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The big fish was stunned speechless.

He felt that this person in front of him treated him like an idiot, but he did not dare to be sure.

“Human, do you mean to say that you want this venerable self to become your star pet”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Not a star pet, but if you really want a name, you can think of yourself as an existence like poultry or livestock.

“Of course, if you want a more elegant way of saying it, thats fine too.

That is, I want you to help me cultivate.”

The big fish immediately flew into a rage.

What kind of joke was that Was the person in front of him out of his mind

Who was he

He was a majestic Venerable Beast!

A Venerable Beast that surpassed the supreme divine beast and was comparable to a god-level prodigy!

He was a super prodigy that could intimidate an area and control an entire star field.

That human actually wanted him to be his livestock.

Should he be called naive, or should he be called cute

“Human, I feel that I need to clarify something with you.

I am a Venerable Beast! Although I dont know what method you used to heal my injuries, I am still a Venerable Beast! No one can change that fact.

“Theres another point.

You were only able to attack me while I was injured.

“If Im not mistaken, your strength should only be at the third level of the God realm, right”

Just as his voice fell, Ye Xiao used the World Destruction masterpiece technique in the next second.


The big fishs body was split in half.

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The intense pain and the fish intestines that fell out caused the big fish to fall into confusion once again.

What was going on

The other partys strength was clearly only at the third level of the God realm.

Was he not at the fifth level of the God realm, himself

He was not mistaken.

He could clearly feel that his aura was stronger than the other partys.

He was indeed at the fifth level of the God realm, and Ye Xiao was also indeed at the third level of the God realm.

However, he did not even see the other party make a move before Ye Xiao instantaneously annihilated him.

What on Earth was going on

Wait a minute!

There seemed to be something wrong.

He instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

Something was too wrong.

Thinking about it carefully, the other partys strength was obviously lower than his, but in the end, he dared to make a move on him.

That was in itself a very, very illogical matter.

Moreover, the other party had the strength to instantly injure him.

That was enough to prove that the other party had had designs on him from the very beginning.

Moreover, the other party had the strength to control him from the very beginning.

What was even more terrifying was that the other party had actually mastered the healing technique.

At the same time that he devoured his own flesh and blood, he was also able to use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to repair his own flesh and blood.

That b*stard!

“A mere human, what do you take the Venerable Beast for Do you think Im one of your trashy underlings

“The Venerable Beast has the dignity of a Venerable Beast!

“You want to use me to help you cultivate Dream on.”

In the next second, he immediately detonated his own body.

Even if he self-detonated and died together with the other party, it was impossible for him to become the other partys tool.

‘I even blew you up together, what else can you do

‘This is the price you pay for daring to have designs on a Venerable Beast prodigy!

‘In the next life, be more clear-headed.

Who knows how much time has passed, perhaps in an instant, or perhaps a very long time.

The big fish looked at Ye Xiao and him, who were completely unharmed, and fell into a deep dilemma.

“Is this an illusion”

Just as he finished speaking, his body was in pain again.

D*mn it, Ye Xiao had cut off half of his body again.

“Whats wrong with playing You like to play with self-destruction.

Its such a pity to waste such good fish meat.”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“Self-destructing is useless.

Your self-destruct can at most barely injure my body a little.

Its far from reaching the level of turning me into ashes and scattering my soul.

At this level, I can use a healing technique to heal myself and then heal you again.

“So its better to save some strength!”

In the next second, Ye Xiao left the cellar.

He had not eaten enough just now, so he still had to continue enjoying his delicacies.

Meanwhile, the big fish sank into a thick rage.

‘Detestable b*stard, whats so great about it Its just that there are a lot of people.

Its just that the cultivation technique that he cultivates might be a little stronger, so he can cross ranks to fight.

Do you think this venerable self will be afraid of you just like that What great storms has this venerable self not seen

‘Give this venerable self 30 years! After 30 years, this venerable self will be able to advance once again, and his strength will reach the realm of the sixth level of the God realm.

‘And you When that time comes, will you be able to advance to the fourth level of the God realm


‘When that time comes, it will be your doomsday.

The following days returned to the past.

Ye Xiao read books in the library during the day and ate meat at home at night.

However, no matter how delicious the food was, he would still get sick of it after eating it for a few days.

It was a very torturous thing for a foodie, but he had no choice.

The big fish was a Venerable Beast comparable to the fifth level of the God realm.

His blood essence was too dense.

If he could eat his meat every day, he might be able to advance a realm in a months time.

If he did not eat his meat, it would take him about two months to advance a realm.

Ye Xiao needed to greatly increase his cultivation now to ensure that he would not be hurt when he faced a stronger existence.

Unfortunately, Venerable Beast-level star beasts were too difficult to find.

Otherwise, he would have gone out and caught a few long ago.

He had no choice but to make do with them.

That day, Ye Xiao had just arrived at the library to work when he heard a shocking dragons roar.

It was the Great Wall Array left behind by the Ancestral Dragon to protect the Nine Provinces.

The control of that array was in his hands.

However, later on, because the Xuan Yuan clan had come, it was inconvenient for him to show his face in public, so he transferred the control to Emperor Jing.

That day, the Great Wall Array was suddenly opened.

Could it be that the members of the three god clans had already started to fight with the Xuan Yuan clan

As expected, Yao Meiqin directly announced that matter during the leaders meeting in the morning.

“Everyone, from today onwards, the entire Nine Provinces will be in a state of first-class war readiness.

“Everyone knows that our Xuan Yuan clan has recently discovered many divine tombs in the starry sky.

Because of this reason, the members of the three god clans are jealous, so they launched an attack on us.

“But everyone, dont worry.

Our Xuan Yuan clan will definitely be able to annihilate all our enemies and resolutely maintain the dignity of our Xuan Yuan clan.”

The emotions of his colleagues were stirred up.

“Defeat the three god clans.”

“Long live the Xuan Yuan clan!”

“We will definitely be the final victors.”

Ye Xiaos mind was relatively calm.

He knew that Yao Meiqins words had more or less some elements of artistic refinement.

However, that was also very normal.

After all, they had to gather their clans self-confidence.

Moreover, from the start of that matter, it was indeed the three god clans who had offended them first.

If they had not sent a spy over, he would not have made a move either.

If their spy did not kill the people of the Xuan Yuan clan and did not snatch Beitang Ces Will-o-Wisp Eye, there would not have been the mess that followed.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao believed that the Xuan Yuan clan would be able to withstand that matter.

Previously, when he discovered that there might be the existence of the Godly Kings tomb, Ning Zhiyuan had already decided to send more martial arts experts over.

So much time had passed that those martial arts experts who were supporting them would definitely have already arrived there.

Ye Xiao did not know the Ning familys strength, but he knew that with the other partys strength, it would definitely not be a problem for them to deal with the three god clans.

The Xuan Yuan clan was officially the Xuan Yuan family.

Below the Xuan Yuan family, there were ten direct descendants!

The Ning family was one of the ten direct descendants.

As for the strongest martial arts experts of the Ning family, it was said that there were even Godly Emperors!

The Ning familys strength could be said to be unfathomable.

The reality was just as Ye Xiao had thought.

The Great Wall Array only lasted for an hour before it was automatically deactivated.

That meant that the battle in the starry sky had already ended.

There should be quite a number of people from the three god clans coming that time, and there would be some God realm martial arts masters among them!

Even so, they were still unable to resist the attack of a direct descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan.

One could imagine how powerful the Ning family was.

One could also imagine how powerful the Xuan Yuan clan was.

What was even more terrifying was that in the entire universe, the Xuan Yuan clan was only ranked 19th.

He really did not know how powerful the first and second-ranked existences in the universe would be

Could it be that the first to attack was a Godly Emperor

Just thinking about it made Ye Xiao feel his scalp tingle.

Furthermore, as a top-tier race in the starry skies, their Godly Emperors must have archaic masterpiece technique-level offensive techniques.

He really did not know how powerful he had to be on par with them.

That also confirmed Ye Xiaos confidence in continuing to be steady in the library.


In the starry skies, the Xuan Yuan clan disciples were quickly cleaning up the battlefield.

There were corpses of the three great god clans everywhere, and there were also a few corpses of the Xuan Yuan clansmen in the middle,

However, it was mainly the corpses of the three great god clans.

Ning Zhiyuan looked at the corpses of the three great god clans that had been exterminated and finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Fortunately, the reinforcements of the Ning family came in time.

Otherwise, at that moment, the corpses lying on the ground would probably not be the other god clans, but the people of his Ning family.

He cupped his hands to a figure beside him and thanked him,

“Uncle, its all thanks to you this time.

If you hadnt come so quickly, I really dont know what I would have done.”

Uncle Ning patted Ning Zhiyuans shoulder and smiled in relief,

“You are the young master of the younger generation of our Ning family.

As your biological uncle, I cant watch you suffer no matter what, can I

“Furthermore, for you to be able to discover the information of the Godly Kings tomb this time is a great merit for our Ning family.”

Ning Zhiyuan smiled in embarrassment.

“Speaking of which, Im a little ashamed.

I still havent found the Godly Kings tomb.”

“Silly boy, if the Godly Kings tomb is really that easy to find, then Godly Kings would be too worthless!”


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