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Ye Xiao casually threw the two booklets into the flames.

Along with the flames, they were burned to ashes.

That way, there was no news of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Along with the continuous tempering of the flames, the Goldy Kings body was finally burned to ashes.

Originally, with Ye Xiaos strength, it was impossible for him to burn a Godly Kings body to ashes.

However, the other party had already existed for an unknown number of tens of thousands of years.

More than half of the blood essence in her body had already been used up.

There was only a little bit left, so Ye Xiao could easily refine all of her.

At the end of the burning, the Godly Kings body completely disappeared, leaving only a few million drops of divine blood.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but sigh with emotion.

As expected of a Godly King, she was stronger than the human ancestors.

The human ancestors had only been dead for 5,000 years, and there were only 1,000,000 drops of blood left in their divine bodies.

While that Godly King had been dead for an unknown number of tens of thousands of years, there were still millions of drops of divine blood that could be refined in her body.

The gap between the two was too big.

In the next second, Ye Xiao absorbed all the divine blood into his body.

Just as the millions of drops of divine blood entered his body, the spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body once again produced a huge fluctuation.


With a light sound, he advanced to the fourth level of the God realm.

He could refine it after he went back, and it could raise his cultivation by quite a bit.

However, Ye Xiao felt that he had to speed up.

That was because that Godly Kings tomb would record the news of the archaic Divine Kingdom.

Who knew if the other Godly Kings tombs would record the news of the archaic Divine Kingdom

There was more than one primordial Godly King in the archaic Divine Kingdom.

Following that, Ye Xiao began to repair the array once more.

That way, he could guarantee that people would come over later and not discover anything strange inside the Godly Kings Tomb.

At the very least, he would need a certain amount of time to crack it, which would buy him more time.

On the other side, the Emperor Dragon Lion and the others sped up their progress and quickly moved away from the things outside.

The Emperor Dragon Lion suddenly spoke,

“What if I want to pee”

Huan Liuli had a look of disdain on her face.

“What a lazy donkey.

Youre the only one who wants to pee when no one else does.”

“There are three things you need to worry about.

You dont need to worry about other peoples sh*t, do you”

“Cut the cr*p.

The more you talk, the more youll waste Masters time.”

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After saying that, Huan Liuli picked up a pill bottle and opened it.

She swallowed the pill into her throat and handed the empty bottle to him.

“Go to the corner and take care of it.

Dont let the smell disturb everyones work.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion took the pill bottle and ran to the corner to take a piss.

He shivered.

“Phew! This feels good.

I just wasted such a good pill bottle.”

At that moment, Huan Liuli shouted,

“Lion, are you ready We have to go now!”

“Coming, coming!”

The Emperor Dragon Lion placed the pill bottle in a corner and quickly followed.

Ye Xiao had already come out of the tomb inside.

When he saw everyone, he said calmly,

“Is everything done”

“Master, everything is done.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Since thats the case, we can go back.

Be careful not to leave any clues behind.

Clean up all the footprints.

Not even a single strand of hair can be left behind.”


The star beasts answered in unison.

Ye Xiao put them into the jade seal and left the Godly Kings tomb.

Ye Xiao returned to Jianghai city and the days returned to silence.

He continued to read in the library during the day because the Godly Kings tomb did not contain many cultivation techniques.

Most of them were resources for cultivation.

At night, he continued to refine the divine blood in his body, refining all of it into his own.

Thus, after four days, Ye Xiao refined nearly a quarter of the divine blood.

His cultivation advanced another realm and reached the fifth level of the God realm.

If he refined all of it, his cultivation would be able to rise to at least the eighth level of the God realm within the next month.


He had earned a lot from the Godly Kings tomb.

Ye Xiao could not help but begin to look forward to what good things would be in the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Then, his Golden Book divine soul had also finished cultivating that god-healing technique.

The paper that recorded the four god techniques had completely turned into pure golden color.

It could be synthesized.

Ye Xiao immediately clicked on the synthesis.

Synthesis time still needed a few days, but after all, it was an archaic masterpiece technique, so spending a few days time was also deserved.

That day, Ye Xiao went about his usual work, reading in the library when he suddenly felt a lot of momentum descend into Jianghai city.

That momentum was caused by a lot of Emperor realm martial arts experts, and even several God realm existences whose cultivation was not low.

Their power had already completely surpassed the level that the Xuan Yuan Ning family had brought before.

‘This is…

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

He took out his will stone and contacted Beitang Ce.

He wanted to see if he knew what was going on.

“Hey! Ye Xiao, whats the matter”

“Senior Beitang, did you feel a lot of powerful auras descending”

“Youre talking about that matter Well, its like this, the young master of the Ning family has gathered the other young masters of the Xuan Yuan clans direct line of descent to explore the divine tomb together.”

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little puzzled.

“How could such a thing happen He could secretly make a fortune and keep a low profile.

Instead, he had to tell so many people.

“Moreover, even if theyre worried that someone else will come and snatch it, with the Ning familys strength, they can definitely send a genius martial arts master over!”

“I heard that many other gods have also come to this star field.

Its said that now, the territories that originally belonged to the Winged God clan, the Thunder God clans descendants, and the southern territory that belonged to the Giant Gorilla clans descendants have all been occupied by other gods.

There are a total of over a hundred gods.

“Of course, some of them are ranked relatively lower.

“However, even if theyre ranked relatively lower, they still add up to a force that can not be underestimated!”

Only then did Ye Xiao come to a realization.

There were simply too many divine tombs in that area.

It was somewhat unrealistic for the Ning family to want to annex them all at once.

That was because the three god clans also knew about those divine tombs.

Even if they could not defeat the Ning family, they would definitely pull people over.

Although it might result in fewer gains, it was still much better than them obtaining nothing at all.

Moreover, with them doing that, even if the Ning family had martial arts masters, it would be difficult for them to monopolize so many divine tombs, including the Godly Kings tomb.

Instead of doing that, it would be better to invite the other direct line families of the Xuan Yuan clan to harvest the divine tombs together.

That way, not only would they ensure their own safety, they would also be doing them a favor to increase their allies.

Looks like Ning Zhiyuans brain was pretty good.

At that moment, Beitang Ces voice came from the phone again.

“Ye Xiao, with the arrival of the god clan this time, the forces we joined have many changes.

“The Ning family has taken in Emperor Jing, the four venerable ones, and a group of excellent warriors like me, and the others in advance.

“From now on, we belong to a branch of the Ning family, and we get more resources than ordinary people.

“Do you want to consider joining the Ning family as well The young master of the Ning family is quite good.

If you join the Ning family, I feel that they will nurture you heavily.”

Ye Xiao immediately rejected.

“Forget about me.

Im used to being alone and dont like to get involved too much.”

With his current talent and the Godly Kingdoms treasury, he was very likely to advance to that extremely high level within ten years.

Joining the Ning family was not worth it for him.

Joining meant that he had to accept other peoples resources and accept the Ning familys resources.

In the future, if the Ning family was in trouble, he would have no choice but to take action.

To him, that was actually a burden.

“Alright then, but what do you want to find us for in the future Its still the same as before.

Tell us at any time.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I understand.

You guys too.

If you are in trouble, tell me at any time.”


After the two of them ended their communication, an extremely obvious fluctuation came from the Golden Book in Ye Xiaos body.

Following that, the speed at which Ye Xiao absorbed the spiritual energy became even faster.

Ye Xiaos face lit up with joy.

He knew that his second masterpiece technique had already been successfully synthesized.

Without any unnecessary thoughts, Ye Xiao immediately immersed his mind and began to look at his second masterpiece technique.

Undying masterpiece technique!

Very powerful!

Just by looking at the name, Ye Xiao knew that the masterpiece technique was definitely not ordinary.

He carefully looked at the information within.

The Undying masterpiece technique simultaneously possessed the defensive properties of a soul-refining body, as well as the healing effects of continuous recovery.

After learning that masterpiece technique, it was unknown how much effort it would take for the other party to break through his defenses during battle.

However, even if he broke through his defenses and caused damage to himself, in the next second, he would be able to instantly heal his injuries.

No wonder it was called the Undying masterpiece technique.

That technique was truly incredible.

The Golden Book had already started to cultivate on his own.

It was estimated that in a few days, he would be able to cultivate the Undying masterpiece technique to perfection.

At that time, he would be able to constantly circulate it within his body, allowing him to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy, it would bring about a massive increase in his strength.

After he had all of his healing masterpiece techniques, offensive masterpiece techniques, and defensive masterpiece techniques, it was time for him to cultivate some movement-type masterpiece techniques.

As the saying went, all martial arts in the world were indestructible, but speed was the only thing that could not be broken.

If he could improve his movement techniques, be it sneak attacks or escaping, it would be a great thing for him.

However, before that, Ye Xiao still had to think of a way to solve the problem of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

The excavation progress of the Divine Kingdoms treasury had already reached 15 percent, and there was still 85 percent that had not been completed.

After Ning Zhiyuan had summoned so many direct descendants of Xuan Yuan, along with nearly a hundred other gods, to excavate the divine tombs together, it would not take long for them to find the Godly Kings tomb.

If one of the Godly Kings tombs recorded the Divine Kingdoms treasury and transmitted it out, it would be a huge problem for him.

However, if he wanted to speed up the progress, he needed to increase the number of people.

Where could he find miners who could work and would not betray him


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