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Chapter 333: A Desperate Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They watched as the light from Emperor Yuns incarnation flashed across the starry sky.

The three of them had solemn expressions as they stood under the starry sky and looked in the direction where Emperor Yun had left.

Some peoples deaths were as light as a feather.

Some peoples deaths were more important than Mount Tai.

Emperor Yun had sacrificed himself in exchange for the chance to summon the Xuan Yuan god clan.

It was touching and worthy of being remembered by everyone.

It was a pity that he sacrificed himself not only to consume his body, but also his soul.

His entire body had been completely destroyed.

Therefore, even if Ye Xiao wanted to use the god-healing technique, the Secret of Eternal Life technique, to save him, he would not be able to do so.

The Azure Dragon took a deep breath and sighed with emotion.

“Senior Emperor Yun, farewell.”

After a moment of silence, Emperor Jing said,

“We dont have time to mourn for him now.

We dont know when the star beasts will make a comeback.

They already know how powerful Ye Xiao is.

If Im not wrong, its very likely that they will focus the divine blood in their bodies on a star beast to increase its strength in order to achieve their goal of fighting Ye Xiao.

“Its even possible that they will attract the people behind that group of star beasts.

“There was another point.

That is, the god race is about to arrive.

Even if the star beasts arrive, we must be prepared to deal with the god race.”

The Azure Dragon thought for a moment and immediately said,

“Then what should we do next”

Emperor Jing glanced at Ye Xiao and said,

“How many people in the entire world know your identity now”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

“Not many.

Other than my three personal friends and star pets, the others are the four venerable ones, the Saber God Li Liushui, Sword Saint Lu Qingshan, and the Zhong Citys Will-o-Wisp Eye Beitang Ce.

“Because I dont like to publicize myself too much, very few people know of my identity.”

“Thats right.

You know how to hide your strength at such a young age.

Its really rare that you dont expose your identity too much.”

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“However, the Silver Fox clan of the Silver Fox Valley knows my identity.

But I can also inform the Fox Empress of the Silver Fox Valley to control her clansmen and not expose my identity.”

“The Silver Fox Valley I dont think you need to worry too much about that.

“The Silver Fox clan had a predestined relationship with King Zhou of the human race many years ago.

Therefore, its still relatively reliable.”

After a pause, Emperor Jing spoke again,

“From now on, completely block the news of Ye Xiao in the Nine Provinces.

At least, there is one thing that we absolutely can not let anyone know of his identity.

“The god race is about to descend.

They are truly existences that specialize in martial arts.

Destroy the network of the Nine Provinces.

That way, we can also reduce a lot of information.

“Although there were already many people in this world who knew about the existence of the Saber-sword Immortal, as long as Ye Xiaos identity was not exposed, there would not be any big trouble in the short term.

“Although the Xuan Yuan god clan that we summoned belonged to the same lineage as us, it was not guaranteed that they did not have other thoughts.

“At the very least, Ye Xiaos identity could not be casually exposed until they were 100 percent sure that it was safe.

“If the Gods really descended, then you, me, the other three venerable ones, and the other martial arts experts of the Nine Provinces would welcome them as a high-level group.

“No one is allowed to reveal Ye Xiaos identity.

No matter what happens, we cant let him make a move so easily.”

Azure Dragon nodded.

“Ill immediately go down and make arrangements.

Try to get rid of all the information related to Ye Xiao.”

“Alright, go down first.

After you go down, dont forget to release the humans inside the imperial jade seal.”

Ye Xiao could not help but say,

“Then what about after that has the imperial jade seal always been in my hands”

Emperor Jing nodded.

“Thats right.

The imperial jade seal is the symbol of the Nine Provinces.

Its also the supreme treasure left behind by the ancestors of the human race to the Nine Provinces humans.

Its actually a spatial storage magic treasure.

We use it to transport martial artistsin the starry sky.

“Now that the space battlefield is gone, it doesnt have much meaning to us.

“Back then, this jade seal was passed from my hand to Emperor Yuns hand.

Now, Emperor Yun has passed it to you.

“This is both his belief in you and a signal that you are the next owner of the jade seal.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Xiao thanked him.

The three of them exchanged a few pleasantries before landing on the ground.

Ye Xiao released all the human martial artists in the jade seal.

The human martial arts had yet to react.

What was going on Emperor Jing would immediately explain.

Of course, he concealed Ye Xiaos identity as a sword immortal to prevent more people from knowing about that.

On the other side, in the starry skies, all the supreme divine beasts had already fled back to their side.

At that moment, in the star beast territory, it was already extremely noisy.

“Netherworld Beast! You beast! If not for you, how would we have fallen to such a state There are so many supreme divine beasts, yet all of them were defeated.

You are simply a disgrace to our star beast race.”

“Hmph, stop pretending to be a dog here.

Heavenly Sound Deer, after I passed by, you were the first to chase after me.

Didnt you also want to take advantage of the opportunity that I escaped to escape together with me Why are you pretending to be a good person here”

“How impudent! I was chasing after you.

Do you think Im the same as you”

“Stop arguing.

Your pot calling the kettle black.

Dont blame anyone.”

Seeing the star beasts below chattering, the figures surrounded by billions of star beasts flew into a rage and immediately shouted.

They were the veteran supreme divine beasts in the starry sky, the seniors of those new type star beasts, so they were extremely dignified.

The figures swept their gazes in all directions.

“This time, a prodigy has suddenly appeared in the Nine Provinces.

This is something we didnt expect.

“But no matter who is responsible, we dont have the face to go back to see the young master.

“I believe that you all have the same thoughts as me.

If we go to see the young master like this, how many of the star beasts among us will survive

“Its not that you dont know the young masters temper.

“Everyone knows what the young master wants.

Its the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan of the Nine Provinces!”

“What does the Eagle God plan to do now”

“Take out all the divine blood of the human race from all of your star beasts and gather it in the body of a supreme divine beast to create a produgy.

Let him deal with the human martial arts expert of the Nine Provinces.”


“He actually wants the divine blood that we obtained with great difficulty If we dont have this divine blood, our cultivation will fall back to the lesser Supreme Divine realm!”

“Thats right! Why do they want us to give up our own divine blood”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man called Eagle God raised his hand and grabbed one of the supreme divine beasts by the neck.

The eagle claw exerted force, and with a cracking sound, it directly snapped the others neck.

That scene instantly caused all the star beasts to shudder violently, and no one dared to say another word.

The gap between a newly emerged supreme divine beast and a veteran supreme divine beast was not measly.

A casual attack from the other party could seriously injure or kill them.

“Let me tell you the truth.

If we cant get our hands on the divine blood in the descendants of the Xuan Yuan of the Nine Provinces, none of us will be able to survive until we reach the young master.

“If we want to survive, we must take down the Nine Provinces.

“Moreover, dont forget that the human Emperor Wolf, Emperor Thunder, and Emperor Vajra have all completed the summoning of the god clan behind them.

If Im not wrong, Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun have very likely completed the summoning.

“If we continue to hesitate and wait for the arrival of the god race, even if we have already gotten the divine blood, we might still have to stay here.”

Another supreme divine beast, who was tall and thin, said,

“Eagle God is right.

But I still have one more thing to add.

“What Young Master wants is the divine blood in the bodies of the Xuan Yuan people of the Nine Provinces.

If we can get the Xuan Yuan divine blood, Young Master might be happy and reward us.

He wont take back the divine blood of the Winged god clan, the Thunder god clan, and the Giant Gorilla god clan.

He might even give us some extra rewards.

“If not, even if we dont die, the divine blood in our bodies will be taken away.

“You guys cant protect your divine blood either.

“What should we do I dont think I need to say more, right

“This is a desperate battle.

No one has a choice.”

The supreme divine beasts could not help but shiver.

Finally, one of the star beasts forced out the divine blood he had extracted from the descendants of the Winged god clan.

After taking out the divine blood from his body, his face instantly turned pale and weak.

In the next second, his aura also began to decrease rapidly.

He had become a lesser supreme divine beastt.

Looking at the ball of golden divine blood in his palm, he felt reluctant to part with it.

However, in the end, he gritted his teeth and handed over his divine blood.

With one of the star beasts taking the lead, the others immediately followed suit.

Soon, all the supreme divine beasts took out their divine blood and handed it over to the 11 veteran supreme divine beasts.

At the same time, the cultivation bases in their bodies began to drop rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, they all fell out of the Supreme Divine realm and returned to the lesser Supreme Divine realm.

The 11 supreme divine beasts looked at each other and smiled.

The anger in their eyes finally disappeared a little.

“Who should do this next Although there is a lot of divine blood, it is far better to gather it in one person than to distribute it in all of our bodies.”

“Let me do it.

I have always wanted to meet that human kid.”

A burly figure slowly walked out from the 11 supreme divine beasts.

He wore a bear skin coat and his muscles were as muscular as an ox.

He gave off a visually explosive aura.

That pair of eyes revealed killing intent.

It was ruthless, cold, bloodthirsty, and arrogant.

The surrounding star beasts could not help but shiver.

Seeing him step out, the other ten supreme divine beasts could not help but reveal a knowing smile.

“Thats good too! Its most suitable for you to step forward.

You are the second on the star rankings, and you are also the strongest existence among us star beasts!

After absorbing these divine blood, your cultivation will be able to rise by another level.

You have the best hope of taking down the Nine Provinces human race!”



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