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In general, the rewards from that trip to the human ancestors graveyard could no longer be described as enormous.


That time, Ye Xiao had really obtained too much!


Firstly, he determined the reason why he could not become a god.

Furthermore, with the help of the human ancestors, he had successfully resolved that matter.

He raised the divine blood in his body to over a million drops, and it was already able to reach the level of perfect compatibility with his divine soul to the degree of perfect compatibility.


Then, he activated the Divine Eye, although he did not know what it was


However, since the ancestors had reminded him so much, it was definitely not too bad.


Apart from that, he also knew about the Divine Kingdoms treasury.


Ye Xiao decided that he must seize the time to reach the God realm!


Only when he reached the God realm would he have the chance to search for the Kunlun dragon vein and find the Divine Kingdoms treasury.


Many years ago, although the ancestors said that they found the Divine Kingdoms treasury by chance, they were all at the God realm at that time.


With his current imperial-level cultivation, it was 100 percent impossible for him to find the Kunlun dragon vein.

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Set a small goal in the short term.


Enter the state of mind first.


Then, set a small goal in the long term.


Find the Divine Kingdoms treasury.


If he could beat the others to it, find the Divine Kingdoms treasury, and find those treasures within, he might very likely be nurtured into a Godly Emperor realm existence.


If that was really the case, it would be perfect.


A Godly Emperor!


Just thinking about it made Ye Xiao feel that it was very incredible.


If his guess was correct, a Godly Emperor should be the strongest existence in the starry sky.


As long as he reached that realm, he would not be too reckless.

Then, by relying on the strength of the Xuan Yuan god clan, it would be enough for him to live a peaceful life in the future.


There were two problems in wanting to become a martial god.


The first problem was the spiritual energy.


The ancestor had also said that when he became a martial god, he needed an extremely large amount of spiritual energy to help him successfully advance to the final realm.


If he wanted to purely rely on his body to absorb spiritual energy, it would definitely not be possible unless he had an archaic masterpiece-level mental cultivation techniqiue.


However, if he had not reached the God realm and could not further synthesize the cultivation technique within the Golden Book divine soul, how could he possibly obtain an archaic masterpiece technique


Therefore, it was a false proposition.


Then, at that time, he would need medicinal pills and spirit-gathering arrays.


He had star beasts, enough of them, as well as heavenly and earthly treasures.

Refining a divine pill should not be too much of a problem.


Next was to wait for his alchemy skills to fuse successfully and cultivate successfully.

Then he could start preparing.


There was another problem, which was the array.


He currently had four arrays.

They were the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array, the Vast Skies Grand Array, the Heavenly Creation Array, and the Ming Luo Imperial Array.


However, of these four arrays, only the Vast Skies Grand Array was a spirit-gathering array.

The other arrays did not have that effect.


At that moment, Ye Xiao urgently needed to find another cultivation technique to synthesize.


As long as he could find another cultivation technique to synthesize, he would be able to create a divine array.


At that time, the strength of the spirit-gathering array would increase at an accelerated rate.




In the following days, he would have full motivation again.



After the three of them left Kunlun, they parted ways.


They returned to their respective places.


Ye Xiao also returned to Jianghai city.


The good news was that he had just returned to Jianghai city, and the three imperial-level alchemy techniques had all been successfully synthesized.


He had successfully synthesized a god-level alchemy technique, Luos Divine Elixir.


That alchemy technique condensed the characteristics of three alchemy techniques.

Not only did it have the ability to refine impurities to the extreme, it also had the effect of forcefully suppressing spiritual energy.

In the end, it also had the ability to raise the quality of the medicinal pill.


When those three powerful abilities were added together, it was not an exaggeration to say that even if it was a bubble of cow dung, Ye Xiao could extract all the nutrients from it and refine them into a pill, he could also upgrade this pill.


That way, this pill could display a value that was thousands of times more than a bubble of cow dung.


Ye Xiao entered the jade seal.

Huan Liuli was working very hard on her training.

It was that outfit that she was wearing… Hmm… Maid attire, cat ears, and black stockings.


That silly cat did not seem to be serious all day.

When she was serious, she did not seem to be serious at all.


A simple-minded cat and a middle school student, and a little… Hmm…


Forget it.

Being able to start working hard on her training was already considered pretty good.


After all, cats were lazy by nature.

In addition, her IQ was not very high.

It was already worthy of praise.


As if sensing his aura, Huan Liuli opened her eyes.




Huan Liuli got up excitedly and came in front of Ye Xiao, swinging her little arm.


“Master, quickly look at me.

My cultivation has increased again.

Ive finally advanced to the Divine Beast realm.”


Ye Xiao nodded and gave a perfunctory praise.


“Well, not bad.”


“Ah, Master, do you want to test my current strength”


“How Let you hit me”


“No, no, no!”


Huan Liuli hurriedly waved her hand and said,


“Master must be joking.

How would I dare to hit Master It should be Master hitting me.

Master, hit me once.

Gently, test how strong my endurance is.”


“It will be very painful.”


“Its fine.

Master, be gentle.”


“Then… Where should I hit”


“Master, feel free to choose.

As long as its a place with more meat on my body, you can hit it.

A place with less meat, hitting your bones will be very painful.”


Ye Xiao sized her up from top to bottom.


‘Hmm… This place had the most meat, but because it had exceeded normal standards, it would definitely have a reduced effect when hit.

The test was not accurate.


‘This place had a little less meat, but it was the softest.

Forget it, the location was not good, so it was not suitable.


‘This place… Mm… Okay, its decided.

Its you.


“Are you ready Im going to start!”


Huan Liuli nodded excitedly, her face was so excited that it was slightly red.


“Start! Im ready.”


“It will hurt very much.

Are you sure you want to fight”


“Im sure.

I want to see how strong I am at the Divine Beast realm.”






Ye Xiao slapped Huan Liulis face.

There was neither too much nor too little meat in that place.

The position should be the most suitable.

After all, Huan Liuli was a female cat.

He had to be careful.

Moreover, its experimental results were also the best.


Listening to the crisp sound of the slap, it was so loud.

The sound that entered his ears was just right.



Looking at that little face that was red in the midst of white, under that slap, it swelled up just right.

It was bright red, extremely similar to the babys face.


Huan Liuli was stunned by that slap.


She looked at her master with a dumbfounded face.

Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows.


“Why are you looking at me Youre the one who asked me to hit you.

Its not like I had to hit you.

Moreover, youre the one who said that you could pick any place you want.”


“So you hit my face.

Cant hit my butt Cant hit my arms Cant hit my thighs Cant hit my stomach”


“You didnt tell me where to hit you.

You only told me to hit you.

If you wanted me to hit other places, you should have said so earlier! If you had said so earlier, I wouldnt have hit your face.

Why didnt you say so earlier”


Huan Liuli cried, two lines of tears fell from the corner of her eyes.


Why did she make such a stupid request


If she had known that would happen, even if she was beaten to death, she would not have let her master test her current strength.


“Then how is my current cultivation Is it very powerful”


“Well… Actually, I only used half of my strength just now.

But your face is swollen, and its very swollen.

Its like a pigs head.

So whether your strength is strong or not, its still up to you to make a comment.”


“Then I should still be very strong.

After all, Master is very strong.

However, I can withstand half of Masters slap.

Its just that my face is slightly swollen, so its not a big problem.”




Just as she finished speaking, Huan Liulis nostrils started to spurt out two more nosebleeds.


“Oh, your nose is bleeding.

Do you want me to treat it for you”


Huan Liuli wiped her own nosebleed.


“Its no big deal.

Theres no big problem.

I feel that my current condition is very good.

I can even accept Masters trial again.

Of course, as long as it doesnt hit my face again, its fine.”


Ye Xiao was still very worried.


“Your face is turning pale.

Are you really sure that youre fine”


“Of course!”


Huan Liulis small hand pinched her waist and made a rather cool pose.


“Your forehead is sweating! Id better treat you.”


“No, Im fine! Im really fine.

Look at me now! Im in the Divine Beast realm! I can still withstand Masters slap with half of his strength.”


Ye Xiao said faintly,


“Alright then! Ill go and do other things first.

You can take care of your own face later.”


“No problem…”


Just as she finished speaking, Huan Liuli fell to the ground with a thud.

She was foaming at the mouth and her eyes rolled back.




He had almost forgotten that the silly cat not only had a lower IQ and a dumber brain, but she was also very stubborn.




It was better to treat her.


Ye Xiao flicked his hand and cast a healing technique on her, allowing her injuries to be healed in an instant.


Huan Liuli opened her eyes and continued to lie on the ground, unable to get up.


“Master, why havent you left yet Im lying here and just want to rest for a while.

Dont tell me you think Ive really fainted


“I definitely wont faint! Hurry up and get back to your business.”




Alright then, he had no way of continuing to communicate with that silly cat, so let her be.


He walked towards the supreme divine beasts detention area, while Huan Liuli was at the side, fiercely rubbing her face.


Although the healing technique could heal injuries, the pain that Huan Liuli had felt to the bone had not disappeared until then.


‘D*mn it! It hurts so much! It hurts so much! If I had known earlier, I would not have let Master hit me.

Bad luck!


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