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That huge commotion instantly attracted everyone from the Ning family over.

By the time everyone arrived, Ye Xiao had already disappeared and left.

However, when they saw the terrifying scene on the ground, everyone could not help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

“What a powerful palm strike!”

Uncle Nings gaze was the most vicious.

“The strength displayed by this palm strike far surpasses its performance.

“It seems that the range of its attack isnt large, but in reality, its because the person who displayed it didnt want to destroy this city, so the range of its attack was limited to such a large extent.

“This, on the contrary, tests the other partys grasp of cultivation techniques and control over the output of spiritual energy.

“Moreover, Xiong Ben Gangs cultivation has long reached the eighth level of the God realm.

For the other party to be able to display such a powerful move and at the same time be able to kill him in one move, its very likely that his cultivation has already reached the ninth level of the God realm!”

Ning Zhiyuan frowned and said,

“Only our Ning family is stationed in Jianghai city.

The other families are not in the city.

Who else has such a high cultivation”

Suddenly, his pupils constricted.

“Wait a minute, could it be that… Saber-sword Immortal”

Uncle Ning shook his head.

“It should be impossible.

If it really is him, then doesnt that mean that his strength has risen from the third level of the God realm to the ninth level of the God realm in a months time

“The fifth level of the God realm in a month, unless there was a prodigy who enlightened him! Or else, he had dug a Godly Kings tomb and obtained a huge amount of resources, and then advanced.

“Otherwise, even if he was the number one genius in the entire galaxy, it would be impossible for him to reach this level!

“This is too heaven-defying.”

“If its not him, and its not the other god clans, could it be that theres another prodigy at the ninth level of the God realm hiding in Jianghai city”

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Uncle Ning said with a solemn expression,

“There are more and more martial arts experts coming to this star field.

It seems that we should ask our family to send existences above the Godslayer realm.”

In the crowd, Emperor Jing, Azure Dragon, and the others were so shocked that they were speechless.

They whispered,

“Ye Xiao, this kid, has already reached the ninth level of the God realm”

“Good heavens, is this kid cultivating on a rocket Ive been cultivating arduously for several months, and I havent even cultivated a single dragon at the Emperor realm, yet he has already cultivated to the ninth level of the God realm!

“Isnt this too heaven-defying”

“Its more than that.

Ive heard that even Young Master Ning Zhiyuan, this kind of young master of the Ning family, who has extremely monstrous talent, has only cultivated three dragons after coming to our human world for several months.

On average, he has cultivated one dragon every one and a half months.

“By the time he advances to the God realm, itll probably be two to three years later.”

“Why is it that our cultivation is as difficult as ascending to the heavens Its as easy as drinking water, eating food, and playing games, and its even the type that uses cheats to play games”

“Comparing people is infuriating!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already returned to his own house.

The oil in the pot had just been heated up.

Ye Xiao casually beat up a leftover star beast egg and made a fried egg.

Beside him was a dumbfounded and completely at a loss, Xiong Ben Gang.

Who is he

Where was this

A series of question marks lit up in his head.

He did not know what had happened at all.

He only knew that the other party had appeared in front of him and gently waved his hand.

He did not even have the chance to react.

His eyes turned black and then lit up again.

He had inexplicably arrived at this place and he watched that man make fried eggs.

After a minute, when Ye Xiao was the first to set up the fried eggs, he could not help but say,

“Is Senior from the Ning family The Ning family is so young, and the most famous one is Ning Zhiyuan.

Senior should not be from the Ning family, right”

Ye Xiao did not answer.

“Senior, I have no enmity with you.

Why did you suddenly attack me”

Ye Xiao still did not reply.

Xiong Ben Gang was a little anxious.

“Senior, I admit that your strength is stronger than mine, but isnt it meaningless for you to play with me like this”

Ye Xiao glanced at him indifferently.

The coldness in his eyes instantly made him shudder violently.

He did not doubt that if he dared to say any more nonsense, the other party would make him unable to even die if he wanted to.

Soon, Ye Xiao finished his dinner.

The exquisite dinner made Xiong Ben Gang click his tongue.

A fried egg and a plate of fish meat.

However, the blood essence contained in the fish meat was extremely rich.

It was comparable to a fifth-level God realm star beast

Good heavens, he actually had the meat of a fifth-level God realm star beast to eat.

One had to know that that kind of thing was extremely hard to find.

It was usually given to the big families.

If it was not for the noble status, it was impossible to get it.

Even if one was in the Godslayer realm, it was impossible to eat it.

Top-grade star beast resources were extremely rare.

It was the most precious tonic for warriors.

That fellow was very terrifying!

He had better behave himself.

A moment later, after Ye Xiao finished eating the star beast meat, he opened his mouth and said his first sentence.

His spiritual cultivation technique was still an imperial technique, Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

Therefore, he had no way to search for the other partys memories.

“What kind of map did you search for”

Ye Xiao wanted to confirm if the Godly Kings tomb that the Ning family had obtained was a new one.

Xiong Ben Gang was very perceptive.

He hurriedly said,

“Ill draw it for Senior right away.”

Very quickly, he used his soul power to draw a star map.

After seeing that star map, Ye Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

It was the Godly Kings tomb that he had found previously.

Then there was nothing to worry about because that Godly Kings tomb had already been swept clean by him.

The information regarding the Divine Kingdoms treasury had also been completely destroyed.

When they went to that Godly Kings tomb, it was also impossible to find any information that was disadvantageous to them.

Alright, they could send Xiong Ben Gang on his way.

Xiong Ben Gang seemed to have sensed Ye Xiaos thoughts and immediately opened his mouth to beg for mercy,

“Senior, please wait.

This junior is willing to use a heavy gift to buy this juniors life.

The Black Soul clan that this junior belongs to now has over a million divine crystals.

“As long as Senior is willing to go over, my clansmen will definitely be willing to buy my divine soul.”

Those words made Ye Xiao pause for a moment.

It was not that he fancied the others divine crystals.

He did not lack them at that point.

What he was curious about was why the other had so many divine crystals.

He could tell at a glance that the other was not lying.

However, it should be known that god clans did not have much time to arrive in that star area.

If several god clans joined hands and said that they had so many divine crystals, he would not have any doubts.

However, it was strange that the Black Soul clan had so many divine crystals.

Xiong Ben Gang smiled.

“Our clan has always been famous for our brains.

We wont be stupid enough to dig the divine tomb.

It will take us a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, we dont have many members.

Even if we work hard every day, we cant dig much.

“Thats why weve captured many star beasts from the nearby star areas and forced them to help us dig.

“Dont look at how our clan has fewer people, but the number of divine tombs weve dug is the highest.

The other god clans might only be able to be compared to us if we add all of them together.”

Ye Xiaos eyes flickered.

The star beasts in the nearby star areas had almost been swept clean.

If the other party could still capture star beasts, then it would probably only be the Silver Fox clan.

“What kind of star beasts did you catch”

Xiong Ben Gang smiled slightly.

“Its a group of foxes.

Theyre quite good-looking.

If Senior likes them, you can also go and pick some.

I definitely wont disappoint senior.”

Ye Xiaos heart sank.

As expected, it was the Silver Fox clan.

He took out a tissue and wiped his mouth.

“Alright, then Ill follow you.”

A mischievous smile appeared on Xiong Ben Gangs face.

“I didnt expect that Senior is also proficient in this path.”

“Cut the cr*p.

Hurry up and lead the way.”

Ye Xiaos ice-cold rebuke caused the joy on Xiong Ben Gangs face to disappear.

When he turned around and flew, his eyes had already become ice-cold.

He still wanted him to give up divine crystals or a Silver Fox clan girl

Dream on!

When Ye Xiao returned to the Black Soul clan with him, he could directly summon the Black Soul clans ninth-level God realm masters and join hands to suppress him.

He did not believe that Ye Xiao would be able to turn the sky upside down at that time.

Ye Xiao followed behind him.

The two of them flew up into the sky one after the other.

When they saw the Great Wall Array, Ye Xiao immediately opened up a gap.

Although the control of that array was no longer in his hands yet he was still able to slightly manipulate it.

When Xiong Ben Gang flew up into the starry sky, he immediately began to spread out his spiritual will.

He informed his clansmen of Ye Xiaos information in advance.

“Brothers, get ready.

A big fish is about to take the bait.

His strength is very strong, and he has the cultivation of the ninth level of the God realm! He must have many good things on him.

“Everyone, get ready! Arrange the array, poison pills, and martial arts experts.

“As long as I bring him there, everyone will swarm over and kill him directly!”

Ye Xiao certainly saw his small movements, but he did not stop, he did not want to alert the snake.

He has two archaic masterpiece techniques, and there was only the Black Soul clan which was not a powerful clan compared to other god clans so there was no need to worry too much.

In the starry sky, on a Star Island, the Silver Fox people, are desperately digging the tomb.

The Black Soul god clan was holding whips to supervise the work.

From time to time, they would whip one or two Silver Fox clansmen who were slowing down.

The whips were extremely powerful.

Although they were not imperial weapons, they could be considered lesser imperial weapons.

To those very weak Silver Fox clansmen, a whipping would cause their skin to split open and their bodies to tremble.

The pain was deep to their bones.

In fact, some of the weaker Silver Fox clan members were instantly killed by a single whip.

“D*mn little vixen, you work so slowly.

Are you courting death!”

A Black Soul clan member saw a Silver Fox clan girl digging a little too slowly.

He swung his whip and lashed her to the ground.


The little fox cried out in pain.

Her fur was torn apart, and the tender flesh inside was a blur.

One could vaguely see cracks on her bones.

Her mother, an adult silver fox, immediately protected her under her body.

“Exalted gods, she is still young, so her actions are a little slow..

I will work even harder to make up for her loss.”


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