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“Ive tasted countless teas in my life, but Ive never tasted anything like this before.

In this world, Im afraid that only the Divine Kings tomb can give birth to such divine water!”

The various representatives nodded their heads in praise.

In an instant, countless martial artists from the Hundred Clans Alliance looked on with envy.

They had decided that they must work hard to cultivate and step into a higher realm as soon as possible.

That way, if there were any good things like divine water in the future, they could also share a cup.

The divine water conference lasted for more than two hours.

Zhu Chunqiu talked a lot of bureaucratic nonsense before it finally ended.

After the divine water conference ended, everyone returned to their respective camps.

Thor, Sena, and Woody, the representatives of the Thunder God clan, the Winged God clan, and the Diamond clan, gathered together.

As soon as the three of them entered the tent, Thor picked up a bucket of water.

Tons of water…

The two of them were surprised.

“Thor, what are you doing Why are you drinking so much water all of a sudden”

Thors face was cold,

“Idiot! Cant you tell Its not divine water at all.

Its just f*cking piss!”

“What did you say How is this possible The representatives of the Thunder God clan had placed the restriction on that bottle a long time ago.

How did he do it”

“How would I know how he did it There are all kinds of strange methods in this world.

Whats so strange about there being a way to break the restriction

“That bottle has always been with him.

Isnt it a piece of cake to do vile tricks”

Woody slammed the table.

“D*mn it, I really thought that it was divine water.

Its salty and sweet, with a lingering and rather unique taste.

I didnt expect it to be urine.

D*mn it.”


But after a moment, Woody could not help but wonder,

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“But, even if it really is a piss, how can you tell And still so sure, so sure”

“Nonsense, of course its because Ive drunk it!”


Thor was so angry that his eyes were red.

“You idiot! Can you ask some reliable questions Is that what youre focusing on”

Woody coughed lightly.


Im just a little curious.

But then again, if it really was just a piss, why didnt anyone else notice it Why did only you notice it Is it because only youve drunk it”

“Stupid! Use your brain to think carefully.

In public, who dared to say that what they drank wasnt divine water, that it was just piss All the people who went up to drink were the representatives of the powerful figures of the various races.

If this matter were to be spread out, wouldnt they lose face in the future Wouldnt it become the laughing stock of the world

“Therefore, even if many people discovered it, they didnt dare to say it.

They could only suppress their anger in their hearts.”

“That d*mn Zhu Chunqiu said it so righteously.

I was wondering why he was so kind-hearted to give the divine water to so many of us! D*mn it! He tricked us.

He must have taken the divine water for himself.

“This cruel-hearted dog! If it werent for us three great god clans publicizing the matter of the divine tomb, they wouldnt have known that the Azure Billows star field had the immemorial Godly King tomb.

“Now, he doesnt want to be grateful.

Instead, hes giving us urine to drink!”

“We cant let him go that easily.

If we dont take revenge for drinking urine, I, Sena, will never become a Godly Emperor!”

At that moment, the air was distorted.

A round of applause entered everyones ears.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

“Three heroes, you must take revenge.

Your hearts are really commendable.”


The pupils of the three people constricted, and they immediately released their auras.

The three extremely powerful auras were all above the seventh level of the God realm.

However, the other party did not panic at all.

He just looked at the three people with a faint smile on his face.

“The three of you dont have to be so nervous.

Im only here because I dont like what Zhu Chunqiu has done, and I want to help you deal with him.”

“Who are you We dont have any relatives.

Why are you so kind to help us”

“Of course, we dont have any relatives or associates.

As long as we have the same interests, we can form an alliance and make a blood oath.”

“Why should we believe you”

“Because I have the means to split the golden point, I can easily find the locations of those divine tombs, especially good ones.

For example, the Godslayer realms ancient divine tomb, or even the Godly King realms ancient divine tomb.”

The three peoples pupils instantly shrank.

“Who are you”

“Im just a wanderer wandering in the starry sky.

You can call me… Venerable Blood!”

A few days later, in the library, Ye Xiao was still reading.

A figure quietly arrived at the fourth floor and picked up the few books about the Saber-sword Immortal again.

After carefully reading twice, he still found nothing.

He could not help but sigh and shake his head.

He put the book back and looked at Ye Xiao beside him.

He suddenly said,

“Youve been working in this library for a long time, right”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then do you know that in your Jianghai city, there was a martial artist called the Saber-sword Immortal”

Ye Xiao nodded again.

“Of course I know.

Basically, everyone in this world knows about this matter.

Those who dont know should be from the god race.”

“Have you met the Saber-sword Immortal”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im just a small librarian.

How could I have met an existence of that level”

“Thats true.”

The other party smiled bitterly.

“Youre just a small librarian.

What answer can I get from you”

At that moment, the ring on his hand suddenly lit up.

“Whats the matter”

The other party spoke to the ring, and a female voice quickly sounded from within the ring.

“Young Master, the martial arts masters of the Ning family are here.

The other direct descendants of Xuan Yuan are also here.”

“Got it.

Ill head over now.”

The light on the ring disappeared.

The man lightly tapped his feet and instantly disappeared from the spot.

Ye Xiao shook his head and continued reading.

Those people were almost obsessed with finding him.

What was the point Was it not good for everyone to just go their separate ways and stay out of each others way

Ning Zhiyuan quickly arrived in the starry sky.

In the starry sky, several huge spiritual airships had just arrived.

They were even larger than the spiritual airships that they had driven over previously.

Some of the spiritual airships were even comparable to the size of a star island.

They were tens of thousands of feet long, or even more than 500,000 feet long.

Accompanying the spiritual airships were the martial arts masters of the previous generation of each family.

Their group of martial arts masters were basically existences above the Godslayer realm.

Some of them had already reached the late stage of the Godslayer realm.

The masters sent by the Xuan Yuan clan also had high-level Godslayer realm existences.

However, there were only two or three of them who were here to hold down the fort.

However, it was different then.

There were dozens of Godslayer realm existences who came!

The number was so terrifying that it made people fearful.

They were enough to wipe out the cultivators sent by the Hundred Clans Alliance.

That was the terror of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They could casually attack a large group of extremely powerful existences.

Even so, that was not the true strength of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The true masters of the Xuan Yuan clan had yet to arrive.

Ning Zhiyuan and the other young masters had no choice but to go up and pay their respects to the person who had come that time.

The people who had come were basically the generation of their uncles.

Very few of them had even reached the level of their grandfathers.

After a few exchanges of greetings, a wave of twisting came from the starry sky once again.

Then, a few even larger spiritual airships that were more than 600,000 feet in size slowly appeared in front of everyone.

On those spirit ships, besides the flag of the Xuan Yuan clan, there was also the cloud flag.

Seeing that flag, everyones face suddenly changed.

“This is… The Yun family”

“I cant believe that the Yun family is here.”

In the next second, several figures slowly flew out from the Xuan Yuan Yun familys spiritual airship.

The leader was an old man.

After seeing everyone, he cupped his hands and smiled.

“Everyone, my Yun family came without an invitation.

Do you mind”

The shock on everyones faces disappeared one after another.

In the next second, a smile hung on their faces.

“Brother Yun Shui, you must be joking.

We are all from the Xuan Yuan family.

Naturally, we wont say anything when Brother Yun Shui comes.

“However, why would Brother Yun Shui suddenly come over at this time”

“Hehehe… Of course, its because of that unrivaled genius of our Xuan Yuan clan.”

Everyones expressions changed slightly.

That was indeed the case.

For so many years, the Yun family had been the strongest in the Xuan Yuan lineage, especially in the past 10,000 years.

Their bloodline was the purest and their aptitude was also the highest.

The Yun family had already nurtured quite a few holy sons and successfully entered the Xuan Yuan Mountain to practice the supreme martial arts of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Even in that generation, a heaven-chosen figure had appeared in the Yun clan.

Originally, if nothing unexpected happened, he would most likely become the new generations holy son of the Xuan Yuan clan and enter the Xuan Yuan Mountain to cultivate the Xuan Yuan clans core martial arts with those senior experts and enjoy core resources.

In the future, he would also have a high chance of becoming a Godly Emperor!

At that point, an unrivaled genius that could surpass the Yun family had appeared in the human world.

That was also the reason why they did not want the Yun family to come over.

No matter who found that genius, as long as they nurtured him diligently, it was possible for the few great families to nurture him into the number one person in the Xuan Yuan clan in the future!

In other words, he would become the new saint child of the Xuan Yuan clan!

If they could do that, the Xuan Yuan Yun family on the Xuanyuan Mountain would definitely give huge rewards and rewards to the family that nurtured the holy child.

That kind of resource was something that even their families could not hope to obtain!

It was precisely because the Yun family had nurtured several holy children of the Xuan Yuan clan over the years and had always received generous rewards from the Xuan Yuan Mountain that they were able to maintain their position as the overlord of the Xuan Yuan clan.


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