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Just like that, in the following days, Ye Xiao kept reading.

His main focus was saber techniques.

That was because saber techniques were the most common and easiest to find, they were especially suitable for refining a god technique.

At that time, he would be able to synthesize an archaic masterpiece technique.

The vast majority of his friends had already gone up to the starry sky to raid tombs.

At that point, such a thing had become a popular job.

Everyone wanted to go up.

A few days ago, Fa Zheng had just advanced to the divine grandmaster rank and immediately applied to enter the starry sky.

That baldy had already started to dig up the divine tombs.

One could imagine how great the allure of the divine tombs was

It was said that they could dig up a few new tombs every day.

There were even Godslayer realm tombs.

In a god tomb, there were at least tens of thousands of divine crystals.

In addition to all sorts of medicinal pills and cultivation techniques, it was a huge profit!

However, there were also some people who were unable to go up.

Young juniors like Park Jiansheng, who had yet to reach the divine grandmaster rank, were already working hard to advance to that level as soon as possible so that they had the right to go up and dig graves.

In the past, everyone wanted to cultivate and become stronger purely for the sake of becoming stronger.

At the moment, everyone wanted to cultivate and become stronger purely for the sake of digging other peoples graves.

It was truly a change in the times.

Even digging graves became a beautiful job.

Digging graves was a disease that was easily addictive.

Moreover, it was not curable.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos intent stone lit up.

On it was a message sent by Huan Liuli.

‘Dear Master, yesterdays earnings of divine crystals were 600 million.

Today, Im continuing to mine.

Ye Xiao replied with a message.

‘Keep up the good work.

Dont stop.

Dig hard, dig through it!

There was no other way.

He was bitterly cultivating, and he did not have enough resources.

How could there be more benefits from digging a grave

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The resources in those graves were really too abundant.

600 million divine crystals in a day.

Up until then, after just a few days, Ye Xiao had already become a nouveau riche with a net worth of three to four billion divine crystals.

If that continued, it would not be long before he could change the wordearth to the wordGod.

“Now, Ive only dug up around 600 million divine crystals a day.

If I really dig into the Divine Kingdoms treasury, who knows what good things will be inside.

Im really looking forward to it.”

Just as he finished speaking, Gu Hai walked up from the stairs.

“Old Ye, what are you looking forward to”

Ye Xiao was not surprised at all.

With his current perception, he could even know who farted from 10 miles away, let alone Gu Hai coming over.

He had already sensed it before Gu Hai even arrived at the library.


Why are you free to come over”

“I just want to recharge my batteries recently.

Now that Mengmeng is a little bigger, I can free up my hands to practice.

In the future, it will be the world of pure warriors.

If I dont work hard, in a few decades, I might not even be able to eat.

“Can you recommend me a few books”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“What you practice is saber techniques.

First, look at two grandmaster-level saber techniques and lay your foundations.

There are them on the bookshelf on the left.

“After you learn them, you can learn the imperial techniques.

Although the imperial technique is already open to ordinary people and is very powerful, its too profound.

You wont be able to understand it now.”

“Yes! Okay.”

Gu Hai walked over and took the saber technique.

He sat opposite Ye Xiao and could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Oh right, speaking of which, why dont you go to the starry sky Do you know how great it is to dig a grave in the starry sky now Theres no danger to your life, and you can also obtain huge profits.

“I heard that if I participate in digging a grave, 20 percent of the benefits will belong to me and 80 percent to the sect.

“But even so, Yuyan and the others have earned a lot of money.

“Yuyan can dig up close to 1,000 divine crystals a day.

If she gets her hands on it, she can get 200 to 300 divine crystals.

Other than that, there are also pills and cultivation techniques…

“Shes only a divine sect, yet she can dig up so much in a day.

“Youre so strong.

If you were to go up and dig up graves, wouldnt you easily earn tens of thousands of divine crystals in a day

“Wouldnt that be much better than reading in this library”

Ye Xiao smiled faintly.

“My personality is more laid-back, so Im too lazy to fight for those things.

Reading books is good, it suits my appetite very well.”

Gu Hai shook his head slightly.

“You are really a weirdo.

Forget it, go ahead and read books.”

Ye Xiao did not say much.

He could not tell him that they were only digging the tombs of ordinary God realms, but he was digging the treasury of the Divine Kingdom, right

He could not tell him that he did not need to do it himself every day.

A large group of miners had to travel day and night to mine for him.

They could dig 600 million divine crystals every day, right

He could not even tell him that he could synthesize an archaic masterpiece technique just by reading a book, right

However, at that moment, Ye Xiaos gaze moved slightly.

A martial arts expert came over.

Moreover, he even brought along a very young Emperor realm martial arts expert who was over the 70 dragons Emperor realm.

It looked like he should be a member of a large family clan of the Xuan Yuan clan.

To be able to reach such strength at such a young age, he even had a martial arts expert who was above the God realm protecting him.

Only one of the two figures appeared.

It was Ning Zhiyuan.

The other figure did not appear.

He was the steward assigned to him by the Ning family.

He was also his personal bodyguard.

In fact, the Ning familys strength was far more than that.

However, there was a hierarchy in the Ning familys guards.

Ning Zhiyuan was the youngest generation, and his strength was only at the Emperor realm.

His generation was assigned guards above the God realm.

As an example, the previous generation was over 100 years old, and their strength had already surpassed the God realm.

Naturally, they did not need to be equipped with God realm guards.

There was another point.

Young masters like them usually had to come out to train.

It wasnt good for them to have too many powerful martial arts experts.

Moreover, they also had a part of their Gods soul and Gods blood in the Ning familys ancestral hall.

Even if they failed in their training outside and died, their family would revive them.

Ning Zhiyuan stood in front of the library with his hands behind his back, his eyes fixed on the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal.

The statue of the Saber-sword Immortal had long become a landmark building in Jianghai city.

Moreover, Emperor Jing and the others felt that the Saber-sword Immortal in the image of an old man would be more able to confuse the Xuan Yuan clan and prevent them from thinking of a young man.

Therefore, the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal was not damaged.

‘This is not the guy I saw that day.

Although Ning Zhiyuan did not see Ye Xiaos face clearly, he knew that Ye Xiao was very young and definitely not that old.

‘Could it be that that guy is not the Saber-sword Immortal of the Nine Provinces

Shaking his head, Ning Zhiyuan walked into the library.

As there were many people below, he did not stop at the two or three floors below.

He did not like places that were too noisy and noisy.

Therefore, he only used his divine sense to scan these books.

He could scan the books and people on each floor.

One floor, two floors, three floors…

It was not until the fourth floor that he realized that there were a few books that recorded information about the Saber-sword Immortal.

‘Its quite hidden.

Ning Zhiyuan walked straight over.

Ye Xiao had naturally noticed him as well.

Similarly, he had also noticed that the other party was using his spiritual energy to scan the books.

That fellow was actually looking for him

Could it be that he was the one who saw him transcend the tribulation and become a god in the starry sky that day

That was quite a coincidence.

However, Ye Xiao did not pay too much attention to him.

He continued to read the books.

He only sighed slightly in his heart.

Why did the Golden Book insist on him reading the cultivation technique word by word with his eyes

How convenient would it be if he could use his spiritual energy to scan

He estimated that he would be able to gather many god techniques in an instant.

Ning Zhiyuan stayed on the fourth floor for a period of time and read a few books, but he did not find the answer he wanted.

Finally, he sighed slightly and continued to walk to the next floor.

In front of Ye Xiao, he had no way of sensing how strong he was.

His level was still much higher in front of Ye Xiao.

However, at that moment, Gu Hai suddenly opened his mouth and said,

“Ye Xiao, isnt this saber technique too difficult to practice Why cant I understand many of them You play with sabers, help me take a look.”

Ning Zhiyuan, who had already decided to go upstairs, suddenly paused and glanced at Ye Xiao.

His gaze fell on Ye Xiao for a moment.

Ye Xiao was a little surprised.

He did not expect that Ning Zhiyuan actually had Divine Eyes.

After scanning himself with his spiritual energy, he actually activated Divine Eyes again and scanned his body.

Unfortunately, in front of Ye Xiao and the Primordial Pupil, his ocular power was like a younger brother.

Therefore, after using his Golden Jade Fire Eyes to take a look, Ning Zhiyuan still did not find anything.

He could only shake his head and continue walking upstairs.

Ye Xiaos expression should not have remained calm throughout the entire process.

He calmly explained the saber technique to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai, who was only focused on reading, did not notice that Ye Xiaos eyes reflected the Golden Jade Fire Eyes Divine Eye pattern.

It flashed and disappeared.

Just then, the moment Ning Zhiyuan took a look at Ye Xiao, Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil activated the power of the Golden Jade Fire Eyes attribute in his Primordial Pupil.

His Primordial Pupil became even stronger!

Ning Zhiyuans casual action, however, gave Ye Xiao a big gift for no reason.

After explaining to Gu Hai, Ye Xiao finally analyzed a god-level saber technique from the imperial technique, Breaking the Galaxy.

After learning that saber technique, as long as he cultivated it to perfection, Ye Xiao would be able to synthesize the first masterpiece technique.

The nine-star imperial technique was already very powerful.

He wondered how powerful the legendary archaic masterpiece technique was!

He heard that only the top-tier god clans had archaic masterpiece techniques.

He also did not know if Ning Zhiyuans Ning family had archaic masterpiece techniques.

It was a pity that he had a lot of secrets at the moment, so he could not reveal his identity.

Otherwise, he could try to get to know Ning Zhiyuan and obtain more knowledge about the god race from him.

He was the young master of a large aristocratic family, so his cognitive limits were definitely far beyond those of the ordinary forces god clans.

Ning Zhiyuans side went all the way to the top floor, but in the end, he still did not discover the identity of the so-called Saber-sword Immortal.

That made him a little disappointed.

‘Could it be that I really cant find that guy What a pity! If I could find such a powerful genius, it would definitely change the status quo of the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

What a pity.

However, at that moment, the ring on his hand suddenly flashed with a few rays of emerald green light.


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