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Chapter 322: One Person to Guard the National Gate.

I Am the Guardian of the Nine Provinces

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao did not speak anymore.

He felt a little guilty in his heart.

He did not expect that the method to resurrect the dragon vein would be so cruel.

He had to make those Emperor realm martial arts experts who had spent their entire lives for the Nine Provinces lose their last trace of soul power and completely disappear from that world.

However, on the other hand, he could not help but admire those Emperor realm martial arts experts!

It was precisely because of their perseverance and support that the Xuan Yuan descendants had come to that day.

“Seniors, I have a question I want to ask.

Regarding the mystery of our ancestors, I have heard King Zhou say it before, but I still dont know what it is.

“Seniors, can you tell me what it is”

The emperors looked at each other.

One of the beautiful and dignified women said,

“Actually, we dont know much about this question.

“From the last words of our ancestor, we know that our ancestor was just an ordinary member of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

In order to increase his strength and get more support from the Xuan Yuan god clan, he went to the starry sky… He traveled around.

“In the end, he found a mysterious place in this world and discovered that there were benefits that the celestial race yearned for.

“In other words, if he could obtain this mysterious place, even if he was a member of the god race, he could obtain a great increase in strength.

“The ancestor said that if he could successfully analyze the mysterious place, the Xuan Yuan descendants of this world would have a chance to roam the starry sky.

“Otherwise, even if they went to the starry sky, they would only be cannon fodder for the martial arts experts.”

“Then, are there any hints about this mystery At least there should be some names, right Its impossible for me to search for a needle in a haystack and search aimlessly, right”

“There is one.

The ancestor said in his last words that it has something to do with the ancestor of the Ten Thousand Dragons in this world, the Kunlun dragon vein! But the Kunlun dragon vein has disappeared for many years.

Until now, we dont know where the Kunlun dragon vein is, nor do we know what exactly is inside the Kunlun dragon vein.

“Thats all we know.

The rest is up to you to explore.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

In the next second, a white-haired old emperor stepped out.

“Alright, since weve already finished talking to Ye Xiao, its time for us to do what we need to do.

Ill go first.”

“Martial Emperor Xiao Wu, Liu Che! Transform into a dragon today and protect the Nine Provinces!”

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“Grand Sage Wen Wu, Emperor Guangxiao, Li Shimin! Transform into a dragon today and protect the Nine Provinces!”

“The most benevolent divine technique, Saint De Wen Wu, Valiant Da Ming, Emperor Guangxiao, Zhao Kuangyin! Transform into a dragon today and protect the Nine Provinces!”

“The Great Sage Emperor of the Heavens, Wu Zhao! Transform into a dragon today and protect the Nine Provinces!”

“Hehe, Mei Niang, wait for me.

The Great Sage Emperor of the Heavens, Li Zhi! Transform into a dragon today and protect the Nine Provinces!”

“Li Wuyong, youre still carrying a womans shoes even at deaths door.

Youre a disgrace to the men of Xuan Yuan!”!

“The Great Sage of the Heavens, Zhao Ji, the most benevolent, righteous, and valiant emperor of the heavens, Zhu Yuanzhang! Today, transform into a dragon and protect the Nine Provinces!”

Emperor after emperor, who had once written a glorious page in the history of the human race, at that very moment, all transformed their soul bodies into dragon energy and flew into the dragon veins on the land of the Nine Provinces.

Hearing the shouts one after another, Ye Xiaos heart was filled with emotions.

When they were alive, they had defended the Nine Provinces against the star beasts and poured their blood and sweat into it.

At that moment, they had even completely destroyed their own soul bodies, turned into dragon energy, activated the Nine Provinces dragon vein, and once again protected the Nine Provinces.

That self-sacrifice moved many people.

It was just like those wise sayings that they had said when they were alive.

“Those who offend the might of the Nine Provinces will be killed even if they are far away!”

“How can I allow others to sleep beside my bed!”

“Expel the star beasts and protect the Nine Provinces!”

Not only did they say it, but they also did it, and they did it even to the death.

The dragon veins on the Nine Provinces were lit up one after another, and the dragon roars continued to resound throughout the Nine Provinces.

In that situation where the entire world had been invaded by the star beasts, the sky above the Nine Provinces actually displayed a strange auspicious color.

That scene made countless Nine Provinces humans greatly excited, and they felt their blood boil.

The Azure Dragon that guarded the long white dragon vein raised its head and stared at the auspicious sign in the sky.

It felt that the dragon vein in the Nine Provinces was continuously recovering, and the spiritual energy was continuously increasing, its entire person revealed an expression of disbelief.

“This is… The dragon vein of the Nine Provinces is recovering Could it be that it was done by Ye Xiao This child, what on earth did he do”

Hu citys Fire Saber Vermilion Bird had just killed a divine beast.

In the next second, several golden rays of light entered Hu citys land.

After a heaven-shaking dragon roar, majestic spiritual energy began to gather, it began to gather towards Hu city in an unending stream.

The Vermilion Birds beautiful eyes widened, and their eyes were filled with shock.

“This… This power, this is the dragon vein The dragon vein has been revived”

Since the dragons vein of the Nine Provinces had been cut down hundreds of years ago, only the Changbai dragons vein was left.

But now, the dragons vein of Hu city had been revived.

This was ridiculous!

Several streams of dragons energy fell from the Zhong City.

Sensing the dragons vein, Jiang Chen and Beitang Ce, the two old men, were so excited that their eyes turned red and misty.

“He did it! Ye Xiao really did it!”

“This child is really a blessing from heaven to the Nine Provinces!”

“Now, the Nine Provinces has a chance to survive.”

When all the dragon veins had been resurrected, a giant dragon started to roar in the sky above the Nine Provinces.

It was the Great Wall Array!

The Great Wall Array left behind by the first emperor, the Ancestral Dragon!

It was an array that was specially designed to protect the Nine Provinces from the threat of the star beasts.

Ye Xiao could feel that the power within the Great Wall Array was so powerful that it was unassailable!

Its scope had definitely exceeded the scope of the imperial array.

Ye Xiao dared to assert that this array had definitely reached the level of a god array.

It was indeed worthy of being the first emperor!

The first emperor in his previous life was the one emperor throughout the history of the Nine Provinces.

He was the one who unified the world, had the same train, and had the same writing style.

He was the one who made the Nine Provinces gather together.

In that life, the first emperor was also unreasonable.

There were many Emperor realm martial arts experts in the Nine Provinces, but he was the only one who created such a powerful array.

Moreover, the other Emperor realm martial arts experts had all died.

Only the Ancestral Dragon had fought his way into the starry sky.

It was still unknown whether he was dead or not.

If he was not dead, he did not know if he would have the chance to meet him in the future.

Let us take a look at the true face of that unrivaled expert!

At that moment, Ye Xiao also noticed that several powerful auras had already risen up in the west.

His gaze could not help but sweep towards the west.

His gaze was filled with solemnity.

One supreme divine aura!

Two supreme divine auras!

Three supreme divine auras!

Four supreme divine auras!

One supreme divine aura after another spread out.

They had already refined the divine blood of the human race and were all beginning to grow rapidly.

Ye Xiao did not know how many supreme divine martial arts experts comparable to human Emperor realm martial arts experts would advance in the end.

However, he knew that no matter how many supreme divine beasts came, he had to guard the Nine Provinces National Gate.

Only by guarding the National Gate would the Nine Provinces human race not be massacred.

Otherwise, these more than ten billion compatriots would become the star beasts food.

As the star beasts continued to advance and become supreme divine beasts, they also began to gather in the direction of the Nine Provinces.

Their final target was the Nine Provinces!

At that moment, there were even some places that had already been attacked by the star beasts.

However, with the protection of the Great Wall Array, they simply could not take a step forward.

All of them were firmly blocked outside the Great Wall.

The giant dragon that guarded the Nine Provinces hovered in the sky, looking down on all the star beast enemies that came to invade.

It did not put them in its eyes at all.

However, they would soon discover and find the National Gate of the Nine Provinces.

Using the Yin-yang Escape technique, Ye Xiao instantly arrived at the National Gate.

That was the middle of the dragons head and tail, and it was also the only gate that could enter the Nine Provinces.

Sword Emperor Azure Dragon, Fire Saber Vermilion Bird, Lu Qingshan, Li Liushui, and Beitang Ce, as well as the nine martial arts experts who knew Ye Xiaos identity, had all gathered there.

Looking at the figure standing proudly in front of the National Gate, everyone could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

That child, up until then, was only 21 years old.

However, he carried the hope of the entire Nine Provinces and guarded the National Gate of the Nine Provinces.

How much energy did that thin body contain to be able to make him do that

At that moment, Ye Xiao was the same as those Emperor realm martial arts experts who had once sacrificed themselves for the Nine Provinces.

They were all honorable existences!

They came to Ye Xiaos side and could not help but say,

“Ye Xiao, youve activated the Great Wall Array! Well guard this National Gate together.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“You guys can leave.

I alone will be sufficient here.”

“Ye Xiao, we can help you a little here.”

Ye Xiaos expression was solemn as he said,

“Theres no need.

Ive already said that I alone will be sufficient here.”

“But you alone… Have to face all the star beasts in the world…”

Beitang Ce still wanted to say something when the Azure Dragon suddenly spoke,

“Lets retreat.

Hes right.

Us being here will only affect his performance.”

He could already see that Ye Xiaos cultivation had advanced another step.

When he was at Ye Xiaos house previously, Ye Xiao had just advanced to a strand of dragon energy, so he could more or less see some information about Ye Xiaos cultivation.

At that moment, he felt that when he looked at Ye Xiao, it was as if there was a layer of fog in front of his eyes, and he could not see clearly at all.

There was only one explanation for such a situation, and that was that Ye Xiao had become stronger!

How much time had passed

It was merely a few days of scenery.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiao had once again surpassed his cultivation and reached an even higher level.

That made Azure Dragon feel that he was even more useless!

The funny thing was that before that, he was still touted as the number one genius in the Nine Provinces, the number one genius in the world.

At that point, it seemed that compared to Ye Xiao, he was simply….

Not worth mentioning.


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