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Regardless of the silly cat, Ye Xiao walked in front of the star beasts and swept his gaze across them.

“From today onwards, the number of offerings provided by everyone will increase, and it will increase by a large margin.

“In the following period of time, I will start an activity.

During this period of time, the number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures obtained from all the offerings you provide will be 1.5 times that of the past.

“This is a rare opportunity.

I hope that everyone can seize it!”

The eyes of the star beasts immediately lit up.

The things that Ye Xiao usually gave were already very good.

They did not expect that it would increase.

Then what were they waiting for Would they not increase their production of meat, eggs, duck eggs, turtle eggs, honey, milk, and other non-staple foods every day

“Long live Master!”

The excited Norfis even cut off one of his tentacles on the spot to celebrate.

Ye Xiao waved his hand to signal for everyone to be quiet.

“The activity will begin now.

In order to allow you to recover better, I will build more spirit-gathering arrays in this place to increase the rate at which you absorb spiritual energy and subsequently increase your recovery speed.

“In addition, in order to increase your recovery speed, I will find some additional healing-type star beasts for you to use as treatment.”

“Long live Master! Long live Master!”

Looking at the star beasts dancing excitedly, Ye Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction.

Once there were more star beasts, it would be easier to control them because they were too good at blindly following the trend.

When a star beast saw that he was giving candy to other star beasts, they would want to follow him and ask for candy.

In any case, they were all livestock and poultry there.

Rather than being snatched by him every day to harvest, it would be better for them to obediently contribute.

They could also obtain some heavenly and earthly treasures to raise their strength.

What was the saying

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

In any case, no one would come to save them even if they shouted until their throats were broken.

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After instructing Huan Liuli to pay attention to harvesting and storing the flesh and blood of these star beasts every day, Ye Xiao set up some arrays and taught some star beasts healing techniques before withdrawing from the jade seal.

With so many star beasts providing him with flesh and blood every day, he would be able to accumulate a large amount of blood essence and spiritual energy resources after accumulating them for a period of time.

At that time, along with some super strong star cores and his Luos Divine Elixir, he would definitely be able to refine a divine pill to advance in his cultivation.

However, just relying on that was not enough.

He still needed a spirit-gathering array at the god level.

Divine Array!

It looked like he would be spending the rest of his days in the martial arts library.

After Ye Xiao left, the Great Emperor Dragon Lion slowly opened his mouth and chatted with a supreme divine beast, the Earth King Dragon, beside him.

“Did you notice anything”

The Earth King Dragon said slowly,

“If Im not wrong, this guy is about to advance again.

Hes about to advance to the God realm! Otherwise, he wouldnt have asked us to speed up the supply of flesh and blood.”

The Emperor Dragon Lions eyes turned cold.

When he heard those two words, his entire body could not help but shiver.

God realm!

Even the supreme divine beasts had to look up to it.

“If I remember correctly, this guy had just advanced to the Emperor realm two years ago.

“Its only been two years! Two years! Hes already so powerful! Hes going to enter the God realm!”

“Hes too ruthless!”

“But the biggest problem now isnt this, but another problem.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion frowned and said with confusion,

“What problem is it”

“Have you ever thought about it If his strength improves further and reaches the God realm, will he still take a fancy to the blood essence we provide”


That sentence was like a big bomb that exploded in the Emperor Dragon Lions mind, making him shiver uncontrollably.

If that was the case, did that not mean that they were close to death


The Emperor Dragon Lion could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Earth King Dragon, what do you think we should do”

The Earth King Dragon took a deep breath and spat out his scarlet snake tongue.

His eyes were filled with determination.

“We also have to work harder to cultivate.

We have to make our blood essence richer and our flesh more tender.

Only then will we be needed by him.

“I dont want to be killed by him and waiting to be refined into a pill without even a chance to revive.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion nodded.

“Thats right.

Even if were livestock, we cant slack off.

We have to work hard and keep improving to become stronger

“In order to be better livestock, the two of us have to encourage each other and work hard together.

As long as the two of us are the strongest star beasts in this spatial plane, theyll be the ones who die.”

“Alright! Lets start cultivating now.”

However, what the two of them did not notice was that many other star beasts had also noticed that point.

At that moment, all the star beasts in the entire jade seal were secretly competing to raise the quality of their offerings and their lifeblood.

Ye Xiaos advancement goal indirectly pushed forward the inner scroll of the entire star beast farm.

The next day, Ye Xiao went to work and began to search for the array.

Not long after, along with a pleasant smell of gardenia flowers, Qin Yuyan with long, soft hair appeared in front of him.

“Ye Xiao, long time no see.”

Ye Xiao raised his head.

From this angle, he could only see half of Qin Yuyans face.

“Why are you free to come”

Qin Yuyan smiled gently, her large eyes curved like crescent moons.

“I cant come for no reason”

However, after saying that, she seemed to feel a little coquettish, so Qin Yuyan blushed slightly and changed the topic.

“I came here to look for some books.

Do you have any books about breaking open the tomb”

“Breaking open tombs Are they books about tomb raiding”

Ye Xiaos mind was filled with ghost blows out the light and tomb raiding notes.

Qin Yuyan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“What do you mean by tomb raiding Its just excavating some ancient tombs.”

Hearing that, a strange look flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.

Ancient tombs, could it be…

“Why did you suddenly think of looking for such a book”

“Many ancient tombs have been discovered in the starry sky.

Among them, there are even the tombs of Godslayer realm martial arts masters!

“In order to compete with the Thunder God clan, Winged God clan, and Gorilla clan for a part of the ancient tomb, the Xuan Yuan clan was in a fierce battle.

The three parties were constantly increasing their forces.

“In order to seize it, the Xuan Yuan clan has to dig out the inheritance in the tomb as soon as possible, they had already begun to mobilize the human martial arts experts on the ground.

“Any martial arts expert whose cultivation has advanced to the divine sect or above can register to enter the starry sky to dig the tomb.

They can obtain many good things.

“I also want to go over and see if I can encounter some special opportunities.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao felt much more at ease.

As long as it was not the Divine Kingdoms treasury, there would not be any major problems.

However, that matter also gave him a warning.

That was, if those divine tombs were all from the Divine Kingdoms ancient tombs from the primordial era, then there would definitely be some special information recorded in their tombs.

As an example, there would be information regarding the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

He had to think of a way to quickly raise his strength and then find the Divine Kingdoms treasury to dig out the treasures from within.

He had to be one step ahead of everyone and obtain the benefits inside.

“If you dig a grave, the most common things you will encounter are arrays.

You can read some array books first.

These are all books that I have just read.

You can take a look and understand a little about them.

“Other than these, you can also look at mechanisms, poisons, illusions, and so on.

“Usually, the most common things in a grave are these things.

“As for the possibility of the existence of a tomb guardian spirit, that is something that needs to be solved with strength.

There is no such knowledge in the books.”

Ye Xiao briefly explained a few sentences to her.

After all, the relationship between the two of them was still passable.

They could not just watch her barge in and get killed, right

Qin Yuyan nodded and said with a faint smile,

“Thank you.

If I dig up anything good, I will definitely give you some.”

“Youre welcome.”

Ye Xiao continued reading while Qin Yuyan sat opposite him.

The two of them did not interact with each other and were very quiet.

The two of them were the kind of people who liked to be busy with official matters.

Once they started doing things, they rarely disturbed their minds.

In the next few days, Qin Yuyan came over to read.

The two of them read each others books and did not disturb each other.

After reading for nearly a month, Ye Xiao finally found what he needed, the final imperial array.

The imperial array was recorded in the Golden Book.

When it was cultivated to perfection, it could be directly combined into a divine array!


After learning the array, Ye Xiao pushed the book in his hand to Qin Yuyans hand.

“Ive finished reading all of these.

You can continue reading.

I have some matters to attend to.”

Qin Yuyan nodded.

“After Ive finished reading this, I have to go back.

Prepare to delay the elite classs course and register for the space battlefield.”

The two of them said goodbye to each other.

Ye Xiao left the library and immediately began to prepare.

He did not need to worry too much about the problem of the pill because he had enough star beast star cores and flesh.

The amount of blood essence in his hands was extremely terrifying.

It was enough for him to handle the divine pill.

What he needed now was the divine crystals to make the array.

The divine crystals were the advanced version of the spirit stones.

The Xuan Yuan clan had brought them here from the high-class star area they came from.

The amount of spiritual energy in them was many times more than the spirit stones.

Only with those things could he activate the divine array.

However, it was not easy to get that thing.

Only the elites who were favored by the Xuan Yuan clan could get it.

Of course, ordinary people also had a way to obtain it.

Along with the communication between the Xuan Yuan clan and that world, many merchants of the god race would choose to exchange divine crystals and spirit stones in order to earn more profits.

The profit margin in the middle was very large.


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