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Chapter 350: Condense the Divine Blood, Rush to the Peak of the Physical Body, and Open the Divine Eye

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The divine blood is the essence of your ancestors lives.

If you have a divine body, your ancestors divine souls can still exist for more time.

“If you give it all to me, it will definitely greatly reduce the amount of time your ancestors divine souls can exist.”

“Hahaha… If you have such a heart, then we will be satisfied.”

“Back then, we traveled through the starry sky in order to fight for a future for our descendants.

“Now that were seeing this future coming to fruition in you, what else do we have to hesitate about

“If you were to refuse, that would be the greatest cruelty to us.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

At that moment, even if it was his first time meeting the ancestors, he could not help but feel touched.

Along the way, there were too many people who helped him.

King Zhou, the successive emperors of the Nine Provinces, Emperor Yun, Emperor Jing, and the others were all silently contributing to him.

There were also those close friends who often worried about him.

Ye Xiao suddenly began to feel that the most precious thing he had gained in that world was not his current powerful strength, but those people, full of care and gratitude!

“Ye Xiao, descendant of the Xuan Yuan god clan, thank you, ancestors, for your love.

I will definitely step into the clouds in this life and make a name for myself, bringing glory to this lineage.”

“Good! Good! Your words are enough!”

“Ill go first.

Ye Fei of the Xuan Yuan god clan refines the divine blood, rise!”

“Ill go too.

Ye Zhantian of the Xuan Yuan god clan, refine the divine blood, rise!”

“Meng Qianyao of the Xuan Yuan god clan, refine the divine blood, rise!”

“Sun Zhuyun of the Xuan Yuan god clan, refine the divine blood, rise!”

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One ancestor after another refined their divine blood.

They did not have any hopes of being revived.

That was because death under normal circumstances was a type of natural law.

If one died under unnatural circumstances for too long, they would also be affected by the natural law.

Above the God realm, even if it was a healing technique, it was impossible to reverse the natural law.

However, their dedication was still so great that Ye Xiao was unable to repay it.

That was because even if they were affected by the natural law, with their physical bodies, their divine souls would be able to continue existing for a longer period of time than if they did not have their physical bodies.

The 23 human ancestors extracted their divine blood one after another and injected it into Ye Xiaos body.

That made Ye Xiao feel that the divine blood in his body was rapidly increasing.

In the blink of an eye, it reached an extremely terrifying level.

From the original 120,000 drops, it quickly rose to 180,000, 240,000, 300,000, 400,000, 500,000… In the blink of an eye, it broke through 1,000,000 drops, and it was still continuously increasing.

As the divine blood in his body continued to increase, Ye Xiao felt that his physical strength was also continuously increasing.

That made him feel that every part of his body was enhancing, rapidly strengthening.

His five and six senses were all continuously improving because of the strengthening of his body.

Suddenly, his eyes burst out with a ball of resplendent golden light.

The Taiji True Pupil in his eyes had an inexplicable change.

The expressions of the ancestors changed as they said excitedly,

“Good kid, his physique has improved, and it actually allowed him to awaken his Divine Eyes!”

“This kid has too many cultivation techniques in his body.

Its very likely that he has cultivated eye-bloodline techniques.

In addition, Qian Yao and Zhu Yuns family bloodlines also have Divine Eyes.

Therefore, this kid accidentally opened his Divine Eyes.

“From then on, he has another amazing technique.”

Ye Xiao also did not expect that he would actually open his Divine Eyes by accident.

Divine Eyes and eye techniques were different.

Eye techniques were ocular techniques that ordinary people learned and developed in order to simulate the effects of Divine Eyes.

Its power was absolutely incomparable to a pure Divine Eye.

A Divine Eye that was truly opened naturally would not only possess a unique eye technique, but it would also obtain a further improvement as ones cultivation continued to increase.

Very soon, Ye Xiaos pupils turned purple.

There were no patterns within, but the aura in his eyes was several times stronger than when Ye Xiao had used the Taiji True Pupil previously.

“What powerful ocular power! This ocular power is not simple!”

The two women could not help but speak.

The other ancestors could not help but ask in confusion,

“Is there anything different about his Divine Eyes”

“Of course there is.”

Sun Zhuyun explained with a solemn expression,

“As the saying goes, the Great Dao is the simplest.

The stronger the ability, the simpler it is.

Look carefully at his eyes.

Are there any patterns in them Is it very pure”

“Thats right.”

“This means that the quality of his eyes is very high, but which one is it I dont know.

Qianyao, do you have any idea”

Meng Qianyao shook her head.

“Ive also never seen such eyes.

Although the two of us have Divine Eyes, the grade of our Divine Eyes is very low.

In the Xuan Yuan god clan, they can not even be put on the table, let alone in the entire starry sky.

“If he wants to know the standard of this Divine Eye, Ill have to look for those top-notch existences.

At the very least, theyre at the Godly Emperor realm and above.

Only then will I be able to say anything.”


Everyone immediately could not help but take a deep breath of cold air.

Godly Emperor realm!

That was an existence that they did not even dare to think about.

The strongest person in their group was also at the Godly Emperor realm.

Their cultivation had not even exceeded the Godslayer realm, let alone the Godly Emperor realm!

However, that also made everyone even more excited.

The stronger Ye Xiaos strength was, the better it was for them.

“Qianyao, then take a look.

What level can his eye evolve to”

The reason why the Divine Eye was powerful was that it could evolve, especially the Divine Eye of a very high grade.

It could even evolve into an existence at the level of a precious technique.

That was what was truly awesome!

Qian Yao shook her head.

“Im still not sure about this.

If its said too much, it might seem a little exaggerated.

But at the very least, if its properly nurtured, its power will definitely not be weaker than a nine-star god technique.

As for transforming into a precious technique, that will depend on his good fortune.”


Everyone clenched their fists.

Their divine blood was finally not wasted.

Creating such a large descendant was simply something that they dreamed of.

Their divine blood was originally the blood of the ancestor of Ye Xiaos body.

Hence, the genes of both parties were highly compatible.

In the blink of an eye, it was quickly refined and endlessly turned into Ye Xiaos own blood.

At that moment, because his physique was too strong, the speed at which he absorbed the spiritual energy began to increase explosively.

When he absorbed the spiritual energy, it was like two streams of water in Ye Xiaos nose.

One went in, one went out, one went in, one went out, one went in, one went out…

That cycle repeated itself.

After about half a day, Ye Xiao finally finished refining it.

When he regained consciousness, the ancestors immediately surrounded him.

“Ye Xiao, how do you feel”

Ye Xiao clenched his fist.

“I feel that my bodys control of the surroundings has reached infinite perfection.”

“Congratulations, you are now infinitely close to the God realm and can be considered a lesser God realm existence.

As long as you find a place where the spiritual energy is extremely dense enough to support you through the tribulation, you will be able to smoothly advance to the God realm.”

“However, although you can already advance to the God realm, you must remember that its best to find a hidden place.

Your body and divine soul are too powerful.

When you advance to the God realm, the Lightning Tribulation will definitely be quite big.

“At least not in this world.

Not only will it bring harm to this world, but it will also attract the attention of the god clans.

“And your eyes.

No matter what, dont show your eyes to others unless its a life-or-death situation.

“Your eyes are very precious now.

If you show them to others, youll be killed

“To be precise, your entire body is a treasure now.

Your soul is a treasure, your eyes are a treasure, and your body is also a treasure now.

God knows how much divine blood is contained within.

“Therefore, if you can keep a low profile, then do it as low-profile as possible.

“If you can avoid causing trouble, then do it as far as possible.

First, focus on cultivation.

Try to raise your strength as much as possible.

Once you have the power to protect yourself, then go out and have fun.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ye Xiao will always remember the teachings of the ancestors.”

Everyone smiled in relief.

“Good! Since thats the case, then go out.

If you have nothing else to do in the future, dont come back.

The path of martial arts stresses that you have no attachments.

You must keep moving forward.”

Ye Xiao bowed to the ancestors before turning around and leaving.

When he arrived outside, Azure Dragon and Emperor Jing were sitting cross-legged cultivating.

When they sensed him coming out, they immediately stood up.

“Ye Xiao, youre out.”

“How is it Is there a human ancestor inside Have you seen him”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ive seen him, but not just one person, but a group of people.”

“Hiss! So powerful.

Theres actually a group of ancestors.

Theyre all God realm martial arts masters, right”

Ye Xiao nodded again.

“Lets go.

The matters here have already ended.

We should go back.”


The two of them left together with Ye Xiao.

The voice gradually faded away.

“Ye Xiao, the two of us just divided the medicinal pills into three portions.

Each of us can split about 200 pills.

This is your portion.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“The two of you can keep it.”

“Are you sure you dont want it This is an imperial pill!”

“No, Ill give it to you.”

In reality, Ye Xiao did not need an imperial pill at that point.

He had just obtained the forefathers divine blood and spiritual energy一his physical body had already been raised to another peak.

What he needed at the moment was a divine pill!

It was a divine pill with unparalleled power!

As long as he could refine a divine pill, then find a hidden place and set up a spirit-gathering array, Ye Xiao could prepare to advance to the God realm.

His current physical body was already infinitely close to the divine body, and his divine soul was already prepared.

To put it exaggeratedly, he was only half a step away from the God realm.

He was already half a step away from the door, which was equivalent to the groom standing in front of the last layer of defense.

As long as he took just a tiny step forward, he would be able to complete the final wedding ceremony!


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