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Chapter 349: Relics of the Divine Kingdom, Defying the Heavens and Changing Fate

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He felt that his mind was momentarily unable to process it.

Those… Were all human ancestors.

They were all God realm martial arts masters when they were alive!

Their souls actually could not withstand the pressure of his soul

Although Ye Xiao knew that the Golden Book divine soul was very impressive, and he had just used 108 streams of dragon energy to refine it, he did not expect that it was actually so powerful!

“My… My soul body cant take it anymore.

Kid, quickly take it back.”

“Quick! We cant hold on much longer.”

Ye Xiao immediately took back his divine soul.

Only after several ancestral souls did he finally heave a sigh of relief.

He barely managed to get up from the ground.

His body could not help but tremble, and his eyes revealed a thick fear.

“What a terrifying divine soul.

Your divine soul is already so powerful that even souls like us were terrified.

What exactly is your divine soul”

Ye Xiao was slightly puzzled as he asked,

“Didnt you guys see it just now”

“I didnt see it clearly just now.

I vaguely saw a corner of a book, but it suppressed me in the blink of an eye.

The souls of us God realm masters have already completely fused our divine souls into our souls.

“Therefore, if your soul, or your divine souls strength, or grade is too high, it will suppress us.”

“It is indeed a book.”

“No matter what kind of divine soul it is, its strength is far beyond our imagination.

“To think that we would actually have a descendant like you.

The heavens have opened their eyes! My clan is finally going to have a dragon! Hahahaha.

The souls of the ancestors were extremely excited.

Some of them even went a little crazy.

Ye Xiao felt a little embarrassed after being praised by the ancestors.

He could not help but say,

“Actually, strictly speaking, Im not considered the strongest in this lineage.

About 2,000 years ago, there was another person who was even stronger than me.

He broke through the space battlefield and entered the starry sky.”

“Oh Our lineage actually gave birth to heavens chosen character! Hahahaha… The heavens really blessed us.”

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After being excited for a while, one of the ancestors could not help but say,

“Child, the reason why you cant advance to the God realm is because your physical body is too weak.

“Of course, your physical body has been perfectly molded, but compared to your divine soul, it really doesnt match.

“If you want to advance to a higher level, you have to raise the divine blood in your body.

Your current divine blood only has 120,000 drops.

This is only the divine blood that a normal God race possesses.

“However, it is far from matching your divine soul.

You need more divine blood to complete the fusion of the divine blood and divine soul to successfully advance to the God realm

“Although this process is very difficult, if you advance to the God realm, you will definitely be stronger than a normal God realm master.

You will also go further in the future.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Knowing that he could continue to advance, his heart felt much more at ease.

Previously, when he saw that there was no reaction after he had tempered his divine soul, he could not help but feel a little worried in his heart.

At that point, he knew the source of the problem so everything vanished into thin air.

“Oh right, child, have you told anyone else about your divine soul Or have you shown it to anyone else”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

The various ancestors nodded and also felt at ease.

“Listen to us.

Its truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to possess this divine soul.

You must not casually reveal it to anyone else.

Otherwise, it might very well bring you danger.”

“Thats right.

Even in the Xuan Yuan god clan, its hard to guarantee that no one will be tempted.

You must know that this divine soul of yours is really too strong.

“If any martial arts master from the Xuan Yuan god clan wants to take it away and dig it out for their own descendants, then you will truly die!”

“Ancestors, dont worry.

I have some idea on this point.”

“Thats good.”

One of the ancestors, who seemed to have the most noble status, stood out and said,

“Back then, our branch was just an extremely ordinary branch in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

There were only a little over 20 people in our family.

Due to our low aptitude and small population, we didnt receive many resources from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Of course, this wasnt the Xuan Yuan god clans fault.

After all, any race had to give priority to the outstanding ones.

Only by doing so could they ensure the continuation of the entire race.

“If a race couldnt produce an endless stream of martial arts experts, once the Godly Emperor bloodline declined, the impact on the entire race would be huge!”

“However, we are not willing to sink into oblivion.

In order for our descendants, which is you, to obtain a better future, our entire clan roamed the starry skies and finally found this human treasury after many confirmations.

“This is the answer to the second question you want to know!”

“What is this treasury”

“A Divine Kingdoms treasury!”

Ye Xiaos pupils instantly constricted.

A Divine Kingdoms treasury!

He had read about it in the library.

The so-called Divine Kingdom was a kingdom in the starry sky that a Godly Emperor created in order to gather his own power.

His scale could be large or small, but even the smallest Divine Kingdoms overall strength could not be underestimated.

The treasures within it were uncountable.

The Divine Kingdoms treasury was naturally the place where the kingdoms treasures were stored.

“You are saying that this starry domain was actually a Divine Kingdom a long, long time ago.”

“Thats right.

With the passage of time, it had long disappeared into the long river of history.

However, its treasury was not lost.

It was hidden in this world.

“Because the treasures in that treasury are too powerful.

There is even a dragon vein outside of it.

That is the ancestor of all dragons in this world, the Kunlun dragon vein.

All the dragon veins in this world are nurtured by it.”

Ye Xiao was shocked.

As expected of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

There were definitely many treasures inside.

Even the ancestor of the dragon veins was born.

One had to know that a Changbai dragon vein was already very impressive.

As for the Changbai dragon vein, it was not ranked in the top three in the entire Nine Provinces, and how many dragon veins were there in the world

Those dragon veins were all created by the ancestor of the Ten Thousand Dragons.

One could imagine how strong the Kunlun dragon vein was

If he could find that dragon vein, would that not mean that he would be able to obtain all the treasures inside

The human ancestor seemed to have seen through Ye Xiaos thoughts and said with a smile,

“As you think, our idea is to let you rely on the Divine Kingdoms treasury and lead our branch to raise your strength to break through the shackles and become an extremely powerful branch of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“From now on, to be able to stand firm in the Xuan Yuan god clan, dont be a bunch of ants who cant even casually control their own fate.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Although those human ancestors only casually said a few words that day, he could imagine how difficult it was for more than 20 God realm martial arts masters to wander in the vast starry sky for so many years.

No wonder the Nine Provinces people had passed down their heritage for so many years.

The ancestors of the seniors had passed down their hard-earned experiences and achievements to the future generations so that they could carry them forward.

It was really amazing!

“Then do the ancestors know the location of the Kunlun dragon vein”

The ancestors shook their heads.

“Speaking of which, we have also encountered the Kunlun dragon vein before.

However, because the power contained in the Kunlun dragon vein is too great, it has already evolved into an extremely high intelligence.

“We were unable to find it even until we died.”

Ye Xiao shook his head and sighed.

However, on careful thought, the Kunlun dragon vein was so powerful.

If they were to obtain it so easily, it would be worthless.

“Oh right, whats happening outside now Did you repel those star beasts! Are they still harassing you”

One of the human ancestors could not help but ask.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“We have experienced so many years of development.

Along with the decline of our bloodline, our martial strength is actually also continuously declining.

“Two years ago, we were even on the verge of being exterminated.

The other human races in this world have already been exterminated by the star beasts.

“In the end, me and some seniors turned the tide and defeated the star beasts.

“However, we had no choice but to gather the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

Everyone could not help but frown.

“Has the Xuan Yuan god clan already sent people here”

“Sigh! Its all fate! Back then, we did not inform the Xuan Yuan god clan because we wanted to monopolize the Divine Kingdoms ruins.

“To think that they still came in the end.”

“Actually, ancestors, theres no need to be overly worried.

The people from the Xuan Yuan god clan who came over now are not very strong.

The highest one is only at the Emperor realm of 64 dragons.

“We still have some hope.”

Everyones eyes lit up.

“Really Thats great! With your talent, if you can work harder and let your strength improve, it should be very possible to find the Kunlun dragon vein.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I will work hard.”

The human ancestors looked at each other as if they had made a major decision.

“Everyone, the Divine Kingdoms treasury was something that we found with great difficulty.

If we can obtain it, it will be extremely beneficial to our future generations!

“Perhaps, its time for us to provide our future generations with another helping hand.”

“Thats right.

Weve been here for so many years just to wait for an existence that has the qualifications to search for the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

“Now that this child has finally come before us, what are we waiting for”

Everyones eyes gradually became firm.

Following that, the air distorted and 23 white jade coffins were summoned from within.

Inside lay the remains of the 23 ancestors.

Ye Xiao had already thought of something.

“Ancestors, you cant!”

Everyone smiled.

“Why cant we Were already dead.

Theres no use keeping the corpses.

The divine blood in our bodies is getting lesser and lesser.

Sooner or later, well be completely exhausted.

At that time, the corpses will also turn into dust.

“Instead of that, why dont we give you all the divine blood in our bodies to help you advance to the God realm”


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