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Chapter 348: Finally Meeting The Human Ancestor.

Ye Xiao Asked Two Questions, the Mystery of Cultivation The Secret of the Treasure

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Ye Xiao brought the two of them and successfully crossed the sea of fire.

Soon after, they came to the third test.

After the sea of fire, along with a burst of heavenly flowers and fragrance, a group of women with graceful figures appeared in front of them.

They sang and danced, charming and moving.

Although the Azure Dragon and Emperor Jing were not lustful people, they could not help but feel the temperature in their bodies rising.

“Senior Emperor Jing, Whats going on Is it an illusion”

Emperor Jing shook his head.

Although his face was burning, his eyes were still calm and determined,

“Its not all an illusion.

There are some toxins in it.

When an illusion is combined with toxins, both our mental strength and physical strength will be greatly reduced and restrained.

“Therefore, even if weve reached the Emperor realm, we cant easily resist these things.”

The Azure Dragons heart shook.

As expected of something set up by the ancestors of the human race.

A small illusion contained so many tricks that even an Emperor realm martial arts expert could not break it.

Such a method was really earth-shattering!

However, at that moment, a sword light suddenly shot out from beside him.


The sword light flashed and the entire space was filled with a white light in the blink of an eye.

After the white light passed, all the illusionary techniques disappeared, only revealing a tunnel.

The Azure Dragon and Emperor Jing could not help but be shocked.

They looked over at Ye Xiao, who was slowly withdrawing his hand.

His expression was the same as before, as calm as ever.

That made their hearts involuntarily palpitate once again.

What a terrifying state of mind.

Facing the test of the fusion of his ancestors illusionary technique and poison technique, Ye Xiaos expression did not change and his heart did not beat!

That state of mind, no wonder he was able to raise it to such a level in such a short period of time.

Genius! As expected of a genius!

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“Lets go.”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently and walked straight ahead.

Emperor Jing and Azure Dragon looked at each other and immediately followed.

The following tests were also quite difficult compared to the previous tests, and each had its own unique characteristics.

However, to Ye Xiao, they were all easily resolved one by one.

Emperor Jing and Azure Dragon went from shock to numbness, and then to the end, they were already completely used to it.

The two of them were even certain in their hearts that Ye Xiao was definitely the only person in thousands of years who could see the existence of their ancestors.

Finally, the three of them passed all the tests and came to a secret chamber.

Looking at the medicinal pills on the ground, Emperor Jing was overjoyed.

He immediately walked forward to take a look and picked up the medicinal pills.

After taking a look, his expression immediately became joyful.

“Its imperial pills! All of the pills here are imperial pills! Thats great! These must have been left behind by our human ancestors.”

He and Azure Dragon usually had imperial pills as well.

For martial emperors, the forces behind them would definitely take out rich resources to nurture them.

However, there was one point.

Their rich resources were also limited.

Each of them could only have two pills per month.

That was already their limit.

However, looking at that place, there were at least a few hundred pills.

Their trip there time was not in vain.

They had earned a lot.

The Azure Dragon was also full of smiles.

Even if he was not interested in worldly things, it was impossible for him to not take the imperial pills to heart.

Among the three of them, only Ye Xiao looked ahead with a calm expression.

He was looking at the final door of the secret chamber.

Those imperial pills were similar to the flesh and blood of the supreme divine beasts that he usually ate.

To him, they did not have much of an attraction.

Then, behind that secret chamber was definitely the location of the Xuan Yuan human ancestor consciousness.

He walked forward and used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to probe, but there was no response.

He pondered for a moment before dripping a drop of his blood.


In the next second, a line of small words slowly appeared on the seal.

Those who did not touch the elixir would enter.

After seeing those words, Emperor Jing and the Azure Dragon were petrified on the spot.

The elixir in that secret chamber was actually one of the parts of the test.

Was there a mistake Was that a joke

It was like throwing away a watermelon and picking up a sesame seed.

“Ill try to see if I can enter.”

The Azure Dragon took a deep breath.

He was still a little unwilling.

It was not easy for him to rely on Ye Xiaos help to walk here.

He was just about to meet the ancestors of the human race, but he ended up stopping there because he took a few bottles of medicinal pills.

He was really a little unwilling.

Just as he was about to walk forward, in the next second, a world-destroying energy suddenly erupted and headed straight for the Azure Dragons face!

“Vile creature, youre courting death!”

If that power really landed on the Azure Dragons body, it was imaginable that it could instantly take half of his life.

The Azure Dragons expression changed, and he suddenly turned as pale as wax.

However, Ye Xiaos eyes and hands were swift.

He activated the god-level, claw technique, Breaking the Galaxy, and instantly grabbed his shoulder, grabbing him back.

At the same time, his right hands God-subduing Palm was activated, clashing with that attack.


Following a violent explosion, a fierce force erupted rapidly in the entire secret chamber and even the entire tomb.

Ye Xiao used his own defensive barrier to protect Emperor Jing and the Azure Dragon within it.

Only then did the two of them avoid the disaster of annihilation.

Otherwise, the two of them might have been severely injured by the shockwave of that attack or even turned into ashes.

When that shockwave passed, the two of them could not help but shiver.

That move just now was simply earth-shattering to the two of them.

One could imagine how deep the attack was.

In the end, they did not expect that Ye Xiao did not move at all and even saved the two of them.

If not for the two of them being somewhat numb to Ye Xiaos strength, it would once again shock the two of them for a very long time.

Ye Xiao slowly withdrew his defensive barrier.

“Looks like the two of you can only stop here.

This last seal is so terrifyingly strong that even I have no way of undoing it.”

The two of them nodded, although they were very disappointed in their hearts.

However, they had to admit that only Ye Xiao was worthy of meeting the Xuan Yuan human ancestor.

Ye Xiao let the two of them wait for him outside while he took a deep breath and officially stepped into the room where ancestor preserved his self-consciousness.

Inside, there was actually an extremely vast hall.

It was empty and there was not a single person inside.

Ye Xiao took two steps in the hall and released his spiritual energy, but he still could not feel anything.

He pondered for a moment and immediately said,

“Xuan Yuans descendant, Ye Xiao, has come to pay his respects to the human ancestor.”

In the next second, several figures flew out from the walls of the palace.

Each figure was emitting a faint golden light.

“5,000 years! Its been 5,000 years! Among our descendants, theres finally one who can enter.”

“Rare, too rare! To actually reach the peak of the Emperor realm at the age of 21.

Hahahaha… Child, youre the pride of our clan.”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment, and then he could not help but say,

“The human ancestor, isnt it just one person, but a group of people”

Among them, a few figures could not help but giggle.

“Silly child, how can one person give birth to a child There must be a group of people to be able to give birth to so many descendants of the Nine Provinces.”

“This little childs words are really interesting.”

“This child is so young, and looks like hes only 21 years old.

Perhaps he doesnt have that yet.

Its very normal not to know.”

“21 years old isnt young either.

He can give birth to a child.

Back then, we were 17 years old…”

“Shut up, you old fart! Do you think everyone is like you He was able to reach the peak of the Emperor realm at 21 years old.

In the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, he can be considered one of the best.

“Are you worthy to compare with him”

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He immediately coughed lightly and said,

“Ye Xiao, the descendant of Xuan Yuan, came here because he has some matters that he wishes to consult the ancestors about.”

“Feel free to speak.”

“The first matter is that Ye Xiao has encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation.

He has clearly advanced to the peak of the Emperor realm.

The 108 dragons have even used these 1808 protective dragon energy to complete the refinement of his divine soul.

“However, there are still no signs of advancement up to now.”

“The second thing is that the treasure that the ancestors left behind for us, what kind of treasure is it where is it Are there any clues”

“We guessed that you came here to ask these two things.

Let us help you take a look at your cultivation first.”

The various figures slowly flew around Ye Xiaos side, continuously sizing him up.

These human ancestors were all in the God realm thousands of years ago.

Even if they had fallen and only had their souls left, they still had many amazing techniques.

Some were good at eye techniques, some were good at mental strength, and some were good at ordinary martial arts…

In short, each had their own merits, and could be said to be omnipotent.

Most of the talents of the current human race on Earth were inherited from them.

Of course, some of them might have awakened the other attributes of the Xuan Yuan god clans genes.

“This kids body is so perfect! Its much stronger than the Emperor realm body I had before I stepped into the God realm.”

“This kids bone age is 21 years old, but hes already at the peak of the Emperor realm.

His talent is extremely rare.

“Normally, a person like him would have a very fast cultivation speed.

He would need a lot of resources to ensure that his body was perfect enough.

“He did not expect that he could actually mold his body to such a perfect degree in such a barren world.

“Its really too rare!”

“Little doll, according to normal logic, your body has already reached the qualification to advance to the God realm, and its extremely perfect.

“Since you havent advanced to the God realm, then there might be a problem with your divine soul.

Summon your divine soul for us to take a look.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He was the descendant of that batch of people, and they were already spirits of the dead.

There was no need to worry about what they would do to him.

It was also possible to let them know about his divine soul.

Thinking up to this point, he slowly released his Golden Book divine soul.

The moment the Golden Book divine soul was released, in an instant, all the human ancestors souls collapsed to the ground, as if they were suppressed by a nameless pressure..

They could not even climb up.



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