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“Did our people die here”

“It should be here.

I can feel the auras of our kind.”

The three leaders of the three god clans were at the God realm.

They were terrifyingly strong!

Although they did not release their auras, just standing in the air gave them suffocating pressure.

“According to the information we got from the Winged God clan, there are a lot of divine tombs in this star area.

“Although we dont know the reason, there are a lot of cultivation resources in these divine tombs.”

“I heard that the members of the Xuan Yuan clan are also here.

Could it be them They killed our clansmen in secret to compete for the resources”

“I dont think so.

According to the message sent by the descendants of our Giant Gorilla clan, there are many divine tombs.

Whether its the Xuan Yuan clan or them, they wont be able to dig all of them out!

“The people of the Xuan Yuan clan were busy digging the divine tombs.

They didnt have the time to take action against them.

“There must be some other reason.

We should investigate it in detail.

After all, this matter concerns the Xuan Yuan clan.

If we dont do well and start a war, it wont be a good thing for us.”

Everyone nodded.

The other party was right.

There was no doubt about the Xuan Yuan clans strength.

The god clan ranked 19th in the starry sky.

It was best not to provoke them.

“We should first station here and understand the situation around here.”

“Brother Lex is the strongest.

Since you have said so, we can only do as you say.

Pass down the order and station here.

Then, send out a group of people to investigate the situation around here.”

Everyone immediately went down to search for star Islands to station.

In the starry sky, there were star islands of all sizes everywhere.

They floated in the starry sky and there were countless of them.

At night, looking at them in the human world, those formed bright stars.

In the starry sky, on the territory of the Xuan Yuan clan, Ning Zhiyuan looked worriedly at Manager Ning who was recuperating from his injuries.

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“Manager Ning, are your injuries alright”

Manager Ning shook his head.

His pale face showed that he was a little tired, but there was still light in his eyes.

He thought that he should be fine.

“I wont die for a while.

With the help of the Ning familys divine healing pills, Ill be able to recover in two days.

“What Im afraid of now is whether the other members of the three god clans will come at this time

“If they come at this time, we definitely wont be able to defeat them.

“This time, besides me, the Ning family has brought along three other God realm martial arts experts.

However, all of them are at the first level of the God realm, and Im the only one at the fourth level of the God realm.

“Young Master, you must be careful.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

Manager Ning sighed with emotion:

“I didnt expect that such a powerful star beast would appear in this place.

Its strength has already reached the fifth level of the God realm.

If it wasnt for the fact that I cultivated the five-star fire attribute god technique bestowed by the patriarch, which could restrain him, we would be in big trouble this time.

“Sure enough, even in such a remote place, its possible for one or two genius martial arts experts to appear.

“No matter where we are, we cant be careless.”

“Manager Ning is right.

You should rest well! Ill go out to see the progress of the excavation of the divine tomb.”

Ning Zhiyuan left Manager Nings room and came to the deck.

The maid quickly came to him.

“Young Master, we have trouble.

Weve just detected that many martial arts experts have come to this star area, where the three god clans used to stay.”

Ning Zhiyuan squinted his eyes.

“They came so fast Where are our people How long will it take”

“According to Young Masters estimation, it will take at least three days to arrive.”

Ning Zhiyuan took a deep breath and felt his chest tighten.

“Three days I hope that nothing will go wrong during those three days.”

On the other side, near the three god clans encampment, the space distorted and a huge fish shadow appeared in that space.

There were many large holes on his body, revealing orange flesh with white stripes.

It emitted a silver-white luster and was extremely alluring.

‘D*mn it! This is a great humiliation! I am a Venerable Beast of the generation, but I didnt expect to be beaten to death by a group of d*mned humans.

‘However, although this group of b*stards looked a bit like the Ancestral Dragon, with the same skin and black eyes, why did it feel like they were all very powerful

‘Could it be that the human race had already developed to such a powerful level Their martial arts culture had actually evolved to such a profound level.

It was truly terrifying.

‘Just this little bit of human race in the starry sky was already so terrifying.

Who knew how many terrifying existences there were on the ground as their lair.

‘It seems that I cant go to the human world on the ground.

I should return to my lair first and recuperate first.

‘Fortunately, Ive eaten a lot of their Emperor-level prodigy.

Hehehe… Its not a loss.”

With a sweep of his giant tail, he instantly appeared thousands of miles away.

That was the place where he had been sealed, his nest, and the camp of the three god clans.

However, when he returned, the entire fish was instantly stunned.

‘Whats going on Wheres my nest Whats going on with these people Why did they come up and occupy my nest

‘F*ck! Theyre going too far! No matter what, Im still a majestic Venerable Beast.

You d*mn humans, you took my nest right away.

If I dont show my power, youll treat me like a sick cat, right

‘F*ck, Ill kill you all!

He let out a roar!

He instantly charged into the enemys group.


The three god clans, who were rebuilding their fortress, did not expect that a Venerable Beast-level fish would suddenly appear there.

They also did not expect that the enemy would attack them directly without saying anything.

That was because they did not have time to defend themselves, nearly a hundred people lost their arms and legs under that attack.

The impact of impact even penetrated a star island that was hundreds of miles in diameter and split it into two.

“Whats going on”

“Enemy attack! Theres an enemy attack!”

“Report this to the captains!”

Someone shouted and a golden light shot toward the fleet.

Big fish did not realize what had happened.

He only knew that his attack had killed dozens of Emperor-level prodigies and severely injured dozens of Emperor-level prodigies.

All of their blood and spiritual energy was consumed by him, it was used to replenish the blood and spiritual energy that he had lost.

He was elated.

According to that situation, it would not be long before he could fully recover the body that had been injured by that group of people.

That was because they had severely injured his body, his current strength was only at the fourth level of the God realm.

It was really unpleasant.

He had to heal his injuries as soon as possible and restore his peak strength of the fifth level of the God realm.

That way, he could ensure that he could survive in that dangerous starry sky.

“Ahahaha… All of you die for me! All of you die for me… Ill let you taste the price of invading my nest!”

The big fish attacked the three great god clansmen crazily, devouring several figures every second.

Even though his body was severely injured and he could only display the strength of the fourth level of the God realm, this strength was still a fatal terror to the three great god clans who were at the Emperor realm!

That strength allowed him to act wantonly here.

However, the good situation did not last long, because following that, several figures rapidly flew down from the group of spiritual airships above.

There were a total of 11 figures, and every one of them was at the God realm!

“Which evil creature dares to act wantonly here Do you really think that the three great god clans are easy to bully”

“Evil creature, dont be so arrogant!”

Before the martial arts experts of the three great god clans landed, their attacks had already landed.

Beams of light continuously fell from the sky.

Each beam of light contained an extremely terrifying and terrifying power.

They ruthlessly bombarded the arrogant big fish below.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

The enemy had too many people, and they attacked even more times.

The attacks were so concentrated that even if big fish had extraordinary strength, it was impossible for him to dodge all of them.

He was bombarded by several imperial techniques and low-level god techniques on the spot.

One after another, huge bloody holes exploded on his body.

Big fish had just devoured so many Emperor-level prodigies, and the injuries on his body had healed a lot.

However, his injuries were even more serious now.

Half of his tail was broken, and only a piece of skin was connected to his body.

It hung on his body like a lantern.

“D*mn it! D*mn humans! Theyre so shameless! None of them have any martial virtue.

Other than a group fight, its still a group fight.

“Forget about the group of people who attacked me just now.

You b*stards who robbed my nest, how dare you play a group fight so shamelessly.

“Just wait for me.

Ill definitely come back.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the big fish gritted its teeth and swung its broken tail.

Its body instantly turned into a ray of light and fled in another direction!

The three martial arts experts of the god clans were enraged when they saw the miserable scene down there.

Their eyes were filled with killing intent.

“That d*mn beast! He killed so many of us! We cant let him go! Go after him!”

“Wait! What if this is a trick to lure him away Hes heavily wounded and cant use much of his power.

Each clan can send one God realm master to hunt him down!”

“That makes sense.

Eckstedt will fight for the Winged God clan.”

“Eobard will fight for the Thunder God clan.”

“Kasya will fight for the Giant Gorilla clan.”

The three God realm martial arts masters who were named instantly turned into three beams of light and dashed into the distance, chasing after the big fish.

After they left, an Emperor realm martial arts expert of the Winged God clan who had lost half of his arm came to the sky with a piece of torn clothes.

“Sirs, I risked my life to pull this out of that fishs mouth.”

The crowd took the clothes over and their pupils constricted.

“These clothes… Belong to the Xuan Yuan clan!”

“Could it be that the Xuan Yuan clan is behind this incident”

“Good job, Xuan Yuan clan.

We havent even started to investigate this matter and you guys cant sit still.

“Do you really think that you, Xuan Yuan clan, are number one in the starry skies and that no one dares to provoke you”


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