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Chapter 344: Soul Severing With One Finger.

The Three Races Were Terrified

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Rezel, is this array of yours reliable or not Dont drop the ball at the critical moment.

Dont blame me for slapping your face then.”

The Winged God clans martial arts expert could not help but remind Rezel before he started again.

Rezel smiled.

“Dont worry.

This array of mine will soon prove itself.

Even if someone is stronger than me, as long as they dont exceed the 60 dragons Emperor realm, they will definitely die.”

“Is this array that strong If I remember correctly, your cultivation base should have just reached the 41 dragons Emperor realm, right”

The Winged God clansman could not help but ask his own question again.

However, at that moment, a martial arts expert from the Giant Gorilla god clan suddenly said,

“Is this array the Thunder god clans Thunder God Array”

Rezel chuckled.

“It seems like you know whats good for you.”

When the Giant Gorilla clansman saw Rezels confirmation, his expression became solemn, but his eyes also became more determined.

“If thats the case, then there shouldnt be any big problems.

“Our Giant Gorilla clan has also heard of this array.

“According to legends, this technique of the Thunder God clan could make people silently take away the lives of cultivators of the same level while they were sleeping!

“It could even kill enemies of a higher level!

“God knows how many people had died under this technique.

“However, this technique requires a large number of martial arts experts to continuously supply spiritual energy to maintain the array.”

Rezel nodded.

“Youre absolutely right.

The person from the Xuan Yuan god clan who came this time is at most the one with the 64 dragons Emperor realm, Jian Liuyun!

“Apart from him, no one else can withstand this array.

“If it wasnt for its restrictions, it wouldnt be able to use it continuously for a short period of time, which would put a huge burden on the body.

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“Ive already made my move against the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

Hearing that, the Winged God clansmen finally let go of his worries and doubts.

“Alright! Then lets start as soon as possible.

I cant wait to kill that d*mn b*stard!”

“Alright, all of you put your hands on the array and start to mobilize your spiritual energy to activate it.”

Everyone immediately did as he said.

In the next second, the entire array was lit up.

Blue lightning sparks danced happily and mischievously on the array.

When Rezel saw that scene, he began the attack.

He clapped his hands and the power in his body began to be activated.

In the next second, along with the explosion of lightning, it was as if an eye of the void had opened in front of him.

“Great Thunder God Primogenitor, please grant me the power to kill everything! Turn the power of lightning into a spear of revenge and help me kill the enemies of the Thunder God clan!”

After chanting, a lightning spear that was constantly emitting sparks of lightning slowly formed in front of the black hole.

Everyone could feel an extremely terrifying aura from that lightning spear.

They seemed to finally understand the terror of that move.

To put it bluntly, no one present could withstand that lightning spear.

Even if they did not die, they would still be heavily injured.

The Thunder God clans combat strength was indeed formidable.

They were indeed worthy of being the famous battle god clan in the starry sky!

“Mai Kang! Quickly fuse your Winged God clans blood essence into it and give it a spirit.

It will automatically find the existence that killed your Winged God clansman.”


Mai Kang flicked his finger and forced out a few drops of blood.

In the blink of an eye, they were all poured in front of the lightning spear.

In the next second, the lightning spear let out an angry roar and instantly disappeared from its original spot.

It turned into a stream of light and directly rushed into the space-time tunnel in front of him.

Seeing that terrifying speed, Mai Kang smiled happily.

He had always been very unhappy with the Xuan Yuan Celestial race.

However, he could not casually attack them.

Even if he was angry, he had to hold it in his stomach.

However, at that moment, with such a powerful move, he could definitely kill the other party.

He had to take back the interest first.

He would settle the debt in the future.

He even started to think about how he should thank Rezel later.

He was thinking about what words he should use to communicate with him.

Should he say thank you Perhaps he should do something else

Unlike the side where Mai Kangs face was filled with excitement, on Ye Xiaos side, he had already eaten his food and started to go to bed to meditate.

That was something that he had to do every night.

However, at that moment, he suddenly sensed an unusual force locking onto him.

That force was not considered too strong, but it had at least reached the Emperor realms strength of around 60 dragons.

Compared to others, it was already a very, very huge force.

Fortunately, his cultivation had already reached the 108 dragons Emperor realm, and his cultivation was almost full.

Therefore, his perception was especially strong.

After the other party locked onto him, there was no way for him to escape his perception.

In the next moment, a black void tunnel suddenly appeared above Ye Xiaos head.

Following that, an extremely terrifying lightning energy instantly rushed towards Ye Xiaos glabella in an unstoppable manner.

That killing intent was fully displayed.

Seeing that the lightning spear was about to pierce into Ye Xiaos glabella, he activated his Mahayana Divine Body and extended two fingers, easily clamping onto this lightning spear.

The lightning spear stopped advancing in the blink of an eye.

It froze in the air and continuously emitted a trembling sound as if it had already felt fear.

Ye Xiaos two fingers moved slightly.

Kacha, Kacha!

In the blink of an eye, the lightning spear was actually crushed by his two fingers.

“Small tricks.

Let me play with you.”

As he finished speaking, Ye Xiao immediately used the Heaven-worshipping Finger!

With a flick of his finger, a force that was several times stronger than the lightning spear from before shot out and headed straight for the opponents door!


Rezel, who was in the west, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood at that moment.

Everyones faces were shocked.

What was going on

Rezel shouted loudly,

“Hes attacking! Quickly channel all of your strength into the array.

I want to use my attack to stop him.

Otherwise, well all suffer.”

When everyone heard that, their expressions became completely solemn.

Everyone spared no effort and channeled their strength into the array to help Rezel resist Ye Xiaos attack.

A lightning spear that was even stronger than before was formed and shot directly into the teleportation channel.

However, a moment later, Rezel spat fiercely once again, his face turning pale.

It was very obvious that the second lightning spear had also shattered.

An attack like that, which was forcefully shattered by someone else, would backfire and cause Rezel a second injury.

However, Rezel did not have the time to care about that.

He had to shatter the other partys attack.

Otherwise, when the other partys attack came out of the passageway, he would die without a doubt!

That array also had flaws.

After using it, there could not be anything in the spatial passageway.

If there was, it would be very difficult for the spatial passageway to close.

He had no other choice.

Following that, the lightning spear was formed once more!

However, at that time, it was not a lightning spear that was formed.

Instead, it was two, three, four, five…

Due to the massive amount of spiritual energy that had been sucked out of them, their faces had already turned pale.

“Rezel, are you done yet If this goes on, we wont be able to hold on any longer before you succeed.”

Rezels face was even paler than theirs.

Sweat poured down from his head like a storm.

His body would tremble every second.

Although it was inaudible, in reality, he was doing his best to stabilize his body.

Those lightning spears were all destroyed by Ye Xiaos attacks.

As long as they collided with the Heaven-worshipping finger, the lightning spears would be mercilessly shattered.

One, two, three, four, five…

Every time one of the spears was shattered, Rezel would become weaker.

At the same time, the fear in his heart would also become stronger!

“D*mn it!”

Finally, before Ye Xiaos Heaven-worshipping Finger arrived, the battle intent in his heart had completely collapsed.

He could not hold on any longer and chose to surrender.

If that continued, if he really waited for the other partys attack to arrive, he would definitely die without a doubt.

Therefore, he instantly gave a stern shout and detonated both of his arms.

“Ah! Break for me!”


The fresh blood on his arms exploded, forming two blobs of blood mist that quickly merged into the array, instantly rendering the array ineffective.

The array stopped absorbing everyones spiritual energy, causing everyone to look at Rezel in shock.

Rezel revealed a smile of having survived a disaster.

“Hehehehe… I finally turned this thing off.”

However, just as everyone wanted to ask him about what exactly happened, the space in front of him exploded like a mirror.


The space cracked, and a powerful and unrivaled power rushed into Rezels body.


In an instant, Rezel exploded into a bloody mist.

Blood splashed on everyones faces, making them freeze on the spot.

Was that a joke

They had gathered so many peoples power, and they had even used the Thunder God clans secret array.

In the end, it turned out like that

The opponent had only launched one attack!

One had to know that the long spears that Rezel had formed previously all used the combined strength of all of them.

With so many long spears of lightning, at the very least, they should have worn out a lot of the opponents attacks, right

In the end, Rezel had even forcefully shut down the array at the cost of self-destructing his arms.

However, the other party still broke through the newly sealed spatial barrier and killed Rezel.

It was even an instant kill.

How terrifying was that guys strength

Could it be….

That he was already in the God realm


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