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In the depths of the starry sky, along with the distortion of space, a huge group of spiritual airships slowly moved out from the void.

On each spiritual airship, the flags were all golden in color.

On them, there was a nine-clawed divine dragon, and on the body of the ship, there was a hugeXuan Yuan character.

At the top of the fleet, at the front of the deck of the largest spiritual airship, stood a handsome and tall young man.

He was wearing a top-grade tiger-skin robe, and the side of his robe was sewn with fine dragon tendons.

Not only was his robe gorgeous, but the other side of his robe was also made of dragon tendons, his attributes were even more unfathomable.

Before long, a beautiful woman with a graceful figure slowly walked out of the spiritual airship.

Her pair of bright and beautiful eyes were filled with admiration and longing as she looked at the figure above the deck.

Ning Zhiyuan, the direct descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan, the young master of the Ning family!

He was ranked 17th on the Xuan Yuans prodigy roll!

He had stepped into the 74 dragons Emperor realm at the age of 39!

There were too many halos on his body.

He was as dazzling as a small sun, causing every woman to be unable to extricate themselves.

“Young Master Ning, in front of us is the small world of Xuan Yuans descendants, codenamedNine Provinces.

The spiritual airship had gone through several space jumps, and it had consumed too much of its energy.

The following journey was not far, so it would be better to use the ordinary driving mode.”

Ning Zhiyuans deep eyes looked ahead in the starry sky, and he said faintly,

“Our subordinates are still fighting in the distance, and are in danger, waiting for our rescue.

Advance with all your strength, and there must be no mistakes.”

“Yes, sir.

Ill have the movers and shakers get here as fast as they can.”

As soon as his voice fell, the spirit ship suddenly came a burst of the rapid alarm sound.




“Warning, powerful threat ahead.

The left front of the fleet.”

Ning Zhiyuan looked up in that direction, eyes slightly moved, showing the dark green pupil.

Golden Jade Fire Eyes!

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Ning Zhiyuans natural divine eye, the powerful divine eye ranked 87th on the Heavenly Divine Eyes ranking.

When he used the Golden Jade Fire Eyes, the scene in the distance instantly entered his eyes.

“This is”

His pupils instantly shrank.

“Zhiyuan, whats going on”

The woman could not help but ask in puzzlement.

Ning Zhiyuan took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Drive over.”

“What did you say Young Master Ning, shouldnt we rush over to rescue them”

“Well talk about the rescue later.

Lets go over and take a look first.”


The woman could only let people drive the spiritual airship over.

Soon, the spiritual airship arrived in the vicinity.

However, when everyone clearly saw what was going on inside, they were all stunned.

“This… This is… Someone is going through a tribulation Purple Lightning Tribulation Oh my God, this world is actually Purple Lightning Tribulation! This is the highest level of Lightning Tribulation in the starry sky, a Lightning Tribulation that even the top few existences on the Xuan Yuan prodigy roll have never seen before!”

The woman could not help but widen her eyes and let out a cry of surprise.

Ning Zhiyuan clenched his fists, his face solemn and puzzled.

He did not expect that someone could actually activate such a level of Lightning Tribulation in such a place.

It was simply unimaginable to him.

Who was it

Who was the other party


At that moment, the lightning in the sky gathered more and more, more and more!

The dark purple lightning mixed with a holy heavenly might that even Ye Xiao had never felt before.

The pressure was pulled to the limit!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Finally, purple lightning as thick as a bucket, mixed with incomparable power, swept wildly toward the ground in an unstoppable manner.


It headed straight for Ye Xiaos head as if wanting to mercilessly tear him apart.

A powerful force fiercely landed on Ye Xiaos body.

That purple lightning was indeed powerful.

Even if Ye Xiao cultivated the Mahayana Divine Body and had the strength of 108 dragons Emperor realm, which was ten times more than an ordinary persons divine blood, at that moment, he could actually feel slight pain.

Moreover, it was only the first bolt of lightning tribulation.

One had to know that each bolt of lightning tribulation was stronger than the last.

In the end, it would even surpass the first bolt by more than 10,000 times!

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and placed the medicinal pill into his mouth.

He did not activate the array.

The array was the follow-up life-saving method.

Until the end, Ye Xiao was not in a hurry to activate it.

It was best to use the Tribulation Lightning to temper his body in the front.

After swallowing the medicinal pill, extremely violent energy was continuously released in his body, as if it was going to burst his meridians.

Ye Xiao opened his arms as if he was provoking him.

Facing the Lightning Tribulation, the next moment, it exploded rapidly.

The second Lightning Tribulation was more than three times stronger than the first one.

It ruthlessly struck Ye Xiaos body, and the Lightning Tribulation that followeds speed was still increasing.

Very soon, it was the third Lightning Tribulation and the fourth Lightning Tribulation… The Lightning Tribulation increased from one to two seconds to ten bolts per second, and it continued.

Ye Xiaos body also gradually felt the pain brought by the Lightning Tribulation.

However, the impurities on the surface of his body were continuously being eliminated.

It was also an extremely rare opportunity for him to temper his body.

Accompanied by the continuous roaring of the lightning, it gradually deepened.

It also represented that a god was slowly being born.

Ye Xiao could feel that his body was becoming stronger.

Just like his eyes, it was evolving to a higher level.

Once the evolution was successful, it would not be inferior to the divine eyes.

He would be able to withstand higher-level cultivation techniques, and his talent in cultivation would also increase greatly.

At that moment, Ye Xiao himself could not see it, but Ning Zhiyuan and the others in the distance could clearly see that within the Lightning Tribulation, a huge golden shadow had actually appeared.

He emitted an ancient yet extremely majestic light, it was as if he was above all living things.

“What a powerful talent, to actually trigger the heaven and earth phenomenon.

This talent should represent the transformation of the body.

Such a strong body, in the entire starry sky, perhaps only the second-ranked dragon race can be compared to it.

Its simply amazing.”

Ning Zhiyuan could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

At that moment, with countless halos on his head, he also felt that he was eclipsed in front of the other party.

However, the phenomenon did not end.

Next, a pair of purple lights suddenly bloomed in the eyes of the giant golden shadow.

Ning Zhiyuan could not help but feel his heart beat violently once again.

“What a powerful ocular power.

He actually awakened the divine eye.

The power of this divine eye is more than ten times stronger than my Golden Jade Fire Eyes, ranked 87th in the entire starry sky.

“It was enough to charge into the top few in the starry sky!

“Who exactly is that person”

In the Lightning Tribulation, Ye Xiaos skin, flesh, tendons, and bones were gradually shattered by the Lightning, charred, and turned into ashes.

His bones, on the other hand, were refined into a pure golden color by the Lightning Tribulation.

That was the color of bones that could only be found above the God realm.

After passing through the early stages of the Lightning Tribulation, Ye Xiaos body would gradually begin to transform into the God realm.

However, whether he could pass through the Lightning Tribulation would still depend on his final strength.

At that moment, the Lightning Tribulation had already gradually begun to progress to the later stages.

That powerful strength made Ye Xiaos bones already faintly unable to hold on.

“Divine array, open!”

At that moment, Ye Xiao directly activated the divine array and once again raised the spiritual energy in the air, raising his strength to a new limit.

The power of the Purple Astral Brilliance Array absolutely surpassed that of any other divine array in that world.

After being synthesized by the Golden Book, it was definitely on the level of the nine-star imperial array.

At a corner of the grand array, Ye Xiao, who was already at a disadvantage, had his strength increase explosively in the blink of an eye.

He could continue to withstand even more heavenly lightning.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Under the constant tempering of the Lightning Tribulation, Ye Xiaos bones finally raised to the level of Gods skeleton, which has become a golden yellow.

As the bones took shape, the divine blood in the air began to flow back into Ye Xiaos bones, forming his flesh and blood once more.

At that time, Ning Zhiyuan and the others in the distance witnessed a Golden Dragon visible to the naked eye beside the golden giant.

At that moment, everyones eyes widened as they looked at this scene in disbelief.

“He… Succeeded!”

“He actually succeeded in transcending the Purple Lightning Tribulation, which is known to be the highest level in the starry sky!”

However, what shocked them even more was the Golden Dragon.

“The Golden Dragon surrounds and protects his body.

This person is actually from the Xuan Yuan clan.

Only when the Xuan Yuan clan successfully advances will they have the Golden Dragon to protect their bodies.”

Everyones heartbeat could not help but accelerate rapidly.

Transcending the highest grade purple lightning tribulation below the starry sky was already extremely impressive.

At that point, the other partys identity was still of the Xuan Yuan clan.

It was practically no different from a person throwing down a little boy in their minds.

They were shocked to the extreme.

However, the shock did not end.

They saw that the Purple Lightning Tribulation had already reached the end of its final phase.

In the next second, an illusionary figure actually formed in the starry sky.

Then the second, third, fourth… All those illusionary figures were bowing towards Ye Xiaos direction as if they were paying their respects to some incredible existence.

Everyones heads once again gave abang as they were ruthlessly bombarded once again.

“This… This… He successfully transcended the tribulation and actually caused so many immemorial heroic spirits to pay their respects.

My God, to what extent is this kid going to defy the heavens”

At that moment, Ning Zhiyuan felt that what kind of young master was he

What Xuan Yuan god clans direct descendant

What Xuan Yuan prodigy roll

In front of that fellow, everything was a fart.

That fellows aptitude was simply heaven-defying to an incomprehensible degree.

It could be said to be the strongest celestial being of all time!

That strength was something that was hard to find in the entire world.

Every time such a strange phenomenon appeared, it would definitely be an unparalleled prodigy in the future of the starry sky, the kind that was so strong that it made ones hair stand on end.

Finally, under the roar of the last bolt of lightning, Ye Xiao had completely recovered his body.

At that moment, Ye Xiao was no longer a mortal body, but a 100 percent God realm body!

He had already completely stepped into the category of a God realm martial arts master!

His strength and his aptitude had all risen to a brand new peak in that tempering.

The Golden Book divine soul in his body had finally completely fused with him, allowing him to know more about the use of the Golden Book.


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