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Ye Xiao originally wanted to go to the black market or find a company to buy it, but just as he walked out of the library, he saw a familiar face printed on the advertising booth under the road sign not far away.

Below it was the contact information of the intent stone.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly as he dialed the other partys number.

“Hello! Hello, this is Jianghai Wangs trading company.

Im the general manager, Wang Dalong.

What do you need”

“Old Wang, its me.”

“Aiyo, Boss Ye, long time no see.

Where did you make a fortune these two years”

“I cant say I made a fortune.

I went out to make some friends.

Here, some friends wanted me to help them collect some divine crystals, so I thought of Boss Wang.”

“Boss Ye loves me.

Otherwise, why do I like doing business with you, Boss Ye”

“Lets cut to the chase.

Give me a price.”


Currently, the exchange ratio between divine crystals and spirit stones on the market is one to 200.

According to our relationship, Ill give you one to 200 and one.”

“I need a large amount.”

“How much”

“As much as you can use.

Ill take it even if you give me a whole million divine crystals.”

In Ye Xiaos storage ring, there were still countless spirit stones that he had snatched from the Beast God Alliance a long time ago.

It was best to use them to exchange for divine crystals at the moment.

Furthermore, he had to change all of them into divine crystals in the future because after he stepped into the crystals, they could also raise a portion of his cultivation.

“Why do you want so many”

“Why Cant you get it”

“I can, but its a little troublesome.

But if you want it, Ill get it for you no matter what.”

“Okay! You help me do a good thing this time, and Ill continue to look for you to exchange in the future.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Since you said so, Ill lower the price by 10 yuan, one to 200.

You think this price is okay”

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“Sure, but I need you to keep my identity a secret.

Can you do this”

“Dont worry, I can definitely do it.

Ill split the transaction a little and change it to a multi-person order.

Unless the other party scans my spiritual energy, they definitely wont know about this.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then help me collect it.

If Its time, the sooner the better.

Im in a hurry to use it.”

“Alright, three days at most.

I promise to hand it over to you.”

After hanging up the communication with the intent stone, Ye Xiao began to walk towards home.

Since Wang Dalong said that he needed three days, then he would wait for another three days.

After three days, he would definitely go to the starry sky and find a place with no one to transcend the tribulation and become a god!

As for Wang Dalongs spiritual energy, when the time came, he would personally use his spiritual energy to modify it for him.

Then, he would not have to be afraid of others finding it out.

The ancestors had said a lot.

His divine soul and divine eyes were extremely valuable supreme treasures.

If they were to be leaked, who knew how many people would covet them What if they attracted Godly Emperors and the like, wouldnt he be dead

For the next three days, everything became very calm.

Other than many martial arts experts from the divine sects who had signed up to dig the tombs, there were no other unusual movements.

It was as if the number of divine tombs in the starry sky was increasing, even the members of the Xuan Yuan clan who were stationed on the ground could not help but want to go to the starry sky.

The ground was unprecedentedly loose.

Ye Xiao even felt that there was no need for him to hide his aura.

It was said that the various large divine races were now beginning to summon their clansmen behind them to gather more clansmen to fight for the divine tomb.

That made Ye Xiao want to advance to the God realm as soon as possible!

Finally, three days later, Wang Dalong called Ye Xiao to get the divine crystal.

“Boss Ye, the divine crystals are ready.

However, if you come and get it yourself, it would be difficult to deliver the goods.

If you bring someone along, it would expose your identity.”

“I got it.

Ill be there soon.”

Ye Xiao Hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

He was finally going to advance.

He soon arrived at Wang Dalongs company.

It was a company that Wang Dalong, Lao Xu, and the others had jointly set up.

Ye Xiao had also come two years ago, but at that time, the building was not as tall as it was now.

It seemed that they had earned money.

Ye Xiao followed Wang Dalongs explanation and went upstairs.

What surprised him was that Xu Dalong was actually working as a secretary in front of Wang Dalongs office.

The five beautiful figures from small families were dressed in work uniforms.

The black silk on their legs was about to burst.

The slender heels of their high heels made Ye Xiao doubt whether they could support Xu Damaos weight.

From this moment on, Ye Xiao felt that he had a bad impression of a few special zones!

“Why are you working as a secretary here”

Xu Dmao glanced at Ye Xiao.

“My dad arranged for me to be here.

He said that its uncivilized for girls to go out and deliver goods every day.

He asked me to be a secretary here so that I could be more ladylike.

“Moreover, Wang Dalong is now our executive general manager.

I can also protect his safety here.”


“Im here to look for him for something.”

“Do you have an appointment”

“He asked me to come.”

“Then lets go in.”

Xu Damao pushed the door open and Ye Xiao walked in from under her arm.

Needless to say, Xu Damao was guarding the door.

Lets not talk about her cultivation, just her physique alone gave people a sense of security.

“Boss Ye is here.

Come, come, come.

Please come in.”

Wang Dalong invited Ye Xiao in and smiled apologetically:

“Boss Ye, Im sorry for making you come here personally.

But theres nothing I can do.

After all, you want too many things.

Its risky to take them out.

“I cant afford to pay for the company that our brothers set up together.

I hope youll forgive me.”

After saying that, he hurriedly poured a cup of tea for Ye Xiao.

“Where are the goods”

“Its here.

Please take a look.”

After saying that, Wang Dalong handed Ye Xiao a storage ring.

“This storage ring is for you.

Its convenient for you to use.”

The storage ring was originally an extremely expensive item.

However, with the connection between the human world and the Xuan Yuan clan, it had been transported over quite a number of times, so it had become a relatively common item.

Ye Xiao took the storage ring and glanced at it.

As expected, a million divine crystals lay motionless inside the storage ring.

Ye Xiao nodded and handed the spirit stones to Wang Dalong.

It was a total of 400 million spirit stones.

After Wang Dalong inspected the goods, the smile on his face became even wider.

“Its still better to do business with Boss Ye.

Tonight, Ill arrange a table at Xing Hua brothel.

Boss Ye, please do me the honor.”

“Forget about that.

I still have something to do today.

Next time, Ill treat you when Im free.

Ill be leaving first.”

“Boss Ye, youre leaving already How embarrassing is that Ill send you off.”

“No need.

I can leave by myself.”

“Ill send you to the door.”

Wang Dalong personally sent Ye Xiao to the door.

After Ye Xiao left, he felt the Golden Book divine soul in his body tremble.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

That meant that the Golden Book divine soul had already fused with the array, forming the divine array that he needed.

Ye Xiao immersed his mind and swept a glance.

The array had already formed the Purple Astral Brilliance Array!

That array already possessed its own consciousness.

Once it was created, not only would it be able to simultaneously possess the characteristics of the previous Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array, Ming Luo Imperial Array, Vast Skies Grand Array, and a few other array formations, it would also further magnify their power.

It could also continuously adjust the power of the array according to its own consciousness.

Using that point, it could very well prevent the enemy from destroying the array.

Under normal circumstances, the power of an array had already been fixed from the moment it was created.

As long as it could find the pattern, it would have a way to break it.

However, once the array had its own consciousness, it would be different.

It could change its trajectory and route at any time, and at the same time, it could change the power of a single area.

Not only that, after learning it, Ye Xiaos understanding of the array would deepen.

In the future, if he encountered other arrays, he could easily find the other partys weakness and then break it.

It could be said to be another great killer weapon of Ye Xiao.

However, that was not the most important thing to Ye Xiao.

The most important thing was that he had already made all the preparations.

At that point, it was time to find an empty place to advance.

Ye Xiao sent a message to his colleagues in the library.

He said that he was going out for a few days and had something to do.

Then, he disappeared in a flash and disappeared from the surface world.

The ancestor had said that because his divine soul and body were very strong, the advancement this time would definitely attract a great commotion.

Therefore, he had to be careful.

He could not be on the ground.

Instead, he had to be in the starry sky and he had to find a place where there was no one around.

Just as he arrived in the starry sky, Ye Xiaos divine sense swept into the distance.

There were quite a number of Emperor realm martial arts experts fighting.

The powerful aura that erupted unceasingly charged in all directions.

It was extremely terrifying!

That made Ye Xiaos brows slightly raised.

“Looks like as more and more divine tombs are sent out, the battles between the few great god races will also become more and more intense.

It cant be that it will trigger a new war, right”

However, very soon, he could not help but shake his head.

That was because, even if a new war was triggered, the Xuan Yuan clan also held an absolute advantage.

The Xuan Yuan clan ranked 19th among the 10,000 clans in the starry sky was not like how humans faced star beasts before.

Only the Xuan Yuan clan had a share of killing others, but no one else had a share of killing the Xuan Yuan clan.

That war had nothing to do with Ye Xiao.

Relying on his super-strong movement technique, the Yin-yang Escape technique, Ye Xiao quickly found a quiet place.

It was inside a group of meteorites.

That place was completely deserted.

There was not even a single birds feather, and there was not the slightest bit of life.

Ye Xiao began to set up the array first.

The array was the foundation for advancement.

When he advanced, it would provide him with a portion of energy and protection.

The Purple Astral Brilliance Array was quickly set up by him.

A thundercloud had already started to appear in the sky.

That was the cloud layer of the Lightning Tribulation, a tribulation cloud that was specially formed to counter the divine array.

However, he did not activate it directly, so the lightning tribulation in the cloud layer had no way of descending.

Ye Xiaos idea was very simple.

He would wait until the instant he advanced, then manifest the array to help him resist it.

Then, he began to refine pills.


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