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After a pause, Uncle Ning spoke again,

“However, speaking of which, I have also come with your fathers orders.”

Ning Zhiyuans heart jolted, and he said with a serious expression,

“Please speak, Uncle.”

“From today onwards, all the people here are your resources, and the only resources you can use.

Apart from these people, you are not to touch anyone else in the Ning family.

“Unless your enemies also use martial arts master above the Godslayer realm!”

“This… Does father mean that he wants to test me”

Ning Zhiyuan was a little puzzled while Uncle Ning nodded solemnly.

“Thats right.

A Godly Kings tomb is indeed a considerable amount of resources for our Ning family.

However, compared to the inheritance left behind by a dead Godly King, what is more important is to nurture the future heir of the Ning family.

“If the heir of the Ning family is properly nurtured, there will be a very good chance to nurture a new Godly King in the future.

“A living Godly King!

“Your fathers idea is to use this opportunity to give you a trial to see how you manage to succeed in the end.

“Unless you encounter a situation where the Ning family has to take action, otherwise, he will not provide you with any assistance.”

Ning Zhiyuans expression was solemn, but he immediately nodded.

He knew his fathers intentions.

The resources in the world were always limited, and it was impossible to take care of everyone perfectly.

Although the Ning familys resources were powerful, they were not endless.

Otherwise, the Ning family would not only have three Godly Kings and no Godly Emperors.

Whether it was the Ning family or the other families, there would be a systematic division of their disciples.

At the same time, there would also be a systematic division of the resources given to them.

Only the most dazzling new star had the right to become the strongest king!

Other than that, the others would always be the leaves that served as a foil.

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Back then, it was because of his fathers outstanding performance that he was able to be nurtured by the Ning family.

In the same generation, his brothers and sisters, who were also Ning Zhiyuans uncles and aunts, were only at the peak of the God realm at the moment, while he had already advanced to the Godslayer realm.

Furthermore, he was only in his sixties that year.

It was the result of a large familys efforts in nurturing him.

The speed of his improvement was so terrifying that it made people speechless.

One had to know that on the path of martial arts, the younger one was, the higher the cultivation realm was, and the higher the upper limit was.

His father had a high chance of advancing to the Godly King realm in the future.

Moreover, although Ning Zhiyuan was currently the young master of the Ning family, if someone surpassed him, there was no guarantee that the resources of the Ning family would not be tilted.

If he could also display his extraordinary talent, then he would be able to obtain more stability and more resources.

In the future, he would have the chance to become an existence like his father.

“Uncle, although we annihilated the enemies of the three god clans, the three god clans did not harm their foundation.

“Moreover, if my guess is correct, the three god clans must have notified their respective gods.”

Uncle Ning pondered for a moment.

“You shouldnt be too worried about this.

“I will protect you here.

At the same time, I will set up a stronger defensive array and teleportation array to establish a base.

“This way, if the other party dares to invade, it will be impossible for them to break through the defensive array in a short period of time.

“And when they can break through the defensive array, our Ning familys experts will probably be here as well.

“Among the three god clans, only the Thunder God Clan has a Godly King.

Hes still in his twilight years and doesnt dare to make a move easily.

“The remaining small fries arent up to par.”

Ning Zhiyuan shook his head.

“Uncle, youre looking at it too one-sidedly.

“The three god clans will certainly be wary of the Ning family behind us.

But theyve suffered such a great loss, so they definitely wont let it go so easily.

“If my guess is correct, in order to vent their anger, they might spread the news that there are many divine tombs here.

“In this way, who knows how many martial arts experts will come over and covet it.

At that time, it will be really troublesome.”

Uncle Ning nodded.

“Its already rare that you can think of this.

Then what are you going to do next”

The Ning family could deal with the three gods, but they might not be able to deal with 30 or 300 gods.

There were so many divine tombs there, which was equivalent to a large amount of cultivation resources.

There might even be a Godly Kings tomb that would drive countless people crazy.

In the starry sky, it would attract the covetous eyes of countless people.

Uncle Ning really wanted to know what Ning Zhiyuan was thinking.

Ning Zhiyuan took a deep breath as madness flashed in his eyes.

“I want to inform the various large families under the Xuan Yuan clan.

In the name of the Ning familys young master, I want to invite them to come and search for treasures.”

Uncle Nings pupils constricted.

“This idea of yours is a little too crazy.”

“Its not crazy at all.

“Although we knew that there was a Godly Kings tomb in this place, it had yet to appear.

“Even if the entire Ning family were to come over, they could not guarantee that we would find the Godly Kings tomb before the three god clans spread the news.

“If they could not find the Godly Kings tomb in time, the other gods would spread the news and it would also attract many people to fight over it.

“It was almost impossible for the Ning family to obtain a 100 percent chance of obtaining the Godly Kings tomb.

“Furthermore, at that time, they might face the pressure from many factions as well as the complaints from the various families of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“On the contrary, as the young master of the Ning family, I invited the young masters of the various families to explore the Godly Kings tomb.

“Firstly, I wanted them to owe me a favor.

“Secondly, as soon as they came, the family behind them would be pulled into the boat by me.

In the future, if too many members of the god clan come, My Ning family wouldnt have to face enemies on both sides and fight alone.”

“What a good plan!”

At that moment, Uncle Ning could not help but praise Ning Zhiyuans thoughts.

Knowing that he might not be able to obtain the entire tomb of the Godly King, he decisively cut off his wrists and sacrificed a part of the uncertain resources in exchange for the support of many allies.

Such a character and wisdom at Ning Zhiyuans age, he was indeed worthy of praise.

At that moment, Uncle Ning seemed to see a rising star of the Ning family, continuously releasing his brilliance.

“Do what you want to do.

I will support you with all my strength.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded and immediately said again,

“Oh right, theres one more thing.

I need Uncles help.”

“Go ahead.”

“Among the martial arts experts from the three god clans, there was a fourth level God realm cultivator who escaped during the battle.

“I hope Uncle can help me investigate.

“The people below are the descendants of our Xuan Yuan clan.

Im afraid that their safety will be threatened.”

Uncle Ning nodded.

“Leave this matter to me.

You can do what you need to do in peace.”

“Then Ill leave it to Uncle.”

“Silly boy, why are you being so polite with me Lets go, he shouldnt be too far away by now.

Ill go patrol now and see if I can find him.”

In Jianghai city, Ye Xiao finished his work for the whole day and returned home to continue slaughtering the meat of the big fish.

Due to there being no meat from other star beasts, and he wanted to quickly increase his strength, he had to cut more meat from the big fish.

There was nothing he could do no matter how much he ate.

Just like a man, no matter how much he ate, he still had to force himself to do it when he needed to.

Otherwise, he could only be a good-for-nothing.

Finally, Ye Xiao could not stand the taste of the sheeps wool being pulled again and again.

The big fish could not take it anymore!

“Have you had enough Can you be a little more shameless Pulling the sheeps wool is not how you do it, right Cant you find another star beast

“Ever since I was caught by you, tell me about you.

Have you allowed me to rest for a day

“I do it in the morning, and at night.

In the human world, you do it seven days a week.

You wish you could do it to me eight days a week.

“I say, you eat my meat every day.

Arent you sick of It”

He shouted at the top of his voice without any restraint.

In any case, he had already seen through it.

Even if he greeted Ye Xiaos entire family, Ye Xiao would not kill him.

Even if he killed him, he would resurrect him.

He had completely given up all hope for himself.

Ye Xiao paused for a moment.

“Im indeed tired of eating.”

Then, he gave the big fish another stab.

The big fish collapsed in anger.

“Arent you a man! Your only thought should be to think about women… Can you find a girlfriend Every day, research how to make her happy and let her sing to you.

All of them are songs of the same tune …

“Isnt that a hundred times better than staring at a fish like me all day long”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao slashed again.


The big fish was really on the verge of breaking down.

For the sake of convenience, the current Ye Xiao would directly bring in soy sauce and mustard after work every day.

Then, he would cut the flesh off this fish of his and even call itfresh.

Ye Xiao was fresh, but he was suffering.

“Hold on, dont attack me for now.

Ill tell you a piece of news.

This news is enough to change your life.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

“What news are you going to say”

Big Fish took a deep breath and said with a serious expression,

“Have you heard of the Godly Kings tomb”

Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly focused.

“You know of the Godly Kings tomb”

“Of course!”

A smug look flashed across the big fishs face.

“As long as you release me, I can immediately bring you over to look for it.

What do you think”

However, what responded to him was another slash from Ye Xiao.

“Hey! I already told you that theres a Godly Kings tomb.

Why did you still want to slash me”

“Im used to it.

Go on.”

The big fish was so angry that he spat out blood.

However, he did not dare to resist and could only say,

“The location of that Godly Kings tomb is where I was previously resting.

Theres a spatial entrance there that can directly enter the entrance of the Godly Kings tomb.”

Ye Xiao nodded and began to ponder.

His current Divine Kingdoms treasury had been excavated for too long.

He could not excavate it in the short term and could not obtain the resources inside.

Therefore, it seemed quite good to take the opportunity to dig up a Godly Kings tomb first.


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