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Chapter 341: The Winged God Clans Spy

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However, Ye Xiao knew in his heart that he could not be arrogant because of that.

He had to be more cautious.

Firstly, although his current strength was very strong, he was still not in the God realm.

Moreover, even if he had advanced to the God realm, there were still stronger existences above him.

Secondly, there was another very important reason why he was able to advance so quickly.

It was because a few factions had set up an even more powerful spirit-gathering array in the Nine Provinces.

That reason could not be ignored.

Previously, Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun had cultivated for several hundred years before they were able to cultivate a few streaks of dragon energy.

Then, in just two short years, Emperor Jing was able to cultivate another streak of dragon energy, it was all thanks to the spirit-gathering array.

The spirit-gathering array allowed the Nine Provinces to absorb the spiritual energy at a speed that was nearly a hundred times faster than before.

It allowed the cultivation of countless low-end martial artists to increase by a large margin.

At the same time, it also allowed the martial emperors to reap benefits.

If it was the speed at which the Nine Provinces absorbed spiritual energy from before, Ye Xiao definitely would not have improved so quickly.

In those few years, Ye Xiaos cultivation technique had also improved greatly.

His previous leg technique had already been successfully synthesized after defeating Lin Qingbei two years ago.

He obtained the god-slaying leg technique, Star Crusher!

Within two years, Ye Xiao had successively synthesized the god-slaying saber technique, God-burying Saber!

God-level artifact-refining technique, Divine Creation technique!

God-level finger technique, Heaven Worshipping Finger!

God-level claw technique, Breaking the Galaxy!

In other words, other than speech command, eye technique, alchemy technique, and arrays, Ye Xiao had already advanced to the God level!

Ye Xiao had also discovered that he could continue to extract god techniques from imperial-level cultivation techniques.

In addition, in the library, due to the residence of the Divine Tree Academy, many imperial-level cultivation techniques had been added.

Therefore, for him, he could continue to refine cultivation techniques and complete the synthesis of god techniques.

The library was really the best!

That day, Ye Xiao went to work as usual.

When he arrived at the library, he met Liu Chengxun at the entrance.

Half a year ago, he finally managed to pass the elite class he yearned for, becoming the fourth batch of students of the elite class.

At the moment, he was studying in the Divine Tree Academy branch in Jianghai city.

It was said that the elite classes in other regions were also very difficult to pass.

They were held once every half a year, and they only recruited a total of fewer than 20 people each time.

On average, there were a few people in each class.

In addition, the admission method for the elite class was not determined by cultivation, but by aptitude.

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Therefore, countless people were trying their best to get in.

“Ye Xiao, long time no see.”

Liu Chengxun saw him from afar and greeted him.

Ye Xiao waved his hand in response.

“Dont you have class today Why do you have time to come to this place”

Liu Chengxun opened his mouth to explain,

“These two days, the Xuan Yuan god clan and the other three god clans had some friction.

The seniors in charge of guiding the elite class went to discuss countermeasures, so we took half a day off.”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

He had long heard of the friction between the Xuan Yuan god clan and the other three god clans.

All of those grudges were formed from Lin Qingbei back then.

Lin Qingbei had devoured all the divine blood in the bodies of the western humans.

In the end, all of the divine blood had fallen into his own body.

The other three god clans only knew that Lin Qingbei had fallen into their hands in the Nine Provinces with the divine blood.

However, they did not know who they were, so they had no way to investigate.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they had to get the divine blood back.

A large amount of divine blood had fallen into the hands of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

They were definitely unwilling.

That was also the reason why the western and southern human races were basically exterminated.

However, the three god clans behind them still had not left and had been waiting in the human world.

It was probably to obtain some benefits.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with these things.

He had obtained the divine blood back then with his own ability.

Why should he return it

If they wanted to find it, they should look for Lin Qingbei, the young master behind Lin Qingbei.

It was not like he had directly snatched it from them.

“Lets not talk about that.

How have you been recently”

“Pretty good.

My cultivation has already risen to the peak of Xiantian ninth grade.

Im only one step away from advancing to the King realm.

“My old friends are doing quite well now.

“My former disciple, Piao Jiansheng, is also a great grandmaster now and is preparing for the elite class.

“Theres also Fa Zheng, who has just advanced to Xiantian seventh grade and is in the divine grandmaster rank.

He is also preparing for the elite class.

“His other friends have more or less improved, especially that friend of yours, Qin Yuyan.

She has also advanced to Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster rank and has just entered the elite class.

After I graduate this semester, she will begin to take over.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

The speed of everyones improvement was still pretty good overall.

Of course, there was definitely a huge gap when compared to him.

He was in the 108 dragon Emperor realm.

Although it was not exaggerated to the point that every dragon needed to cultivate the strength of one Emperor realm dragon, it was definitely much more difficult than cultivating the King realm!

Ye Xiao had already increased the distance between the King realm and the Emperor realm by 80 to 90 times, and their strength had only increased within the Xiantian realm.

He really did not know if in the future, after a few hundred to a few thousand years, his strength would be too strong After living for too long, he could only watch them grow old and die by his side.

“Ye Xiao, are you really not going to learn

“Even though I know that your cultivation and talent are monstrous, you should still learn more from the experience of the gods.

“How much protective dragon energy have you condensed in these two years It shouldnt be more than 30, right

“Its still impossible to cultivate behind closed doors.

“The gods have a wealth of experience, so they can definitely make your cultivation twice the result with half the effort.”


‘Forget it, lets not discourage others.

Just treat it as if he had only cultivated 20 to 30 streams of dragon energy.

“Yes, youre right.

Ill look for a suitable opportunity to read it in the future.”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

“Come on, youll definitely be able to do it.

As long as you cultivate well, in a few more decades, do you think theres hope of advancing to the legendary God realm”

“Yes! Lets go in and read.”


The two of them walked into the library and Ye Xiao began to search for imperial techniques.

The area he managed had quite a number of imperial techniques, all of which were distributed by the Divine Tree Academy.

Ye Xiao was currently extracting the god technique fragments from the imperial cultivation technique and synthesizing them together.

Liu Chengxun also began to search for the books he needed.

At the same time, the martial emperors from the Xuan Yuan god clans major forces had gathered in Zhong City.

Everyone was gathered in a conference room.

The atmosphere was quite serious.

“Currently, the Winged God clan, the Gorilla god clan, and the Thunder god clan are pressing us harder and harder.

They want us to hand over the divine blood of their previous descendants.

“Does anyone have any thoughts on this”

“What else can we have At most, itll just be a battle.”

“Youre right.

Its just three lower-ranked Ggod clans.

Theyre not worth mentioning at all.

Our Xuan Yuan god clan is ranked 19th among the 10,000 races in the universe.

If we bow our heads to the three clans and word gets out, we wont let others laugh at us.”

“Let alone not falling into our hands, even if the divine blood of the three clans falls into our hands, we definitely wont return it to them.”

The martial emperor who spoke nodded.

“Youre right.

I have the same idea.

Their three clans might not dare to attack us.

However, this place is very far away from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

There arent any martial gods guarding this place for the time being, so I dont dare to say that they wont attack us.

“Therefore, I hope that each of our five clans will have a certain number of martial emperors! We will guard the four corners of the Nine Provinces to prevent them from attacking our descendants.

“Our Divine Tiger sect has sent the most martial emperors this time.

We will take the lead and send out 15 martial emperors first!”

“Thats not a problem.

Our Dragon Burial Fort will send out 12 martial emperors.”

“Our Blazing Fire sect will send out 12 martial emperors as well.”

“Ling Ming sect will send out 12 martial emperors as well.”

“The Divine Tree Academy will send out the same as you.”

“Alright! Since thats the case, I hope that everyone can send out their Emperor realm martial arts experts before tomorrow evening to gather around the Nine Provinces to defend against the three clans.”

“However, theres one thing that I think we should prepare in advance.

“As the saying goes! When a rabbit gets anxious, it will bite.

What if they get anxious and summon their own God realm masters What should we do

“Therefore, I suggest that our forces should immediately summon their God realm masters to guard the Nine Provinces to prevent any mishaps.”

“The Divine Tiger sects martial emperor nodded.

“The Nine Provinces is a precious place that we have just discovered in the past two years.

Not only do many dragon veins gather spiritual energy here, but there are also many Xuan Yuan bloodlines of excellent quality.

If we develop well, we will definitely be able to nurture a group of pillars.

It will be of great benefit to our families.

“No matter what, we cant let anyone destroy the Nine Provinces.

“Ill immediately send out a summoning message, requesting the Divine Tiger sect to arrange for a martial god to come over and guard it as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, a figure appeared at the entrance of the library.

He had the face of a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, and his overall appearance was no different from that of an ordinary person.

He looked very clean and tidy, and people could not help but have a favorable impression of him.

The examiner at the entrance of the library was only a grandmaster.

After sneaking a glance at him, he smiled and said,

“You can go in.”

“Thank you.”

The other party strode into the library.

He did not look for any cultivation technique but just walked upstairs.

That seemingly very gentle face gradually became gloomy.

In his two pupils, a blue light flashed and then disappeared.

It seemed that there was a bit of fierce and subtle killing intent that could not be hidden.

‘According to legend, two years ago, the most powerful existence of the Nine Provinces human race was the Saber-sword Immortal.

‘The place where the Saber-sword Immortal most frequently appeared was Jianghai city.

‘I dont know if I can find any information about him here.

As long as I can find evidence that he killed that powerful star beast, I can confront the Xuan Yuan god clan.

‘With the divine blood of tens of billions of descendants of the three clans, such a huge force must not be taken away by the d*mn Xuan Yuan god clan.

‘If you take away the divine blood of the three clans, you will have to pay a corresponding price!


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