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Mcgregor was petrified on the spot, his mouth opened into ano shape.

He never expected that Ye Xiao could actually be so awesome!

Even if everyone was in the God realm, it was impossible for them to be so far apart, right

That was an instant kill!

In reality, even Ye Xiao himself did not expect that the World Destruction masterpiece technique was actually so powerful!

That Winged God clans God realm master earlier was only at the first level of the God realm.

With his current strength at the second level of the God realm, coupled with those nine-star imperial techniques, he would naturally be able to kill him in an instant.

However, it was absolutely impossible for him to do it so easily.

The power of the World Destruction masterpiece technique had already far exceeded his imagination!

As expected of the technique that the starry sky god race yearned for the most.

That was only one of the archaic masterpiece techniques.

If he were to collect a few more archaic masterpiece techniques, who knew how powerful they would be.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt two extremely powerful auras rapidly flying over there.

He did not delay any longer and activated Breaking the Galaxy.

With an unrivaled strength, he immediately pulled the other party to his side.


Mcgregor let out a blood-curdling scream.

In the next second, his neck was snapped by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao retrieved the Will-o-Wisp from his storage ring and swept away the storage rings of the three god clans.

Then, he used the Yin-yang Escape technique and disappeared from the spot.

In the starry sky, Ning Zhiyuan and Manager Ning, who were flying at high speed, suddenly heard a heart-wrenching and desperate scream coming from the star area in front of them.


That scream made their hearts stop.

They looked at each other.

“Increase your speed.”

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After a few breaths, the two of them arrived at the temporary camp of the three god clans.

However, when they arrived and saw the tragic scene in front of them, they could not help but be deeply shocked.

“This… This is… A massacre”

“What terrifying strength! The vast majority of them were instantly killed in a single strike! What was even more terrifying was that many of them had the exact same death form.

This meant that they were instantly killed at the same time, and it was also by the same person.

“Otherwise, it would be impossible for their deaths to be so similar.”

Both of their hearts could not help but beat faster.

It was true that both of them came from big clans and were well-informed.

However, that place was only a remote and small place.

It was impossible for there to be any martial arts experts.

Under such circumstances, it was natural for them to be shocked that a martial arts expert that exceeded their expectations had appeared.

“Manager Ning, your cultivation is at the fourth level of the God realm.

If you were to make a move, would you be able to do it to this extent”

Manager Ning shook his head slightly.

“Although I can also kill them in an instant, I cant do it.

To kill so many people in an instant within a single strike, the opponents strength is much stronger than mine.

It could be that the opponents cultivation technique is much stronger than mine!

“But no matter what, at least I understand something in my heart.

If I were to meet him, I definitely wouldnt be his match.”

Manager Nings analysis was not wrong.

Although Ye Xiao was only at the second level of the God realm at that point, his methods were really too powerful.

The lowest level was the nine-star god technique, and the highest level was even the masterpiece technique.

Fighting across one or two minor realms was not a difficult thing for him.

Hearing Manager Nings words, Ning Zhiyuans expression became even more solemn.

He walked into the command center.

The two of them came to the command center, and when they saw the dead Mcgregor and the puddle of divine blood beside him, they could not help but be shocked again.

“Manager Ning, do you feel any strange auras”

Manager Ning nodded, his expression extremely solemn,

“A God realm master came just now, but was killed! And he was killed in an instant.

He didnt even have the time to use his own power.”

The two of them fell into complete silence.

The shock they felt today was really too great.

They did not expect such a powerful martial arts master to appear in such a remote place!

It was already far beyond their expectations.

They had no idea why.

At that moment, Ning Zhiyuan suddenly thought of someone.

The person he had met that day, the top-grade genius who had transcended the tribulation and become a god.

In the nearby star areas, besides him, there really were not many people to see.

However, was it really him who made the move

The question was, why did he make the move

Ning Zhiyuan really could not figure out what kind of relationship the other party had with the three god clans.

After a long while, Manager Ning could not help but remind him,

“Young Master, you should have made a plan earlier.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

“I understand.”

Previously, because of the matter with the Godly Emperors tomb, he had already asked his family clan to send troops.

However, it seemed that just sending troops was not enough.

He had to send more martial arts experts to suppress them!

At that point, all three god clansmen had been killed.

The three god clans would definitely not let the matter rest so easily.

They had to be on guard against the counterattack of those three god clans.

After they returned, they had to immediately gather more powerful martial arts experts from their clans.

The two of them quickly left, but they did not notice that after they left, the blood of the three god clansmen flowed through the cracks on the ground and into the ground.

It was as if it had been absorbed by a strange force.

Under the ground, a faint murderous aura rose… However, it was quickly suppressed.

Ye Xiaos side quickly returned to the ground and arrived at Zhong City.

Emperor Jing was guarding Beitang Ce, waiting for Ye Xiaos return.

Seeing Ye Xiao suddenly appear by his side, he immediately stood up.

“Ye Xiao, you scared me to death.

I just thought about it and decided not to let you take the risk.

But Ive been sending you messages, but you havent replied to me.

I thought you went to the starry sky.”

On the hospital bed, Beitang Ce, although his eyes were tightly shut and wrapped in gauze, could not help but say,

“Ye Xiao, Im fine.

Im already old bones.

At worst, I can rest and recuperate in the future, retire behind the scenes, and take care of my old age.

Its also quite good…

“If I expose you because of my matter, or let you get injured, then Im the one who has let down my ancestors, the sinner of the Nine Provinces human race.”

Ye Xiao walked forward.

“Dont say that.

You guys dug graves in the starry sky and thought of giving me some of the resources that you worked so hard to earn.

Now that youre injured, it would be too heartless of me if I didnt interfere.”

“But you…”

Before Beitang Ee could finish speaking, Ye Xiao had already taken out his Will-o-Wisp Eye from his storage ring.

The moment he saw the Will-o-Wisp Eye, Emperor Jing could not help but narrow his eyes.

Although Beitang Ce on the bed could not see it, the Will-o-Wisp Eye was still a treasure on him after all, he could still sense its aura.

“This is… This… Ye Xiao, how did you get it back Did you go to the starry sky”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I took a trip to the starry sky just now.”


Good heavens, in such a short period of time, Ye Xiao had already taken a trip to the starry sky.

What was even more unbelievable was that Ye Xiao had also taken back the Will-o-Wisp Eye.

With the other partys speed, he must have long fled back to the three god clans base.

There were many martial arts experts there, and it was not as simple as just one or two Emperor realm experts.

Who knows, the other party might even summon a God realm master!

What kind of level did his strength have to rise to To be able to do such a heaven-defying thing

Previously, Ye Xiao was very awesome.

They could understand it because, at that time, their enemies were only star beasts and other humans.

Everyones standards were basically on the same line.

At that point, the descent of the god race was already an entire dimension higher than them!

Then, why did they feel that it did not affect Ye Xiaos awesomeness in the slightest

Ye Xiao placed the Will-o-Wisp Eye back into Beitang Ces eyes and used the god-healing technique, Secret of Eternal Life to help him heal.

If a special existence like the Divine Eye was lost, it would be the same as a natural death.

It would be bound by the laws of nature.

One had to find the eye back before it could be healed.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to repair the Divine Eye with just the healing technique alone.

If not, everyone would continue to dig out the Divine Eye and then use the healing technique to repair a new one.

Who knew how many Divine Eyes would be produced, and they would naturally be worthless.

There might already be a pair of Divine Eyes on the streets.

That was also the reason why Ye Xiao wanted to go to the three god clans encampment specifically to snatch back the Will-o-Wisp Eye.

The Divine Eye that was lost had been recovered.

Beitang Ces eyes turned bitter and he could not help but feel like crying.

The greatest reliance he had in his life was the Divine Eye.

It would be a lie to say that he did not feel sorry for the Divine Eye that had been snatched away.

The reason why he consoled Ye Xiao was that he did not want him to take the risk for him.

When that time came, he would be in deep danger.

It was entirely because of the concern and worry that the elders had for the younger generation.

However, to be able to regain it after losing it could be said to be a great joyous occasion for him.

“Ye Xiao, thank you.

If it werent for you, I would never have been able to recover my Divine Eyes.”

“Senior Beitang is too polite.

We are all of the Nine Provinces bloodline, so we should naturally be united.

Only then can we survive under the starry sky filled with martial arts experts.”

Only then did Emperor Jing interject,

“Ye Xiao, tell me, have you already advanced to that realm”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I just entered a while ago.”

“As expected!”

Although they already had some predictions in their hearts, hearing him admit it personally, whether it was Emperor Jing or Beitang Ce, they still felt shocked.

“As expected of you! Youre still so monstrous.

Even when the god race descended, they still couldnt suppress your brilliance! So many martial arts experts are eclipsed by you.”

The two of them could not help but sigh, but soon, Emperor Jings expression became worried.

“This time, you barged into the three god clans base.

Did you expose your identity”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Dont worry about this.

I killed all of them.

Not a single one was left alive, so its impossible for anyone to discover my identity.”


The two of them were silent for a long while.

They felt that their thoughts could not keep up with Ye Xiaos actions.

They thought that Ye Xiao had barged into the three god clans encampment.

After a brief battle, he quickly retrieved the Will-o-Wisp Eye and ran away.

In the end, they did not expect that Ye Xiao had killed all of them!


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