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Chapter 319: The Fall of the Whole World, the Unique Talent of the Nine Provinces, and the Entry Into the Emperors Spirit Stele!

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“However, even though the current problem has been solved, it doesnt mean that the root problem has been solved.

The Beast Calamity has just started.

“The star beasts have 21 supreme divine beasts this time.

The one I killed just now was only the second one.

“There are more old supreme divine beasts and theyve been in the Supreme Divine Beast realm for many years.

Theyre much stronger than him.”

Jiang Chen and Beitang Ce nodded.

“Youre right.

We shouldnt let our guard down.”

“How about this Ill fix all the arrays in the Zhong province first.

You guys go and gather information about the other regions and see how serious the situation is.”


The three split into two groups.

Ye Xiao soon fixed all the arrays in the Zhong province.

When he was done, the three of them met up again.

Jiang Chen and Beitang Ce looked solemn.

Ye Xiao had guessed it when he saw their expressions.

The news must have been bad.

If they were not his good friends and seniors, Ye Xiao might have scanned their memories with his mental energy.

“Seniors, what happened”

Beitang Ce took a deep breath.

He looked at Venerable Black Tortoise and said again,

“Go ahead.”

Jiang Chen nodded and took a deep breath.

“Two and a half hours ago, the states of America fell.

No survivors.”

“Four hours ago, the states of Australia and Britain fell one after another.

No survivors.”

“One and a half hours ago, the Ying state fell with no survivors.”

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“As of half an hour ago, the entire world could no longer receive any signals from the other states.

If nothing unexpected happened, all of them should have fallen and been occupied by the star beasts.

“To put it in layman terms, other than our Nine Provinces, there are no longer any humans in this world.”

Ye Xiao could not help but be shocked.

He had thought that the Beast Calamity would be very serious, but he did not expect it to be that bad.

They had actually taken down the vast majority of the human race in the entire world in one go.

Looks like that group of star beasts had quite a big appetite.

Rather, it could be said that the god race behind them had quite a big appetite.

With so many humans, who knew how much divine blood they would have to refine.

It was estimated that many supreme divine beasts would be nurtured next.

“Ye Xiao, outside the Nine Provinces, there are still quite a number of remnant human factions that are asking us for help.

What do you intend to do”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Ignore them.”

What a joke.

At that point, there were star beasts everywhere outside.

In order to save them, how many people would have to die

Moreover, each of those barbarians had ill intentions and were ungrateful.

When they used you, they would praise you high and mighty, be grateful to you, and flatter you in all sorts of ways.

When they did not use you, it was normal to stab you with a knife.

If they encountered a conflict of interest, they might even directly bite you to death.

Moreover, since they were surrounded by star beasts, they would definitely lower themselves to ask for help.

If they really wanted to be saved, they might have to add many more requests.

One day, they needed an air-conditioned room, tomorrow, a small villa, the day after tomorrow, a master teacher to tutor them, and the day after tomorrow, they would need to order some diamonds or something.

Why did they have to come back to save such trouble

Only a fool would save them!

Previously, in order to prevent them from falling into the mouth of the star beasts and being extracted with the divine blood, they had informed them that the star beasts were coming.

They were the ones that paid no heed.

They even had all sorts of malicious speculations.

It was hard to fill a persons heart.

“Right now, we have more important things to do.

“The star beasts strength will increase again.

Soon, they will launch a larger-scale attack on the Nine Provinces.

“There arent any supreme divine beasts in this attack, but the Nine Provinces are already struggling.

If they wait until they refine the divine blood and launch another attack, the Nine Provinces wont be able to hold on.

“So the Nine Provinces need a stronger power.”

Jiang Chen and the venerable Black Tortoise nodded.

Ye Xiao was right.

The Nine Provinces were facing the greatest crisis in history.

Although Ye Xiao was very strong, he could not kill all the star beasts in an instant.

While he was fighting, if the star beasts broke the imperial array, they would be able to charge in and deal a devastating blow to the humans of the Nine Provinces.

Venerable Black Tortoise pondered for a moment.

“Currently, there are basically no places in the Nine Provinces that can bring strength.

You have also been to the Changbai dragon vein and obtained quite a number of inheritances.

If you go to the Changbai dragon vein again, Im afraid you will destroy the Changbai dragon vein.

That is the last dragon vein in the Nine Provinces.”

Ye Xiao nodded his head.

“We naturally can not destroy Senior Dragon Vein.

Could it be that the Nine Provinces have been passed down for thousands of years and dont have any trump cards”

“Dragon vein…”

Beitang Ce muttered.

“If only the dragon vein of our Nine Provinces was still there.

According to legend, the Ancestral Dragon seized the nine cauldrons of the Great Zhou Kingdoms fate and split the dragon energy within to suppress it in the Nine Provinces, attracting spiritual energy and condensing a dragon vein.

He used the dragon vein to forge the Great Wall that could firmly protect the entire Nine Provinces.

“If the Nine Provinces still have dragon veins, then there must be a Great Wall that can protect the Nine Provinces!”

The venerable Back Tortoise seemed to have thought of something.

He spoke again,

“Speaking of which, I do have some ideas.

Even though we dont know how to solve the current predicament of the Nine Provinces, it doesnt mean that others dont know.”

“Venerable one, what do you mean”

Beitang Ce was confused.

Jiang Chen said with respect and determination in his eyes,

“The Emperors Spirit Stele.”

Hearing that term, Beitang Ce was shocked.

He was also in awe of it.

“The Emperors Spirit Stele!”

“What is that”

Ye Xiao was confused.

It was the first time he had heard that term.

Taking a deep breath, Beitang Ce explained to him,

“The Emperors Spirit Stele, as its name implies, is the place where the Emperor realm martial arts experts are buried.

There, all the Emperor realm martial arts experts and emperors from the Nine Provinces since the Han dynasty are buried there!

“And now, there are still their heroic spirits.”

Ye Xiaos mind moved.

“Theres actually such a place.”

“Thats right.

The Emperors Spirit Stele is the tomb of the previous generations of Emperor realm martial arts experts, and it is also buried with a large number of rare treasures from the Nine Provinces.

There, there might be a sliver of a chance and you might even find some opportunities.”

“Ye Xiao, currently, only you and the Azure Dragon are Emperor realm martial arts experts, but the Azure Dragon is currently stationed at the Changbai dragon vein.

Currently, only you are the closest.

Go and give it a try.”

Black Tortoise opened his mouth to persuade, and Ye Xiao nodded.

“The entrance to the Emperors Spirit Stele, where is it”

“Mount Tai!”

“Since thats the case! Then Ill make a trip.

You guys place all the spiritual energy cannons that you obtained from the spiritual airship on the ground.

If another star beast comes over, you can also use the spiritual energy cannons to hold on for a period of time.”


Ye Xiao bade farewell to the two of them and used the Yin-yang Escape technique to instantly arrive at the foot of Mount Tai.

In the towering Mount Tai, there were already quite a number of star beasts capturing wild beasts in the wilderness.

In the five regions that were divided from the Nine Provinces, there was no Mount Tai, including many other places in the Nine Provinces that did not receive the protection of the array.

At that moment, there were scattered star beasts.

Among them, some had fallen from the space battlefield and were originally hidden in various parts of the Nine Provinces.

At that point, taking advantage of the fact that the Nine Provinces human race was gathered in the five regions, they came out to be arrogant.

At that moment, seeing Ye Xiao come over, many star beasts immediately began to pounce towards Ye Xiao.


With a low roar, the imperial-level command, Roaring Tigers Mountain Forest was immediately activated.

Those star beasts that pounced over were immediately blasted into blobs of blood mist.

Ye Xiaos Star- plucking Hand was activated.

He gathered them together and instantly refined them into a medicinal pill.

Although those star beasts were not top-grade star beasts, when added together, they were still quite a decent amount of blood essence.

The star beasts that filled the mountains and plains were mixed together, and in the end, it was enough to refine an imperial pill.


In the sky, lightning burst forth, and the imperial pill lightning tribulation was about to descend.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the sky and lightly spat out a word.


With that simple sentence, in the next second, the thunderclouds that filled the sky actually slowly retreated.

That bolt of lightning tribulation was only the imperial pills lightning tribulation, not a very powerful lightning tribulation.

Hence, he did not dare to easily provoke an Emperor realm martial arts expert like Ye Xiao.

The lightning tribulation also looked at people as prey.

If he could beat them, he would fight.

If he could not beat them, he would run.

Ye Xiaos main purpose right now was to find the Emperors Spirit Stele, so he did not have the time to let the lightning tribulation refine the medicinal pill.

Moreover, he had already become an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Using the 10,000 elements return to one was already sufficient to refine the impurities in the medicinal pill.

He did not need the lightning tribulation to settle it.

Ye Xiao threw the imperial pill into his mouth like a candy.

Then, he activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to search for the Emperors Spirit Stele.

Very quickly, he found the Emperors Spirit Stele at the peak of Mount Tai.

The Emperors Spirit Stele was a huge stone stele that was refined using special materials.

At first glance, it looked like a stone material that was incomparably hard.

However, that was actually a layer of jade stele that was wrapped in spiritual energy.

It was so dense that it formed a layer of jade stele while the outside, had been in the wind and sand for many years.

Inside, it was completely filled with blood essence.

It was an extremely pure and vigorous blood essence!

Ye Xiao teleported to the front of the Emperors Spirit Stele.

He sat cross-legged under the Emperors Spirit Stele and fused his spiritual energy into the Emperors Spirit Stele to communicate with the successive emperors of the Nine Provinces and the Emperor realm.

On the other side, in the depths of the starry sky, a figure stood proudly, staring straight in the direction of the human world.

He wore a black robe and his face was covered by a shadow.

Only a pair of eyes were emitting a light blue light in the darkness.

It was as if he could penetrate hundreds of millions of miles and reach the human world in an instant.

A moment later, a figure flashed by his side.

It was a Supreme Divine Beast realm bird of prey.

He came to the side of the black figure and immediately transformed into his human form.

He knelt in front of the black figure.

“Your subordinate pays his respects to Young Master.

Young Master, you are blessed.”

The black figure was silent for a long time before he spoke.

“How far has the plan gone”

“According to Young Master, the descendants of the Winged God clan, the Giant Gorilla God clan, and the Bora God clan… They have all been captured.

Some of the Xuan Yuan clans descendants have also been captured.

However, the majority of the Xuan Yuan God clans descendants are still hiding in the Nine Provinces of the human world.

They havent been captured yet.”

The black figures aura emitted a bit of coldness.

Clearly, he was somewhat displeased.

“Ive said before that the most important thing is the Xuan Yuan descendants..

The Xuan Yuan descendants divine blood is far more valuable than the other races.

Why dont we capture the Xuan Yuan descendants first”


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