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“I didnt eat.

Which eye of yours saw me eat Even if you are my master, you have to speak with some basis.”

Ye Xiao was not angry either.

He only said indifferently,

“I have to remind you that although the purple-scaled fish is a great tonic, it is actually poisonous.

If you eat it without professional treatment, even if youre a grandmaster-level star beast, you will still experience cramps.”

Huan Liulis body trembled a few times.

Her small head could not help but twitch, but she pretended to be calm.

“Im fine! Look, I dont have cramps!”

“It even causes you to involuntarily roll your eyes and your consciousness will be in disarray.”

Huan Liulis eyes were already turning white.

Her body turned into her human-shaped cat-eared form, and then she shifted back into a cat.

“Im fine.

My consciousness is under control.”

“You might even foam at the mouth.

If its serious, it might lead to death.”

Huan Liuli collapsed on the ground.

As she twitched, she spat white foam.

She was unable to control the transformation of her beast form and human form.

Her little paws kept twitching uncontrollably, but she was still stubborn.

“My mouth isnt foaming.

Whos mouth is foaming”


After a moment, he sighed helplessly.

In the end, he squatted down and injected spiritual energy into Huan Liuli to treat her.

With Huan Liulis bloodline, she would not be poisoned to death.

However, if Qin Yuyan saw Huan Liuli in such a state, it would not be a big deal if she were to be angry.

However, if she were to recognize that Huan Liuli was a grandmaster-level star beast, it would be quite troublesome.

Then, his identity would definitely be exposed, and he would never be able to live a peaceful life again.

Outside, Qin Yuyan had already changed into a new set of clothes.

Her smooth little feet stepped into her cute cartoon slippers as she walked downstairs.

“Grandpa, why did you suddenly come back Arent you supposed to be at work”

“Its because of that stupid matter with Piao Jiansheng!”

“Whats wrong with Piao Jiansheng”

“I heard that the people of Han state are very angry.

Piao Jianshengs master, the Han state sword sage, Liu Chengxun, wants to personally challenge the swordmaster of our Jianghai city! Then, he will bring Piao Jiansheng back.

“The higher-ups asked me to cooperate with your uncle, Nangong Ling of the garrison team to find out who that swordmaster is as soon as possible.

“We cant even find the person he wants to challenge.

Wouldnt that make people laugh at us”

Qin Yuyan could not help but be a little surprised.

“Is Liu Chengxun that powerful There are many martial artists in our nine provinces and he dares to come alone”

“He just came to stand up for his disciple.

Cultural exchange is not against the law.

“If we dont let him come, wouldnt the nine provinces be regarded as cowards and mocked by the whole world

“Although it was under the pretense of cultural exchange, he is still an exceptional martial artist!

“Even if there were martial artists in the nine provinces who could suppress him, it would be impossible for all of them to gather and attack him together.

“As we wait, how much threat would he pose to the ordinary people of the nine provinces during that period

“One must know that even if it was just a random aftershock of a battle, it wouldnt be something that people like us could easily withstand.

“Unless all our martial artists kill him in one strike!”

Qin Yuyans expression was somewhat solemn.

“I wonder if the swordmaster can beat him.

If we can find him, then we dont have to worry.”

“Who says so”

Qin saint long sighed deeply as he rubbed his temples.

“Speaking of which, when I passed by the courtyard earlier, I felt like I was missing a few of my purple-scaled fish.

You didnt eat them, right

“Even though those things are extremely nutritious, they are poisonous.

One shouldnt eat them casually.

If it isnt treated properly, even grandmaster martial artist would be poisoned instantly and suffer severe reactions.”

Qin Yuyan shook her head.

“I didnt eat it, but how could there be less Is it because youve been under too much pressure recently that youre mistaken, Grandpa”

Qin Yuyan had not considered Huan Liuli.

That was because even an adult purple-scaled fish could reach a lesser grandmaster level, comparable to a human fourth or fifth-grade martial artist.

Furthermore, they were good at group attacks.

When attacking in groups, their strength would increase by several times.

If the Phantom Cat wanted to hunt a large group of purple scaled fish, its cultivation had to be at least at the mid-late stage of the grandmaster level.

Which was close to the cultivation of a seventh or eighth-grade martial artist.


That was not possible.

Ye Xiao had not even activated his divine soul.

His own cultivation had yet to reach the Houtian third-grade.

If Huan Liuli was a grandmaster-level star beast, how would that be possible

In that case, it would have eaten Ye Xiao.

How could it become Ye Xiaos star pet

Therefore, that was absolutely impossible!

“Then I must have seen wrongly.

There have been too many things on my mind recently.

Grandfather is really old!”

Qin Shenglong sighed with emotion and immediately gathered his thoughts.

“Alright, you stay at home.

Ill make a trip to the garrison headquarters first and discuss it with your uncle, Nangong.”

“Okay! Take care, grandpa.”

Qin Yuyan watched as Qin Shenglong left and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Grandpa had not activated his grandmaster perception ability.

Otherwise, he would have been in big trouble if he had sensed Ye Xiao.

In fact, what she did not know was that Qin Shenglong had activated his perception ability when he felt that he had fewer purple-scaled fish.

However, regardless of whether it was Ye Xiao or Huan Liuli, they were both above the grandmaster realm.

When the master and servant duo were trying their best to restrain their auras, his perception ability became blind and he could not sense their existence at all.

Following that, Qin Yuyan hurriedly walked back.

When she passed by the pond, she noticed that there were a few pieces of purple fish scales on the side of the pond.

It looked like they were not completely dry yet.

That made her pupils involuntarily contract, and her heart suddenly stopped.

Could it be… Something really ate the purple-scaled fish Could it really have been… Ye Xiaos star pet

Her heart suddenly started beating violently.

After taking a deep breath, she immediately ran upstairs.

However, when she arrived at her room, she discovered that Ye Xiao was hugging Huan Liuli and sitting by her bed, gently stroking its fur.

Meanwhile, Huan Liuli was lying meekly in his embrace.

“Whats wrong”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently, and Qin Yuyans heartbeat gradually calmed down.

“It… Its nothing.”

If Huan Liuli had eaten the purple-scaled fish, she would have been poisoned by now.

The poison of the purple-scaled fish was something that even grandmasters could not easily resist.

From the looks of it, Huan Liuli was fine, which meant that she was not poisoned.

Therefore, she definitely did not eat the purple-scaled fish.

‘Im really ridiculous.

Why would I have such thoughts

If Huan Liuli really could eat the purple-scaled fish, how strong would Ye Xiao be

With a star pet that had the strength of a grandmaster, that would make Ye Xiao a martial artist above a great sect, or a beastmaster above a grandmaster.

If that was really the case, he would not be working as a librarian in the library.

Also… How old was he

He was younger than her.

Even if he had started cultivating in his mothers womb, there was no way he would be that strong so quickly.

However, she had not noticed that there was a mouthful of white foam under her slippers, which she had stepped on when she entered the room.


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