“Today is the time for you to repay me.

“Find that kid and bring his divine body back to me.”

The Orchid-hearted Daffodil let out a groan and flew out of the window.

Yun Zhenwu could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Elder Yun, this Orchid-hearted Daffodil is only at the eighth level of the God realm.

Her strength is not much different from the previous Venerable Beast Netherworld Wolf.

Im afraid its not safe for her to go over.”


Yun Shui laughed twice.

“You dont understand.

Although the Orchid-heart Daffodil that I raised seemed to have the same strength as the Netherworld Wolf, she had a special characteristic.

That was, she was cultivated from natural treasures.

Therefore, she was born with an affinity to the four elements, the earth element, wind element, water element, wood element, and so on.

“Therefore, she is very good at invisibility.

“Not to mention those of the same level, even if their strength is slightly stronger than hers and has reached the Godslayer realm, it would be impossible to easily discover her identity.

“Unless their strength is stronger than hers, then she also has Divine Eyes and she has cultivated a god-level spiritual technique.

“Otherwise, even if she is standing in front of him, it would be impossible for the other party to discover her existence.”

“Hiss! As expected of the existence that Elder Yun nurtured.

This strength is truly terrifying.

I have seen it for myself.”

Yun Shui nodded.

“You can go down first.

Before long, the Orchid-heart Daffodil should be able to bring that brat back.

Before that, I still have to continue my closed-door cultivation.”


On Ye Xiaos side, he worked hard for an entire night before he finished off the Netherworld Wolf.

The Netherworld Wolf was too big.

There was no way it could be stewed in one pot.

Ye Xiao also created three large metal pots.

That was because his strength had already reached the level of a Venerable Beast, which was comparable to the strength of an eighth-level God realm master.

It was easy to imagine how thick the blood essence in his body was.

The metal cauldrons in the mortal world had no way of stewing his meat until it was rotten.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao had already learned two god-level weapon forging techniques, the Divine Creation technique, and the Great Heavens Striving Spirit technique.

Therefore, it was very easy for him to forge three large metal cauldrons.

Ye Xiao worked hard for an entire night.

The next morning, he finally had a mouthful of the wolf meat soup and the wolf meat was extremely aromatic.

He added some pepper and sesame oil to remove the fishiness, and the coriander and garlic sprouts to bring out the freshness.

That taste was simply superb.

After Ye Xiao finished his breakfast, he felt that his entire body was warm, and he did not know how much blood and energy he had replenished.

Feeling his increasingly powerful divine body, Ye Xiaos mood was even more comfortable.

The only pity was that there was not enough meat to eat every day.

If he could get some more natural treasures, that would be the best of the best.

If he ate too much meat, he would feel uncomfortable.

He had to pair it with some vegetarian food in order to have a balanced diet.

However, that problem was really hopeless for Ye Xiao.

After all, it was already as difficult as ascending to the heavens to find a Venerable Beast.

The two star beasts in his hands were delivered to him by themselves.

Finding a heavenly material and earthly treasure of that level was ten times more difficult than finding those two star beasts together.


That was because the number of star beasts was especially large and their growth speed was fast.

As for the heavenly material and earthly treasures, because they were flowers and grass, they did not have any intelligence in the beginning.

By the time they could cultivate their intelligence, it would take them many years.

If they cultivated for a few thousand years, it would take them at least a few thousand years, or even tens of thousands of years.

How could it be easy to find such a level of existence

It might not be easy to find the places where the god races often lived and where the spiritual energy was abundant, let alone the Azure Billows star field, which was the edge of the starry sky.

However, it was evening.

When the library was closed…


He simply could not believe what his eyes saw.

What did he see

A daffodil flower that was filled with heaven and earth spiritual energy was pacing on the streets of Jianghai city as if she was looking for something.

She could already take human form, and her appearance was very cold and arrogant.

However, Ye Xiao had the Primordial Pupils, so he could see her at a glance.

It was a daffodil flower, and judging from that cultivation, it was comparable to an eighth-level God realm existence.

‘Isnt my luck too good

‘I just thought about this in the morning, and in the end, I met one on the street at night.

One had to know that that probability was more than 10,000 times more difficult than the probability of a double-colored ball.

To put it bluntly, it was something that simply could not happen.

However, something that could happen happened right before his eyes.

Thus, no matter how strong Ye Xiaos temperament was, it was impossible for him not to be surprised.

Then very soon, he reacted, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he immediately followed.

In Ye Xiaos cellar, the Netherworld Wolf was still stunned on the spot.

Until then, he still could not believe what had happened to him.

He was captured by someone, and he was raised in a cellar like a domestic animal

What kind of joke was that

He was a Venerable Beast comparable to the eighth level of the God realm!

He was an extremely terrifying existence.

He was actually treated as livestock by a person

What was even more lamentable was that he discovered that that small cellar was actually ridiculously strong.

He had no way of breaking through at all.

“This d*mned human is actually so audacious! This venerable one must kill him, skin him, eat his flesh, and chew on his bones.”

The big fish lay in the corner, too lazy to swim.

“Save it.

Ive tried many times.

The array here is a nine-star divine array.

Not to mention you, even if the two of us work together, we cant break this array.”

The Netherworld Wolf was unwilling to believe that fact, and wildly crashed into the cellar.

An hour later, covered in blood, he gritted his teeth and said,

“I will not give up.

If a day doesnt work, then I will not give up.

If a hundred days dont work, then I will not give up.

If a year doesnt work, then I will not give up..

If ten years dont work, then I will not give up! I must escape from this place.”


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