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Ye Xiao took out the star beast meat, eggs, and all sorts of other materials that were rich in blood essence from the jade seal.

After taking them all out, they looked like a small mountain that was nearly 3,000 feet long.

There were simply too many star beasts in the star beast farm.

Every day, they would continuously provide flesh and blood.

After a long period of accumulation, they would reach the size of a small mountain.

Then, Ye Xiao took out the star cores of Lin Qingbei and the rest of the star beasts.

There were supreme divine beast-level star cores, divine beast-level star cores, and most of them were divine grandmasters and the like…

In any case, as long as it was a star beast that was not suitable to be eaten, Ye Xiao would kill it with a single strike.

He would immediately kill it and dig out the star cores.

The star cores were the soul of the alchemy ingredients and also the core of the alchemy ingredients.

The blood essence in the flesh and blood was the existence of the strengthening pills.

Only when the two were combined could they complement each other.

Ye Xiao used Luos Divine Elixir technique and mixed them together.

All the star cores were instantly shattered.

The essence within was like a myriad of stars, quickly condensing together and continuously forming a corporeal core一a core that was overflowing with spiritual energy.

Then, Ye Xiao refined the mountain-like star beast meat and drew out the blood essence within.

Without the blood essence, the star beast meat was like ashes.

There was not even the slightest bit of nutrition in it.

When there was no wind blowing, it had already self-destructed.

Tens of thousands of streams of blood essence continuously gathered on the core, attaching to it.


In the sky, in the blink of an eye, a large patch of thunderclouds began to condense again.

At that time, the thunderclouds were specifically targeted at the divine pill, and the Lightning Tribulation that had just been caused by the divine array had yet to disperse一they were still hovering in the sky.

It was not a small commotion.

Soon, it attracted the attention of a few living beings in the surrounding galaxy.

“Up ahead, we will soon reach the Xuan Yuan clan and the Thunder God clan.

They have discovered the location of the divine tombs.

I heard that there are many tombs this time.

There are far more than one or two.

Lets go and get a share of the spoils.”

“Before the reinforcements from the major god clans arrive, lets grab a few things and leave.”

“Thats right.

We cant let them take all the good stuff.”

As they spoke, many figures bumped into the commotion within the group of meteorites.

They could not help but be startled.

“This is… A Lightning Tribulation This feeling is refinement lightning! Oh my God, theres actually someone refining pills here, and it even produced a Lightning Tribulation.”

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“Looking at the scale of this refinement lightning, it is definitely not simple.”

“Lets go over and take a look.”

Many figures quickly surrounded them.

However, when they saw the medicinal pill Ye Xiao refined and the strength of the spiritual energy, they could not help but exclaim in surprise,

“My God, what a huge amount of spiritual energy.

This medicinal pill has probably long surpassed the category of an imperial pill.

Its a divine pill! This is definitely a divine pill.”

“Quick! Take this medicinal pill away.”

However, just as some people were about to take action, their companions stopped them in time.

“What are you panicking for Cant you see that this medicinal pill hasnt been completely refined Dont go over and disturb him.

Let him continue refining the medicinal pill successfully.

When the time comes, well go and snatch this medicinal pill.

Only then will it be of value.”

“Right, right, right.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Hide your aura well.

Dont let the other party discover it.”

Everyone hid behind the meteorite then secretly and excitedly watched Ye Xiao refine the medicinal pill.

Ye Xiao naturally knew that there were people coming over.

No matter how strong those people were, it was impossible for them to surpass him.

Moreover, he still had to cultivate a spiritual technique.

In the entire starry sky, it was very difficult to find a place where there were no people at all.

He could only try his best to find a place where there were fewer people.

Moreover, the strength of those people was not weak either.

Their strength was on average around 30 to 40 dragons of the Emperor realm.

The strongest one actually reached the 58 dragons Emperor realm.

It was really not low.

Being able to notice that abnormal movement of his was also considered normal.

He did not say anything, nor did he alert the enemy.

He was completely focused on refining his own medicinal pill.

He had already thought of a countermeasure in his heart.


At that moment, the first bolt of refinement lightning had already begun to descend and ruthlessly struck the divine pill.

The medicinal pill shook violently for a moment, but it squeezed out traces of impurities.

However, at the same time, the power of the lightning also strengthened the medicinal pill by quite a bit.

Then came the second, third, and fourth lightning bolts…

One after another, lightning bolts struck the pill continuously.

Each time they struck, the divine pill became stronger.

The divine pill began to emit a faint golden light, and some special patterns appeared on its surface.

Those were symbols that belonged to the divine pill.

A few figures hiding in the distance could not help but sigh when they saw that scene,

“This persons pill refining strength is really too strong!”

“He is so young, yet he already possesses such powerful pill refining strength.

In the entire starry sky, he is definitely a pill-refining genius.

His strength might not lose to those geniuses from the top pill refining aristocratic families in the starry sky!

“He is truly a heaven-gifted talent!

“If he were to be killed by us, it would truly be a pity.”

“I think its best not to kill him.

We should capture him together and let him refine pills for us in the future.”

“Youre right.

We want pills too.

We want people too.


“Keep your voice down.

Dont scare him so that it wont affect his pill refinement.”

The Lightning Tribulation in the sky struck faster and faster.

The pill also took shape.

It was even emitting waves of cries.

It produced its own spiritual sense as if it was a life that had been created.

Finally, when the Lightning Tribulation reached a certain level, it suddenly condensed into the final extremely powerful pill lightning.


It ruthlessly struck the divine pill, causing the divine pill to shine brightly.

Its cries also had the feeling of a phoenixs cry.

Divine pill, success!

After forming the divine pill, it was prepared to escape at the first possible moment.

It already had spiritual sense and knew that if it did not run, it would definitely be eaten by Ye Xiao.

Moreover, its consciousness was stronger than the imperial pills and its speed was faster.

It could even sense that there was another existence coveting it behind those meteorites.

Therefore, even its escape route avoided those people and chose to run in another direction.

Unfortunately, in front of Ye Xiao, there was no chance for it to escape.

In the next second, the god-slaying claw technique, Breaking the Galaxy, was instantaneously activated.

The divine pill that had just escaped was imprisoned in a small world in the blink of an eye.

Then, it was grabbed back by Ye Xiao and continuously emitted waves of trembling sounds in his palm.

However, at that moment, a round of applause suddenly sounded beside Ye Xiaos ears.

Clap, Clap, Clap…

A melody that the adults were very familiar with.

“What a genius alchemist.

Your esteemed selfs alchemy skills really make us admire you endlessly.

We admire you, we admire you.”

Ye Xiao glanced at the few of them indifferently and did not say a single word.

The few of them were slightly angry.

They felt a little angry after being looked down upon by Ye Xiao.

However, they still restrained themselves because their goal was not just the divine pill in Ye Xiaos hands.

What they wanted was also Ye Xiao.

“We want to make a deal with you.

In this starry sky, danger lurks everywhere.

A moment of carelessness could lead to eternal damnation.

We want you to join us and become one of us.

“With our protection, you can definitely refine pills without a worry in the future.

You wont have to worry that your pills will be coveted or snatched away by others.

“That divine pill is equivalent to the pledge of allegiance that you gave us.”

Ye Xiao still ignored them.

They were just a few tiny ants that he did not even care about.

To put it bluntly, these fellows did not even have the qualifications to make him take action.

He immediately released all of his aura and began to transcend the tribulation.

Once the Lightning Tribulation cloud appeared, the lives of the people would be plunged into misery.

Those people were seeking their own deaths, so they could not be blamed on him.

Sensing that terrifying aura, everyones expressions instantly changed drastically.

“Powerful aura.

D*mn it, your strength is actually at the late-stage Emperor realm”

Everyone simply could not believe their eyes.

An alchemist! He actually had a powerful cultivation.

That was because an alchemist was originally a supporting occupation, only those with poor cultivation aptitude would cultivate toward that path.

In the end, they did not expect that Ye Xiao, that alchemist, was actually at the late-stage Emperor realm!

Moreover, looking at his bone age, he was so young.

That fellow was simply too monstrous to be human!


At that moment, a huge thunder sound suddenly erupted in the sky.

Everyone could not help but shiver, and then immediately looked towards the sky.

In the next second, everyone completely collapsed.

The suppressive might of the thunderclouds in the sky was the heavenly tribulation!

Different from the refinement Lightning Tribulation, the power of that heavenly tribulation was more than a hundred times stronger!

It was a martial artist transcending tribulation!

“D*mn it! Hes not at the late-stage of the Emperor realm.

Hes at the peak of the Emperor realm with 108 dragons! Hes about to transcend the tribulation and become a god.”

A wave of coldness shot from the soles of everyones feet to the top of their heads.

At that moment, everyone finally understood why Ye Xiaos strength was so powerful.

Seeing them come over, he did not make any moves.

It was because he was about to transcend the tribulation.

Under the tribulation clouds, ants like them did not even have the right to escape.

They had fallen into a situation of certain death!

The other party could not be bothered to care about them at all.

It was over!

Everything was over.

Facing that terrifying heavenly might, they did not even have the desire to resist.


A bolt of lightning struck down.

In an instant, several Emperor realm figures were all shattered.

Not a single person was able to escape.

Under the Lightning Tribulation, not a single living being was able to escape.

The Lightning Tribulation itself had consciousness.

It knew that its target was only Ye Xiao alone.

Moreover, it also knew that its prey, Ye Xiao, was not easy to swallow.

Similarly, the heavenly tribulation had the pride of the Lightning Tribulation.

Other than Ye Xiao, the other Emperor realm martial arts experts here were all trash.

Trash was not worthy of appearing on its own game field.

Ye Xiao looked at the Lightning Tribulation in the sky.

That lightning tribulation was actually purple in color.

He had done his homework previously and read from the book that the Xuan Yuan clan brought.

If he remembered correctly, the lightning tribulation that transcended the tribulation to become a god should be black in color.

The Purple Lightning Tribulation was not recorded in the book.

It was not ordinary!


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