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This discovery was really a huge profit for Ye Xiao.

He did not expect that he would actually obtain a pure, natural, divine crystal vein.

That concept was probably equivalent to a poor brat obtaining wealth that surpassed the entire world in an instant.

Forget about using the unittrillion, even using the unittrillion might not be able to calculate the benefits.

‘Thats not right.

Now is not the time to think about this.

Compared to the Kunlun dragon vein in front of me, the problem I should be thinking about is the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Ye Xiao once again began to use his Primordial Pupil to further scan the entire dragon vein.

Primordial Pupils powerful energy continuously seeped into the body of the dragon vein.

Finally, Ye Xiao saw a huge imperial city.

It was a city that was about the size of a province in the Nine Provinces.

It was completely sealed within the divine crystal.

Ye Xiaos heartbeat could not help but begin to beat violently once again.

Divine Kingdoms treasury!

Was that the Divine Kingdoms treasury

It had gathered an entire Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Who knew how many precious resources were inside.

If he could obtain all of those resources, perhaps even a Godly Emperor would not be able to help but feel a little moved, right

Ye Xiao did not know what was inside, but such a powerful dragon vein like the Kunlun dragon vein was born from it.

He had to obtain the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

However, there was one more troublesome thing, and that was the divine crystal outside.

Divine crystals were not something that could be cut at will.

Such a large-scale divine crystal had to be carefully cut.

At the very least, it was impossible for Ye Xiao to immediately release a god technique to cut it.

Although the energy of a divine crystal was quite constant, it was not 100 percent constant.

The god technique cut quickly, but the power of the technique was too great, and it could easily cause a huge hidden danger.

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If it was not done well and blew up the entire dragon vein, he did not know if the Divine Kingdoms treasury would be blown up, but he definitely knew one thing.

That was that he and the entire human world would definitely be blown up into pieces!

Besides, with such a large dragon vein and so many divine crystals, as long as he was not crazy, he wouldnt be willing to blow it up.

Its value was incomparable.

He had to find a way to get it.

However, there was a problem.

As more and more divine tombs were excavated, it was very likely that someone would find information about the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

It would be troublesome by then.

Therefore, he could not delay for too long.

He had to dig out the Divine Kingdoms treasury before anyone else discovered it.

How about using his spiritual energy clone to dig

However, it was not enough.

The spiritual energy clones strength was relatively weak.

He had just broken through to the God realm.

Even if he had a spiritual energy clone, it could only reach the Emperor realm.

It could only be said that his strength was slightly stronger than an ordinary Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Moreover, the number of clones was definitely limited.

However, where could he find so many people in such a short period of time

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and touched his pocket.

The corners of his mouth could not help but raise slightly.

A miner

Did he not have a lot of ready-made ones

Before the God realm, in order to need flesh and blood, he had let those star beasts offer large amounts of flesh and blood.

At that moment, after he entered the God realm, their flesh and blood would not be of much use to him.

Under such circumstances, it was not very meaningful to ask for more flesh and blood.

Instead of that, he might as well develop some new uses.

It was much better to let them dig for divine crystals than to provide him with flesh and blood.

He teleported into the imperial jade seal.

The star beasts were busy cultivating and trying to provide him with meat, eggs, and honey…

At that moment, the star beasts suddenly felt an extremely powerful aura descend.

All of them could not help but prostrate on the ground and began to tremble.

“So powerful! With such a powerful aura, has he already successfully advanced to the God realm”

The supreme divine beasts revealed expressions of shock, but they soon revealed despair.

What was shocking was the speed of Ye Xiaos advancement.

Others, even those prodigies, would probably need dozens of years to advance to that realm.

It was him who only used two years to complete it.

The despair was that he had already reached that realm.

Then star beasts like them should not be of much use.

It was time to kill the donkey.

What was even more pathetic was that they still had no way to resist.

In the face of the God realm, they were even inferior to an ant.

They were just a tiny, insignificant speck of dust.

Just a casual breath from others could blow them to the ends of the Earth.

Ye Xiao glanced at the star beasts.

How could he not know what these star beasts were thinking

Then, he slowly opened his mouth and said,

“I have already advanced to the God realm.

Your blood essence and spiritual energy are no longer of much use to me.

“I think you should be clear in your hearts that if you are of no use to me, I have no obligation to continue raising you.

“But now, Im giving you a chance, a chance to survive.”

The star beasts nodded repeatedly.

Without waiting for Ye Xiao to speak, what exactly was the matter They had already opened their mouths to speak,

“We are willing to do it.”

“We will do anything for master, even if it means going through fire and water.”

“Master, please give us your orders.

As long as you give us your orders, we are willing to do whatever you want!”

“Master, we dont want the spiritual herbs.

We will do it for free.”

“Master, not only do we not want the spiritual herbs, but we will also do it for free.

We will also provide flesh and blood for free.”


D*mn it, he had even prepared a bunch of excuses just now.

He had used threats, bribes, carrot and stick, all of them.

In the end, he did not expect it to be in vain.

He had only just said it out loud, and they had already agreed on their own.

Was the internal volume of the star beasts already that serious

“Cough, cough… I am not that black-hearted.

I will still give you the spiritual herb, and I dont want the flesh and blood for the time being.

However, you have to do one thing for me.

Do it day and night.”

They still had to use some encouraging methods because Ye Xiao was in a hurry.

They had to speed up their progress.

Only if they wanted to do it in their hearts would they really be able to speed up.

“Alright! Master, tell us.

What do you want us to do”

“Ill bring all of you over now.”

In the next second, when they saw that huge dragon vein had already completely formed into a divine crystal mine, all of the star beasts were dumbfounded.

“F*ck… F*ck!”

Such a large dragon vein and so many divine crystals, was he joking with them

That was a divine crystal, not a spirit stone!

Although it was not very useful to the star beasts because the star beasts absorbed the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy on their own.

However, in their minds, they still had a certain concept of the value of it.

If that divine crystal mine was all dug out, Ye Xiao would not only be rich

Ye Xiaos wealth could instantly surpass more than 95 percent of the people in the entire starry sky!

Ye Xiao coughed lightly and said,

“From today onwards, all of you star beasts will be in charge of digging here.

Dig day and night.

In any case, all of you dont need to rest.

“As long as you dig a lot, I will give you even more spiritual herbs as rewards.

“The reward is even more generous than the blood essence and spiritual energy you provided in the past.

“Of course, the level of the reward depends on your digging progress and hard work.

“When you finish digging, I will even consider letting you go and giving you your freedom!”

‘I will draw a big cake first.

When they are all finished digging, I dont even know what realm my cultivation will reach.

At that time, even if they really wanted to let them go, they would not dare to leave.

When they heard those words, all the star basts went crazy.

“Really Did I hear wrongly”

“Not only will there be spiritual herbs in mining, but they will also let us go”

The star beasts were instantly so excited that tears filled their eyes.

What did they want the most

One was to live, and the other was to be free.

Previously, they were worried that Ye Xiao would burn the bridge after advancing to the God realm and get rid of all of them.

In the end, they did not expect him to arrange such a good job for them!

Then what nonsense was there to talk about

Roll up your sleeves and do it!

Dig as hard as you can!

The star beasts immediately began to roar loudly:

“Dont worry, Master.

We guarantee to complete the mission.”

“Not only must we guarantee to complete the mission, but we must also complete the mission perfectly according to the quality and quantity!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then lets begin.

All the divine crystals that have been excavated will be placed in the jade seal.

The jade seal will be able to accommodate them.”


With a single order, the star beasts began to dig for ores bravely.

Ye Xiao arranged them into several teams.

Each team would be led by a supreme divine beast.

Below them, there would be subdivided divine beasts to lead the small teams.

Layer by layer, they would be divided into groups, and they would start to eagerly mine.

Ye Xiao did not have to worry that they would run because his current cultivation had already surpassed them by 100 percent.

Therefore, he could use his spiritual imprint to control them and let them escape from this place.

Then, Ye Xiao would split up some spirit body clones and use them to assist in digging.

After all, the most important thing for him now was time.

He had to take it away before the other gods discovered that place.

After arranging for them to mine below, Ye Xiao set up an array to shield them before returning to the surface.

However, he felt that it was not enough.

The gods that came now were all small fries.

However, he could not guarantee that there would not be any big fellows coming in the future

Along with the battle in the starry sky becoming more and more intense, it was hard to guarantee that they would not send Godly King martial arts masters over in the future!

What if they encountered masters of that level and they discovered it

Therefore, Ye Xiao still needed to upgrade his array.

Only by upgrading his array to the level of a masterpiece technique would he be able to ensure that there were no mistakes.

He still needed to read more books, sleep less, study more, and do less…

It seemed like he had to work even harder in the library every day.

There were also masterpiece techniques.

He was still lacking a god technique, saber technique, or a god-healing technique, and he would be able to synthesize an archaic masterpiece technique.

That made Ye Xiao feel like he loved the library to death.

He did not leave the main entrance.

Every day, he would sit below the air conditioner and read books.

Reading books did not cost money.

It was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

He did not have to do any work, and he could even get a salary and pay for his meals.

The most important thing was that his strength was also slowly rising!

Wonderful, wonderful!


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