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Chapter 342: Have You Heard of The Name

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He walked into the library.

Everywhere he passed, everyone looked at him very naturally.

There was nothing unusual.

He could not help but sneer in his heart,

‘A bunch of trash.

None of them can see through my true appearance.

They are truly the trash among trash!

‘I wonder what use it is for the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan to educate this bunch of trash who havent even fully activated their divine blood!

As he walked, he used his spiritual energy to scan many people, but in the end, he still could not find any information regarding the Saber-sword Immortals true identity.

That made him a little angry, and he could not help but curse in his heart.

That Saber-sword Immortal was really too ridiculous!

There were so many people, but not a single one knew his identity.

Alas, there was nothing he could do.

In order to find the Saber-sword Immortal, he still had to continue searching for information.

He scanned the first floor with his spiritual energy.

There was nothing on the first floor that he wanted to find.

Soon, he arrived at the second floor.

However, just like the first floor, there was no answer that he wanted to find.

Just like that, he scanned the peoples consciousness while observing the surrounding information.

Moreover, he did not dare to be too presumptuous!

After all, there was a martial emperor guarding the martial arts library.

He had to be more or less cautious.

If he was discovered by the other party, it might bring him a lot of trouble.

The reason why he dared to use his spiritual energy to scan was mainly because the martial artists there were basically of a lower level and there were very few Emperor realm martial arts experts.

He quickly arrived at the fourth floor.

There were very few people on the fourth floor.

He swept a glance and was about to spread out his spiritual energy when he suddenly saw a figure.

A figure was staring straight at him.

That figure was none other than Ye Xiao.

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He had sensed it the moment the other party entered the library, and he even knew his identity under disguise.

He was from the Winged God clan!

The strength of the 108 dragon Emperor realm was many times stronger than the ordinary Emperor realm.

Their perception was also extremely sharp.

No matter how well the other party had disguised himself, he did not even need to use his eyes to see.

With his perception, he could instantly figure out the other partys background.

That was why when the other party had just arrived on the fourth floor, he had already noticed him.

The Emperor realm martial arts expert of the Winged God clan was baffled when he saw that.

He did not know what was going on.

Had he been discovered

How could it be

His disguise was top-notch!

Even among the Winged God clan, few people could see through his disguise.

He was 100 percent confident that as long as he did not reveal his aura, even the Emperor realm experts of the Xuan Yuan god clan would not be able to discover his identity.

Furthermore, he also knew that the director guarding that martial arts library was a woman.

It was absolutely impossible for it to be him.

The Xuan Yuan god race would not go to the extent of placing two Emperor realm martial arts experts in a library at the same time!

Therefore, it should be impossible for Ye Xiao to be a martial emperor!

Even so… How did that fellow discover him

Could it be… That he might be looking at the things around him

Yes, that must be the case.

Thinking of that, he immediately moved his footsteps without leaving a trace.

However, in the next second, he was once again stunned.

That was because Ye Xiaos head did not move, but his eyes were staring straight at him, rolling along with his movements.

In an instant, his eyes instantly became incomparably cold.

He was actually discovered, d*mn it! Since that was the case, he absolutely could not let him off.

Thinking up to that point, he immediately unleashed his spiritual energy, attempting to shatter Ye Xiaos spiritual energy along with his soul.

Spiritual energy was his most skilled attack method.

In the next second, spiritual energy was like a tidal wave.

It rapidly surged toward Ye Xiao.



Dong, Dong, Dong…

The Winged God clan walked very peacefully.

Even until his death, he still could not understand how he died.

Ye Xiao was clearly sitting there and did not move at all.

He did not even release his spiritual energy.

It was impossible for him to kill him no matter what, but he just had to do it.

In fact, after Ye Xiao saw him make a move, he immediately launched an eye technique attack.

Of course, he could also use his spiritual energy to attack.

Even though he had cultivated the spiritual cultivation technique at the moment, and it was exactly the same as the other partys, it was an Emperor realm attack.

However, he had already cultivated to 108 dragons, and the other party was merely an existence of three dragons.

In front of him, he was simply trash.

However, it was more convenient to use an eye technique, and it could kill him instantly without making a sound.

Originally, if the other party did not attack him, he would not have made a move.

At least, he would not have made a move so quickly.

However, if the other party made a move, there was nothing he could do.

He had to send him on his way.

The Winged God clan fell down the stairs.

The martial artists on the third floor surrounded him.

“Oh my God, what happened to him”

“He seems to be dead.

Dont move.

Inform the garrison.”

Before he could finish his sentence, another voice suddenly screamed.

“Ah! Look! He has grown wings! Hes not a human! Hes a star beast!”

“Idiot, this isnt a star beast.

This is the Winged God clan, the ancestors of the west!”

“Oh! So thats how it is.

But why is he here”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Hurry up and report to the garrison.

This matter is probably going to be troublesome.”

Everyone hurriedly used their intent stones to contact the nearby garrison team to handle the matter.

Half an hour later, in the garrison teams mortuary.

A man and a woman were staring intently at the Winged God clans corpse on the table, deep in thought.

One of them was the current commander of the garrison team, Xu Wuming.

The other was the current martial arts librarys director, Yao Meiqin.

Both of them were Emperor realm martial arts experts from the Divine Tree Academy.

At that moment, the two of them stared at the Winged God clans corpse.

Their brows were tightly knitted together.

“You said you didnt feel anything at that time”

“Thats right.

I was cultivating in my office at that time.

I didnt feel any fluctuations.

In fact, if it wasnt for the garrison members under you coming to look for me, I wouldnt have known that such a thing had happened.”

Xu Wumings eyes kept flickering with a strange light.

“The Winged God clan has the cultivation of the two dragon Emperor realm.

You know what this means, right”


Yao Meiqin nodded.

“On one hand, the Winged God clan was able to sneak into the martial arts library without me noticing.

They are indeed quite skilled, and they are worthy of my vigilance.

“On the other hand, that guy was able to instantly kill a two dragon Emperor realm martial arts expert without me noticing.

He did not even make a single sound.

His strength is so terrifying that it makes people shudder.”

Even as an Emperor realm martial arts expert, Yao Meiqin felt a chill down her spine at the mention of that matter.

All the hairs on her body could not help but stand up.

The other partys strength was many times stronger than hers.

They had to be at least in the 100 dragon Emperor realm!

However, among the masters sent by the Xuan Yuan god clan, the strongest one was the one from the Divine Tiger Sect, an existence at the Emperor realm with 64 dragons.

On the Divine Tree Academys side, the strongest one was only at the Emperor realm with 47 dragons.

Who was that

How could they be so abnormal

“Ive checked some information before.

The place where the Saber-sword Immortal appears the most is Jianghai city.”

Yao Meiqins breathing was a little hurried as her chest heaved up and down.

“You mean to say that hes in Jianghai city And hes in the library today”

“Im just saying that its possible.

If hes really that strong, he might be able to instantly kill the other party even if hes not in the library.”


Yao Meiqin could not help but shiver and suck in a breath of cold air.

Her eyes were filled with fear.

“I cant believe that such a small, remote place of the human race would actually appear.

It makes us all feel that its a terrifying existence.

Its too terrifying!”

“Back then, that senior from the Xuan Yuan god clan wasnt too famous in the god race, but he was still somewhat famous.

Its understandable for a genius to appear among his descendants.

“However, this is also a good thing for us.

At least now, we can roughly confirm that this so-called Saber-sword Immortal is in Jianghai city and not somewhere else.

“To us, this is already very good news.

“We must find him and rope him into our Divine Tree Academy.

He is extremely important to this sect.”

Yao Meiqin was shocked once again,

“I admit that he is very strong but there are many capable people in the Divine Tree Academy.

There are many at the peak of the Emperor realm.

He shouldnt be as exaggerated as you say, right”

Xu Wuming smiled.

“Do you know why the scale of our investment in Jianghai city far exceeds the other sects”

Yao Meiqin shook her head.

Xu Guangnian spoke again,

“Have you heard of a name”

“What name”

“Ancestral Dragon!”


The moment that name was mentioned, Yao Meiqin felt her mind tremble violently.

That name was a legend from more than 2,000 years ago!

He had once represented another rising point of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The Xuan Yuan god clan had once almost fallen out of the top 20 of the 10,000 clans in the starry skies.

It was precisely because of that mans appearance that the Xuan Yuan god clan was able to remain firmly ranked 19th.

“But… What does the Ancestral Dragon have to do with this place”

Just as she finished speaking, her expression suddenly changed again, and her body trembled.

“You… You cant be saying that this place is that persons hometown, right”

Xu Wuming nodded with a faint smile.

“For so many years, all the factions of the Xuan Yuan god clan have been searching for the Ancestral Dragons hometown.

They want to see if they can find someone with the same bloodline as him.

“This is also why, for so many years, the clan leader of the Xuan Yuan god clan has set a rule that no matter who comes across the Xuan Yuan bloodline of other small worlds requesting for help, they must be rescued in time.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan wants to create another existence that is on par with the Ancestral Dragon!”


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