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Chapter 324: The Holy War That Shook the Nine Provinces and Pierced the World!

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The earth was shaking, and the powerful star beast army rapidly rushed over in an unstoppable manner.

The large-scale movement of the star beast army caused gusts of wind to rush in from the gate of the Nine Provinces, and a series of ear-splitting whistling sounds came from it.

Feeling the enormous impact, the people of the Nine Provinces who personally came to the battlefield could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

Even those humans who were guarding in front of the screen and did not appear on the battlefield could not help but feel a heart-palpitating, breathless pressure.

The second wave of star beasts was much stronger than the first wave.

Whether it was in terms of numbers or in terms of strength, they all carried an even greater sense of suppression!

The wild wind was like a huge wave in the sea, constantly blowing at the corner of Ye Xiaos clothes, causing the corner of his clothes to flutter.

However, because the whistling sound of the wild wind was really too loud, the explosive sound of his clothes being blown away was instead drowned out一it was completely inaudible.

At that moment, everyone looked at Ye Xiao and could not help but admire him even more.

Even in the face of such powerful pressure, he actually did not take a step back.

That figure was like a god of war descending to the mortal world, firmly guarding the Nine Provinces National Gate.

In the next second, he finally moved again.

Along with a sword intent rising, another shocking sword light appeared above Ye Xiaos head.

It was the Splitting Open the Sky once again.

That was because the Earth Rift sword technique had yet to be completely cultivated to completion by the Golden Book divine soul.

The moment the sword broke out, it shot straight into the clouds, shooting out a distance of over a thousand miles.

The golden sword light even illuminated the entire land, allowing some humans in the western part of the Nine Provinces to see that golden light that shot into the sky.

In the next second, the sword light fell.


There was another earth-shaking loud sound, followed by a burst of light that illuminated everything, making it impossible for everyones eyes to continue to see clearly.

The light once again lasted for dozens of seconds.

After dozens of seconds, the light disappeared, and all the star beasts once again disappeared.

The land returned to its usual calm as if it had never happened before.

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There was only a sword scar that extended for a thousand miles and was as deep as an abyss, indicating just how stunning that sword strike was!


Venerable Black Tortoise and Beitang Ce shouted out the wordgood at the same time.

The two old men were so excited that their eyes turned red.

They were excited but also touched.

With Ye Xiao in the Nine Provinces, they would definitely be safe and sound!

At that moment, regardless of whether it was the martial arts experts watching from behind or those guarding in front of the screen, they could not help but start to cheer.

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal is really godly!”

“I love him to death.”

“In this lifetime, to be able to see such a powerful person, to be able to see such a heroic battle, its not a wasted life! Its not a wasted life!”

“Heaven has eyes, bestow upon me the blessings of the Nine Provinces!”

Amidst the praises of everyone, Ye Xiao dealt with wave after wave of star beasts.

The number of star beasts that died at his hands was rapidly rising with an unbelievable and terrifying number.

10 million!

20 million!

30 million!

40 million!

In the blink of an eye, it had already exceeded 100 million, and that number was still continuing to rise.

100 million!

200 million!

300 million!

400 million!

500 million!

Ye Xiao had already gone crazy from killing.

No matter how many star beasts there were, he would kill as many as he came.

As long as they appeared in his eyes, none of them would be able to escape his attack range.

While killing, Ye Xiaos heart was also continuously bleeding.

What a f*cking waste of food.

One had to know that among these star beasts, there were quite a number of them that were at the divine grandmaster rank, lesser divine beasts, and there were even a few that had already reached the divine beast level.

How heartbreaking was that

If he could collect all of them, how rich would the farm be

As an example, if he raised a group of fish above the divine grandmaster rank, he could eat different kinds of fish every day.

If he raised a group of chickens above the level of a divine sect, he could use different methods to make all kinds of eggs every day.

Fried eggs, boiled eggs, tea-leaf eggs, fried eggs with peppers, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, tomato egg soup…

Even if he ate noodles, he could beat a few poached eggs.

Just thinking about it made him feel extravagant.

However, even though he said so, the people of the nine states behind him were the truly important ones.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of something.

It was definitely impossible for him to capture them in front of the National Gate.

What if he created some spiritual energy avatars

Spiritual energy avatars had a certain time limit, and there was also a certain amount of spiritual energy limit.

However, there was at least one point.

With his current strength of the eight dragons of the Emperor realm, the spiritual energy avatars that he created should be several times stronger than the spiritual energy avatars that he created when he just advanced to the Emperor realm.

It should already be able to reach the strength of the entry-level of the Emperor realm.

The endurance of spiritual energy avatars of that level should be greatly increased, and their strength should also be very strong.

It was definitely a very good idea for them to go out and capture those super large star beasts.

Ye Xiaos habit was always to do whatever he thought of.

Therefore, in the next second, he immediately split out four spiritual energy avatars.

Everyone was shocked.

“D*mn, Saber-sword Immortal still knows the legendary avatar technique Is this thing still a cultivation technique That was already an immortals technique, right

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, could he really be the legendary immortal”

Some martial arts experts whose strength had already reached the divine sect could not help but explain,

“If you dont understand, then dont spout nonsense.

This is actually a spiritual energy avatar! As long as ones strength reaches the peak of the divine sect, and ones mental strength has been cultivated to an extremely profound level, one will be able to display a spiritual energy avatar.

“They will split a wisp of mental strength into the avatar and use it to control the avatar.

“However, this kind of avatar isnt the main body.

Its strength is still much weaker when compared to the main body.”

“So thats how it is.

I didnt expect that there would be such a powerful technique above the divine sect.

This is truly an eye-opener!”

“However, Senior Saber-sword Immortal, what is the meaning of suddenly displaying an avatar at this time Isnt the strength of the avatar not stronger than the main body He might as well concentrate all his strength on the main bodys battle.”

“Upstairs, do you think youre very smart Using your unprofessional words to challenge the tactics of a martial arts expert like Senior Saber-sword Immortal”

In the next second, everyone saw the few clones beside Ye Xiao flying out in all directions rapidly.

Someone could not help but raise a question.

“You guys say that Senior Saber-sword Immortal isnt thinking of taking the initiative to attack and going to other places to attack the star beasts, right”

The moment he said that the whole place exploded again.

Everyone was boiling.

“F*ck! Are you serious Are you kidding me Almost all of the other states have gone extinct because of their weak resistance and heavy losses.

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, you didnt guard the gate enough and took the initiative to attack!”

“Senior, are you a little high I heard that there are supreme divine beasts outside! Dont overdo it!”

The Azure Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“It cant be him.

This kid really makes me have no choice but to admit defeat!”

Black Tortoise laughed and said,

“Were all getting old! The waves after the Yangtze River push the waves before us! The previous wave died on the beach.

Now its the age of the young.”

The White Tiger shook his head.

“What Black Tortoise said is wrong.

Now is not the era of the young.

It is the era of Ye Xiao alone.”

At that moment, before the next wave of star beasts arrived, someone suddenly posted a message on the internet.

“Senior Saber-sword Immortals clone has reached the Ying state! He has reached the Ying state!”

Everyones hearts trembled.

“Holy sh*t! Are you joking Its only been a few seconds How can he reach the Ying state Isnt this speed a little too fast”

“Its true! There are still a few remaining humans in Ying state.

They just posted a short video on the Internet.”

“Are you kidding me Ying state has been destroyed.

The city has been destroyed! How can there still be internet How can they upload the video”

“Liar! Whats the point of doing this at this time”

“Its true, Im not lying to you.

A small portion of the base stations in Ying state hasnt been destroyed yet.

The transmission is using the fiber optic cable at the bottom of the sea.

There arent that many star beasts at the bottom of the sea yet, so the fiber optic cable hasnt been destroyed yet.”.

Those web pages on the surface definitely would not work, because their companies had already been destroyed.

Using that, everyone often saw it.

Ying state isnt too cold, sanda isnt smooth, O dot com, nine six minus five… Only with these web pages can you see it.”

“Holy sh*t! A good persons life is safe!”

“God six six six!”

“Please give me a website.”

Some martial arts experts who had cultivated for many years and had never dabbled in the secular world could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“What kind of strange websites are these Why havent I heard of them before”

Very quickly, some rather professional people found Ye Xiaos video.

The distance was very far because if the distance was too close, it was impossible to capture Ye Xiao, who had a spiritual energy magnetic field.

It could only be shot from a very, very far place.

Moreover, it was possible that there were star beasts around, so the angles of the shots were all secretly taken.

However, everyone could still recognize the figure in the video at a glance.

That temperament was simply unforgettable to them.

They could tell at a glance that it was Ye Xiaos avatar!

At that moment, Ye Xiaos avatar was like a god of war, killing beasts in his way!

“Holy sh*t! Is Senior Saber-sword Immortal that awesome”

“He reached Ying state in a few seconds.

At that rate, it cant be that he wants to destroy the entire world by himself, right”

“A video has also appeared in the west.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal, youve really reached the west.

Theres a web address, Sanda Budian, oh beauty spot, click on Kangmu! This website has a video.”

At that moment, the people of the Nine Provinces were once again in an uproar.

Ye Xiao used only a few clones to directly destroy the entire world!

That fellow, does he have to be so overpowered

They could no longer think of any words of praise to praise Ye Xiao!

That fellow had left them completely at a loss for words.

However, at that moment, star beasts appeared on the horizon in the distance once again.

However, at that time, they did not appear on a large scale.

Instead, there were only three of them.

The aura of those three star beasts was even more oppressive than the combined aura of the millions of star beasts from before.

Some of the divine grandmasters in front had no choice but to retreat quickly to ensure that their bodies could withstand the other partys pressure.

“Another star beast!”

“So strong!”

“There arent many star beasts this time, but their auras are really strong! I can feel my heart beating faster.

Im a peak Xiantian sixth-grade great grandmaster! They havent even reached us yet.”

Azure Dragon and the others narrowed their eyes.

“Theyre here! Its a supreme divine beast!”

“And three of them came at once!”


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