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Ye Xiao was completely dumbfounded.

The silly cats efficiency… Was actually so high

At that moment, he even began to doubt his life, doubting his judgment of Huan Liuli in the past.

Could it be that the silly cat had actually been acting all along

However, Ye Xiaos smart IQ quickly figured out the reason.

The other party was already injured.

Perhaps the silly cat just happened to meet him and tricked him into coming over.

That explanation was the most reasonable.

In the courtyard, the big fish looked at the building and could not help but be puzzled.

“The few of you live in such a run-down place This small house is not even as big as my main bodys kitchen! The few of you are after all supreme divine beasts and lesser divine beasts.

Why are you so shabby”

Huan Liuli smiled.

“It doesnt matter, it doesnt matter.

You can think of this as our kitchen.”


Just as he was puzzled, Ye Xiao came out of the room.

Seeing Ye Xiao that moment, his pupils could not help but constrict.

“A human! Wait a minute, this is…”

He had already vaguely sensed that something was not right around him.

A chill instantly rose from his fish tail to his fish head.

“D*mn it! This venerable self has been tricked!”

He did not dare to hesitate at all and immediately executed his movement technique in an attempt to escape.

However, it was a pity that he was already heavily injured, to begin with.

At that point, he could not even use one-tenth of his strength.

Not to mention escaping in front of a heaven-defying existence like Ye Xiao.

He was just about to activate his movement technique when ye Xiao activated the Breaking the Galaxy in the next second, directly sealing his body and even the entire area around him.

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The World Destruction masterpiece technique was activated.

Its powerful might instantly cut his body into dozens of pieces.

The pitiful big fishs consciousness instantly sank into darkness.

A thick wave of grief and indignation reflected in his soul!.

He hated it!


Why did even the star beasts betray their own clansmen and become the lackeys of the human race in that day and age


Just why

He really wanted to ask, but he could no longer obtain the answer.

He had fought with great difficulty until then.

Back in the day, he did not die in the hands of the Ancestral Dragon, but at that moment, he died there, at the hands of a few small pawns.

What a shame!

The big fish could not understand all of it.

As for Huan Liuli and the other star beasts, after seeing Ye Xiaos methods, they immediately flattered him.

“Masters god technique is unrivaled!”

“Master, God has descended!”

“Master has ruled the starry sky for thousands of generations.

Master is the greatest, Master is the most handsome, and Master is the most awesome! Master is the God in my heart forever! Master, I will always love you! Master, I want to serve you for 10,000 years.”


Hai Tianyu did not have any words to use.

The star beasts culture was not high, to begin with.

There were only a few words in her stomach, but in the blink of an eye, they were all said by the Earth King Dragon.

There was not even a single sentence left for her.

That dead snake was really mean!

Fortunately, Ye Xiao did not care.

He smiled faintly and praised,

“You guys have worked hard.

You all did very well this time.”

“Thank you, Master, for your praise.”

Huan Liuli could not help but say,

“Master, Master, this fish is so big and so fat! The taste must be very good.

Lets eat it now! Should we braise it in red sauce or steam it We can also make soup with pepper and sprinkle it with a bit of chopped garlic.

The taste will definitely be fresh!”

Ye Xiao walked forward.

“Let me see what kind of fish this is first.

Not all fish are suitable for making soup.”

However, when he walked to the fishs side and took a closer look, his eyes immediately lit up.

“What luck! Its actually this kind of fish!”

Huan Liuli and the other star beasts were somewhat puzzled.

“Master, what kind of fish is it”

Ye Xiao explained patiently,

“This kind of fish is a salmon.

Its flesh is very fresh, tender, and delicious.

Its an excellent type of fish used to make raw fish.”

Huan Liuli and the other star beasts eyes lit up.

“Raw fish Isnt that just eating raw”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Theres mustard and soy sauce in the kitchen.

Go and get some.”


Huan Liuli quickly slipped into the kitchen and quickly took out the soy sauce and mustard sauce.

Ye Xiao used his spiritual energy to transform into a sword and cut off a small piece of meat.

He dipped it into the soy sauce and stuffed it into Huan Liulis small mouth.

“How does it taste”

Huan Liuli took a bite and immediately shouted excitedly,

“Its so delicious! This fish is so delicious! I really like eating this fish.

Its just right to be fat and thin, and its not greasy!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thats why I said that this fish is best eaten raw.”

He took out four pieces of meat and handed them to Huan Liuli.

“These four pieces of meat are for you guys.”

The three-headed star beast was dumbfounded.

“Are we going to have a share too”

Ye Xiao nodded and continued to eat the next piece of fish.

“Of course, you guys are going to have a share.

You guys were the ones who brought him here.

You guys have done a great deed, so I naturally have to reward you guys.”

Huan Liuli gave each of their three pieces of fish to each star beast.

The three star beasts looked at the piece of meat in their hands and did not know what was going on They immediately felt that their eyes were a little sour.

That feeling of being cared for and treated by others was really good.

In the past, they had never understood one thing, and that was why Huan Liuli was willing to listen to Ye Xiaos commands and be his star pet.

At that moment, they seemed to understand.

It was because star beasts lacked love, every star beast, from the moment they were born, would walk on a sea of fire at the tip of a blade.

They could not stay for even a moment, or else they would die.

It was the cruel law of survival of the fittest in nature.

However, with Ye Xiao, it was the first time they felt this kind of feeling of being loved by someone.

That kind of feeling was really good!

It was like being a star pet for their master.

A true star pet like Huan Liuli.

They had decided to work harder for their master in the future and strive to be recognized by their master as soon as possible.

That way, perhaps one day, they would also be qualified to be their masters star pet.

On Ye Xiaos side, after swallowing more than half of the fishs star beast meat, the blood essence in his body began to clearly surge.

In the blink of an eye, the cultivation in his body completely advanced to the third level of the God realm with apop sound!

D*mn it! He had cultivated for more than half a month.

He felt that if he wanted to rely on his cultivation to advance to the third level of the God realm, he would need at least another month!

However, he did not expect that after replenishing a certain amount of blood essence, his cultivation would increase so quickly.

As expected, in addition to his own hard work in cultivation, he should also eat well and drink well.

He had decided to capture a few more Venerable Beasts in the future.

After eating her fill, Huan Liulis cultivation also advanced again, directly reaching the intermediate and advanced stage of the Divine Beast realm.

After all, it was a Venerable Beast venerable that was comparable to a fifth level of the God realm.

To her, the level of vitality contained within was really too high.

The strength of the other star beasts also increased more or less.

However, they did not increase as much as Huan Liuli.

That was because Huan Liulis cultivation was low, the lower cultivation increased faster, so naturally, the higher her cultivation increased less.

“Are you all full”

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and asked.

The star beasts all nodded.

“Then lets continue to work! The Venerable Beast has been caught.

You guys should continue to mine.”

“Yes! I promise to complete the mission.”

The star beasts were valiant again, and they burrowed into the ground with high spirits.

Right then, their bodies were full of energy, and they wanted to work for Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao looked at the salmon head on the ground and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He did not put the salmon into the jade seal.

The jade seal was currently underground and was used to store the divine crystals.

He chose to bring the salmon into the cellar under his courtyard.

That cellar had been leveled by Ye Xiao in the beginning.

At that time, he had built a star beast farm under the library, so naturally, there was no need for it.

Later on, Ye Xiao felt that he harvested too much star beast meat every day.

In order to prevent others from discovering it, he dug up that cellar again.

Since the jade seal was useless at the moment, then he would first use the cellar to arrange for the big fish.

He quickly brought the fish head in and then began to cast a healing technique to heal him.

In the darkness, the big fishs soul was drifting.

He was already prepared to put down the unwillingness and hatred in his heart.

He could not do anything because he was already dead.

Even if he wanted to take revenge, even if he could not figure it out, he was still dead!.

Since he was already dead, what was the point of thinking so many questions

Was he not just looking for trouble

‘Forget it, lets end it like this.

From now on, he would accompany that long night and let his soul drift aimlessly in the world of death forever.

At this moment, he could not help but admire himself.

That kind of open-minded personality was probably not something that few people could compare to.

He felt that he should be admired and praised by the later generations.

However, at that moment, he suddenly saw a small dot in front of him.

What a warm light!

It was like the moment when he crawled out of his mothers stomach, the feeling of seeing the light for the first time in his life.

It was so amazing, so shocking.

At that moment, even the big fish can not control their own body, wagging their tails, toward the light point to swim over.

Unable to control his nature, he opened his mouth wide and took a bite.


The next second, he suddenly felt the environment around him change in an instant.


His surroundings were still as dark as before, but there was a difference.

It was not as dark as before.

Moreover, there was another point.

The human who had just killed him had actually appeared in front of him once again.

“Is this venerable self dreaming”

Ye Xiao shook his head and said with a faint smile,

“Welcome to the star beast farm.

From today onwards, you are my fish.

Do you see this cellar This is the cellar I dug for you.

It is also the place where you will live from now on.

“Your job is to provide me with flesh and blood..

Come on, I have faith in you.”


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