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Chapter 340: Time Was Like Water.

In the Blink of an Eye, Two Years Had Passed, and 108 Dragons Had Been Completed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao did not know what level his god technique belonged to.

Therefore, he was very curious, so he could not help but ask.

“How do you know this cultivation technique”

“I heard two seniors from the Xuan Yuan god clan discussing it before, so I was curious.

It should be considered a one-star god technique, right”


Zhang, who had always been calm, could not help but laugh at that moment.

“Hehehe… One star You really know how to joke.

The Mahayana Divine Body is one of the ten famous nine-star body-refining god techniques in the starry sky.

There are few who can match up to the god technique.

How can it be a one-star god technique”

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up.

He was in a good mood.

As expected, his guess was not wrong.

The things given by the Golden Book were definitely good things.

It could not be some trash.

After he advanced to the God realm, he would see if he could fuse with an Archaic Masterpiece technique!

“I didnt expect this cultivation technique to be so powerful.

I have another question, Teacher Zhang.”

“Alright, but this is the last question.

I still have to report to the academy, so I dont have the time to answer your questions here.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I wonder if Senior has heard of Xia Bingning”

“Xia Bingning Why did you mention this name”


Zhang appeared to be very shocked.

Ye Xiao once again took out those two seniors who did not exist to act as a shield.

“I also heard it from those two seniors.”

“Regarding Xia Bingning, Im not too sure either.

But there is one thing I know, she is the holy daughter of the Xuan Yuan god clans Xia family.

“Our Xuan Yuan god clan has a Xuan Yuan Heavens favored list.

Those who can make it onto that list can all be considered unparalleled in Heavens favored existences.

“To put it bluntly, anyone who can make it onto that list will become a genius nurtured by the various great clans and powers with all their might.

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“Their lives will definitely be able to leave behind a colorful stroke in the starry sky in the future!

“The Xia Bingning you mentioned belongs to that kind of person.

“Of course, you dont have to think about that either.

Although these words of mine might not sound very nice, you will basically not have any interaction with her in this lifetime.”

Ye Xiao nodded, but he was secretly thinking about it in his heart.

Previously, when he met Xia Bingning, she had once said that his aptitude was much higher than hers.

Since she was one of the top rankers on the Xuan Yuan god clans genius list, he did not know how far he could go.

Besides that, there was one point.

At that time, Xia Bingning felt that he was heaven-defying, but she only felt that because she thought he had advanced to the Xiantian eighth grade at the age of 20.

However, in reality, he only used a years time to advance to the Xiantian eighth grade.

That meant that his cultivation speed was actually slightly higher than the position Xia Bingning had given him.

“By the way, you seem to be very interested in the Xuan Yuan god clans matters.

Do you want to consider going to the Divine Tree Academys branch and learning from me

“The Divine Tree Academy planned to open three elite classes.

Each batch of students would have to study for half a year.

The spots were very rare.

All the martial artists in Jianghai city were trying their best to get in.

“If you study under me for a period of time and your improvement isnt bad, perhaps I can recommend you to study in the elite class for half a year.”

“Such a precious class should have a very high requirement for eyesight.

Im just a mere grandmaster, so it should be impossible for me to get in.”

“Thats not the case.

The elite class depends on ones comprehension and aptitude, not on ones cultivation.

As long as ones improvement speed can reach the standard, and with a teachers recommendation, it shouldnt be a big problem.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Thank you for your kindness, Teacher Zhang.

However, I know my own standard, so I wont embarrass myself.”

“Alright, since youve put it that way, then forget it.

However, you must practice martial arts as soon as possible, so you cant waste your time.

In the future, if you have any ideas, you must come and find me as soon as possible.”

Ye Xiao nodded, and the two of them bade farewell.

That so-called elite class might be very attractive to ordinary people, but to Ye Xiao, it was just average.

Ye Xiaos true cultivation had already reached the 20 dragon Emperor realm.

In that one months time, he had cultivated two more protective dragon energy.

Not to mention that elite class, even if it was one-on-one guidance from a martial emperor一it was not very meaningful.

He returned to the area he managed and saw Liu Chengxun buried his head in a book.

The books in front of him were piled up as high as a small mountain.

He could not help but feel a little curious.

“Old Liu, what are you doing Why are you working so hard today You suddenly started reading.”

Liu Chengxun did not even raise his head as he read.

He replied,

“The Divine Tree Academy recently opened an elite class.

I want to try and see if I can get in and study for half a year.

“Many martial artists above the Xiantian realm are working hard now, trying to see if they can get in.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise our strength.”


On the other side, in the starry sky, several figures finally arrived at their destination after a series of treks.

“Young Master, the teleportation array has been broken.

Weve been through a lot recently, and it wasnt easy for us to get here.

We request to see Young Master!”

The space distorted as a black-robed figure slowly appeared from within.

“Whats going on Did you get the blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan”

The figures could not help but shudder violently.

“I… Im sorry, Young Master.

We were wrong.

An extremely powerful existence appeared from the human race there, and he broke all our plans.

“The other martial emperors summoned the god clan and we were slaughtered.

“Even the few of us managed to escape with great difficulty.

“Otherwise, Young Master wouldnt even have the chance to see us!”

The star beasts could not see the person under the black robe, but they could feel the strong killing intent in the air.

“In other words, not only did you not obtain the Xuan Yuan god clans blood but you were also killed by others until only a few of you were left, right”

The star beasts trembled.

“Young… Young Master! We are useless.

Young Master, please give us another chance.

We will go to another human world to find the god clans descendants and absorb the divine blood.”

“Theres no need.

Youve worked hard for so long.

Its time for you to rest.”

“Young… !”

The star beasts did not have the time to speak.

In the next second, their bodies exploded naturally and turned into blood essence, which was absorbed by the jade ring on the black robes right hand.

The jade ring flashed with a pale golden light, and then slowly released a voice.

“Chener, dont be angry.

Martial artists are most afraid of being distracted.

You have to improve your state of mind.

Otherwise, when you advance in the future, your mind will be unstable, which will trigger the inner demons and you wont be able to break through the Heavenly Tribulation.”

The black-robed man took a few deep breaths and said,

“Thank you for your advice, Master.”

“Its nothing serious.

Its just that I didnt obtain a portion of the divine blood.

There are other places in the small world that we have set up.

Draw in the net.

There is plenty of divine blood.”

“Yes! I will abide by Masters instructions.

However, I will not let that bad disciple off easily.”

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

In these two years, the human race and the Xuan Yuan god clan had reached a perfect state of integration.

Their living habits had completely changed from the human society to the Xuan Yuan god clans society.

It could be said that this place was no longer the human race.

It was completely the Xuan Yuan god clans fiefdom.

Peoples travel methods were no longer cars, planes, or high-speed trains.

Instead, they were riding swords, flying, and teleporting…

Due to the arrival of the Xuan Yuan god clan, the spirit-gathering array had been completely modified.

In addition, the previous emperors had transformed themselves into dragon energy to restore the dragon veins.

The speed at which the spiritual energy gathered in the land of the Nine Provinces had now surpassed dozens of times that of before, it was even over a hundred times faster than before!

Everyones cultivation speed had also received a huge increase.

In Ye Xiaos courtyard, he woke up from the secret chamber and opened his eyes, emitting a resplendent radiance.

Dragon roars came from within his body.

If one listened carefully, there were a total of 108 dragon roars.

That also meant that Ye Xiaos body now had a total of 108 dragon energy!

On average, there were slightly more than three streams of dragon energy every month, less than four streams.

Originally, he could only cultivate out two streams of body-protecting dragon energy a month at most.

However, after the Divine Tree Academy was officially established and a brand new powerful spirit-gathering array was set up, his cultivation speed had once again obtained an even greater increase.

Ye Xiao exhaled a breath.

It was all dense spiritual energy.

It was extremely dense and had already produced some fog.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

‘The Emperor has not let down his painstaking efforts.

After two whole years, Ive finally cultivated to the 108 dragon Emperor realm In other words, Ill be able to break through to the God realm next.

During those two years, he had been reading books in the library during the day and using the star beasts in the star beast farm at night to raise his own blood essence.

The Golden Book divine soul in his body was still cultivating on its own at all times.

It was because of the speed of the combination of those three aspects that he had succeeded in advancing to 108 dragons within two years.

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely not be able to cultivate in less than a few decades.

As an example, Emperor Jing and the Azure Dragon were both very talented.

In the past two years, each of them had just added one protective dragon energy.

Emperor Jing was originally a four-dragon martial emperor, and now he was a five-dragon martial emperor.

Meanwhile, the Azure Dragon had advanced to the two-dragon Emperor realm.

At present, the Xuan Yuan god clan had not sent any martial gods to guard that place.

In other words, the strongest Emperor realm martial arts expert in the Nine Provinces only had 64 dragons.

Even if he gained one or two more protective dragon energy in the past two years一in total, he would not exceed 70 dragons.

In other words, he was now standing at the peak of that small world once again.


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