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 What do you mean by “people at home, pot falling from the sky”

Ye Xiao felt that that was it.

He did not do anything, and in the end, he was discovered by that group of people.

‘You say that you, that group of rich young masters and mistresses, have nothing better to do and no other hobbies, how good would it be for you to discuss cultivation among yourselves

‘If it really doesnt work, why dont you guys have a relationship, find a hotel, and discuss the philosophy of life

‘If you had nothing better to do, what kind of nonsense did you come up with

‘The Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent

‘They were really too free.

“Ye Xiao, the commotion this time is really too big.

Theyre probably determined to find you.

“In order to protect you, Emperor Jing specially instructed us not to contact you and not to look for you casually.

“I only dared to speak to you because I told the lecturer today to come to the library to look for some books.

“Ye Xiao, are you really not considering exposing your identity and joining the Xuan Yuan clan”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

His ancestor had once said that not all of the people in the Xuan Yuan clan were good people.

If he were to display his talent, it would make many people envious.

If he did not keep a low profile and cultivate properly, he might really bring about a threat to his life.

With such a monstrous talent, he was simply the most sought-after person in the market.

Anyone who saw him would probably drool uncontrollably.

He only liked to be a foodie, but he did not want to make himself food.

“At the moment, I still want to be more independent.

As the ancestors once said, a tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind! I still hope that the seniors will continue to help me keep this secret.

“Ill wait until Im stronger before deciding whether to reveal my identity.”


Actually, this old man sometimes feels that Im a little disappointing.

If we old bones were stronger and had a higher status in the Xuan Yuan clan, we would be able to protect you.

“You wouldnt have to hide and hide with such a powerful talent.

Just like a mouse.

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“This is the incompetence of us elders!”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Seniors words are too serious.

If it wasnt for you guys defending the human world for a long time and not being invaded by star beasts, Im afraid that I would have long ceased to exist and would not have the achievements I have today.

Dont underestimate yourselves.

All of you will always be the seniors that I respect.”

Beitang Ce nodded.

“Ill be going back first.

If you have any needs, remember to tell me at any time.

Its the same as before.

No matter what you need, old bones like us will definitely get it for you.”

“Thank you, Senior.”

The two of them bade farewell and Ye Xiao continued to read.

He needed to complete his spiritual cultivation technique.

Spiritual cultivation technique was a very practical cultivation technique, but his own cultivation technique, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, had long since failed.

It was only an imperial technique, and now he had even begun to possess a masterpiece technique.

It was not that it was the only existence that had yet to upgrade to a god technique.

It was because he still had a verbal command and poison technique that had yet to be upgraded.

It could also be that he had not used it for a long time, so he had forgotten about its upgrade in a short period of time.

After that incident with the Black Soul clan, Ye Xiao decided to first complete that cultivation technique.

That was because he sometimes needed to use spiritual cultivation techniques to help him search the other partys memories.

Of course, sometimes it could also be used as a specific defensive ability to prevent others from spiritual exploration.

As for the words command and poison technique, they were basically not of much use to Ye Xiao.

It was up to fate.

He would only practice them when he really needed them.

After a few days of hard work, Ye Xiao finally gathered three imperial-level spiritual techniques and could synthesize them.

After clicking on the synthesize button, in just a day or two, he had synthesized a spiritual technique, The Great Divine Mind!

With that technique, he would no longer have to go through the trouble of extorting confessions from spies in the future.

He would just have to scan their memories.

At the same time, in the starry sky, the Hundred Clans Alliance also organized a celebratory meeting.

The leading martial arts experts of the hundred clans gathered together.

The various god clans rejoiced and were in high spirits.

Among the 100 clans, the Rain God clan was the strongest and ranked 42nd in the starry sky.

At that moment, the leader of the Rain God clan was Zhu Chunqiu!

He cupped his hands toward the crowd.

“Thank you for your favor today and for letting me be the host of this convention.

“Everyone knows that a few days ago, in that Godly Kings tomb, our hundred clans and the Xuan Yuan clan fought with all our might! In the end, we successfully snatched the only treasure in the Godly Kings tomb, a bottle of divine water from the immemorial era!

“This bottle of divine water was extremely rare and precious.

“Not only was it a bottle of treasure with extremely strong spiritual energy, it was also an extremely rare treasure that could raise ones cultivation level.

At the same time, it symbolized the unity of our hundred clans and our common victory over the Xuan Yuan clan!”

The moment those words were said, countless people present felt their hearts surge.

The Xuan Yuan clan was ranked 19th among the god clans.

The higher the ranking of the god clan, the greater the difference in strength between them.

Although the Hundred Clans Alliance had many people, they were always suppressed by the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, they had won against the other party once.

The meaning of such an achievement was very profound.

It was even more profound than the value of that bottle of divine water itself.

Zhu Chunqiu spoke again,

“Before our hundred clans formed an alliance, we once said that no matter what, we must share weal and woe, as well as live, die, and work together as one.

“Now that we have obtained this bottle of divine water, although its not much, this old man still wants to distribute it fairly to every representative of the god clan.”

When everyone heard that, they all nodded their heads in praise.

Zhu Chunqiu had indeed done a very good job in such a matter.

Although that item was divine water from the immemorial era, and its value was not cheap, Zhu Chunqiu did not rely on his own strength to be stronger than everyone else to forcefully take it all for himself.

Just based on that kind of spirit, he was worthy of the wordhero, and worthy of being the representative of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

“Senior Zhu is extremely righteous, we admire you!”

“Senior Zhu is fair and just in his actions, he makes people completely convinced! In the future, we will definitely do our best to serve him.”

“With Senior Zhu here commanding us, even though our Hundred Clans Alliance is small, why should we fear the Xuan Yuan clan”

Everyone spoke one after another, full of passion.

Seeing that scene, Zhu Chunqiu nodded his head in satisfaction.

In actuality, he naturally could not bear to part with that bottle of divine water.

There was not much to begin with, yet he still wanted to share it with everyone.

It was already very good that each person could have a small sip.

Although it was only a small sip, it was still a priceless archaic divine water.

Plus, how precious was the entire bottle

That was something that could not be measured with ordinary values.

Unfortunately, there was no other way.

Right then, he was the representative of the alliance.

If he did things unfairly, others would not believe him.

If others did not believe him, he would not be able to carry out his next command.

Anyway, there were many divine tombs here.

In the future, there would be plenty of money to be greedy for.

As long as he firmly grasped the position of the voice, in the future, he would be able to take advantage of various links.

Strictly speaking, it would definitely be more profitable that way.

There might even be a Godly Emperors tomb

It was impossible for there to be only that bottle of divine water left in the other Godly Kings tomb, right

Therefore, after thinking for a long time, he finally decided to distribute it fairly to everyone.

Only by allowing everyone to share in the rain and dew would he be a good leader.

“Alright! Next, we will start distributing 100 cups, one cup for each clan.

No one can take more.”


Under everyones watchful eyes, he quickly opened the bottle cap and began to pour the first cup.

Everyone could not help but stare at the divine water with wide eyes.

“Wow! This divine water is yellow!”

“The divine water is indeed worthy of being called divine water! Its just different.

The color has turned yellow.

How much spiritual energy does it contain”

“Look, when its poured out, theres even foam.

Stains, the spiritual energy is really too abundant!”

“With just this cup, if I could have a sip, it would really be amazing.

I reckon its very likely to raise my cultivation level on the spot, right”

“Youre thinking too much! The divine water is very strong, but its a pity that its not our turn.

These are things that only the leaders can drink.

Small fries like us, dont even think about it.”

“Sigh! Its such a pity! If only my cultivation base could be a little higher.

There are very few martial arts experts in our god clan to begin with, and there arent many who came this time.

If my cultivation base could be a little stronger and reach above the 50 dragons Emperor realm, the leader this time would definitely be me.”

Soon, under everyones envious gazes, that bottle of extremely precious divine water was divided into a total of 100 cups, and each god clan could get a cup.

The representatives all went up to take out their own cups.

Before Zhu Chunqiu could speak, they had already begun to pour it into their mouths.

That was the archaic divine water that was rarely seen in 10,000 years!

They finally had the chance to drink it with great difficulty, and no one wanted anything to happen to it.

If they could drink it, they would quickly drink it.

There were even some people who, after drinking it, licked the bottom of their cups, not wanting to finish it.

“As expected of the archaic divine water! This taste is simply incredible!”

“It has a faint taste of seawater.

Its a bit fishy, but its sweeter.

I just drank it, and it went down my throat and into my stomach.

Its really refreshing!”

“Its really rare to be able to drink such a top-grade delicacy in this life! My trip to the Azure Billows star field was really worth it! It was worth it!”

“Me too!”

“Im so jealous of you guys! My mouth is much bigger than yours.

I just put it in my mouth, but before I could taste it, it went straight into my throat and then into my stomach.

“D*mn it.

If I knew it, I would have poured it on my tongue.

I shouldnt have drunk it so fast.”

When everyone below saw this scene and heard those words, their hearts were filled with envy and hatred to the extreme.

Zhu Chunqiu also took a sip.

He did not drink as quickly as they did.

On the contrary, he was slowly savoring it as if he was drinking tea.

“Hehe, as expected of the archaic divine water!”


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