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Chapter 331: Slaughter All the Dogs, and the Human Race Shall Rule

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Azure Dragon still did not let go, his expression still as calm and composed as ever.

“If you both go up, it will only restrict his movements, making it inconvenient for him to use it.

“Watch carefully.

Next, its time to witness a miracle.”

Emperor Jing and Emperor Yuns eyes were filled with confusion.

The two of them did not know why the Azure Dragon was so confident.

After all, no matter how strong Ye Xiaos combat strength was, it was impossible for him to dual cultivate cultivation techniques and cultivate the body refining technique to a very strong level.

A persons talent was always limited.

At that moment, his movements had been sealed by a supreme divine beast.

If he said that he would not be injured after taking so many imperial technique attacks head-on, the two of them would definitely not believe it.

However, regardless of whether they believed it or not, at that moment, it was already too late.

The opponents attack had already landed on Ye Xiaos body.

Nearly 50 imperial techniques were like resplendent stars in the night sky, ruthlessly bombarding Ye Xiaos body.

An extremely strong ray of light exploded out in the sky once again, illuminating the Nine Provinces once again, allowing the land to be seen at a glance.

All the shadows were covered, and the world once again sank into a vast expanse of whiteness.

Due to the turbulence caused by the explosion, the clouds in the sky and within 1,000 miles were pushed in all directions.

Not a single wisp of white fog was able to resist under that ray of light, and they stood still on the spot.

The Azure Dragon released its own spiritual energy shield to help Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun resist the shock wave.

Both of them were already heavily injured, and they were unable to easily resist that shock wave.

The scary thing was that it was not the end, but the beginning.

The supreme divine beasts had finally seized that opportunity, so how could they let it go so easily

Therefore, in the next few seconds, all kinds of imperial techniques were released in turn.

All of them hit the circle of light and landed on Ye Xiaos body.

As the imperial technique unleashed became stronger and stronger, the ball of light also became bigger and bigger.

The turbulence in the air also became stronger and stronger.

Even though the Azure Dragon was very far away and had activated the spiritual energy defensive barrier, it was still unable to resist the turbulence in the air, and its height was constantly reduced by the impact.

The intense power even made all the living beings in the land of the Nine Provinces below find it difficult to control themselves.

They were restrained by the suppressed spiritual energy, and their hearts sank.

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When the two emperors, Jing and Yun, saw that scene, their faces revealed an incomparably anxious expression.

If it were any other Emperor realm martial arts experts, even the two of them who had been at the Emperor realm for a long time would not be able to withstand such a powerful attack.

They would be completely annihilated.

Finally, after a full minute and more than 50,000 imperial-level attacks, the supreme divine beasts finally stopped their attacks and gasped for breath.

Even so, the light ball created by the explosion took a full 20 seconds before it completely disappeared.

At that moment, the entire sky seemed to have been washed by water.

It was so clear and bright that it was out of the ordinary, without a trace of impurities.

“How is he”

Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun immediately looked in the direction of Ye Xiao.

When they saw that scene, their pupils could not help but constrict.

In Ye Xiaos direction, the star beast that had trapped him had already completely carbonized after withstanding so many energy attacks.

In that case, Ye Xiao, who was surrounded by him, probably would not be able to obtain any benefits, right

What was different from the two of them was that the exhausted faces of those star beasts finally revealed a hint of excitement.

Accompanied by a gentle breeze, that carbonized star beast was blown away by the wind like flying ash.

Ye Xiaos body was revealed inside.

The smiles on the faces of the star beasts gradually disappeared.

Very few star beasts even had smiles on their faces that stopped abruptly.

On the other hand, Emperor Jing and Emperor Yuns eyes were wide open, their faces filled with disbelief.

“How… How… How is this possible”

That was not to say that Ye Xiao could still remain unscathed under such an intense attack.

However, he had only lost an arm.

His body had turned red from the excessive burning, and several deep wounds that could see bone had appeared on his body.

Under the attack of tens of thousands of imperial techniques, the supreme divine Beast that was with him had even instantaneously carbonized.

As for him, he only had one arm broken and a few deep wounds that could see his bones!

That was not a game!

How could his injuries be so light

Did that fellow cultivate body-refining techniques

His body-refining techniques were actually so awesome to that extent

Attack and body-refining dual cultivation, attack and defense, those two completely different fields had reached a perfect limit.

That talent was simply a heaven-gifted talent!

After a short moment of shock, the supreme divine beast immediately reacted.

“Everyone, dont be careless! Hes already injured.

Continue to attack! I dont believe that hes a God If another wave of attacks comes, hell definitely die.”

Those words reminded everyone.

All the star beasts once again began to circulate the spiritual energy in their bodies.

Then, in the next second, Ye Xiaos body emitted a beam of pure golden light.

The injuries on his body were actually completely healed in the midst of being exclusive!

The broken arm also grew back and was as good as new.

If it were not for the many holes on his clothes, the crowd would not have believed that he had been attacked by so many imperial techniques earlier!

Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun were dumbfounded by what they saw.

What was going on

That kid had even cultivated a healing technique

His strength was so incredible!

He could regenerate a severed arm of an Emperor realm martial arts expert in an instant!

It was as if their worldview was being pressed to the ground and they were rubbing against it repeatedly.

The friction made the ground as smooth as the sky.

The supreme divine beasts heads were completely unable to turn around.

Their moves all stopped in front of their bodies, and they even forgot to use them.

Ye Xiao twisted his neck, emitting a series of crackling bone sounds.

He was careless.

He did not expect that the veteran supreme divine beasts awareness would be so high.

It actually locked his mobility, wanting to use a one-for-one method to finish him off.

Fortunately, his body-refining technique was no longer the imperial-level Indestructible Diamond Divine Art from before.

Instead, it had been upgraded to the Mahayana Divine Body!

The Mahayana Divine Body, the soul-refining and heart-refining methods were three-in-one.

If the attack had not reached a limit and could kill all three at the same time, it would not be able to cause much damage to him.

Earlier, the 30,000 imperial techniques were overly powerful and had caused him to lose an arm.

His body was riddled with injuries, but in the end, it was still unable to take his life.

At that point, it was his turn to make a move!

With a slight movement in his eyes, Ye Xiao had already instantly disappeared from where he was.

Reappearing once again, he had already appeared in front of a supreme divine beast.

The Star-splitting Fist was immediately unleashed, facing the imperial technique that had already been condensed in the other partys mouth, but he had not had the time to release it.


The terrifying power of the god technique directly destroyed the other partys imperial technique completely, causing it to explode.

However, before the imperial technique exploded, Ye Xiaos fist had already pierced through the star beasts huge throat.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Under the sky, it reflected the moonlight and the stars.

It looked extremely beautiful and desolate.

“F*ck! Im not playing anymore!”

In the blink of an eye, another supreme divine beast took off and ran.

It turned into a stream of light that shot into the sky and disappeared under the starry sky like lightning.

There was no other way.

They really could not continue fighting.

They could not defend against Ye Xiaos attacks, and they could not break through Ye Xiaos defense.

Even if they did, the other party still had healing skills! How could they play that game

That fellow was simply an invincible existence within the same level!

If they continued fighting like that, not to mention their mere dozens of supreme divine beasts, even a hundred or a few hundred might not be enough for him to kill.

If there were not 700 or 800 of them, they would not be able to face him head-on!

If there were not 1,000 supreme divine beasts, they would not be able to kill him.

“Netherworld beast! You b*stard! Who gave you permission to run Get your ass back here!”

The other supreme divine beast quickly chased after him.

The other star beasts were so angry that they spat out blood.

Everyone knew what he meant.

He wanted to use the excuse of chasing the netherworld beast to escape.

Two star beasts escaped in succession.

The star beasts were completely disorganized and could not continue to resist.

The attacking order was chaotic.

Not only could the star beasts not even reach Ye Xiaos shadow, they even attacked their own people.

The entire star beast army was in chaos.

Ye Xiao took the opportunity to kill in all directions.

First, he beheaded a supreme divine beast with a sword.

Then, he used an imperial-level claw technique, Tearing Apart the Stars, piercing through a star beasts chest, and then tearing it apart.

“F*ck! Im not playing anymore!”

In the blink of an eye, another star beast escaped, followed by a second, a third, a fourth…

Until all the star beasts retreated in defeat.

At that moment, Ye Xiao savagely trampled on the dignity of the supreme divine beast under his feet, crushing it into pieces!

Emperor Yun and Emperor Jing were so moved that their eyes were misty.

How many years had it been

A few hundred years

Perhaps even longer.

They had not seen such a scene for a long time!

In that era, the human race had produced many talented people, and all the prodigies had risen together!

The Qin emperor, Hanwu, Tang Zong, and Song Zu… One by one, the peerless prodigies had crushed the star beasts, making them unable to raise their heads.

The human race had crushed the star beasts to the point that they had no strength to retaliate, crushing them under their feet.

At that time, the star beasts were completely the prey of the human race, the resources of the human race!

In the past few hundred years, along with the decline and fall of the human race, they were finally crushed by the star beasts, and it was even possible for their race to be exterminated.

The dignity of the human race had long been completely destroyed.

At that moment, Ye Xiao was not only a victor, he had also regained the dignity that originally belonged to the human race.

His contributions were not inferior to those generations of geniuses who had left a deep mark in the history of the Nine Provinces!

Ye Xiao chased after him the entire way.

Seeing that he was about to charge forward, Emperor Yun shouted from behind,

“Dont chase after the poor! There are even more powerful existences in the starry sky.

Their strength is even stronger.

You cant rush over rashly.”

Ye Xiao, who was happily killing, frowned slightly.

In the end, he still chose to believe Emperor Yuns words and did not continue to chase after him.

As the saying goes,If you dont listen to an old mans words, youll be at a disadvantage in front of your eyes.

Emperor Yun had already seen how powerful he was.

There must be a reason why he still said that.

There was no mistake in being cautious.


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