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Ye Xiao decisively rejected it.

Work was strictly prohibited during off-duty hours.

That was the bottom line of a relaxation enthusiast.

“A new seafood buffet opened in the city center.

581 people, eat until youre full! My treat.”

“Wait for me for ten minutes.”

Ye Xiao put down his chopsticks, got up, and left.

Although the bottom line was needed, he could not persist too much.

That would be letting down his stomach.



Ye, youve only eaten a few mouthfuls and youre not eating anymore”

“Im not eating anymore.

Im in a hurry.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Xiao brought the book and arrived at the garrison team.

Gu Hai was already wearing the uniform of the garrison team.

“I didnt expect you to look so manly in this outfit.”

“Thats for sure.

Dont you know who I am”

“Arent you supposed to start work tomorrow Why are you wearing your uniform today”

“I just got it.

My father-in-law took care of everything and just completed the documents.

He also gave me the uniform of the garrison team.

Oh right, did you bring the book”

“I did.”

Ye Xiao passed all the information he had collected on star beasts to Gu Hai.

“Good, lets go.

Follow me to deliver the book.

Then, Ill treat you to a meal.”

Ye Xiao nodded and followed Gu Hai into the garrison team.

“Were both men.

Why did you touch me”

“Im just having fun!”

“What fun Were not that close.”

The garrison team was still as messy as ever.

There were constantly all kinds of strange things as if they would never stop appearing.

Ye Xiao and Gu Hai walked in front of Mr.


“Dad, this is the information you asked for.”

“Yes! Put it there.

Ye Xiao is here too”

Ye Xiao called out, “Hello, Uncle Lu.” Mr.

Lu nodded, took the cigarette from the corner of his mouth, and put it into the ashtray to extinguish it.

Gu Hai followed closely behind and whispered,

“Then… Dad, if theres nothing else, well go back first.”

“Go on, dont forget to come to work on time tomorrow.

If you dare be late, Ill kick you to death.”

“Dont worry, I definitely wont embarrass you.”

“Go home early, dont stay out too late.

Its not safe to walk alone at night.”

“I know, Ill just go have a meal with Ye Xiao.”

The two bade Mr.

Lu farewell and immediately walked out.

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy swept across the entire garrison team, but he did not sense anything unusual.

He could not help but ask,

“What do you want information on the star beasts for”

Gu Hais expression was somewhat solemn.

“Recently, there have been a lot of incidents of people hurting others in our Jianghai city.

Its a little strange.

They just captured a few more and locked them in the sealed cabin outside.”

“What does the matter of people hurting each other have to do with the star beasts”

“Normally, it definitely doesnt, but this incident definitely has something to do with them.

Between them, if someone was bitten, it would not be long before the person who was bitten began biting others.

“Do you think that this kind of situation is man-made”

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little strange.

Why did it sound like Resident Evil


When he passed by the sealed cabin in the garrisons courtyard, Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan the prisoners caught inside.

A few prisoners were unconscious in their respective sealed cabins.

They seemed to have been injected with tranquilizers, so they were all resting for a while.

However, even if they were resting, Ye Xiaos Big Dippers Grand Mystery could still scan them from the inside out.

There were no abnormalities on the bodies of these prisoners.

At most, there were some scratches or bite marks.

However, Ye Xiao easily discovered that their souls were all infected in varying degrees.

They turned red and became manic.

“This is… ”

“Old Ye, whats wrong”


I just think that we should check their souls.

I remember that theres a record in the star beasts encyclopedia that theres a type of star beast that carries its own poison.

It can make a persons soul become anxious and disturbed.

Moreover, their sweat and saliva will become infectious.”


Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ill go and tell them right away.”

Gu Hai rushed back to the garrison team excitedly while Ye Xiao was thinking alone in the courtyard.

He had no way of telling them about the incident with the tiger demon last time, which resulted in a small-scale beast calamity in Jianghai city.

So that time, he found an opportunity to give them some advice so that the garrison team could take precautions.

After all, he had lived in Jianghai city for a long time and had some sentiment for that place.

There were also friends like Gu Hai, Qin Yuyan, and many colleagues here.

It was best to avoid the tragedy from the last time.

However, the continuous occurrence of matters related to the star beasts made Ye Xiao somewhat puzzled.

Were these matters all related

Could it be that they were all for the revival of King El

If that was the case, if the mastermind behind the scenes did not die, there should be an endless stream of such matters in the future.

It was really annoying.

Soon, Gu Hai ran out excitedly again.

“Old Ye, your brain is amazing.

The members of the garrison team who practice spiritual cultivation have investigated and found that there is indeed a problem with their souls.

You have made a great contribution this time.”

“I was just saying it casually.

It would be best if we could figure this out sooner rather than later.”

“Its good that you voiced it out.

Lets go.

I have to treat you to a good meal today.

Eat as much as you want.”

“Isnt the buffet supposed to be where youre free to eat as much as you want”

“I was just saying it to sound cool.

Old Ye, stop ruining my thunder.”

An hour later.

“How much How much did you say it was Can you repeat it for me”

“Your bill tonight is a total of 4,800 yuan.”


Hearing that, Gu Hai was completely dumbfounded.

“Isnt this a seafood buffet restaurant Its so expensive!”

The waiter smiled politely.

“We are indeed a seafood buffet, but there are some dishes that are limited edition.

For example, the Australian lobster.

Each person can only eat one.

After that, each person will be charged an additional 250 yuan.

You and your friend did not eat anything else tonight.

You only ate the Australian lobster, so youre charged 4,800 yuan.”

Gu Hai slammed the table.

“Are you bullying the customers Why didnt you tell me before”

“We informed that gentleman.

He said he was aware.

We thought he would tell you.”


He turned his head to look at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao picked his teeth with a toothpick as he said nonchalantly,

“You invited me to eat here so I thought you knew the rules here.”

Gu Hais face could not help but twitch violently.

On purpose!

Definitely on purpose!

Ye Xiao had just analyzed the entire seafood restaurant and the Australian lobster was the most expensive.

Eating it would cost the most money.

Therefore, the two of them only ate the Australian lobster and did not eat anything else.

He even fed Huan Liuli two of them.

“Old Ye, youve learned to be devious.

You deserve to never be able to find a girlfriend.

Be single for your whole life! Youre too conniving.”

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“You said that no matter how much I eat, its your treat.”

“You win!”


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