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Chapter 329: It Was That Man Who Had Come

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liu Chengxuns heart trembled.

Although he was not Ye Xiao and was not as strong, there was one thing that he was very clear about.

If there was a bad feeling sensed by an existence at the level of Ye Xiao then it was basically true.

“Do you want to go take a look”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I should go and take a look.

You should go back first.”

“Then you should be more careful and pay attention to your safety.”

Liu Chengxun reminded him with concern.

That was all he could do now.

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao had already disappeared from his side.

Seeing that scene, Liu Chengxun could not help but smile bitterly.

He could not even keep up with Ye Xiaos speed now.

When did Ye Xiao leave He had no reaction at all.

By the time he realized it, he had already left.

‘Sigh! Im old! In the future, it will be Ye Xiaos world.

A peak Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster like me is really nothing.

At the same time, in the starry sky, under the pursuit of a group of supreme divine beasts, the injuries on the bodies of Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun were also continuously increasing.

Although the two of them were already veteran Emperor realm martial arts experts and had a few strands of dragon energy on their bodies, they still could not hold on against so many supreme divine beasts.

Most importantly, the two of them only had one divine art passed down by their Xuan Yuan ancestor, the Xuan Yuan sword technique.

That sword technique was not the true strongest sword technique of their Xuan Yuan ancestor.

Their true strongest sword technique was sealed inside the Emperor Spirit Stele.

That unrivaled god-slaying technique was something that even emperors like them did not have the qualifications to come into contact with.

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Only the fated child of Heaven, who was chosen by the ancestor, would have the chance to obtain that unrivaled god-slaying technique.

In the words of the ancestor, the Xuan Yuan sword technique was just an extremely ordinary sword technique of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Although that sword technique far surpassed the imperial technique in terms of power, the two of them simply did not have enough time to use it!

The number of pursuers was really too many, and their numbers were really too strong.

The most important point was that they did not have a god technique like Ye Xiaos, which could instantly replenish a large amount of spiritual energy.

When they executed a god technique, the spiritual energy in their bodies would be immediately reduced by a fraction.

After casually executing it a few times, the spiritual energy in their bodies would also disappear completely.

Under such circumstances, even if they had the time to use it, the two of them would not use it casually.

That would only put the two of them in an even more passive situation.

However, if that continued, the two of them would not be able to hold on forever.

Behind them, each of the star beasts attacks was an imperial technique.

The two of them could only fly forward while constantly turning their heads to attack, using an imperial technique to break it.

However, each time the opponent released the imperial technique, the two of them would have to release more than 20 imperial techniques to offset it.

That way, the consumption of the two of them would increase greatly.

The spiritual energy continued to disappear, and their strength gradually weakened, even their speed slowed down.

“We cant continue like this.”

Emperor Yun gritted his teeth and flew to the front of Emperor Jing.

“Emperor Jing, give me a hand!”


Emperor Jing knew that Emperor Yun was going to use the Xuan Yuan sword technique.

If he used the Xuan Yuan sword technique to attack, he would definitely be able to exert a certain amount of pressure on his opponent.

He used all the strength in his body to attack continuously.

Unfortunately, his strength was too weak in the end.

It was impossible for him to block so many star beasts.

Emperor Yuns Xuan Yuan sword technique had not been fully perfected yet.

After Emperor Jing broke through dozens of imperial techniques, he was accidentally hit by one of them.

In the next moment, his entire rhythm was disrupted.

One imperial technique after another bombarded his body, causing him to spurt blood continuously.

After losing his resistance, Emperor Yun was also attacked!

The supreme divine beasts had sufficient intelligence.

They were not fools.

After knowing that Emperor Yun was going to use a god technique and that it would pose a fatal threat to them, their focus of attack was on Emperor Yun in the blink of an eye.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

One imperial technique after another bombarded the bodies of the two of them rapidly.


Emperor Yun roared angrily, his eyes filled with hatred.

He was so close, so close to performing the god technique of the Xuan Yuan god clan, the Xuan Yuan sword technique!

Unfortunately, he still failed in the end.

All the opportunities had been lost, and all the hopes had been destroyed.

The distance between the supreme divine beasts was getting closer and closer.

The humans were completely powerless to turn the tables.

All of the humans would disappear in one night.

The thousands of years of hard work would all be for naught at that moment.

Despair enveloped Emperor Yuns heart.

“Emperor Yun, Im sorry.

I was useless and couldnt block their attack, preventing you from using the Xuan Yuan sword technique.”

Emperor Yun smiled bitterly.

“At this point, why are you still talking about this There are so many supreme divine beasts here, even if it was a junior, there is no way to resist success.

“Its Gods will to destroy the human race.

You and me, no matter how hard we try, its a waste of effort.”

“Hahahaha… Since God wants to take back this life, then let him take back it.

I wont fight him!”

At the last moment of his life, Emperor Jing had let go of everything, and he was free and easy.

Influenced by Emperor Jing, Emperor Yun also gave up resisting.

He endured the pain in his body and turned around to take a look at the Nine Provinces.

Since death was inevitable, he would come!

As a descendant of the Xuan Yuan god clan and as an Emperor realm martial arts expert, why should he act like a little girl when he could have an honorable death

Even so, before he died, he should at least take a look at his dream-filled hometown!

However, just as he turned around to take a look, his entire body suddenly trembled.

“Emperor Jing Do you believe in miracles”

Emperor Jing raised his eyebrows slightly.

“What did you say…”

Before he could finish his words, a shocking sword light suddenly shot up into the sky in the next second.

It met the pursuing supreme divine beasts in the sky and attacked them.

The magnificence of that sword attack could be said to be one of a kind in the world.

It was absolutely magnificent!

It was unstoppable and invincible as it collided with the supreme divine beasts imperial technique.

The first imperial technique was mercilessly cleaved apart!

Then the second imperial technique, the third imperial technique, the fourth imperial technique…

Until the end, it cleaved apart all the imperial techniques and charged straight into the center of the supreme divine beast.

That was because the speed of this sword Ray was too fast.

The first supreme divine beast did not even have time to react before he was cleaved into two halves by that sword.

The second supreme divine beast could not withstand the sword and its head was cut off on the spot!

The third supreme divine beast was hiding at the back and was a little far away, so it was still able to barely react.

He immediately moved his body to the side.

However, his hopes were too high, because if thought that if he moved his body to the side, he would be able to dodge that sword.

Unfortunately, he still failed in the end.

That was because the sword intent of that sword light was too sharp, so sharp that it was unbelievable.

Even within a range of 10,000 feet around it, there was no way to avoid it.

Therefore, when he dodged that sword, just as he grinned, half of his body was cut open in the next second!

From one of his thighs to his shoulder, he was cut open.


He let out a terrified scream, so scared that his soul was about to disperse.

What kind of sword technique was that

It was actually so terrifying!

He had refined the divine blood of countless humans and advanced to the Supreme Divine realm!

Such a powerful realm could already be completely comparable to human Emperor realm martial arts experts!

Even if he used the imperial technique, it was impossible to cause him serious damage in one move.

The power of that attack was simply beyond his imagination!

Among the supreme divine beasts, a few of them had already seen through the origin of that sword light.

Previously, they were all in the sky above the Nine Provinces, wanting to attack the Nine Provinces, but in the end, they were scared away by Ye Xiao.

Hence, they knew that the appearance of that sword light definitely meant that the man had arrived.

Hence, they chose to escape at the first possible moment.

One had to know that just a few hours ago, they had just witnessed how powerful that man was!

That human, he was simply not a human.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a god.

Even if they did not complete the mission, they might be punished by the seniors or even the legendary young master.

It would still be a thousand times better than facing that human man directly.

At the very least, if they chose to escape now, they might be killed! There was still a 50 percent chance of survival.

If they did not escape now, they would definitely be killed.

Seeing those few supreme divine beasts escape, the other supreme divine beasts were furious!

“These d*mn fools! What are they doing”

“Theyve already chased us here.

They were about to succeed, yet they chose to escape.”

“A bunch of useless cowards.

Its just a sword technique accumulated by the human race.

“This sword technique might have been condensed by them a long time ago.

Now, its suddenly released.

Theres only one at most.

Theres nothing to be afraid of.”

“Forget it.

In the end, its just a bunch of supreme divine beasts who advanced with the help of the human races divine blood.

Theyre still not up to par.

“Let them go.

Well capture these two human emperors first.

Well deal with them when we get back.”


The supreme divine beasts were getting restless again.

However, in the next second, another sword light shot out from below.

That sword light was even faster than the previous one! It was stronger! It was more powerful!

It was as if the previous sword light had been shot out randomly in a hurry.

That sword light was slightly more relaxed.

It was not in a hurry and used a more powerful force to shoot out.

The instant the sword ray slashed out, the five supreme divine beasts on the same level were killed once again!

At that moment, all the supreme divine beasts could not help but narrow their eyes.

All the hairs on their bodies started to stand on end.

“D*mn it! This isnt a move normal humans can use! Where did he get this”


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