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The book was very thick.

It did not seem like a cultivation technique, and there were many hidden records within it.

Ye Xiao only closed the book when he saw that it was about time to end work in the evening.

That book roughly told the story of a certain year when the star beasts invaded, and humans rose up to resist the beast calamity.

Ye Xiao had previously read from other books that when the front line was unable to suppress the impact of the star beasts, they would open up some gaps in the front line appropriately and allow in a portion of the star beasts.

Firstly, it could buffer the onslaught.

Secondly, it could temper the human races ability at the rear.

What that book recorded was a beast calamity more than 100 years ago, which was also the last time humanity suffered a major one.

According to the records, although that beast calamity was not the largest beast calamity in human history, it almost wiped out the entire nine provinces.

It could be said to be the biggest invasion disaster in the history of the nine provinces!

Many large states in that world worked together to drive the beast calamity toward the nine provinces, causing the nine provinces to suffer the brunt of it.


There were many star beasts that entered the nine provinces, and there were also many martial artists born during that period.

The one that came to Jianghai city and a few other cities was a star beast called King El.

It was a powerful star beast with a dragon-class bloodline!

Legend has it that it had the ability to resurrect the dead.

As long as it had one hand or a piece of flesh left, it would eventually resurrect.


Every time it resurrected, its strength would return to its peak state!

That battle was extremely tragic.

The Zhong province that Jianghai city belonged to had sacrificed a divine grandmaster and a total of eight great sects!

Only then did they seal separate pieces of its physical body.

“This plot…”

Ye Xiao fell into deep thought.

Why did it sound a little familiar

It was extremely similar to the plot in a novel.

Could that map of King El be used to mark the location of King Els physical body

Obtaining the map, collecting the seven pieces of King Els corpse, and summoning King El back to life

However, was there any relationship between the garrison teams tiger demon and the evil spirit

If there was a connection, then it meant that there should be more than one evil spirit in Jianghai city.

Looks like there will be a lot of trouble in the future!

Ye Xiao sighed slightly and was about to put The Legend Under the Starry Sky back on the bookshelf when a familiar voice suddenly sounded by his ear.

“You like reading such books too”

Ye Xiao paused and turned around to take a look.



The person who appeared was the head of the personnel department, Yang Zhengyi.

For the time being, he could be considered Ye Xiaos superior.

“I didnt disturb you, right”

Yang Zhengyi smiled.

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Of course not.”

“Why were you interested in reading this book”

“I had nothing to do.

I saw this book and thought it was quite interesting, so I took a few more glances.


Yang, have you read this book before”

“A little.

It was written by the older generation.

In my era, it sold quite well.

What are your thoughts on it”

“I dont really have much to say about it.

I just feel that those divine snd great sects who stood up for humanity were somewhat tragic as well as heroic.

Its quite admirable!”

“Its rare for you to think like this.

There arent many people who remember history now.”


The evening clock chimed as Ye Xiao put the book back on the bookshelf.

“Its time to get off work, sir.

If theres nothing else, Ill be leaving first.”

Yang Zhengyi nodded and smiled kindly.

“Go on.

Take care on the road.”

As Ye Xiao left, Yang Zhengyi stared at his back.

The smile on his face gradually turned into doubt.

He was silent for a long time before looking at the book on the shelf.

‘Maybe Im overthinking it.

Ye Xiao first returned to the third floor to pick up Huan Liuli.

The two were very far apart, so he could not summon her with his spiritual energy.

If someone saw him do so, it was inevitable that they would overthink it.

However, when he went upstairs, he could not help but feel a little confused.


Yang seemed a little strange.

However, he doesnt have the aura of a star beast, so he shouldnt be their accomplice.

“However… His cultivation is definitely not low!”

Ye Xiao could vaguely sense that the other was not ordinary.

However, martial artist above the grandmaster rank could block their own aura, so it was very difficult to find out the others strength!

If he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, he would have been able to find out.

However, the two of them were too close just now.

If he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, it was very likely that he would also be exposed.

It was not worth it.

Moreover, there were some infiltrators in the novels of his previous life.

Perhaps, Mr.

Yang was their infiltrator.

Forget it.

It was normal to manage the affairs of the little lackeys.

That kind of possibility only occurred in a film.

It was better not to meddle too much in other peoples affairs, lest one provoke some trouble that one should not provoke.


When he arrived upstairs, Ning Yuhen was mopping the floor.

Hmm… The young man was very diligent.

He also mopped up Ye Xiaos area.

He was at Houtian fifth grade so he did not sweat much.

Perhaps he did it a little too quickly, and his fair face was a little red.


Ye, youre here.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Theres no need to mop the floor every day.

There are fewer people on the third floor.

We can just mop it up once every two or three days.”

Ning Yuhen said with a smile,

“I have nothing to do anyway.

I just treat it as exercise.”

“Its good that you like it.

Its time to get off work.

Lets go have dinner together.”


The two of them and the cat went downstairs to the cafeteria to have dinner.

When it was time to pay the bill, Ye Xiao swiped his card and paid the bill for the two of them.

Ning Yuhen quickly said,


Ye, let me do it.

Its my first day here.

How could I have the cheek to let you treat me”

“Its fine.

Just take it as my thanks for helping me mop the floor.”

After Ye Xiao said that, he carried his own plate and found a seat.

Ning Yuhen quickly followed.

“Thank you, sir.”

Logically speaking, Ye Xiao was Ning Yuhens superior.

It was not a big deal for Ning Yuhen to help him mop the floor, but Ye Xiao still took the initiative to pay the bill and treat him to a meal.

He did not put on airs and bully him.

Ye Xiao picked up a piece of duck liver for Huan Liuli.

As he enjoyed the delicious food, he said indifferently,

“Theres no need to thank me.

I just dont like to use my power over others, and I dont like to owe people favors.”

“There are very few people like Mr.

Ye nowadays.”

“Its alright.

Most people are good.

Its just that you might not have seen them.”

Ning Yuhen nodded.

Seeing that Ye Xiaos expression remained indifferent and did not show much joy, he did not continue speaking.

He lowered her head and carefully tasted his dinner.

Ye Xiao inadvertently glanced at him.

Hmm… That kid ate slowly.

He had the air of a lady from an aristocratic family, making him speechless.

A man could have the boldness to eat meat in big bites, or the elegance of a gentleman to eat meat reservedly.

However, it was very difficult for him to understand someone like Ning Yuhen.

Before he could finish his meal, the phone in Ye Xiaos pocket rang.

The caller ID showed that it was Gu Hai.

“Hello! Whats the matter”

“Old Ye, do me a favor and send me a few books with information on the evil spirits.”

“Its time to get off work..

Im not going.”



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