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He was still lacking a saber technique.

In other words, if he found another god-level saber technique, he would be able to use his Golden Book divine soul to synthesize a masterpiece technique

Secondly, it would be the Mahayana Divine Body, Eternal Cloud Body, and the Secret of Eternal Life.

Two body-refining techniques, one healing technique, and three incompatible cultivation techniques.

After synthesizing them together and assembling a healing technique, he should be able to synthesize a second masterpiece technique.

That might be a little illogical.

If Ye Xiao had not reached the God realm and did not understand the divine soul, he might not be able to help but ask himself.

Why were there four different cultivation techniques that could synthesize a masterpiece technique

Previously, when the Golden Book divine soul was synthesized, it was clearly a single cultivation technique that was synthesized together to form a higher level cultivation technique.

At that point, the change in the rules had instead freed that restriction.

Only after Ye Xiao understood the divine soul did he understand the reason.

Actually, to be more precise, the power displayed in all forms in the world actually had a problem with the origin.

That origin had been molded and gradually divided, forming the graceful and varied appearance of martial arts in the present world.

However, in reality, when they were combined, they could shape their origin.

The closer they were to the origin, the stronger their strength would be.

Be it saber techniques or sword techniques.

Their attacking methods were actually very similar.

It could even be said that they were basically the same.

Therefore, those two types of martial arts could be combined together to form a masterpiece technique!

A masterpiece technique was an existence that surpassed god techniques.

It had to contain more forms of power.

Similarly, body refining and healing techniques were actually similar in terms of origin.

The original intention of the two was to ensure that the human body would not die.

Therefore, there was actually a certain similarity between the two.

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After that similarity was synthesized together, it could also form a masterpiece technique.

However, that also made Ye Xiao feel that it was not bad.

Thinking about it carefully, how powerful was a masterpiece technique

It only existed in those top-tier families and old monsters who had lived for God knows how many years.

How could it casually use two god techniques to easily synthesize it

Using four or more god techniques to synthesize it could also reveal its preciousness.

As for the other cultivation techniques, they had yet to show a faint golden glow.

Ye Xiao estimated that it was probably because they had yet to show a type of god technique that had reached the level of two.

If they also reached the level of sword techniques and body techniques, they would be able to communicate with a third party and then shine with a faint golden glow.

However, as long as there was a way, it would be good.

With a way, he would have a direction for the rest of his path, and he would be able to walk on it better,

‘Oh right, my eye technique seems to have disappeared.

In its place is the Divine Eye that I activated.

‘Previously, I was only thinking about transcending the tribulation to become an emperor.

Instead, I kept it at the back of my mind and never used it.

Now is the time to see its power.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and raised his attention to the eye technique.

In the next second, his eyes turned clear purple.

Moreover, his eyes seemed to have all sorts of strange functions.

Farsightedness, perspective, analysis, illusion, attack… A series of powerful functions were reflected in his ocular technique.

‘What a powerful Divine Eye!

Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim in surprise.

He used the Golden Book divine soul to try and scan that Divine Eye.

He wanted to see just what it was.

The Golden Book divine soul should have a possibility of knowing its identity.

That was because the eye technique that the Golden Book had previously recorded was absorbed by it.

Very soon, the information that Ye Xiao needed appeared on the Golden Book.

The ancestor of Divine Eyes, Primordial Pupil!

The Primordial Pupil had the strongest ability to trace the origin.

As long as it had seen a Divine Eye before, it would analyze and trace the origin of the other partys ocular power pattern and then form its own pattern.

In other words, it could possess all kinds of Divine Eyes power.

It was even the most primitive part of the power.

It belonged to the growth type.

It would grow stronger as its main bodys strength became stronger, and it would also continue to grow stronger through analysis.

Ye Xiao felt that this ability was a little abnormal, but at the same time, it also made people speechless.

Was that not copying others

When he was reading, he was copying others.

Could it be that he was being asked to copy others then

Was that not equivalent to slapping his own face

Although that Divine Eyes name was extremely shocking, it was not so glorious when doing things.

At that moment, another line of small words appeared on the Golden Book divine soul.

The Divine Eye ancestor, Primordial Pupil.

When raised to the limit, it could surpass masterpiece techniques.


Forget it, copying it would not make one pregnant or dead.

Moreover, it could not be considered copying.

Could the matter between Divine Eyes be considered copying

Primordial Pupil was the ancestor of all Divine Eyes.

It did not directly copy the other partys Divine Eyes abilities.

It also possessed these abilities.

However, the problem was that it needed to take a look before it could analyze the eye technique that was sealed deep within its bloodline.

‘Oh right, speaking of which, Beitang Ces Will-o-Wisp Eye is also a very powerful Divine Eye.

Should I try it from him first Perhaps it will allow my eyes to possess more and more unique functions.

Ye Xiao immediately executed the Yin-yang Escape technique and came to the Zhong City to look for Beitang Ce.

Beitang Ce was already fully armed at that moment as if he was about to go on a long journey.

“What Ye Xiao, why did you suddenly appear”

“I came to look for you for something.

Speaking of which, whats going on with you”

Beitang Ce looked at the clothes on his body and smiled.

“Currently, the starry sky divine tomb is very short of people.

Ive also signed up and will be going up to participate in digging the tomb soon.

“I heard that there will be a lot of good things.

Do you want to go with me

“With your strength, you might be able to dig up a lot of good things.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

Those were only the tombs of the God realm.

To him, there was not much of an improvement at all.

It would be a waste of his time if he went.

Moreover, he had a big goal in mind, which was the treasury of the Divine Kingdom!

If he wanted to eat, he would eat the biggest one.

What was the use of having so many flashy things

Not to mention robbing a hundred, even if he robbed a thousand or ten thousand, what could he do

Could he still be promoted to a Godslayer martial arts master

If he could, they would not have died.

“I wont go.

I have other things to do.

I want to ask Senior Beitang for a favor.”

Beitang Ce chuckled.


You came all the way here.

What do you want”

“I want to take a look at your Will-oWips Eye.”


Beitang Ce was dumbfounded.

“Just for such a small matter, you came all the way here to look for me”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Hurry up! Im in a hurry.”


Beitang Ce immediately displayed the Will-o-Wisp Eye for Ye Xiao to look at.

Ye Xiao merely took a look, and in the next second, his Primordial Pupil recorded the opponents Divine Eye and activated the characteristics of that part of the Primordial Pupil.

One was to attack, and the other was to see through the essence of everything.

That was the nature of the Will-o-Wisp Eye.

Back then, it was because Beitang Ce had the Will-o-Wisp Eye that he was exposed, allowing him to see through his identity with a glance.

One had to admit that in this aspect.

The Will-o-Wisp Eye was really the boss.

After obtaining this ability, Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“Thank you.

Ill remember this favor.

Ill return this favor to you in the future.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao once again used the Yin-yang Escape technique and instantly disappeared from the spot.

Leaving behind a confused Beitang Ce.

‘This is strange.

What on Earth is this kid doing Why did he suddenly come over and make such a strange request

He only took a glance at his Divine Eye and then quickly left.

What was that fellow up to

However, after thinking for a long while, he still could not figure it out and could only choose to give up.

That was because it was time to go to the starry sky.

He was going to gather.

On Ye Xiaos side, after obtaining the ability of the Will-o-Wisp Eye, he immediately began to use the Primordial Pupil.

Then, he flew into the air and began to scan the entire Nine Provinces.

An imperial spiritual cultivation technique, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery was unable to find the location of the Kunlun dragon vein.

At that point, the Primordial Pupil should be able to do it, right

As expected, Ye Xiao very quickly discovered and locked onto a place.

The Yin-yang Escape technique was activated once again, and he instantly arrived there.

Just as he arrived, he felt an extremely enormous spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy there had already completely condensed into a corporeal form!

In other words, the spiritual energy here was so dense that it had already cultivated spirit stones.

No, there were even divine crystals!

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and once again opened his Primordial Pupil.

Then, he carefully scanned that place.

In the next moment, a huge underground mineral vein appeared in his eyes.

“So big!”

Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim in surprise.

It was really too big.

How could he not have thought of it The Kunlun dragon vein could actually cross the Nine Provinces!

However, because its power was too great, ordinary people could not easily see through it.

Even if he had used his mental power, perception, and spiritual energy before, he could not find it.

That was because apart from its power, it also had an extremely remarkable characteristic.

That was, it was composed of pure spiritual energy.

In other words, it did not have any impurities, just like air.

Who could tell if there was anything different in the air

That was also the reason why Ye Xiao was previously blocked.

At that point, because the Promoridal Pupil had seen the Will-o-Wisp Eye, it was able to analyze the essence of the Will-o-Wisp Eye in its bloodline, which was able to see through everything.

In addition, it was the Primordial Pupil, so if it used this ability, who knew how many times stronger it was than Beitang Ces Will-o-Wisp Eye

Beitang Ces Divine Eye technique was probably equivalent to an imperial technique.

Then, when he used Primordial Pupil, it had already surpassed god techniques..

Although it had not truly reached the range of an archaic masterpiece technique, in reality, it was not too far off.


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