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A few days later, in the library.




He tightly furrowed his brows, and his entire being was somewhat speechless.


Those few days, after he had gone all out to inquire, the result was that the array… Did not have a masterpiece technique level.


That was right, the highest level of the array was only the nine stars of the divine array.


That made him feel somewhat puzzled.


Healing techniques, alchemy, artifact refinement, those all seemed to be able to synthesize masterpiece techniques.

Why was it that it could not be synthesized


Regarding that situation, Ye Xiaos final analysis could only say… No matter how strong an array was, it could not defeat a person with consciousness.


Especially those unparalleled prodigies who possessed masterpiece techniques.

If they wanted to restrain them, how powerful an array would they need to be


Moreover, how many divine crystals would be needed to set it up

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If it was too much, there might not be many people in the world who could afford it.


If someone could afford it, an array would only rely on a certain amount of divine crystals to defeat the masterpiece technique.

Then the masterpiece technique would become worthless again.


Therefore, it was a very complicated question.


Perhaps it was because of it that there was no array at the level of a masterpeice technique between heaven and earth


Forget it, it should just be left at that.


There was no way for him to obtain it.


He should still focus on cultivation first and try his best to raise his strength.


Fortunately, a few days later, Ye Xiaos masterpiece technique had been completely cultivated to perfection.


When the World Destruction masterpiece technique was successfully synthesized, Ye Xiaos cultivation also advanced because of it.




He had reached the second level of the God realm.


Above the God realm was the same as the Xiantian realm, divided into nine small realms.


Although it was said to be a small realm, the increase of each realm was comparable to the amount of spiritual energy required to advance to the God realm previously.


Of course, it did not mean that it needed to spend the time to advance to the God realm.


At least, it was not the case for Ye Xiao.


That was because after ones strength increased, the speed of absorbing spiritual energy would also increase.

Moreover, there was also a problem with the cultivation technique.


Normal people would only use god techniques to cultivate.

Moreover, the vast majority of people would not be able to use a nine-star god technique.

To be able to have a one-star god technique was already very impressive.


As an example, why would the Ning family feel at ease to let Ning Zhiyuan come out to train


One of the reasons was that his divine blood and divine soul were also in the Ning family.

If something happened to him, the Ning family could resurrect him again.


However, another reason was more important.


The cultivation technique that he cultivated in the early stages was not the nine-star imperial technique.

In other words, when he was not strong enough, even if he was caught by others and used the soul search method, the secret of the Ning family would not be revealed.


It was not just Ning Zhiyuan.

Almost all the god clans in the starry sky had used that method.


It could greatly reduce the chances of their heirs being killed.


Killing those heirs would first provoke their anger, which was equivalent to slapping their faces.


Secondly, it had no practical significance.


It was also because of that reason that their cultivation speed might be a little slower than his advancement from the Emperor realm to the God realm.

It would not be much slower, but it would definitely not be on a level, let alone hope that it would be faster.


On the other hand, Ye Xiao was the same as the others.

When his physical body became stronger and increased the speed of absorbing spirit energy, he also cultivated several nine-star god techniques and even added an archaic masterpiece technique.


It was equivalent to everyone having the same spirit-gathering array.

Others did not put spirit stones in, so the speed of absorption was very slow.

However, Ye Xiao not only put in spirit stones, but he even put in a bunch of divine crystals.


The difference in that was naturally imaginable.


It also naturally resulted in Ye Xiao successfully advancing to the second rank of the God realm within a month or so of advancing to the God realm.


That made Ye Xiao feel much more comfortable.


He did not obtain a good result on the array, but in terms of his own strength, he received some compensation.


It could be considered to be relatively perfect.


There was still a flaw in it.

He currently had no way of finding a place to test the might of the archaic masterpiece technique, the World Destruction masterpiece technique.


That masterpiece technique was definitely very powerful, but just how powerful was it He did not know.


Back when he was still a grandmaster, he had attracted the attention of many people because he had made a huge saber mark.


At that point, Ye Xiao had matured a lot and would not go to the extent of doing things that revealed himself.


Doing things would be more stable.


Anyway, there would always be an opportunity to experiment in the future.


He sent a message to the ground, telling the star beasts to speed up their mining progress.

First, they would give up on large-scale mining and focus on one path.


He wanted to make a tunnel so that he could enter the Divine Kingdoms treasury first and collect all the treasures.


He was not sure if he could take all the divine crystals, but the crystals were not as valuable as the treasures in the treasury.


After instructing them on that matter, Ye Xiao began to search for the remaining god-healing technique.


The second synthesized god technique included both defensive power and healing power.

A treasured art that could be synthesized would definitely be beneficial in increasing ones combat strength or chances of survival.



That afternoon, Ye Xiao was reading a book when Beitang Ce appeared in front of Ye Xiao with a smile.


“Ye Xiao, youre still reading”


Ye Xiao was startled and raised his head, feeling a little strange.


“Senior Beitang Ce, didnt you guys go to the starry sky to dig a grave Why are you here”


Beitang Ce smiled.


“How can we dig a grave every day The martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan are afraid of exhausting us, so every once in a while, theyll let us take a break and return to the human world to cultivate.

At the same time, we can also relax.”


“I see.”


Beitang Ce then took out a storage ring and placed it in front of Ye Xiao.


“This is for you.”


“This is… Divine crystals And medicinal pills”


Ye Xiao could not help but be a little stunned.


“Why did you suddenly think of giving me these things”


“Im not the only one who gave them to you.

Theres also Emperor Jing, Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird… Li Liushui, Lu Qingshan, and the others.


“We can dig a grave in the starry sky and get 20 percent of the income.

Each of us can get several hundred divine crystals, or even thousands of divine crystals, and some elixirs.


“Everyone, save up all these resources.

Well keep half of them for our own cultivation, and the other half will be left for you.


“Youre the hope of the Nine Provinces human race, and also the hope of all of us.

But now, you cant casually reveal your identity, so its definitely not easy to get cultivation resources.

Therefore, well give these things to you to help you cultivate.”


Ye Xiao was startled, and his heart warmed slightly.


Ever since the Xuan Yuan clan descended, everyone was no longer the lofty existences of the Nine Provincesin the past.

They were only disciples of some sects.


Every single bit of their resources was painstakingly earned by relying on their own hands.

However, even so, they still had to give some to themselves to help them cultivate.


Putting everything else aside, just this friendship alone was worth Ye Xiao remembering forever.


He smiled as he pushed the storage ring back.


“I dont need these things.

I have a way to get them.

You guys can just keep them for your own use.

Hurry up and raise your cultivation.”


Beitang Ce was a little stunned.


“You can get them Where can you get them You cant even expose your identity now.”


He even suspected that Ye Xiao was being polite with him.


“You dont have to be polite with us.

As long as you can raise your cultivation, well be satisfied.

You dont have to worry about anything else.

Leave it to us to think of a solution.”


Ye Xiao could not help but sigh deeply in his heart.


Those old seniors were really cute!


Each and every one of them wanted to see themselves become a dragon and be able to go higher and further.


“Senior Beitang Ce, Im really not being polite with you.

Dont worry, I definitely have a way to obtain resources.

Look, take a look at your storage ring.”


Beitang Ce had a trace of doubt on his face as he took back his storage ring.


However, when he saw the things in the storage ring, his expression instantly changed.


“My God! This… Why are there so many divine crystals Where did you find them”


Beitang Ce could not help but exclaim in surprise.


There were simply too many things in here.

It was more than ten times more than what he had given Ye Xiao.


In reality, Ye Xiao was touched by their kindness and had given them some divine crystals.

In any case, Ye Xiao had several small goals a day now.

To him, those were as simple as sprinkling water.


“I cant tell you about this for the time being.

Ill tell you all when I have the chance in the future.


“Tell Senior Emperor Jing and the others that all of you must cultivate well.

You mustnt delay everyones cultivation just because of me.”


Beitang Ce smiled embarrassedly.


“Im so ashamed.

We wanted to help you, but we didnt expect you to help us instead.”.


“Alas! Were getting old! We old men are really useless.”


“Senior Beitang, youre too kind.”


“The two of us wont stand on ceremony here.

Since you dont want these divine crystals, Ill take my leave first.


“When I came, Senior Emperor Jing instructed me not to stay too long to avoid exposing your identity.”


Ye Xiao nodded.


Beitang Ce left immediately.


Ye Xiao helped Emperor Jing and the others partly because of their selflessness and care for him.


However, on the other hand, he also had his own selfish motives.


He had cultivated many powerful allies who could play an unexpected role at the critical moment.


Senior Emperor Jing and the others would never betray him.

It was a hundred times better to cultivate them than to cultivate some unknown or unfamiliar ingrates.


Beitang Ce had just left when a figure walked up to him at the entrance of the stairs on the fourth floor of the library and brushed past him.


The figure paused at the entrance of the stairs and could not help but raise his brows in puzzlement,


‘Thats strange.

Why do I feel that this person seems to be Senior Beitang Ce from Zhong City


‘Why would he appear in a place like Jianghai city He is the master of the Will-o-Wisp Eye.

Even if the Nine Provinces are currently occupied by the god race, he should still be a favored disciple in Zhong city.


‘Is there anyone in Jianghai city who knows him


After a moment, she shook her head and walked towards Ye Xiao.


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