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Chapter 326: Kill Every Man Who Comes, a Man Like the God of War

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Following a violent explosion, Ye Xiao used the Earth King Dragon as a whip and ruthlessly lashed the Overlord Gorillas chest, immediately drawing out a bloody water mark on its chest!

The Overlord Gorillas enormous body was like a cannonball as it flew backward, piercing a huge deep hole in the ground.

Before he could react, Ye Xiao had already swung the Earth King Dragon and lashed out again.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Intense explosions sounded from the ground.

Ye Xiao used the Earth King Dragon to strike the Overlord Gorilla.

At that moment, the two supreme divine beasts were like ants, being played by Ye Xiao.

The Overlord Gorilla rolled on the ground continuously and cried out in pain.

Every time it tried to run, Ye Xiao would strike it back.

The Earth King Dragon was also a supreme divine beast.

The toughness of its blood essence was the same as Ye Xiaos.

When it struck the body, the pain was heart-wrenching.

The Earth King Dragon was even more miserable than him.

When Ye Xiao had used it to strike the Overlord Gorilla for the first time, it had already felt that its body was about to break.

The effects of force were mutual.

He and the Overlord Gorillas body had the same blood essence and spiritual energy, not that his body was stronger than the Overlord Gorillas.

Moreover, the Overlord Gorillas body was subjected to force, while his entire body was subjected to force.

Every time Ye Xiao struck, it made him feel as if his life was worse than death!

Toward the end, the pain had even begun to become numb!

He could not even feel the pain anymore.

The Earth King Dragon wanted to cry.

Why did he have nothing better to do

He was in other areas and continued to capture the remaining humans to refine their divine blood.

Was that not good enough

Why did he run over here to be abused

The Nine Provinces humans were very excited.

“Good! Well done!”

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal is too cool!”

Looking at the supreme divine beasts, the two of them worked together to deal with Ye Xiao but were instead captured by him and beaten up.

That kind of excitement made their eyes start to shine.

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All sorts of praises were incessantly heard.

After Ye Xiao lashed out for dozens of seconds, he did not waste any more time.

He sealed the two star beasts that had been knocked unconscious by him and prepared to throw them into his storage ring.

At that moment, an angry roar suddenly came from the sky.

“Human b*stard! Who gave you the guts Do you actually dare to capture our supreme divine beasts Let them go.”

Azure Dragon and the others hearts trembled.

“Another supreme divine beast has come over.

That time, there are even more auras! There are a total of five!”

However, Ye Xiao completely ignored them and immediately threw the two supreme divine beasts into the spatial ring.

Inside the spatial ring, the star beasts were still chattering and angrily judging Ye Xiaos shamelessness.

At that moment, another two huge bodies fell.



After hearing these two loud bangs, the star beasts looked at the ones in front of them in a daze.

“These two, why do I feel like they are the Overlord Gorilla and the Earth King Dragon”

“The blood essence and spiritual energy of the two of them seem to have been raised to the Supreme Divine Beast realm!”

“Two more supreme divine beasts were captured by this kid This kid… What kind of scheme did he use, such a wicked move”


At that moment, his brows were tightly knitted together.

That guy was simply too unconventional.

Moreover, was he not too monstrous

He was only one person.

How did he do it

In the blink of an eye, another supreme divine beast was killed and two more were captured.

At that time, even if he bragged, he would not be able to save his face.

“Senior Emperor Dragon Lion! What kind of despicable moves does this human know”

“Thats right! Tell us about it.”

The Emperor Dragon Lion wanted to cry.

What despicable moves were there He was punched in by Ye Xiao with his strength.

He only said that to protect his face.

If he had known earlier, he would not have said that!

If he lied, he would have used countless lies to make up for it!

At that point, he could not even continue bragging.

Outside the spatial ring, the five supreme divine beasts had already descended.

Five attacks of different colors descended from the sky at the same time.

A Lightning Strike Fist!

It was twined by lightning and had a diameter of more than 50 miles.

It stirred up the wind and clouds and tore through the sky as it descended.

A Nine Spirit Wind Saber!

It slashed through the clouds and created a crack that was more than 50 miles long.

The wind saber and the spiritual energy rubbed against each other, creating raging flames.

A Fire Dragon Emperor Fist!

The fist light turned into a fiery red dragon shadow and shot down like a sharp arrow.

An Emperor-slaying Sword Light!

The sword light was as long as a heavenly pillar and was endless.

Its sharpness made the clouds retreat on their own and did not dare to compete with it.

An Eight Desolate Clouds Falling Star!

When the cultivation technique fell, it attracted countless earth elements in the air and quickly condensed into a super large meteorite! Moreover, during the process of falling, the power of the meteorite continued to form and increase.

Each of the five attacks was an imperial technique.

Each of them was the most powerful move performed by the Supreme Divine Beast realm existence behind them.

When the five attacks fell from the clouds, the sense of oppression they brought was simply enough to destroy the world!

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky.

The sun had already hidden somewhere.

Only the light of that attack remained in the sky and scattered on the ground.

It was as if five different colored light blobs had appeared.

Blue, green, red, gold, and black!

The martial artists on the ground of the Nine Provinces even had some difficulty enduring the pressure.

Some of them, whose cultivation was extremely weak and were below the Xiantian realm, and who were at the bottom of the attack, knelt on the ground on the spot.

Their physical bodies were not strong enough.

Even the might that was above the nine heavens was unable to resist.

If that move descended to an altitude of around 50 miles, it might just be able to crush their physical bodies to explode just by relying on its might一it was enough to crush their physical bodies!

Ye Xiao looked at the five moves that descended from the sky, but he still did not panic in the slightest.

His gaze was calm and steady.

The instant his opponents move was unleashed, he slashed out with his sword!

It was still a simple sword move.

It was simple and unadorned, but it was also extremely powerful.

It was so strong that it made people feel that it was incomparable!

The speed at which the cultivation techniques of both sides circulated was extremely fast.

However, because the distance was too far, it did not appear to be that fast.

It could arrive in an instant.

People could clearly see that the sword light that Ye Xiao unleashed first collided with the Eight Desolate Clouds Falling Star.

It instantly used a crushing stance to ruthlessly cleave apart the meteorites that were gradually increasing in size.

Then, it drew a perfect arc and cleaved apart the second Emperor-slaying Sword Light!

The Emperor-slaying Sword Light was like thin paper, mercilessly cut apart.

Then, there was the third Fire Dragon Emperor Fist, the fourth Nine Spirit Wind Saber, and the fifth Lightning Strike Fist!

These powerful imperial-level techniques did not have any resistance against Ye Xiaos Heaven-cleaving Sword, which was at the level of the god-slaying technique.

They were all instantly killed.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Five balls of dazzling light appeared in the sky.

The light stimulated the entire land of the Nine Provinces to light up.

Everyone could no longer see anything.

Within the white light, Ye Xiao attacked once again.

God-subduing Palm was activated!

It was still a god-slaying level move!

A palm shot into the sky.

The palm wind was sharp and tore apart the exploding white light.

The white light around Ye Xiao was immediately blocked by that palm.

When the five supreme divine beast figures in the sky saw that scene, their terrified expressions changed.

The five figures did not dare to be the slightest bit careless and attacked at the same time.

The imperial techniques fell wildly.

Rays after rays of light mercilessly bombarded Ye Xiaos palm wind.

However, facing the god-slaying technique, God-subduing Palm, even a powerful imperial technique would become trash at that moment.

All the attacks that collided with Ye Xiaos palm wind finally exploded, turning into dense spiritual energy that scattered in all directions.

They were unable to cause any damage to Ye Xiaos palm wind!

Seeing Ye Xiaos God-subduing Palm attack, one of the winged dragons with three dragon heads actually turned around and fled!

“Im not playing anymore! This fellow isnt one to mess with at all.

He has already become a god.”

The other four star beasts roared furiously,

“Hai Tianyi! You b*stard! Im going to kill you!”

Originally, when the five supreme divine beasts attacked at the same time, they could still block some of Ye Xiaos attacks.

However, at the point that she had turned to escape, the attacks that were already very difficult to resist were even more impossible to resist now.

The God-subduing Palm rose rapidly and instantly smashed onto the bodies of the four supreme divine beasts.


The powerful palm wind instantly ruptured their internal organs and shattered their blood vessels within a second.

The four supreme divine beasts lost their fighting strength on the spot.

As for Hai Tianyi, who had already escaped, she gave a lucky smile and exhaled.

Her face revealed an expression of having survived a disaster.

“Fortunately, I ran fast! Otherwise, I would have died too.”

However, just as she finished speaking.

In the next second, a sword ray streaked across her three necks.

She immediately lost the ability to control her own body.

Hai Tianyi looked at the surrounding scenery that was spinning continuously with a dumbfounded expression.

The dragon was in disbelief.

What was that situation

Her speed was so fast.

She, who was famous for her movement techniques, even escaped in advance.

Even with that, she was unable to dodge Ye Xiaos attack!

Hai Tianyis heart sank into darkness as it crumbled.

At that moment, the white light also began to disappear completely.

Everyone regained their vision and hurriedly looked at the sky as they hurriedly said,

“Quick! Quickly see what the situation is like.

Did Senior Saber-sword Immortal win”

However, when everyone raised their heads to look at the sky, they were completely dumbfounded.

At that moment, no one was going to say any more words of praise or description.

Everyone was dumbstruck as they stood on the spot.

Some people were not suppressed by the supreme divine beasts attacks from before and knelt down.

In the end, they were shocked by Ye Xiaos methods and sat down paralyzed.

At that moment, the question they were thinking about was no longer the question of whether the star beasts would invade and whether the human race would be able to defend against it

Instead, they began to pity those star beasts.

What could they not do Why did they have to come to the Nine Provinces

Why did they have to meet Ye Xiao

The people had already begun to pity those star beasts!

They were truly pitiful!

It was too tragic!

Five against one, and they were even beaten by Ye Xiao until they had no strength to retaliate.

All of them fell!

In the sky, five gigantic supreme divine beast figures were slowly falling under the setting sun..

That meant that they had already died completely.


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